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    The Unfortunate Aftermath {FFF/M}

    The day had started out peaceful enough. Just a simple bus ride from his small rural town into the city to purchase a birthday gift for his friend’s twentieth birthday.

    The bus hadn’t been very packed. A few mothers with their young children. A few teenagers headed off to their academies in the city, adorning their school uniforms. The bus driver, ancient as time itself, grunting in response as the young man had deposited a few dimes into the pay machine as stepped up onto the bus.

    Headphones muted out the sound of outside traffic whizzing by as he lazily looked through his music on his IPod and finally he settled on some soft rock. It would take at least an hour and a half to get to the city center with all the stops in between. He closed his eyes to just relax…nap even. The bus gently lulled on, the music soft and soothing, the air conditioning felt cool and nice…he never expected what happened next.

    Slowly his blue eyes began to open in confusion, but he let out a gasp as his blurry eyesight was met with a blinding white light.

    “Get the light out of his face Rin,” a voice giggled softly, “I think he is coming around, no need to blare that light right in his face.”

    “Alright Rose,” the voice responded, a slight accent evident.

    “It’s alright you can wake up now. You’re safe,” a voice responded, different than the other two. A warm, feminine touch pushed the blond hair from his eyes, soothing him.

    Trustfully the young man opened his eyes slowly and looked around and saw three very pretty, young nurses smiling down at him.

    One nurse was Asian. Dark black hair, silky looking, and hanging down her back. Her petite yet curvy body was hugged by a cute white and baby blue nurse’s outfit, accentuating her large breasts, barely held in by the tiny buttons that came up the front of the uniform.

    Another girl, adorning the same outfit, was slightly taller but had a larger chest and shorter hair. Her strawberry blond hair was slightly wavy and pulled back into a blue hair clip. Her adorable freckled face was accentuated by piercing green eyes.

    The last nurse looked a bit older than the other two, maybe in her later twenties, while the young nurses looked about 20 at the most. A short brown bob adorned her pixie like face, as she smiled at him, brown eyes sparkling cutely.

    “Who…who are you? Where am I?” he finally asked after taking in the three, what he supposed nurses, were hovering over him.

    “Sssh….there was a bus crash. Apparently you fell asleep on the bus before the crash…” the Asian nurse cooed to him.

    “…so you blacked out entirely once the bus overturned on the highway…” the redhead continued, stroking his head in a gentle motion.

    “…and they brought you to us to take care of and nurse back to health,” the brunette finished their little explanation.

    The boy gasped and began to writhe, wanting to get up from the hospital bed and look at his reflection, to see the extent of his injuries. He hadn’t even been wearing a seatbelt on the bus, not that they offered them, so if it flipped he must have been badly hurt.

    However he would come to realize he certainly was not in a hospital bed, he wasn’t going anywhere, and he wasn’t as badly hurt as he had presumed.

    “I told you this would come in handy, that he would try to hurt himself by getting up too soon,” the brunette chuckled, running a single fingertip down his body, encased in rather strict bondage.

    The young man looked down to follow the motion of her finger and gasped in horror as he beheld the extent of his immobility.

    His entire body was encased in a straight jacket that went from the base of his neck down to his feet. Buckled tightly into the jacket he was further horrified to realize that his feet had been bared, big toes tied back and his little toes allow to wiggle freely…for now. He began to writhe in more fear as he also realized his cock was not hidden between his legs any longer but was peeking out through a hole above his crotch in the straight jacket.

    Further straps ran across his body to keep him buckled efficiently down to the bed.

    “Aww….he doesn’t seem to like all our hard work,” the redhead responded, walking towards his feet and automatically her warm hands began to massage his masculine, clean feet.

    The blond, bound male arched his back and began to laugh and squeal softly as she gently rubbed his feet, warming him up for future torment, sometimes teasing him by dragging a sharp nail down the soft flesh of his feet.

    As he was distracted with the foot teasing he didn’t notice the other two nurses busying themselves with a nasty looking syringe.

    “You hold him still, I will inject it,” the brunette advised the Asian nurse who nodded. “But first you need to get him worked up,” the brown haired nurse further advised with a smirk.

    The bound youth watched in surprise as the Asian nurse suddenly began to show interest in his cock, not yet aroused at all. She gently cupped his cock in her warm palm, fondling him gently, flicking a fingernail against the deflated cock.

    Being a young man, pumped full of testosterone, a touch from a very attractive, youthful nurse in a skintight uniform was easily enough to swiftly bring him to a hard erection.

    He gasped as his cock began to grow, lengthen, as blood rushed in as the excitement grew.

    “Ah….perfect,” the Asian nurse teased him, looking up at him with a small, evil smirk. The way she was leaning over his crotch her cleavage was rather evident and that further aroused him as he imagined groping those warm, perky pale breasts as she tossed her head back in pleasure, black hair cascading down her pale shoulders.

    “He’s ready,” she responded finally after a few minutes of teasing him, pumping him in her warm fist and bringing him close to orgasm.

    “So he is,” the brunette responded and looked down towards the redhead and nodded.

    The redhead took that as her signal and began to dig her nails into his soles, already sensitized from the massage and first contact of her fingertips. He began to laugh a low husky laugh, filled with desperation as his feet were now assaulted by ten sharp nails, digging in beneath his toes, stroking his arches, tweaking the heels, and then skittering across the balls of his feet.

    The distracted young man never noticed the Asian nurse holding his erect cock still as the brunette gently pierced the syringe into the very base of his cock.

    The man let out a yelp as it certainly hurt, feeling like a small bee sting.

    “What…what are you doing?” he pleaded as the redhead let up on his feet, now just resuming to her teasing and rubbing of his feet.

    “You will see eventually dear,” the brunette smirked. “You two keep him hard, I am going to get our needed supplies,” she winked and left the blonde’s view for a moment.

    As he watched the brunette walk away he jerked in surprise as a sharp nail was dragged down his sole and his foot twitched, trying to avoid the ticklish touch.

    “You can wiggle that foot as much as you want, but you aren’t going anywhere,” the red-haired nurse teased him.

    The Asian nurse pulled up a stool next to the bed and she was holding a wispy, fluffy looking feather.

    “What…what are you going to do?” the man asked, writhing in fear but barely able to move.

    “Following orders,” the Asian nurse, Rin, responded.

    Automatically the fronds of the feather barely grazed his cock and he jerked so hard the bed creaked as it was moved a few centimeters.

    “The perfect reaction,” the redhead named Rose replied.

    After the injection into his cock he hadn’t noticed any difference. Now that Rin was teasing his cock with the wispy feather, his cock began to feel very hot, as if magma was running through the veins of his cock.

    “What did you do to me?!” he asked in horror as the feather descended again to his cock, this time stroking the base of it and gently teasing up towards the head but never touching the tip.

    “The serum we gave you will keep you sexually alert for twelve hours. It works absolute wonders on a man’s penis or a woman’s clitoris,” Rose replied, crossing her arms across her chest and as she enjoyed watching him writhe and suffer.

    “Sexually alert?” he furrowed his brow.

    “It means any touch to your cock, even the stroke of the lightest feather will have you on edge in a matter of seconds,” the brunette replied with an evil grin, pushing a cart filled with devious instruments.

    “I see you like my little collection of toys,” the brunette named Jackie replied.

    “Watch this Jackie,” Rin replied as she took the feather and lightly stroked the side of his cock.

    The bound man let out a deep moan and arched his back, eagerly jutting his cock into the air wanting more stimulation, and yet it was unbearable!

    Jackie licked her lips and felt herself growing more aroused as she watched him suffering.

    All three women enjoyed nothing better than tightly tying down a male victim and exploiting his most sensitive and erogenous areas for hours, making him nothing but a total tickle whore and orgasm addict.

    “Remember though, don’t touch the tip just yet,” Jackie gave the order to Rin who nodded immediately.

    “Saving the best for last,” Rose replied with an evil smirk as she licked her lips looking at his throbbing cock, held right on edge of orgasm.

    Meanwhile as they were all focused on his throbbing cock he glanced at the cart of devious toys again and felt his heart drop immediately.

    On the cart was an assortment of brightly colored feathers, some fluffy and others deviously stiff, paint brushes, tooth brushes, electric tooth brushes, hair brushes, vibrators, lotions, oils, pinwheels, empty pens, forks, ice, and a hair dryer.

    “Well since Rose has done such an excellent job warming him up with her foot tickles, we might as well get started,” Jackie advised.

    All three nurses didn’t like too much foreplay and wanted to just jump right in with the torture.

    Rose pulled up stool at his feet and began to tie back all ten of his toes with silky loops that wouldn’t dig into his skin or hurt at all.

    Rin kept her seat at his cock and Jackie took a seat near his chest.

    “Remember to not be TOO loud or we might have to gag you,” she teased deviously.

    He hadn’t even noticed the zippers that adorned the chest area of his straightjacket.

    Immediately Jackie slowly unzipped the secret compartment that revealed his pale masculine chest and she purred at the sight. His pale nipples were visible and she licked her lips. Reaching over she grabbed an ice cube and a stiff looking feather.

    His blue eyes could only watch as Jackie began to lightly rub the frosty ice cube across his right nipple and he grit his teeth as the sensitive flesh responded in kind by growing stiff immediately, throbbing from the sudden influx of the cold sensation.

    Meanwhile he gasped as he felt Rose beginning to rub a fine layer of hot oil all over his feet, getting between his ticklish toes as he squealed whenever a finger assaulted him there.

    There was no tickling yet but the threat and impending doom of it was in the air and he knew eventually it would happen. All he could do was endure whatever they had planned for him.

    Rin was the one being most cautious as she took two feathers and began to dance them both up and down his cock, never touching the sensitive tip.

    The blonde’s face was now red and sweat trickled down his face as he felt as if he was on the brink...

    The thought of impending torture, the anticipation, was drawing him crazy.

    The thought of the tickle torture to come was unbearable. And yet he was so aroused from the idea he was almost ashamed.

    Three beautiful nurses lavishing his bound body with attention, aiming for his most erogenous areas was almost too much. It was a dream as much as it was a nightmare.

    He grunted and let out a loud moan as the feathers were now moving more swiftly, an endless assault of feathers upon his throbbing cock, unable to get away.

    Rin smiled in enjoyment as she tormented his fat, erect cock. The tip leaked with large amounts of precum and she smirked as she knew a secret this poor man had yet to realize was coming.

    Rose was finished with hardening up his nipples. Ice cubes had teased both of his nipples to throbbing hardness. The sensitive flesh was glowing red from the frosty assault and immediately she vouched to use the stiff feathers wanting to get right to the point.

    “Here they come…” she teased him, slowly lowering the feathers and he watched, shaking his head and grunting in fear.

    Sweat trickled down his forehead as the feathers SLOWLY were lowered, hovering mere centimeters over his throbbing nipples.

    They had never felt so hypersensitive in his life and the thought of those feathers stroking them was unbearable.

    “Closer…almost there…” Jackie teased him further.

    As soon as the feathers made contact with his nipples the sound of a hair dryer went off, drowning his loud moans. The arch of his back and the squeaking of the bed frame were evidence of the immense pleasure that washed over him.

    Rose had now rubbed in at least four layers of oil to make sure his feet were good and slick.

    Now the hairdryer was busy at work, heating up those soles until they glowed.

    The once pink soles began to slowly change colors, from a soft pink to a bright pink, or magenta.

    The soles looked freshly glazed as the hairdryer was turned off after the soles were at their peak of sensitivity.

    “Absolutely perfect,” Rose hovered over them and her breath on his soles made him jerk and let out a squeal of surprise over the newfound sensitivity of his soles.

    Suddenly his right sole was assaulted with the sharp, yet gentle sensation of a pinwheel being rolled up and down the pink, heated flesh.

    All ten toes tied back strictly forbade his feet from having any ability to twitch; only the ticklish flesh could quiver pathetically.

    He arched his back and roared with laughter, tossing his head from side to side. His intense laughter was intermingled with panting and lustful moans.

    Jackie continued to manipulate his nipples, twirling the two brightly colored stiff feathers along the throbbing sensitive flesh of his hardened nipples.

    Rin kept assaulting his cock, that felt ready to burst with pleasure, but she never touched exactly where he needed it…that sensitive tip.

    Rose enjoyed working on his feet. The pinwheel was now set aside as she used a soft makeup brush to tease his toes that were extremely ticklish. The brush searched every nook and cranny on his large, feet thoroughly. His very sensitive arches were meanwhile being tickled by a plastic fork, up and down. The prongs of the fork felt like fifty fingernails stroking him at once.

    The ladies had never encountered a more ticklish victim…..and the time was approaching.

    He soon realized that no amount of struggling or pleading for mercy could stop this torture.

    All his pleas for mercy fell upon deaf ears, all struggling doing nothing but wasting energy.

    As he began to succumb to the torture, he just gave in completely allowing the ladies to do what they pleased and he could only endure and enjoy the ride.

    As Jackie noticed this change in his demeanor she nodded to her fellow nurses.

    Suddenly her feathers were no longer assaulting his nipples. His left nipple was pinched between her warm fingers, thumb and first finger. She rolled it ever so gently as he gasped at the immense pleasure. The feathers had heightened all sensations beautifully! His right nipple was suddenly taken into her mouth as she lavished it with oral attention.

    She suckled on it eagerly, nibbling it and flicking her tongue back and forth across it.

    Meanwhile Rose changed tactics and began to use an electric toothbrush between his immobile toes as a black bristled brush assaulted his arches, heels, balls of his feet, raking up and down.

    “Looks like he can’t take it,” Rin taunted him.

    “Oh and yet he has too…” Jackie whispered her hot breath teasing that moistened nipple as she again wrapped her lips around it, suckling it very sensually.

    The blonde about jumped out of his skin as Rin was suddenly flicking a very soft paint brush across the incredibly hypersensitive tip of his cock.

    The bound blonde let out an animalistic howl of pleasure. All this torture had been leading up to this one moment…

    “He’s about to burst…” Rose taunted. Rin giggled at his response, as the bed creaked but the straps held him strong as he tried to buck his hips.

    “Come on big boy…show me what you got…” Jackie licked the tip of his right nipple quickly with her hot tongue.

    The blonde exploded into an orgasm so intense, it was as if he was seeing stars. He had NEVER had such a strong orgasm in his life!

    Endless amounts of cum exploded from his cock and yet Rin didn’t let up on the assault, stroking the sensitive tip, milking him eagerly.

    Rose continued to tease his toes, raking the brush into his soles even harder and faster.

    Jackie meanwhile still was sucking on his nipples, rolling them in her warm fingertips.

    No one let up on his poor, hypersensitized body.

    For the next few hours they continued this play. His cock seemed filled with an endless amount of semen. The injection had held a dark secret in that each orgasm was more intense than the last and multiplied the amount of semen he let out each time.

    Finally when all was over the blonde blacked out.

    As he awoke he hoped it was all a dream and gasped as he realized he was lying in a padded, windowless cell completely naked.

    The only thing he noticed as that he was wearing a very devious looking chastity device encasing his cock.

    As he touched it he realized that his hypersensitive cock was throbbing inside of it and he groaned.

    No matter how he tried to…he wouldn’t be able to orgasm without the help of his three devious nurses.

    Unfortunately the bus had crashed on the interstate, too far from the city to adequately transport everyone to the city’s hospital.

    Instead a few had been placed in ambulances used by the local asylum, to be nursed there until they could be transported to better facilities.

    Unfortunately the blonde would never again be transported or leave the confines of the asylum…
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    great story

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    Awesome story.

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