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    The Punishment of Kira McKee

    This is just a story that was inspired by my good friend Caroo's brilliant art. Here is the link: http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?t=152984

    Kira McKee was in trouble.

    Kira McKee was not just in trouble. She was in over her head. She was in deep shit.

    For you see, Kira McKee had been extremely naughty earlier that day.

    The day she had been captured and brought to this place three simple rules had been given to her:

    1) Obey all orders.

    2) Accept the training without complaint.

    3) Never show any signs of resistance or struggle.

    Kira had broken two of those rules in the worse way early that morning. She had been unfettered from her bed she was tied to each night to rest and allowed to wash up before the morning meal was brought to her.

    The unfortunate guard who unlocked her door and stepped inside holding a tray of steaming porridge and juice never expected to be hit hard over the head with one of the heavy iron manacles usually put on inmates when they were uncontrollable.

    Kira had managed to sneak one beneath her clothes the night before from training room three without being noticed.

    The guard had fallen to the ground and was knocked out cold. Her hot breakfast splattered all over the perfectly tiled floor.

    Noiselessly the young woman had tiptoed over him. Her bare feet made no noise as she had treaded down the sterile white tiled hallways towards back door she knew the guards used to take a smoke break every day after lunch had been served.

    Unfortunately for Kira she had been spotted and easily captured. One young woman at the tender age of twenty-four just wasn’t capable of getting away from five burly guards.

    The warden was extremely displeased as he learned of Kira’s behavior.

    Firstly such behavior was certainly not tolerated in his strict training regimen.

    However such outbursts were prone to happen from time to time. They were rare, but they did happen.

    Kira unfortunately would be the first inmate to be punished for attempting to escape in several years.

    Most inmates simple resisted by refusing to eat, struggling against their bondage, scratching and biting the guards. But it was rare that a prisoner had enough gall to sneak bondage equipment, attack a guard, and then attempt to flee the premises.

    As mentioned the warden was very displeased and there was no other way but to punish the young girl except by placing her within the strict confines of the most feared piece of bondage equipment that he owned.

    The girls shared stories between themselves in hushed voices as they talked about it. Some didn’t believe that the warden and his guards could be so cruel to use such a device.

    However the device did exist and Kira would find herself snugly wrapped in its confines for quite some time.

    The warden signed his name off and immediately Kira was dragged from her temporary cell, kicking and screaming profanities at the guards around her.

    “I never asked to be dragged here! I never asked to be treated as a piece of mea…” her words were silenced as a bit gag was forced into her mouth as gently as possibly, not wanting to harm her teeth.

    With swift skill and practice it was buckled around her head as they continued to drag her down the hallway.

    Large breasts jiggled beneath her thin, flimsy yet sterile hospital gown as they dragged her down the piercingly white corridor.

    Her long red hair whipped side to side as she bucked and resisted every way she could. It was no use and just a waste of energy really. No matter how

    the young girl struggled she would end up in the device. No questions asked.

    That was to be her fate.

    “This outta calm ya’ down Ginger,” the guard teased her as she felt a small prick on the side of her neck. With one last curse her head slumped down to her chest as she passed out, becoming dead weight.

    The guards now dragged her unconscious body to the wing of the training center farthest from the other girl inmates. That way Kira could make as much noise as she wanted and never be heard by a soul.

    Some time had passed before Kira eventually regained consciousness.

    With a small curse from the throbbing in her head she slowly opened her eyes.

    The glinting light caused her to growl in annoyance as she slowly opened up her green eyes as her freckled nose scrunched up in displeasure of the bright light.

    As usual she decided to wiggle about and test whatever new bondage they were using on her. It felt like just another day of training and she forgot
    momentarily it was punishment she was about to endure.

    What would the bondage be this time she wondered? The rack? Stocks?
    Suspended from the ceiling? Feet through the wall again? Spread eagle? Classic arms bound behind her back and ankles bound together?

    No her bondage was far more menacing than that and her pretty green eyes widened in horror as she realized the extent of it all.

    Kira’s curvy body had been forced into a skin tight type garment. A jacket if you will.

    The cool latex of the jacket was gleaming brightly from the fluorescent lights pounding down upon her. The latex itself was a dark blue, very shiny and pristine looking.

    Kira cursed as she looked around frantically and found she was…alone. Not surrounded by angry guards bent on revenge. No angry warden about to dig into her soles. Just her….alone….in a very sterile room. The floor was tiled but the walls were all padded, as was the ceiling.

    Angrily she writhed against the jacket.

    “What the hell’s going on?” she spat. “Haven’t you perverts done enough already?” she hissed.

    Kira tried to calm herself and realized suddenly that while the outside of the jacket was made of cool latex, the inside was a silky, yet padded material. It rested right against her body like a second skin. Each small move caused her to feel it gently dig into her body, giving it a very pleasurable sensation. This was especially nice against her large breasts.

    Her perky double D’s were pushed up and out as her arms were tightly strapped beneath them and pulled against her back as if she were hugging herself. Her bosom heaved snugly beneath the tight jacket and she wiggled as it rubbed her sensitive nipples especially.

    “No fair…” she panted, wishing she could stroke herself.

    However she was chilled when she realized her size eleven soles were poking out from the end of the jacket, bare and helpless. Sensitive, smooth flesh bared for all to see, torment, and torture as they saw fit.

    Her beautifully pedicured feet, always kept tender for her training, were pulled back taught as her big toes were snugly bound together. Her baby toes could only even wiggle so much.

    Gulping nervously Kira sat in silence as the anticipation began to build.

    When would she find herself tortured? Punished? Anything?

    Quite suddenly as she was about to cry out in anger she gasped. Biting her lower lip she couldn’t hold it in long as another soft gasp escaped her lips.

    This next gasp was that mingled with pleasure and surprised. Something warm was wrapped around the base of her nipple and was whirling around the sensitive, erogenous flesh. She jerked each time they began whirling. They never stayed in the same rhythm. Instead they would spin clockwise then counter clockwise every few seconds.

    “Oh…oh…god…ee…eheyesss…..” she moaned softly, wiggling about eagerly in the jacket. As soon as the pleasure began it ended, leaving her flustered, sweating and very frustrated.

    Suddenly she heard a strange noise and looked down to see a few tiles of the floor sinking into the floor itself, revealing a trap door of some kind.

    Popping up out of the floor were five mechanical arms, each very menacing and evil looking. Three of the mechanical arms ended with a wispy, yet torturous looking brush. Soft yet deadly looking, it hovered not even ten inches near her quivering soles.

    The other two arms were pinchers, almost claw-like. The snapped and pinched just inches from her pink, hyper-sensitive foot flesh.

    “No…NO please!” she gasped out writhing again. Almost as if to make the torture as unbearable as possible all five arms descended upon her soles at once.

    “Oh god no!” she squealed and began to laugh hysterically. Her body could barely move or writhe in the neck to ankle torture garment she found herself entrapped in.

    Both claws went right for her hotspots at the top of her arches digging into that creamy white skin as it was pulled taught.

    Her toes wiggled frantically as she howled in ticklish agony, squealing each time the claws reversed direction and worked their way down her long arch and back up again.

    The swirling brushes went right for her tender long toes and smooth balls of her feet. The brushes spun around between her sensitive toes. No matter of clenching could keep them from infiltrating every hypersensitive nook and cranny of her now flushing pink soles.

    Her baby-soft balls of her feet were stroked relentlessly by the whirling, wispy brush. Her feet were spared no mercy.

    Suddenly the whirling on her breasts began again as the material inside the
    jacket began to constrict and wiggle. The tiny patches of material began to vibrate against her skin, feeling like a thousand fingers descending at once.

    Itsy-bitsy pinches began to pinch, roll, and tug at the tips of her sensitive nipples causing Kira to go rigid and arch her back in pleasure. Her breasts were helpless, captured within the skintight confine of the garment, and all she could do was endure.

    Squealing in surprise she lost all real thought. All Kira knew was the tickling of her flesh and the pleasure she was forced to endure. Her most sensitive spots were relentlessly tormented and toyed with.

    It was a fine line between pleasure and torment, heaven and hell and Kira was tight-rope walking right along that line.

    Kira suddenly let out a loud surprised squeal as a vibrator that had been slipped up her wet womanhood earlier that night while she was out cold began to vibrate inside of her at a high ferocity with no intent on stopping. It was pressed snugly against her G-spot and was relentless.

    A very small brush, tinier than a q-tip spun evilly on her engorged clitoris as it peeked out of its hood. The most sensitive skin on Kira’s body was evilly given relentless and erotic attention with no intent to stop.

    Suddenly a hood was tugged over her face and she was cast into pitch darkness, and all she knew were her own cries for mercy and pleas for orgasm.

    Unfortunately Kira did not realize that her torment had only just begun. This process would repeat itself for fourteen hours a day, for the next thirty-one days.

    Kira’s punishment was to be relentless tickling to her most sensitive spots and orgasm denial the entire time. The more frustration that was built up the more sensitive she would be as the torture continued.

    Kira McKee had originally been captured by the renowned European training center for all new tickle pets, known as La Donna.

    She had shown great progress since originally captured. Her adorable feet and luscious breasts made her a prime candidate for whatever lucky person bought her at the next auction in the summer.

    Unfortunately she had rebelled and all rebelliousness had to be wiped out of her before the auction.

    Lucky for Kira she had ultra-sensitive feet, breasts, nipples, and clitoris to help her learn her lesson. And that lesson is that she must always obey the three rules.

    Otherwise she will end back up in the infamous “suit” again.

    Kira McKee was in lots of trouble but she would learn her lesson.

    And Kira McKee certainly had a long and frustrating thirty-one days ahead of her, left alone in the padded cell, squealing and moaning, and her frustrated cries for orgasm and mercy were heard by no one but herself.

    The End.
    Keeper of the Cookies

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    Wow - such vivid and wonderfully descriptive writing! Thanks so much for sharing this.

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    Love this story. One of the best.

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    I love these story. Great description. I like it.

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