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    Helpless Ticklish Little Girl M/f

    Elena lays in her bed wrapped in a white sheet with her arms tied down to her sides, her legs tied together and her big toes tied together. I walked into her bedroom and smiled at her as she was also blind folded.
    “Aww a lil helpless I see?” I teased her.
    I smiled as she whimpered and struggled to get free. I uncovered her feet and sat down. I run my index fingers down each of her soles making so long drawn out drags with my index nails down and up the middles of each sole one at a time non stop.
    “hehehehahhehehehahah stop it”
    “Why?” I asked her teasingly toying with her little feet with long drawned out strokes from the base of her foot to the hell down and up very slowly on each foot as all she can do is lay there and take it feeling my index nail slowly drag down her sole it seems to take longer to get down to to her heel each time making it more tickly as she has to lay there enduring it, then the moment it reaches her heel starts to slowly move right back up the base of her feet then doing the same to the other foot.
    Elena’s laughter and pleas fill the room as I tease her tied up feet. She hates it when I call her little but its so fun to tease her. I snicker toying with her with slow gentle strokes down and up each sole watching her reactions. I love how she struggles and tugs in her bonds ans I continue this slow method of teasing.
    “Wriggle all you want Elena you can never get away”
    I drag my fingers up and down her soles one and a time smiling down at her “Ticklish little girl”
    “Hahahahahheehhehahah noooo hahahahahah I’m not little”
    “Yes you are” I trace slow little circles and long drawn out 8 shapes on each of her soles, one at a time as we talk.”A helpless ticklish little girl”.
    “hahahehehhehahah pleaseee nooo hahaheheh I’m a big girl!” She insisted.
    “Oh yea?, prove it!”
    “Hahahhehehahhahah how?!”
    “Well big girls can cover their feet fi they had enough” I make lines down her soles. “Just cover one foot with the other, or sit up and cover them with your hands, or you can hide them under the covers”
    I watched as she desperately tried to do all those things, while giggling.
    “hahahaheheheh I can’t”
    “cause you’re a helpless little girl” I drag my fingers slowly back and forth under her toes “Helpless little girl”

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    nice work

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    Please post some more.
    The Secret to Tickling is to make the Person being Tickled Enjoy It.

    Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.

    Man who fights with woman by day, will get NO PIECE at night.

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