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Thread: Ghost Tickling

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    Feb 2012

    Red face Ghost Tickling

    Richard Stanley was never popular during his college years and wasn't missed by many after a drunken driver killed him weeks before so Richard was sentenced to roam the Earth for a spell as he didn't have Jennifer Love Hewitt to send him into the spirit world.

    He did have a crush on a sweetheart of a blonde named Jeanne Zetterling who lived alone in an apartment near campus so when Richard discovered his powers he hid certain objects such as handcuffs, scissors, and a robotic arm where Jeanne would never see. For weeks he had watched Jeanne get up every morning to see what she would wear to class. She would mainly put on jeans and a sweater or some pullover top but Richard wanted to see her in that sexy white blouse and black skirt.

    Finally one spring morning Jeanne pulled out her pair of panty hose and then slipped into her blouse and skirt, Richard the ghost was excited with anticipation. He wanted to fuck her in the worst way but the powers he had wouldn't allow him to fully surface. He then created a cold breeze which made Jeanne shiver. She then grabbed her jacket to throw on and tried to get out her door but Richard used his powers to make the door really stick.

    "Damn" Jeanne said I don't need this I am going to be late for class.

    Then she heard a voice from the radio (although she never knew the source) "Do not leave Miss Zetterling."

    "Huh: she wondered "Who are you?"

    "Do not leave"

    Jeanne got really scared and tried to run into the bathroom but Richard used his ghostly powers to slam the door shut. He then got Jeanne right where he wanted her, inside her bedroom. Jeanne locked the door and Richard floated everything near the door. Jeanne tried to call the police from her cell phone but there were no bars. She tried screaming for help but to no avail. The bedroom window was stuck too. All of a sudden things flew around Jeanne's bedroom as she panicked and tried to run out the door but a heavy lamp slammed into the back of her head knocking her out cold,

    Jeanne awoke handcuffed in a spread eagle position on her four post bed. She was wondering what was going to happen as here she was in a helpless position with someone in her home going to do God knows what to her.

    "Do not be afraid Jeanne"

    "Who...who are you?"

    "Someone who wants to get to know you."

    "Listen..listen to me, if you let me go I promise not to call the police. You can have anything you want just untie me please"

    "You have no ides who I am or what I'm capable of"

    "I...I'm sure you can do lots to me but please let me go I...

    It was then that Richard slipped his ghostly arm into the robotic arm as Jeanne watched in horror with her powder blue eyes the arm pick up a pair of scissors and she screamed and begged for the arm not to do this but the scissors began to cut through her skirt and then her blouse splitting her bra in half and there was poor Jeanne all tied up with her tits hanging out and only her pantyhose and black bikini panties covering her womanhood.

    Jeanne was now in tears as she thought she was going to be raped but instead watched the robotic arm hover for a few minutes finally she saw the hand open up and went for her tits "LEAVE MY BOOBS ALONE!!!" she shrieked as the ghost enjoyed his feel and played with her titties for awhile.

    But there was something the ghost really wanted to know.

    He stopped playing with her tits and opened the hand wide and started to caress her tummy and noticed she had a bit of a reaction. "Awesome, she's ticklish" and then stroked her pussy briefly and after she let out a scream he moved down her leg to where her right foot was helplessly cuffed and held her ankle down tightly. She then saw a FLOATING feather approach her foot and she screamed "DON'T DO THAT!!!!" squealed Jeanne when she saw the feather. She was the most ticklish person she had ever met and couldn't stand to be touched on the bottoms of her feet or on her stomach and now here she was bound and helpless with this sadistic spectre holding a feather.

    "I am going to tickle your feet"

    The spectre commenced to tickle the bottom of his victim's feet.

    Jeanne went absolutely hysterical, screaming and squealing and writhing in a hopeless attempt to avoid the feather. The feather which swished and swirled over the bottoms of Jeanne's tender feet. She was exploding with laughter and begging for relief
    "Don't tickle me anymore I can't take it!!!!"

    Hey Miss Zetterling, you ticklish on the tummy?"

    "GOD YES!!!!!!!!!"

    The feather's quill end tortured her on her side as Jeanne shrieked with laughter. On top of that she had to pee. Richard thought this was way better than fucking the hell out of her. When she stopped laughing he informed her that he will haunt her as long as she remains beautiful and will forever be his tickle slave.

    "OK. OK, whatever you want just let me out of here, I really have to go to the bathroom"

    "Oh? Ever laugh so hard you wind up wetting yourself?"

    NONONONONONO!!! Jeanne screamed as she felt pressure on her bladder and after several minutes of hysterical laughter thanks to some intense foot tickling her bladder let go. Jeanne's laughter then turned into tears after she was forced to wet her bed Richard felt a little sorry for her and was looking forward to tickling her as long as time would allow. Jeanne eventually cried herself to sleep as Richard untied her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

    "Until next time my sweet little Jeanne Beanie"
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    It can be much better, but this is very entertaining. Keep working on your work and it will become very wonderful.

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    Feb 2012
    I am open for suggestions on how to make the work better.

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