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    THE GREAT TICKLE TRAP Bonus Content!

    Spotlight on: ChicagoAnnie

    ChicagoAnnie Introduction by BANDITO

    Usually considered by her peers to be a loveable, mild-mannered hotty with a healthy pechant for playful doses of ironic detachment, ChicagoAnnie was an ideal editor MTJ comics. Until of course she was trapped one night on the printing floor when a tornado struck MTJ headquarters (that sort of thing happens here). Semi-colons and quotation marks collided with her body with such speed and force as to cause an atomic centrifuge of flesh and proper literary form. Comas conbined with her very DNA turning her into the editor we now know and adore: the punctuation pirate, the imperative enforcer, the subjunctive destructive conjunction conjurer known as ChicagoAnnie.

    Fear her. Love her. But for the love of god don’t dangle your participle at her.

    -Excerpt from "ChicagoAnnie" bio by Bandito


    Above is the ChicagoAnnie character sketch by Rocio featuring bio info by Bandito!


    Above is an illustration of ChicagoAnnie by Tomato Dragon I had created to announce ChicagoAnnie's as the official editor at MTJ Publishing, July 2008.

    Above is the animated cover art for the comic TAYLOR DYLAN: The Druantia Chronicles. Art by Julian Sequeira and Story by ChicagoAnnie, March 2009.

    ChicagoAnnie is also a very talented writer and I wanted to take the opportunity of this spotlight to share one of her short stories with you here.

    Please enjoy THIS FEELING IN MY BONES by ChicagoAnnie
    THIS FEELING IN MY BONES by ChicagoAnnie

    All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance
    to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

    Story Illustration by Umojar

    Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been a little playful, a little rough and tumble. I’d play in the mud; race the big kids, always seeing what I could get away with. That playfulness has stayed with me ever since and somewhere between puberty and adulthood; I realized there was nothing that excited me more than being tickled. The sensation, the power exchange, the humiliation, the banter, I loved it all. And it had been far too long since I’d felt that way. The longing was maddening. I felt it in my bones.

    Before I even got off the plane, the anticipation was already coursing through my veins. I felt like the thumping of my heart was echoing off the walls of the airport. It caught in my throat as I dragged my luggage towards him. The nervousness ran through me as if I’d just been drenched with cold water. My knees shook. I moved in slow motion. He was tall and rough around the edges. His long, dark hair fell to his shoulders. His skin was tanned from working construction in the heat. The leather jacket and five o’clock shadow completed the bad boy image. His hazel eyes, though, told me I was safe, but I knew it would be an intense weekend.

    I’d met him once before, a few months prior, but this would be the first time we’d be playing together. Yet, somehow I felt he knew exactly what I wanted, without me having to say a word. My breath was already shaky.

    “Hi, darlin’,” he said, kissing me on the cheek.

    “Hello,” I replied breathlessly.

    We drove to the video store to pick up some movies to keep us occupied during those times I would likely be recovering. My hands fidgeted incessantly the entire way there. I noticed myself pretending to concentrate on anything other than him, keeping my gaze on my sneakers. I knew if his eyes caught mine, I’d be done for. He’d look right in and know every secret I was trying to keep, every trick I had up my sleeve. I knew I couldn’t hide for long.

    As we looked over the new releases, he wrapped an arm around my waist, his fingers playing at my lower ribs. A smile crossed my lips and I bit my lip to keep quiet. It became impossible to concentrate on the movie titles. We caught each others gaze for a moment, trading knowing glances as we pretended we were an everyday couple on an everyday date. His mocking eyes told me I had no idea what I was in for.

    The countdown began as we drove home. I knew the assault was coming, I just didn’t know when. I tried to appreciate the few moments of calm, but all I could think about was how I felt when I was around him. Usually, I could act as if nothing fazed me, even if it did. I always had a witty retort. I was usually pretty good at hiding the shy teenager inside me behind a façade of smart-assery. Not now. Not with him. I found myself stumbling over words, turning red for no reason, giggling nervously. Not being able to keep composure was both frustrating and thrilling. We pulled into his drive way and my heart was beating so hard, I thought he might have even heard it.

    The door had barely closed behind us when I felt myself being lifted over a shoulder and thrown onto the couch.

    “Now, put your arms up, darlin’,” he said as he straddled me.

    The game had started. The chase began. I shook my head ‘no’ and folded my arms across my chest, knowing full well he’d make me do it one way or another. A little resistance was always part of the fun for me.

    “Raise your arms or lose your shirt,” the smile in his eyes betraying the sternness of his voice.

    I glared playfully at him, but followed his directions. I raised my arms, folding them behind my head, wishing there was something else to hold on to. The onslaught soon began, as his fingertips danced lightly in my underarms. Ironically, the lighter touch always felt ten times more intense. I felt every stroke ripple through me. It took all I had to keep from laughing; biting my lip, kicking my legs, growling, but ultimately it mattered not. I tried to push myself upwards, away from the evil sensations, but it was useless. He overpowered me and his fingers followed every move I made. When I felt myself begin to blush, I pulled my hands from behind my head to cover my eyes. Like a three year old, if I couldn’t see it, maybe it’d go away. All these defense mechanisms were little comforts to me; little things to help me from completely losing my mind. But, like a mind reader, he allowed me none of them.

    “Uh-uh, I don’t think so,” he scolded me as he took my hands that were covering my face and placed them back behind my head.

    A whine escaped my lips and he raised an eyebrow in a way that said I was pushing my luck. I smiled innocently, but before I knew it, his hands were crawling under my shirt, attacking each rib one by one. This is what I had been waiting for. His hands were huge. Rough palms giving way to strong, thick fingers. It felt horrible and amazing all at once, but as fun as it was, I felt my resolve beginning to crumble. My body was on fire. My arms were trembling, and it wasn’t long before I had to pull them down. Part of me was trying to protect my vulnerable midsection and part of me wanted to see what would happen if I disobeyed. Getting punished for being naughty was too much fun.

    “That’s all you got, darlin’? Off comes the shirt, then.”

    He pulled my shirt up over my head revealing a white bra with black polka dots and pink lace around the edges. I was told to keep my arms over my head again. I knew I wouldn’t last long this time with all the skin that was exposed. I summoned all my strength to keep my arms up as his rough hands dug into my tender ribs. I screamed with laughter, pulling my arms down immediately. I grabbed his biceps in an attempt to push him off and escape the tickling. He grabbed my wrists and before I knew it, they were being held in place above my head; his other hand continuing its exploration of my sides and underarms. I closed my eyes, but he ordered me to open them. Looking at his evil grin while I laughed uncontrollably made it all the more worse. I started to feel delirious and as I attempted to bite him in playful retaliation, I felt him grind his thigh against me. The friction against my jeans was amazing. A half gasp, half moan escaped my lips and just as I thought, or perhaps hoped, I’d lose the rest of my clothes, the phone rang.

    “Saved by the bell, gorgeous,” he said as he jumped off me to answer it.

    I sighed with relief knowing that although it was over and I was putting on my shirt, this was just the beginning, just a taste of what was to come.

    We passed the time with nominal activities, watching movies, going for a drive. I waited for sunset knowing what was in store. The freaks come out at night, as they say. As the stars began to dot the autumn sky, we made our way to the huge bed, complete with black satin sheets. I laid down spread eagle, obediently, but tonight’s bondage would not be so banal. My wrists were bound to the headboard and I expected my legs to be tied similarly to the foot of the bed, but he held fast my ankles, pulling them behind my head where they were secured to my wrists. Slightly uncomfortable, I worried not. I was somewhat amazed at my flexibility. Blindfolded, I held my breath as I imagined him circling the bed like a shark circling their prey, waiting for the right moment to strike.

    I felt teeth gnawing against my heel. It didn’t tickle too badly, but knew those teeth would soon make their way to my arch and inevitably my excruciatingly sensitive toes.

    “No teeth!” I shouted in a voice that sounded years younger than my own. I wasn’t very intimidating.

    “And why’s that?” he asked before returning to his chewing, now moving ever so steadily up my sole.

    “It’s too tickly!” I replied before I was overcome with giggles. ‘Tickly’? I thought. Who says that? I was slightly embarrassed, but the feeling didn’t last long. It was soon replaced by that giddy roller coaster sensation in my stomach as I felt the stems of my toes being nibbled gently. No words came this time, only the sounds of my ticklish laughter ricocheting off the walls.

    I tried to pull away, but my bonds wouldn’t allow. I was forced to endure the torture. His fingertips slowly descended to the back of my knees. I was surprised at the intensity of the sensation, not expecting it to be ticklish at all. Before I could protest, he was clawing at the back of my thighs and ass. I arched my back, bucking violently, almost knocking myself out on the headboard. It took everything I had not to chew off my own limbs to escape. As loud as I screamed, as much as I cried, there was no rest. When I started to see spots and waited for unconsciousness, I felt my legs being untied.

    I breathed a sigh of relief as my blindfold was removed. I squinted in the brightness of the room. As my eyes adjusted, I felt him straddle me.

    “Hey, darlin! How you feelin’?”

    “Tired,” I muttered.

    “Aw, suck it up, cupcake.”

    Before I could spit a witty retort, I was blindfolded yet again. Left in the darkness of my own thoughts and getting a little panicky, I felt him push the hair out of my face and kiss my forehead. My pulse slowed a bit, but I couldn’t calm down completely. I knew he was planning his next attack, his next move. And then I felt it, slowly at first; fingertips dragging gently from my wrists to the crook of my elbows, traveling ever so lazily towards my excruciatingly ticklish underarms. His fingers stopped short of my vulnerable hollows and I held my breath in wait of what was to come, but it didn’t. I waited for what seemed like eternity, no noise to help me predict where he was. When I started to wonder if he was still even in the room, I felt a warm breath on my right armpit. I gasped, the nervous energy shooting through me like lightening. A warm, wet tongue explored my left underarm. The sensation was unbearable, but exciting. With my clit beginning to swell, my hips rotated uncontrollably, begging for attention. Fingers began to dance in my right underarm as the licking continued in my left. Despite how slow and gentle the onslaught was, I wasn’t sure how long I could keep my sanity. I was getting delirious from sensory overload. And then it stopped again.

    I felt him move lower down my body, removing my panties as he went. A warm breath on my lips caused me to jump. I bit my tongue, hardly able to contain my excitement. A gentle nibbling of my inner thighs snapped me out of my temporary state and I begged for him to take me. He flicked his tongue once and I uttered an animal-like moan. I was no longer human. He dived in, licking and sucking with wild abandon. I writhed in my bonds and it wasn’t long before my back was arching, my heels digging into the bedspread as wave after wave of orgasm shot through my body. A minute later, I was still trembling on cloud nine when the chewing on my foot started again.

    It was like nothing I’d ever felt before, and I wanted it to stop that instant and continue on forever all at the same time. His fingers skittered over the tops of my feet, another surprising spot, and his tongue slithered between my toes. Before I knew it, orgasm number two had passed through me, even more intense and long than the first. I wasn’t sure how long I’d last at this rate.

    And then I felt him enter me, placing my legs on his shoulders. I couldn’t see, but I knew my body had begun to flush red. I felt a warm tingling spread from my ears to my neck down to my curling toes. I was becoming an animal. No words now. Only sounds. It was the best feeling in the world. Tickling and sex. And I’d gone without it for so long. It was like air after suffocation. I was a starved vampire finally being able to feed. And as we came, myself for the third time, I started to cry. Maybe it was exhaustion. Maybe it was how much I’d missed this. I didn’t know and I didn’t care to exhaust myself further trying to figure it out. It was emotional release as far as I knew.

    He lifted the blindfold, wiping my tears and held me as I wept. I was soon asleep and in that world of drifting, things were calm and perfect. I felt it in my bones.

    THIS FEELING IN MY BONES first appeared in Tales from the Asylum #31, August, 2011.

    Cover Art by Bandito
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    Here is a sneak peak at what goodies await you over the next couple of weeks…

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    Let it be known, some of these pages have not been edited yet by yours truly, so there will be repercussions for misspelling "comma" as well as the sentence that ends... "something up with which AnnieHall will not put." Who are you, Yoda? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieHall View Post
    Let it be known, some of these pages have not been edited yet by yours truly, so there will be repercussions for misspelling "comma" as well as the sentence that ends... "something up with which AnnieHall will not put." Who are you, Yoda? lol
    Yeah - that's my bad. I suck at self-proofing. And since TGTT has been a part time job this year, I don't often spend as much time as I could on the editing. **sheepish grin**

    Although, I did intentionally misspell "coma". Coma and I don't really get along. It's sort of a blood-feud thing.

    And, yes, I am Yoda.

    My secret is out.

    coma comma commma,


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    Before I ever read a Comic. I searched on MTJ Pub.... and under every sinhle comic was the name Annie Hall.
    And I thought... who can this Girl be?

    Thank you for being here. Thank you for you doing. You are just great
    love is LOVE.
    ♂ + ♂ = ♥ GENDER
    ♀ + ♀ = ♥ DOESN'T
    ♀ + ♂ = ♥ MATTER

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    AnnieHall is so similar to Katarina or Miss Fortune from the League of Legends jajaja

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    Chain smokin' big ass hammer smasher.
    Quote Originally Posted by chicago View Post
    I am going to label myself Cleopatra Queen of the Nile. If I make a video about it, it will equal truth.
    There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

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    the women of this comic are awesome. wish I could meet them in person ^-^
    see how evil they are
    my vorpal bunny Atlas

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    So Annie...also moonslight as Katarina...or Miss Fortune?

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    For reals though, great job Rocio, Colin, and Bandito. This comic was flippin amazing - from the art, to the story, to the way it was executed.

    Awesome effort by everyone.

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    I have to know will you guys be doing another comic similar to the way this was done? I would die of happiness if you did!
    Gunpla, Drawing, and Tickling, what more could a man ask for?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Oekaki-Tickles View Post


    omg yes please yes can they tickle the artist of this series ^-^
    my vorpal bunny Atlas

    Not every signature has free content links on it, but mine does ^-^

    my storys:
    T.I.S. The Bounty Hunter: Audrey's Hunter M/F
    night of misfortune

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    Quote Originally Posted by amkes View Post
    omg yes please yes can they tickle the artist of this series ^-^
    Oh why the hell not? If I get Roccio's blessing I'll do one on the spot- Depending on what I can or can't do you see. Some girls wanna keep it classy, so I don't do those arts without permission. 8)

    Also, Bandito also did pages for this series! XD

    Michael Scott Cannon - Formerly OekakiTickles (http://www.michaelscottcannon.deviantart.com)
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    Been waiting for AnnieHall's bio for a while and it didn't disappoint! Phenomenal writing, beautiful ART! It must have squeezed your writing skills to the last punctuation, Deet... Very nice!
    Thank you, AnnieHall for all the help you did. You're simply great!
    My Animated E-Comic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorZombie View Post
    I have to know will you guys be doing another comic similar to the way this was done? I would die of happiness if you did!
    All I can say is that anything is possible with The Great Tickle Trap!

    Quote Originally Posted by Oekaki-Tickles View Post



    This is seriously too cool! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this outstanding and wonderfully hilarious pin-up!

    This really made my day. I really appreciate it.

    Thank you!


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