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    Erin The Ticklish Wife (MM/F, FF/F all over)

    This is a story about an extremely ticklish wife who like to tease people with her bare feet and get in tickle fights with others. Her husband struggles about his feeling with this not knowing if he likes to see his wife tickled by others or hates it. However, he would choose soon enough after his wife's ticklish pedicure puts them behind schedule and leads to the ticklish wife being in a ticklish situation.


    Erin got off work around 5 on a Thursday and started making her way home. She and her husband were making a six hour drive to a friends destination wedding for the weekend. Erin got home around 530 and her husband had everything ready to go. She changed quickly out of her nursing scrubs putting on short tight shorts and a tight and small shirt. She changed out of her tennis shoes and socks and put on sandals asking if she could get a pedicure before they left. Her husband wasnít sure because he wanted to get there at a reasonable hour. He also didnít want to drive the backroads part of the drive in the dark but the pedicure certainly would put them at dark at that point.

    The husband obliged because he enjoyed watching her get pedicures. She squirmed and giggled during the brush part of the pedicure since she had the most ticklish feet of anybody they ever knew. However, she enjoyed when they rubbed her feet toward the end. When she was finished they got in the car and she put her feet in his lap asking how they looked. The husband slid the sandals off and admired the red toenail polish saying it looked good. She then asked him how they felt. He started rubbing the soft and flawless feet of his beautiful wife and she moaned saying that felt good. He then started lightly tickling her feet which made her laugh like crazy wiggling and trying to get away. She frequently teased him and even other with her bare feet.

    During the drive Erin never put her sandals back on but instead put her bare feet on the dashboard. This continued for a couple hours into the drive while they were on the highway. Erinís husband looked out of the corner of his eye several times throughout the drive. She was reading a book and would arch her feet and wiggle her toes throughout the drive almost involuntarily. Suddenly he almost collided with a red pick up truck next to him which caused Erin to put her feet down. Erinís husband didnít want to admit his attention span was between the road and her bare feet. The red truck ended up pulling behind him and could see it was two large men perhaps trucker types. He wondered that maybe the collision was their fault because they were in a trance by his wifeís lovely bare feet.

    He thought nothing of it and got off at the next exit since it was right before the backroads portion of the drive and wanted directions. It was getting dark now and cooler so Erin put back on her socks and tennis shoes before they went into the gas station. Erinís husband didnít notice that the red truck was also getting off the highway and going to the same gas station.
    They got directions and Erinís husband joked with her saying we would be there by now if somebody didnít get their feet pampered. Erin joked back by pushing him as they were walking toward the exit trying to get her husband to play fight. The husband then said aloud ďyou know all I have to do is tickle you and I win." He then hugged her and tickled her sides making her squeal. She said you know Iím so ticklish everywhere donít do that. The husband reminisced saying ďlike that one time when I locked your feet in the headrest of the car and tickled you until you cried.Ē She replied saying her feet were her most ticklish spot and kicked them. They ran playfully back to the car.

    The husband studied the directions a little further before they left. They heard a car burnout and speed away. It looked like a pickup truck but he wasnít sure since it was dark so he thought nothing of it. Little did he know the two men who admired his wifeís pretty ticklish feet heard the whole tickling conversation and heard where they would be going. They sped away in order to get a trap ready.

    Erin and her husband reached the backroads eventually and they seemed to be going the right way although it was very dark and not much around. Suddenly it felt like he drove over a bunch of nails as all four of their tires went out. They were able to stop without hurting themselves but they got out of the car and saw the damage. They had no reception on their cell phones to call somebody for help. After spending a couple minutes thinking what to do, two men appeared asking if they needed help after hearing what sounded like a wreck. Erin explained the situation how they were trying to get to a wedding and what time they needed to be there for the rehearsal tomorrow and that they were worried about how they were going to get back on Sunday.

    The men explained it would be fine and they could help saying they had a tow truck and had their shop and houses just right up the street. So they towed the car and made their way to hopefully fixing it. Erinís husband looked at the men wondering if these were the same guys he almost hit on the road when his wife was distracting him with her perfect bare feet, but didnít see a red truck on the property anywhere as they pulled up so he changed his focus on fixing the car and getting to their destination at a reasonable hour.

    The men got the car to the garage and they told Erin that she could go to the house and make some calls while her husband and them tried to fix the car. The house was a few dozen yards from the garage so Erin made her way over. She thought it was strange as it was dark and quiet around this area with not really another house in sight. Erin thought to herself that thankfully somebody was around to help them out when their car got wrecked since nobody else is around. She thought if she didnít get the pedicure then maybe this wouldnít have happened especially at dark on the backroads. Their cell phones werenít getting any reception so she was also thankful to be able to call from a land line.

    Erin picked up the phone getting ready to call her friends to either pick them up or tell them that they would be late but didnít hear a dial tone. Suddenly the two brutes grabbed her from behind, picked her up and started carrying her away. Before she knew what happened one of the men had her by arms and the other had her feet carrying her downstairs. She started struggling and screaming trying to thrash away but the big men overpowered her tiny sexy body and already got her deep enough down the soundproof basement so that nobody including her husband could do anything about it.

    While this was happening Erinís husband was cracked over the head with a tool in the garage by one of the large men knocking him out. This was after the husband noticed the red truck in the same garage from before. He then went to help the other trucker capture Erin. When he started to come back around he was in a chair facing a blank screen and couldnít move at all. He was in a straitjacket and headgear so he was staring right at the screen. He was in a similar situation like in Clockwork Orange where Alex was forced to watch videos in order to make him become good. Erinís husband was confused by the whole situation and didnít know there were other people in the house that put him in this predicament. It became even clearer when the screen turned on.

    The two truckers were carrying his thrashing and screaming wife to an X-shaped table. They focused on securing her upperbody first stretching her arms long and locking her wrists to the table. Her legs were kicking wildly so each man had to take one leg and stretch out her legs long and spread out wide to secure her ankles. Her ankles were made double secure when they locked them in heavy duty stocks with her shoes and socks still intact.

    Erinís husband was screaming from his small isolated room as cameras captured the entire thing he was forced to watch. It turns out he was also in the basement in a separate sound proof room so no one could hear him. But he would soon see and hear everything that would happen to his wife. Erin was frantic and afraid that she would be raped or killed but the two men assured her that wouldnít happen. But they told her she was going to be part of a game or experiment and she would either find it tortuous or pleasurable or maybe both. A confused Erin asked what that meant as she tried to move and find any weakness in her bondage. But there was no escaping. At this point she could move some of her joints in a very limited way but she still felt that her body was exposed being all stretch out with her arms and legs. During the struggle and shackling, she could even felt that her short and tight shirt rose up exposing her belly button and most of her stomach.

    She was one of the towering men look in that area too. He started to explain the game or experiment to her. He said she would be tortured 10 minutes at a time and if the time surpassed without her husband rescuing her then she would be shackled more tightly and lose an article of clothing and that process would be repeated until she was rescued. However, her husband had no chance of that. He saw and heard this and tried to break away but it was no use. Erin asked what they were going to do her. And she would find out soon enough.

    The man climbed on top of her straddling around her hips and waist which was the one spot where she could move somewhat. She tried to buck her hips off to get him off her but she couldnít lift the large man an inch. The man then put his hands in the air and started wiggling his fingers and slowly lowered them down to her bare stomach and helpless ribs. He also started slowly inhaling and putting his mouth toward her belly button area. Erin begged and pleaded knowing what was about to happen. She screamed saying she was too ticklish and couldnít take it. She had never been tied down and tickled and she even started to giggle as the man got closer and closer to her. He stopped centimeters before her bare skin and Erin held her eyes and closed her breath.

    Then the torture began. He blew a long raspberry on her belly and belly button which tickled even extra because of his long beard and started digging into her ribs and stomach with all 10 fingers. Erin reacted immediately screaming and laughing as the man repeated this process of blowing raspberries and squeezing her ribs and sides. She was a cackling mess trying to move away but this tickling process continued. He teased her pausing before raspberries and wiggling his fingers millimeters from her skin. When he squeezed her ribs and sides it almost took her breath away. Her mouth was wide open and face bright red from these crazy ticklish sensations. He also kissed and nibbled on her belly which always made her laugh loudly when her husband did it. Erinís husband saw the same reaction as this man tickle his helpless wife with his hands and mouth.

    The time ran out for the first round. The men teased her saying well her husband isnít here so I guess we will continue. Erin was still giggling and trying to catch her breath and begged them to stop and pleaded them to tell her what they did to her husband. Erinís husband couldnít believe his eyes seeing his wife getting tickle tortured like that.

    The two men kept their word cut her shirt exposing her black bra and her big boobs beneath it. One of the men said we will get back up later and starting securing her legs from her knees to her ankles. This basically immobilized her whole lower half. She could still move her feet a little bit but not enough to kick either man with her shoes. The other man now straddled her with his back facing her. She could look down far enough to see his back and him sitting on her waist but could not see what was going to happen to the lower half of her body. She was nervous since her legs were spread wide and she said such tight and short shorts on. Most of her legs and hips were exposed and was worried they would find her magic spot on her inner thighs and around her big butt. The bondage and short shorts also exposed a very ticklish spot on the bottom of her great ass. The husband looked on wondering the same thing as he also tickled her there usually when he wanted to convince her to say or do something.

    It was almost like the large brute had radar because he went right the spot on each inner thigh and started squeezing away. Erin shrieked loudly and the laughter came pouring out as she tried to move her legs away from his big ticklish hands and fingers. But she wasnít going anywhere. The man even got her on the spot on her butt since her shorts were not protecting her bare skin from tickling fingers. Erin was again in a long bout of silent laughter as this type of tickling was taking her breath away. The man shifted somewhat and continued this tickling but added some mouth tickling of his own. He started kissing, nibbling, blowing and softly biting on her inner thighs and hips. Erin was in ticklish hysterics now trying to buck away from these two tickling sensations but her movement was very limited now. The brutes stopped for a moment and asked if she was man crazy. Almost immediately each one started squeezing her thighs around her knees. They used their other hand to slide their index fingers under her knee and the bondage to start scratching behind her knee. Erin felt so helpless now. She was in a state of uncontrollable laughter now and the men joked around saying this girl was man crazy. They asked her if she liked strangers tickling her stomach and now legs but she was laughing too much to answer.

    The time stopped and the men said I guess we are going to continue. Erinís husband was almost in awe now of hisís wife ticklish reactions and began to struggle less and less and accepting the fact they were tickling torturing his wife and there was nothing he or she could do to stop it. He was beginning to accept that she would give them the satisfaction of laughter and screaming and that it only made them want to tickle her more. He knew his wife was extremely ticklish but didnít expect these kind of reactions from strangers.

    They cut Erinís shorts off next exposing her body in just bra, underwear and shoes and socks for now. However, they moved back up to securing her elbows all the way up to her wrists. Erin was still giggling from before and her begs became less and less for them to stop since she wanted to spend the breaks trying to catch her breath and stop giggling. One man said they want to her to watch this next tickle torture. Each man stood on either side by her arms near her face and began wiggling their fingers descending to her armpits. Erin was laughing already and begging for them not to touch her underarms. They were so close to her face now and they could see the ticklish agony in her while she could see the tickling lust in their eyes. They were so close to her pits now continue to wiggle her fingers and she cringed and begged and tried to get away.

    The second their fingers made contact with Erinís bare hollow underarms the second she started screaming. She had deep underarms and they took advantage. They started by alternating hands using all five fingers scratching and wiggling away at the exposed and unrestricted area. Erin so desparately tried to pull her arms down but couldnít all she could do was laugh. Tears started streaming down her face for the first time. After this, they began to poke and prod in her pits pretending they were typing something continuing Erinís ticklish hysterics. As Erinís husband looked on he remembered when his wrestling buddies pinned down Erin and tickled her armpits until she cried. He never did tickle her armpits much but he did take note of the ticklish reaction she gave his friends that one time. He was witnessing it again. The two men spent the last part of this round of torture licking and kissing her underarms while tickling her neck and ears. This made Erin squeal and squeak and breath frantically once again. It also sent goosebumps all over her near naked body. Whether they blew raspberries on her tummy, nibbled on her inner thighs or licked her armpits, the mouth tickling gave her extreme goosebumps each time.

    Erin had a longer break this time as the two brutes talked about what they do next. One started taking off her bra while the other blindfolded her and locked her head around her forehead. They didnít want her seeing or moving her head around for this next part. She was nearly in a state of complete mobility much like her husband. At least she could move her head side to side before to try and subdue the ticklish sensations but at this point there wasnít much to do other than feeling the tickle torture and laugh and laugh and laugh. She begged for her bra to be left on but it was too late as her big bare jiggling breasts would be reavealed. They wouldnít be jiggling much anymore with her body strapped in so tight but the men really started to admire Erinís sexy body. They didnít know how hard she tried to look great for this upcoming wedding but all they saw was the tight little body, juicy breasts and toned legs and butt. This may have been the best Erinís body had looked but it was now in the hands two tickle crazy maniacs.

    Erinís husband knew what was coming next as he did this a lot to her before they had sex. At this point though he was almost looking forward to seeing what was going to happen. He had been so mad at this point but there was always a part of him that liked to see other men tickle his wife, massage her feet and now play with her breasts. He wasnít sure how he would react but he couldnít do anything but watch anyway.

    Each man picked a breast and began stroking her nipple ever so lightly while kissing and nibbling her neck and ears at the same time. Erin couldnít see or move her head anymore but was laughing yet again. Her nipples were fully erected and her body again covered in goosebumps as she giggled away. This was a different kind of laughter though. She kept saying oh my god in between laughter now. Before when she could get a word in which wasnít much she either said no or please stop. Erin was certainly feeling a ticklish sensation but a different one. The men lightly tickled her breasts now with all their fingers and squeezed them softly yet passionately as they continued their assault on her neck with her mouths and heavy beards. The whiskers were just as bad as their mouths, lips and tongue when they would tickle her with their mouths on any part of their body. They spent the last couple minutes of this round sucking on her nipples and Erin continued to laugh uncontrollably along the way. Her nipples stayed fully erect for several minutes while she caught her breath and tried to recover from the sensations. They gave her a longer break this time since she seemed to be enjoying this round.

    Erinís husband almost seemed to enjoy it too. He was almost in a trance now and stopped trying to get out completely at his point. He wasnít sure whether he should be excited or mortified what the two brutes just did to his extremely ticklish wife. Erin heard one of the men say well I guess there is just one thing left to do. Each man went toward the other end of the bondage device and began untying her shoes. Erin immediately went back to begging and screaming. She pleaded with them not to tickle her feet saying it was her worst spot and that she would go crazy or die. She tried to move and kick as best she could but she was virtually immobile now. They each got her shoes off and she only had one layer of protection now with her bright pink socks. They went back up and told her they just wanted to massage her feet and they wouldnít tickle her if she kept her feet absolutely still and didnít make a sound. Erin had no choice but to agree and they walked back down toward her feet. The camera now switched angles for the husband which was now showing directly her socked feet. The two men entered the corner of the frame but made sure not to block the camera view. They slowly removed her socks until her bare immaculate soles were revealed. They looked incredible on camera to the husband.

    The two large men stared for a while and then reached out to touch her feet. Erin bit her lip to stop herself from laughing but was relieved to feel massaging instead of tickling. Her feet were so soft from the pedicure and from having her shoes and socks on that the men had to resist from tickling or acting on sexual urges based on their promises. Although they were tickle hungry individuals, they didnít want to be too criminal toward these people although that may have been too late. Erinís husband looked on and he was loving this now. While he was undecided on how other people tickling his wife made him feel, he loved watching other people massage her feet. That was evident from the pedicure earlier in the day and she would always tease people with her bare feet and some of his friends have rubbed her feet before. He recalled another time his wrestling friends wrapped her up in several blankets but left her bare feet exposed and they tickle tortured her to insanity. He wasnít sure whether he was upset or not by other men tickling her feet but as soon as some of her girlfriends joined in the tickling of her feet then he instantly loved it. Erinís feet were incredibly sensitive whether her husband, friends, family or strangers either massaged or tickled her feet.

    Erin was trying hard not to giggle at the massage since it lightly tickled but she was also trying to hide the fact that was enjoying it. Her body was so sensitive at this point that she was actually loving this massage right now. Then she couldnít hold back and let out an involuntary moan. One of the men said that she lost and broke the rules and she would now be tickle doubled time by both of them for 20 minutes on her feet. At this point it seemed like an eternity to Erin during her tickle torture but it was only about an hour. She screamed and started begging saying she would do anything if they didnít tickle her feet but it fell on ignorant ears. They started playing this little piggy with her toes and she was already laughing wildly just at the simple touch of her toe. They reached the last toe and said this little piggy wentÖ.but teased her and paused for several seconds leaving Erin in horrible ticklish anticipation. Her begs, pleas and screams were of ultimate desperation now and her screams as loud as ever. Her husband watch in anticipation to see what would happen.

    Then it happened. They ferociously used all 10 fingers on each foot and began the ultimate tickle torture for Erin. She had never laughed or screamed so loud. She couldnít move or get away. She felt their fingers scribble all over her soles and they savored every second and every reaction from her. Her feet were so small at size 5 and their hands and fingers so big that every part of her foot was being tickled at the same time. They each used a couple fingers for her great arches, her toes, the space between her soles and toes, the top and sides of her feet and even around her heel. There was no escaping as each finger tickled somewhere on her feet at the same time. She was laughing wild now, tears down her face, inaudible begs of mercy and unable to move. Then they used one hand to secure her toes while using the other hands to scrape their fingers all over her soles driving her crazy since she literally couldnít move her foot an inch now. Then they added another component for the last half of this round of torture. The men began kissing each foot while using one hand to hold her foot steady and the other to tickle with five fingers. Again they kissed and nibbled and licked with their mouths and whiskers in maybe her most ticklish area on her body which the spot at the base of her toes and the top of her soles. Erin screamed as loud as she could in the soundproof room but the cameraís audio hit the maximum stunning her husband who looked on and was angry again trying to get out and help his horribly ticklish wife. They even sucked her toes one at a time and licked in between her toes putting her in a state of ticklish agony. She was a sweaty mess now crying hysterically before hitting a point of long silent laughter nearly making her pass out.

    The time ran out and they stopped and after a few seconds Erin caught her breath and started laughing out loud. She continued to laugh for several minutes feeling the ticklish sensation on her feet even they had already stopped. She had either wet her pants or had several orgasms or maybe both since her underwear were soaking wet. When Erin was in a more controlled state, the men told her that her hour long tickle torture session was done, but gave her one more challenge. They would tickle her completely naked body for ten more minutes and they would let her go if her husband could rescue her or if she didnít wet herself or orgasm again. She didnít really respond as she was still trying to catch her breath. Then Erinís husband noticed the screen changed to three different camera views with one of her feet, one of her body and once of her face. Then he noticed two women enter the frame by her feet. They were extremely sexy and noticed their fingernails looked recently manicured. Her husband was keen on this because Erin got manicures all the time as well as pedicures. She also saw them bring in a box filled with electric toothbrushes, hair brushes, lotion bottles, etc. Suddenly one of the men said your time starts now.

    Erin quickly realized two more people were tickling her now. She felt hands rubbing lotion on her feet while one of the men tickled her armpits and alternated between kissing on her neck and sucking on her nipples. She felt the other man straddle her and alternate between tickling her sides and stomach and squeezing her inner thighs. He also alternated between blowing raspberries on her tummy and nibbling her hips and legs near her newly naked crotch. The sensation was unbearable yet pleasurable as Erin began to feel her womanhood burn and grow. Then after the lotion was applied the women began tickling her bare feet with their nails. Erin lost it. More so than before. She laughed and laughed but at this point her voice was worn out but she laughed hard even though it was quiet. Erin couldnít move her feet at all now since the women must have tied her toes back when she was nearly in a state of passing out from the last torture so they had free and open access to her horribly ticklish feet. They deliberately and methodically used the electric toothbrushes and the hairbrushes on her beautiful bare feet to send her closer and closer to a complete state of ticklish hysteria. The men continued their ticklish onslaught during this time. The buzzer ran out which seemed like no time at all for the ticklers but an eternity for Erin and her husband. The women cheated by continuing their tickling on her feet while the man stopped. They didnít want to stop without getting a taste of freshly pedicured feet and toes for themselves. The newly red toenail polish was like a bullseye as they took out one toe at a time from bondage sucked away. They used a similar tactic by tickling with their hands and use their teeth and tongue and lips all over her feet and toes. This was now turning on Erin and her husband at the same time and Erin passed out right before she could orgasm.

    So the women stopped and went with the two men to free the husband. It took a few minutes but they said she is all yours to him right before letting him go. He jumped out of the room immediately and was surprised to see her basically right there. He realized he was close to her the whole time. Still turned on from the incredible foot tickling he began unshackling his wife starting with the blindfold and head. She awoke all of a sudden and was so happy to see him she started kissing him while still in bondage. Then she whispered something inaudible to her husband but could tell by the look in her eyes that she too was still very aroused from the foot tickling. The husband instinctually climbed on top of her still bound body and they had the best sex they have ever had. When they were finished both were so exhausted from the bondage and the overall experience that they passed out.

    They awoke several hours later in a bedroom and saw the clock was said noon. In a daze trying to figure out if that really happened last night, they saw a note saying their car was fixed with detailed directions to the destination wedding. There was also food and a bathroom for showering and their suitcases from their cars with their clothes. They were very confused but ate and got ready to go like nothing had happened. Erinís body was still very sensitive from the night before and decided to put on sandals.

    They left the house and saw their car in the driveway. The two men and women appeared from the corner which made Erin and her husband stop in their tracks. They threw the keys to them and said hoped they enjoyed the experience from last night. Erin and her husband still puzzled packed the car and were ready to get in and leave with the detailed directions. The other man then said feel free to stop by again on Sunday on your way home. He added to Erin that a lot of men and women would be willing to pay good money if they came back. Without responding they got in the car and drove away. They made the rehearsal on time and enjoyed the wedding with friends like nothing had happened the night before. They acted normal around each other and everybody.

    Just as they got in the car before Erinís husband could start it to make the trip home, something happened. Before her husband could start the car, Erin kicked off her sandals and put her bare feet in her husbands lap. Erin asked him what he thinks they should do. The husband said lets talk about it on the way. He looked down at her feet tickled them with both his hands. She squealed, giggled and wiggled her feet and toes but did not pull them away looking at him with the same lustful look from the other night.

    The End

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    I really loved this one, very sensual and a little romantic at the end. I really like your writing style. =)

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    Good job in your writting. Very descriptive as if you were almost there. I will remember to not drive down back wood roads that I don't know. IT would be my doom as I would pass out if I were her.
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    very very good!

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    Very well written. Hope to see some sequels!!!!!

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    needs a sequel

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