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    Sep 2005

    Tickled the feet of a News Anchor Woman whom I dated.

    Now I am sure some people may call "Bull $hit" on this but I am still amazed I dated a news anchor myself but here is how it started. Her and I went to H.S. together. She was a very Beautiful woman. One night some of my friends and I were out at a diner eating and she and a few friends came in. She was always a very ntelligent girl and went onto a Ivy League school and had drop dead gorgeous looks to boot. Anyway, being the sweetheart she was she stopped by our table and said hi to all of us who she knew from HS. My one buddy who was in Law School at the time kept saying he was going to walk over and ask her out but never got the guts up to do it. Now me being the blue collar guy of the group called him a pussy and if didn't do it I was going to go ask her. So I got up, went over and asked her to dinner, never in a million years did I think she would say yes but to my utter astonishment she happily accepted my offer. Well at the time she wasn't news anchor but was already doing spots as a reporter while in college. I was a young cop full of swagger but not the prick kind LOL.

    We dated for over a year, lets call her Janet. She was 5'9", jet black hair and an amazing figure, with really pretty size 9 feet that were very ticklish. This girl was beautiful, smart, kind, very sweet and loving with an amazing smile and musical laugh.
    So one day her and I are sitting on her sofa in her apartment eating a bowl of ice cream. Her little black kitten was just bouncing all over the place and kept wanting up on the sofa with us. I am a sucker for puppies and kittens so I picked him up and put him up on the sofa with us. She eventually put her pretty bare feet on my lap and I began rubbing them and of course gently tickle them. She would just smile that amazing smile and giggle. Well I didn't want to send her into hysterics and we bang chatting again. At some point the kitten walked down her body and onto my lap curling up by hr feet. He was such a cute little guy so I started dipping my finger into what was left of the ice cream and letting im lick it off my finger. Man he was purring up a storm and licked my finger with fury. Thats when it hit me and I dipped my finger into the ice cream again but this time I spread it onto her big toe of her right foot. Well the kittn went to town licking that ice cream and you would think Janet was hit with an electric cattle prod. Janet locked her leg out, threw her head back and covered her face with he hand and began to laugh hysterically saying something like "Oh my god his his tongue tickles sooooo baaahahahahahaaad." The kitten finished his treat and she slowly stopped laughing and attempted to pull her foot away but I quickly grabbed the cuff of her jeans keeping her foot on my lap. She was giggling saying "Oh please no more, that tickles like cray!". Well her pleas fell on deaf ears and again I cover her big toe in ice ream but this time I did all five toes making sure to get between and along the base of her toes. I looked into her eyes and said
    "Now be careful, don't kick you may hurt this little guy" She again locked out her right leg and covered her face with her hands. I lowered her leg back down to the kitten sitting on my lap and immediately went to town licking the ice cream. She tried her best to hold it in and be quiet but after like 20 seconds she began laughing dropping her hands to her side flashing that gorgeous smile. As the kitten began licking between her toes she was sent ino a new and profound state of laughter as she shook her hands her face turned her and belly laughed as her eyes began to tear. All she kept saying was "His little tongue is so delicate it's madening!" The kitten cleaned all five toes on her right foot and she was exhausted. I gave her brake and she layed back limp and spent. Not wanting to push it but I had to see I spread a tiny bit on the arch of her left foot and immediately she protested but it was too late and the kitten licked her arch clean sending her into another fit of laughter but not as bad as when her toes were attacked. That was a short tickle and when he was finished with his treat I put him back on the floor and gave her a long foot rub then into the bed room for the evening while the kitten was out to bed in his box.

    After a year she ended the relationship not wanting to date an inner city cop who had been assaulted several times while we dated and had an arm broke LOL. 2 ears later she was an anchor on a local news channel in he NYC Tri state area. Yeah she devistated me but 1 year after we split up I met my wife who many of you read my stories about her and seen the gorgeous pics of her super ticklish and perfect size 7's. Oh btw she is no longer on TV but works for the network.
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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    Great story. Thanks for sharing it here.
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    Sep 2005
    I wrote this on my Kindle and I promise to clean up the type O's later.

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    Sep 2003
    fantastic story well told.

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    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire
    Did you ever take the tickling any farther than the kitten?

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by robmic View Post
    Did you ever take the tickling any farther than the kitten?
    Sure did Bob! I will tell those stories soon I promise!

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    Sep 2005
    Awesome story. Thanks for sharing that.

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    Sep 2002
    nowhere special - just cruising
    damn fine tale, dude!

    Kinky is with a feather; Perverted is with a chicken.

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    Apr 2001
    New Jersey
    Very resourceful. Kudos.
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