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    Mar 2009
    TX, USA

    Childhood friend tickling

    Ok so this story is about a girl I grew up with until about age 12. Our dads were friends but weve always lived far away, and our dads fell out of touch until they both got facebook. The past time I saw her was a few years ago at her house for a bbq, and I had just turned 18 and finished basic(i joined @ 17). So marie, as ill call my old friend has always been cute but had a babyface, so i didnt recognize her as the leggy barefoot girl playing volleyball when I showed up. I realized it was her when her father yelled "marir come say hi!" my sister and I were caught in a tacklehug by this girl and all i could do was be amazed at the woman she grew into. Marie was maybe 5'4 (hard to tell, ive grown since then), slim with long brunette hair and turqoise toenails

    Later that night... It was just my family and hers. We were inside playing cards while our parents enjoyed a beer outside, and i was coming up with every reason i could to look under the table at her feet. Id tickled her several times as a kid but nothing serious, so i dont think she really knew about my fetish. We started to get bored and decided to go crabbing off the docks, so we told our parents and took a walk towards the beach where her dad kept the boat. She stepped outside barefoot and I asked "arent you gonna put some shoes on?" secretly hoping she wouldnt. Marie said "no, i dont care, i get a lot of pedicures" this was before I totally knew what that meant but still...it turned out to be awesome. We got to the docks and caught a few crabs, but her dad claimed he wouldnt cook them anytime soon so made us bring them back, and my sister decided to stay at the house. Now comes the really good part...

    So we get back to the docks and dump the crabs back in the water then marie gets all tired and lazy and decides to lay back in her dad's boat. She laid back on the bench at the end with her beautiful feet hanging off and i wanted so desperately to tickle them so i acted like I didnt want to be there knowing marie's perpetual sassiness. I started complainig all the while enjoying the view until marie said "good luck getting back without me" at this point i took my chance and lightly tickled her soft feet. Marie only twitched her feet and giggled softly, saying "that tickles". Not wanting this to end i tickled her again and said "get up! Lets go back!" marie said "im not moving!". I tickled her feet again eliciting more giggles but not much squirming or twitching. She said after a second "I dont care if you tickle me I still am not going anywhere" so i figured challenge accepted. I grabbed one of marie's ankles and lifted it up and she just wiggled her toes at me, so I went to town tickling her foot. I got all over her arch, her heel and the base of her toes causing marie to laugh loudly, but not thrash or kick. I was in heaven right now on a beautiful night alone with a beautiful girl tickling her soft, pretty feet. After about a minute I switched to marie's other foot and tickled the same way, spending most of my time on her arches and the base of her toes. I kept tickling marie's pretty feet individually, and finally both together for about five minutes until through giggles she said "okahahahay! Just stahahahap!" so i let go of marie's pretty feet, secretly disappointed and said "finally". She was still giggling for a minut or so but when she caught her breath we got back up and headed back to the house.

    I recently reconnected with marie on facebook and according to her im going to her sister's wedding in august, so who knows maybe a part 2 coming up
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    Great story. Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Jul 2001
    Colorado Springs
    Great story man!!! Tell us more!
    DUCK!!!! WHERE? -WHAM-!!!!!!!

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    Mar 2003
    Warrington, United Kingdom
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    ^^ awesome! thanks for that man
    tickle prince the name and tickling the game! and what a fun game it is!

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    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire
    "I recently reconnected with marie on facebook and according to her im going to her sister's wedding in august, so who knows maybe a part 2 coming up"

    Lets hope so!

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    Dec 2005
    San Diego, CA
    Cool story. I wish you luck at the wedding assuming you decide to attend.

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