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    Borgin and Burkes' Top-Shelf Tales - The Lestrange Girl Part IV

    Ah, you've returned. Good! Excellent! Welcome to the fourth and final part of 'The Lestrange Girl' and the completion of my first set of ticklefics.
    If you've just arrived the previous parts can be found here:
    The Lestrange Girl Part I
    The Lestrange Girl Part II
    The Lestrange Girl Part III
    As you've probably guessed from the title it's Ariadne Lestrange, Bellatrix's daughter, in the spotlight this time, but that isn't to the complete exclusion of the other characters. Again it's mostly foot tickling, again it isn't explicit, though there's some foot worship in there too as well as various other stuff. It's almost a grab bag of bits and pieces, various scenes and situations I found amusing and wanted to try writing down. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
    Thanks again to everyone who's read and replied. Knowing people were enjoying these stories is the very thing that galvanised me into finishing them.

    The Lestrange Girl: Part IV– Ariadne Lestrange

    Hermione watched as Ariadne tormented her poor friend's bare foot. She had been watching and waiting till Ariadne seemed totally absorbed in what she was doing. She hated sit and do nothing as Luna's foot was tickle tortured, remembering what Ariadne had done to her own feet. She felt for Ginny too, her legs trapped by a magical wall, her own feet, exposed and defenceless, stuck on the other side with a wizard whose reputation suggested he was every bit as cruel as Ariadne. To see both her friends in such compromising positions was frustrating, but there was little she could do. For the moment anyway.
    She had not been totally unoccupied while she was trapped in the alcove. Once her feet had been left alone she had regained her composure. Then she had had little else to do but sit and think. Trying to ignore the prospect of her feet being set upon again at any moment she had gone through various plans and scenarios and trying to cover as many situations as possible and turn each to her advantage. When she was eventually released from her confinement she had scare few that were actually viable, but at least there was something to work with. However it all pivoted around doing something that she found so totally repugnant to even contemplate she wondered if she'd be able to actually put the plan into action...
    Even so her heart had sunk when she saw the the animagus. He had potentially ruined everything; she simply hadn't expected Ariadne to have a cohort. Luckily (though certainly not for Ginny) he had removed himself from view and earshot, albeit temporarily. Now, with Ariadne preoccupied and Ginny in such close proximity, Hermione saw her chance. She couldn't easily see Ginny from where she was, but straining her head around afforded her glimpses of her friend.
    “Ginny...” she hissed as loud as she dared.
    “Hermione!” Ginny answered in a whisper.
    “Are you all right?”
    Ginny seemed to consider this.
    “I think so. For now.”
    “Okay. Well... I've been coming up with a plan.”
    “Yeah?” Ginny whispered back.
    “I need your help, though...” Hermione began before she was interrupted by a sudden squeal.
    “Ginny!” Hermione hissed, concerned. “What's wrong?”
    “I.. Ah... It's Quentin. He's... Oh... My feet...”
    “Is he hurting you?” Hermione asked.
    “Thankfully noooOOoo... No no...” Ginny wailed, writhing against the magical ropes.
    “What's he doing in there?”
    “I'm not... AH! I not sure... I don't... Oooh... I don't think I want to know,” Ginny replied haltingly.
    Hermione glimpsed Ginny writhing on the floor behind her. She remembered a few of the details that had been in the file on Quentin. What he'd been up to. It looked like Ariadne wasn't the only one obsessed with feet and tickling. Whatever the wizard was doing it was certainly eliciting some odd reactions from her friend.
    “Do you still want to hear the plan?” she asked.
    Ginny was trying to suppress her laughter as she nodded. “Yeah! Carry on. Quickly!”
    “Okay, we need to try and get hold of a wand. I don't know what she's done with ours, so I think we're going to have to try and get hers,” Hermione sat back and looked over at Ariadne. The witch was still tormenting Luna's foot, pinching and teasing the pale, supple flesh before nuzzling her face into Luna's exposed sole. Ginny, meanwhile, rolled back and forth in a sudden laughing fit.
    “Yes! Yeeee-heh-heh-heh-s...” she managed.
    “As I doubt we can get your free...” Hermione began.
    Ginny snorted, her lips pressed together tightly.
    “Mm-hmm” she mumbled, nodding.
    “I'll have to be the one to try. What I need you to do...”
    Ginny squealed and giggled for a few moments and Hermione waited for this to subside before she continued.
    “...What I need you to do is suggest to her that I should go and...” Hermione steeled herself before she finished her thought. “I should go and give her feet some attention.”
    “No no no! No! NO!” Ginny wailed.
    Hermione wondered for a moment if that was her friend's reply or not.
    “Ginny?” she hissed.
    “Sorry...” her friend replied trying to focus on the conversation. “Why me? You suggest it! I'm a little distracted he-eeEEEeere....” she jiggled as a body and her eyes screwed shut and she was wracked with giggles again. Hermione paused another moment before continuing.
    “I'm not sure I'd be able to make it sound believable,” she explained. “Plus if she chooses you to do it, it may get you out of that predicament.”
    Ginny didn't reply, though Hermione could hear a series of quick, little high-pitched breaths.
    “Ginny?” Hermione asked again.
    “Yeah,” Ginny replied, blinking and gasping quietly. “Yeah, I'm still listening.”
    “What do you reckon?”
    Ginny just squealed again before making an ululating whimpering noise.
    “Ginny!?” Hermione asked more urgently.
    “Your call...” the other witch gasped. “You're the one who'll probably have to go over ther-Ah! AH!”
    “Do it!” said Hermione resolutely.
    Ginny shuffled around, turning her head. Taking advantage of a brief respite from the frankly torturous tickling Quentin was lavishing on her captive soles she called out to Ariadne.
    “Hey, Ariadne! Hey!”
    Ariadne paused in what she was doing and looked over. Luna's big toe popped out of her mouth as she raised an eyebrow angrily at Ginny.
    “What is it, liar?” she asked, running her thumb distractedly back and forth along the smooth arch of Luna's bare foot which was wriggling frantically. “Is Quentin boring you already, liar? Want to see what I have in store for you, liar?”
    “Oh no... It's great,” she breathed. “You don't know what you're missing,”
    “I'm not missing much, dear” Ariadne replied archly and wiggled her feet playfully. Her leather calf-boots swished in the air with the movement.
    “Listen. Have you ever... Ah...” Ginny paused to groan again. She rushed the next sentence, babbling it as she started to giggle again. “You ever... Had a girl give you this kind of attention?”
    “What?” Ariadne asked.
    “Ever had a girl worship your feet?” Ginny said in a squeal. Ariadne seemed to seriously consider this as the red-headed witch began to cackle throatily.
    “Now that you mention it I've never had my toes sucked by a girl before...”
    Ginny seemed about to reply when just at that moment she bubbled over into a fit of shrieking laughter. She thrashed around on the floor, screaming out a string of unintelligible incoherent screams and squeals..
    “Hmmm. I wonder what Quent's up to in there?” Ariadne said to herself before calling to Hermione, “Well, as Ginerva is so obviously preoccupied it looks like I'll have to make do with you.”
    “Pardon?” Hermione replied. Ariadne's words were lost in Ginny's gale of laughter.
    “Oh for goodness sake...” Ariadne said, rolling her eyes. “Silencio!”
    Abruptly Ginny's raucous laughter stopped though she continued to roll and lurch about on the floor. The silence that followed was almost eerie. Ariadne's relieved sigh reverberated around the chamber.
    “That's better. Now... You heard what you friend said?”
    Hermione nodded, trying to act demure.
    “Here's your choice then. Either you can come and give my delightful little feet some well-earned attention. Or I can conjure up a fresh load of tickle charms for you.”
    “Please...” Hermione pleaded receiving all the motivation she needed to act the part of helpless captive. “Not more tickling... Not my feet again.”
    “Then you'll play nice?”
    “'Yes' what?” Ariadne demanded. Hermione, surprising herself, only took a moment to reply.
    “Yes, Mistress Ariadne,” she said, her voice heavy with resignation. Ariadne's eyebrow arched.
    “Good,” she said and cast a charm on Hermione's restraints. They fell open, releasing the young witch. Sitting up Hermione rubbed her wrists and gasped as she bent her achingly stiff legs. She swung herself round so she was sitting on the edge of the bench then she gently lowered her bare feet onto cold, dusty stones.
    “No tricks now,” Ariadne warned.
    “Not much chance of that without a wand,” Hermione mumbled. Padding over to where Ariadne was hanging in the air. She spared a glance back at Ginny. Her friend has thrashing back and forth on the ground, her long red hair in total disarray. Tears glistened on her cheeks and, although silenced by the spell, she appeared to be howling with laughter, the effort making her whole body shudder. Hermione stared at where Ginny's pale legs disappeared into the wall and tried to imagine what Quentin was doing to poor Ginny's helpless bare feet in there. She shuddered and quickly banished those thoughts.
    Ariadne meanwhile had noticed Hermione dawdling.
    “Well...” she called suggestively. She raised her right boot, pointing her toes. “I'm waiting!” In her hands her wand twirled dangerously.
    Hermione swallowed hard and approached Ariadne. Kneeling down, her dusty bare feet tucked beneath her buttocks, she gingerly took Ariadne's booted foot in her hands, cradling it. She tried to ignore the sensation of her stomach turning, but she couldn't help letting it show and was glad that Ariadne wouldn't be able to see the look on her face.
    “Let me get you started,” Ariadne said and spoke an incantation. The laces of her boot untied themselves, the boot itself easing open. The witch smiled down at Hermione and then turned back to Luna's trapped foot. Hermione watched as Ariadne pressed her nose into the base of Luna toes and inhaled deeply. She looked away when Ariadne began to run her tongue along each of Luna's squirming toes.
    Hermione tried to steady her breathing as she focussed on the witch's legs, steeling herself for what she was about to do. Ariadne repulsed her, everything about her contained an element Bellatrix's cruelty and lunacy. The memory almost made Hermione leap back there and then, crying off the task she had set herself. But she didn't. She held herself firm. She looked and Ariadne's legs. Her boots. Her feet. Hermione's gaze didn't wander, fixing on Ariadne's booted foot for a moment longer before she felt ready.
    She eased Ariadne's right boot off. There was a high-pitched little moan from above in response and Ariadne flexed her toes, Hermione could see them move beneath the dark material of the stocking. She winced as she took hold of Ariadne's wriggling, stocking-clad foot. It was warm and slightly moist from the confines of the leather boot. Hermione had half expected to be overwhelmed by an unholy smell, but if she was to be honest it wasn't terrible. No more smelly than her own sweaty socks after a day at the Ministry. However the thought of what she had to do next though almost made her gag. With the very tips of her fingers she gripped the toe of Ariadne's stocking and began to pull.
    “Nah ah!” Ariadne said, tugging her foot away. “You're keen, but first I want you to smell them!”
    “What?” Hermione replied.
    “I said smell them! Smell my nasty, sweaty foot!”
    Hermione, her lips trembling, leant forward and sniffed gently at Ariadne's foot, trying not to actually inhale anything.
    “Properly girl!” said Ariadne and pressed her toes over Hermione's nose.
    “Now does that smell, Hmmm? Good? Do you like having my foot in your face?”
    Hermione said nothing, gritting her teeth and fighting to stay knelt at Ariadne's feet. Let Ariadne have her fun, swallow the pride, just get her wand, that's all that matters.
    She inhaled deeply, the sweet sweaty smell of Ariadne's socks filling her nostrils. Ariadne herself began to cackle, and raked her fingertips around Luna's bare foot in a little frenzy of malicious glee.
    “Yeah! Sniff it, girl! Get a good lungful!”
    She bent her foot back, pressing the sole into Hermione's face. Hermione shuddered slightly, her eyes closed and she continued to take exaggerated breaths. The arch of Ariadne's foot didn't smell quite as much as her toes, but it had the same sweaty aroma. After another few breaths and in an attempt to save herself from this particular indignity Hermione reached up and grasped Ariadne's socked foot, pressing her fingers into it, rubbing and massaging it.
    “Mmmm... that feels good,” Ariadne moaned, her body undulating in the air. “Let's try it without the stocking on, hmmm?”
    Hermione had been dreading this. Slowly she grasped the toe of Ariadne's stocking between her fingers and began to pull. It was a thigh length stocking and took several tugs before the top began to slide down Ariadne's calf. Finally Hermione pulled the stocking off entirely and looked down at Ariadne's bare foot. Several words leapt into Hermione's mind. 'Pudgy', 'sinewy', 'sallow-skinned', 'moist'. However despite Hermione's somewhat biased thoughts, Ariadne's feet were small and shapely. The worst someone could say about them is that they were merely pretty.
    The top of her foot was well defined, the skin stretched over subtle and rounded contours and ridges. The soles were soft and fleshy, her plump toes curling pleasantly; nails painted a deep burgundy.
    Ariadne smiled wickedly at Hermione and flexed her naked foot.
    “What do you think? Aren't they just the prettiest little feet you've ever seen?” Ariadne asked. Hermione didn't reply, and the other witch didn't seem to care as she went on.
    “Touch it! I want to feel your hands on my foot.”
    Hermione placed her hands on Ariadne's bare foot, feeling the warm, slightly sweaty flesh under her fingertips. Gently she began to massage the foot again.
    “Hmmm. That's so much better. You're hands are so soft,” Ariadne said as the other witch continued to gently knead the flesh of her foot. Hermione pressed her fingers between each of Ariadne's toes, fanning them. When she began to pull on each of the toes Ariadne let out a little,delighted gasp.
    “Now you lips... I want you to kiss my foot!
    Hermione hesitated a moment too long as she readied herself.
    “Kiss my foot, girl!” Ariadne yelled and Hermione immediately leant in and pecked a kiss on the top of Ariadne's foot.
    In response Ariadne very deliberately took her wand from between the folds in her dress. She pointed it at Hermione, her eyes suddenly dark.
    “Now do it again!”
    Pushing out her little pink tongue Hermione ran it from the tops of Ariadne's toes all the way up to her ankle. The threat of the wand was too great for inhibitions now. She ended with a wet kiss on the very top of Ariadne's arch.
    “That was better,” Ariadne said, once again distractedly running her fingers along Luna's sole. “Now you're getting the hang of it.”
    Hermione did it again, running her tongue over Ariadne's smooth skin. Then she changed position to run her tongue across Ariadne's toes, running from the largest to the smallest.
    Ariadne giggled contentedly, gasping and fanning her toes. Hermione daintily flicked her tongue over the tips of each of Ariadne's toes. Then Ariadne bent her foot back, drawing the sole taught in front of Hermione's face. Hermione buried her face into the soft sole to hide the grimace she wore. She licked Ariadne's sole, up and down, the pink flesh of her tongue bumping over the little ridges of skin on Ariadne's foot. She pressed her lips into the ball of Ariadne's foot, licking and mouthing the bare skin.
    She tried to catch a glimpse of where Ariadne kept her wand as she worked her mouth around the foot. She almost jumped when Ariadne spoke next.
    “Look at me!” the witch demanded.
    Hermione raised her head, looking up into Ariadne's eyes. Ariadne herself grinned down.
    “Open your mouth,” she said.
    Hermione complied, letting her jaw hang open, her eyes flicking to Ariadne's wand. With slow, languid movements, Ariadne raised and tilted her foot and placed her plump big toe in Hermione's mouth.
    “Now suck it!” Ariadne ordered.
    Hermione clamped her lips around Ariadne's toe and sucked. Ariadne gasped happily, and made little circles with her foot, watching Hermione's bowed head move along with it. A little thrill went through her as she watched the Hermione Granger sucking on her toes. Ariadne tilted her head back and began to mouth Luna's exposed sole, holding it still with both hands so she could run her tongue along it over and over again.
    Hermione meanwhile had retreated to another place in her mind and let her mouth work automatically. Her lips pressed around Ariadne's toes she flicked her tongue across the smooth, rounded tips of each, feeling the contrast of the the nail to the soft flesh below. Then she took long, smacking drags on each toe, working her lips as she did so. She felt Ariadne flex her toes as she pressed her pink tongue between each.
    “Now the other one,” Ariadne mumbled, her own mouth full of Luna's long, slender toes.
    Hermione let Ariadne's right foot dangle and began to undo the laces of Ariadne's remaining boot. Almost immediately Ariadne shouted down again.
    “I didn't say you could stop what you were doing” she scolded. To emphasise her point, she twirled her right foot at Hermione's head, tapping her toes against the other witch's face. With eyes as threatening as thunder clouds Hermione clamped her pink lips around Ariadne's big toe again and sucked, swirling her tongue around and around. Above Ariadne moaned and twirled her foot in the air making Hermione twist her head in an attempt to keep her lips around Ariadne's foot. As Ariadne's big toe escaped Hermione's lips she clamped her mouth around whichever of the toes were within reach. Licking and slurping, she eventually left all Ariadne's toes moist with saliva. All the while she worked on Ariadne's boot laces. Pulling the boot open she dragged it away from Ariadne's foot.
    With one last drag on Ariadne's toes Hermione sat back on her haunches. Gently she placed a hand beneath each of Ariadne's feet, one bare, wet with her saliva, the other still attired in a dark stocking. Ariadne peered down from where she floated, eyebrows raised, ready to prod Hermione into action if necessary.
    Taking Ariadne's stockinged foot in her hands, Hermione began to massage it, working her thumbs into the fleshy ball of the foot, moving the thin material over Ariadne's smooth skin. At the same time she leant forward and took Ariadne's plump second and third toes in her mouth, licking and sucking on them. From above Ariadne gave a throaty groan as Hermione's mouth worked over her bare toes.
    “Mmmmm,” Ariadne smiled. As if galvanised by the sensation mixed sensations she pressed Luna's foot between her hands, wrinkling the skin of the young witch's sole. Extending her tongue she flicked it back and forth, up and down the bare sole of Luna's long foot.
    With Ariadne contentedly distracted Hermione looked up, still working her mouth and hands over and around Ariadne's feet. She spotted Ariadne's wand, tucked into a little cloth pocket of her dress. It was so close!
    Hermione was so intent on the wand that her concentration wavered elsewhere. Her grip slipped and her fingers ran over Ariadne's taught, stocking-covered sole making the witch squeal with laughter.
    “Don't tickle, girl!” said Ariadne, her stare icy. “I won't tell you again!” She seemed utterly serious. It seemed, Hermione thought, that Ariadne couldn't take her own medicine. It may be useful information, but right now she didn't need to provoke the unstable witch. She needed Ariadne to be distracted so she could get the wand!
    In appeasement Hermione opened her mouth and ran her soft lips over Ariadne's toes, occasionally letting her tongue touch the smooth, bare skin. She switched her grip, placing a hand beneath each of Ariadne's feet, working her fingers into Ariadne's soles, rubbing and massaging stockinged foot and bare flesh simultaneously. All the while she kept switching her gaze between Ariadne and her wand.
    Seemingly placated Ariadne had turned her attention back to Luna's trapped foot, scratching her fingers over the tender skin of her arch, making the foot jump and twist. After a few moments she was totally absorbed in tormenting poor Luna's foot once again.
    Hermione, Ariadne's toes still in her mouth, decided this was her chance. As she prepared to lunge she shifted her grip on Ariadne's feet. However in her agitated state she wasn't careful enough and her fingers brushed down Ariadne's arches again.
    “Ah!” Ariadne shrieked again and glared down at Hermione. Kicking out she pushed Hermione away so she tumbled backwards. “I warned you!” Ariadne said. “Let's see how you like it...
    With a yell she fired off a tickle charm. It struck Hermione's bare feet square and true. Hermione immediately began to tremble with laugher as she felt the all too familiar tickle charms dance magical energy over her feet. Her soles, grey with dust from the floor, wrinkled as she flexed her toes involuntarily, trying to ease the tingling sensation of the tickle charms.. It clouded her mind, stopped her thinking sensibly. She knew the longer it went on the less likely she was going to be able to try and complete her plan. She had to make Ariadne drop her wand quickly! However even now as she tried to crawl over towards Ariadne's suspended feet her arms buckled as a fresh wave of tingling sensation shot through her body. Sprawled on the floor she felt the tickling charms go to work between her toes, teasing the tender flesh. Her feet flexed and jerked as Ariadne's charms did their worst, and Hermione began to sputter with laughter.
    “Music to my ears! Let's have a listen, see who's squealing the loudest, shall we?” said Ariadne and flicked her wrist. The silencing charm she'd cast on Ginny was dispelled and the other witch's hysterical giggles were added to the sound of Hermione's laughter.
    Blearily, Hermione raised her head, choking back the laughter, trying to ignore the feeling of her feet being magically tickled. Seizing Ariadne's momentary distraction and still snorting with laughter she lunged forward taking the other witch's feet in one hand and clamped them both into her armpit. They rubbed together, skin scratching against stocking as they flexed and rubbed. Immediately Hermione brought her free hand up to Ariadne's helpless feet and began to rake her fingers around the defenceless soles.
    “No! NO! NO!” Ariadne wailed, flailing wildly, cackling hysterically. Her laughter alternated in pitch as Hermione tickled her bare foot and then her stocking clad sole in turn. Each was unbearable in its own unique way.
    Meanwhile tears welled in Hermione's eyes as the tickling charms kept up their relentless ticklish attack, fluttering around her own feet even as she rubbed her fingers around Ariadne's soles. She found herself copying what the charms were doing to her own feet, her fingers stroking the hollow of Ariadne's bare arch , fluttering over her toes and then sliding back down to scratch at her stocking-covered sole. The three witches were all squealing and yelping in a cacophony of laughter.
    A jinx hit the floor nearby, but Hermione didn't stop the ticklish punishment, and kept her fingers flicking over Ariadne's feet, feeling them flex and twist in her grip. Her tickling was probably the only thing stopping Ariadne shooting straight, she had to keep it up. She redoubled her efforts, working her fingers into Ariadne's pale sole, attacking the soft, supple arch again, her fingers slipping on her own saliva.
    Hermione quickly found though it was the the left sole, the material of the stocking seeming to exacerbate the sensation, that was more sensitive to her tickling, and thrashed around even more as her fingers brushed the wrinkling skin and clenching toes. Ariadne howled with laughter, shaking her head, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her legs trembled, her feet wiggling back and forth, trying to escape Hermione's dancing fingers. However Hermione too was becoming frantic as her own soles were tickled and teased, Ariadne's charms finding every last tender spot on her feet. She vented her frustration on Ariadne, energetically raking away at the stocking, pushing the material back and forth over smooth, tender skin. Ariadne became even more shrill as Hermione began to wriggle her fingers beneath her writhing toes, fingertips pressed into the tender skin as Ariadne's toes clenched and fanned. When her bare foot twisted to try and cover the other one, Hermione quickly switched and began to run her fingers up and down her exposed arch. No matter how she twisted her feet Hermione found an unbearably ticklish spot.
    Taking aim at Hermione's back, Ariadne tried to cast another jinx, but her whole body shook uncontrollably as Hermione kept up her tickling. Her arm twitched and her aimed faltered.
    “Stop it!” Ariadne wailed as she shuddered with laughter. “Stop it STOP IT!” She threw her head back as Hermione kept up her ticklish attack on her feet. She tried to squirm her legs free, but Hermione's desperate grip was too strong. Ariadne, still floating in midair, had nothing to brace herself against, nothing to use to lever her legs away. They were trapped and Hermione was merciless, running her fingertips over her helpless soles again and again. Ariadne wailed in frustration and tried another desperate spell. She swept an unsteady hand wide...
    There was a clatter of wooden on stone. Hermione turned, blinking tears from her eyes. There was Ariadne's wand lying on the floor. Gritting her teeth to stifle laughter Hermione released Ariadne's feet and lunged at the wand. Still under the influence of the levitation charm Ariadne looked down and watched what happened next, totally unable to do anything about it.
    “NO!” she snarled. In frustration she grabbed Luna's foot and raked her fingers across its sole, back and forth with blistering speed. The lithe toes, squirmed, Luna's foot twisting and jumping, trying to escape Ariadne's furious tickling.
    “Stupefy!” Hermione screamed, firing off the spell from where she was crouched on the floor. The wand seemed to resist the unfamiliar command of another witch, but even so Ariadne was struck by the spell with such force she plummeted out of the air and tumbled back, head over heels.
    Succumbing to a brief fit of giggles Hermione raised her aim to the roof, and quickly cast a general counter-spell, hoping it would work on the unknown charm that held Luna's leg in place.
    “Finite!” she said. A moment later, with a wiggle, Luna's bare foot disappeared back into the ceiling.
    Next she pointed the wand at her own feet.
    “Finite!” she tried again. The tickling charm kept up its work on her feet creeping from her heels, along her soles and traced winding paths between her toes. Laughing aloud she toppled to the floor, trying to think of any way she could counter the spell. Her shoulder's shook as the tingling continued. She clenched her little pink toes, but it didn't help. Then it hit her!
    “Torpeo!” she yelled. The numbing spell worked and she lost all feeling in her legs below the knee. She was free of the tickling charms at last. She sighed gratefully and wiped her eyes, leaning back on her elbows.
    “Hermione! Over... over here!” Ginny managed, gasping for air between giggles. The wall that encased her calves was shimmering and disappearing. Slowly Quentin became visible. He was hovering over Ginny's naked feet, holding the toes of her letf foot in one hand and a strange little creature in the other. It's mouth was a wide, thick-lipped, toothless sucker that puckered and drooled. Two fluffy enchanted feathers floated in the air behind Ginny's other foot, swirling around her helpless bare sole.
    Quentin spotted Hermione, a look of surprise spreading over his red-flushed face. Releasing Ginny's foot he started trying to get up rather awkwardly, seeming to have trouble standing up straight. Hermione didn't hesitate to fire off more spells from where she lay. The first jinx hit Quentin square in the throat. He cried out and toppled backwards, the collar that had girded his neck falling away and clanking to the floor. The other made the magical feathers disappear in a puff of dust.
    “Thank you,” Ginny breathed. “Thank you.” She turned her head and smiled at Hermione. Hermione smiled back.
    A moment later Ariadne was on top of her, grasping at her stolen wand.
    “You little cow!” Ariadne growled, the words slurred, the jinx's effects still in evidence. She clumsily tried to take hold of Hermione's wrist.
    “Hermione... Hermione!” Ginny screamed. She stopped as a a shadow fell over her face.
    Quentin knealt over her. He was smiling, his neck pink and raw from where the collar had rubbed.
    “Got to go, honey-toes! There was a lot more I had in store for you, but needs must, eh?” he said with a wink. Then he morphed into his cat form and was gone.
    The other two witches continued to struggle. Ariadne, still groggy from Hermione's spell, was kept at bay despite Hermione 's numb legs. They tussled and rolled on the floor, Hermione keeping her arms and the wand stretched above her head, trying to stop Ariadne reaching it.
    As they came to a halt Ariadne ended up straddling Hermione's hips. She looked down furiously at the young witch who stared defiantly back. Baring her teeth in an expression that was halfway between a snarl and a smile Ariadne dug her fingers into Hermione's sides, rubbing and scratching them around in a frenzy of tickling. Hermione barked with laughter, her body shuddering. Despite Ariadne's tickling she kept hold on the wand. However the struggles made her jumper and shirt begin to ride up her body. Slowly her flat, pink belly was bared. Ariadne grinned and immediately moved her hands lower, grabbing a handful of jumper and t-shirt. She then proceeded to yank it further up Hermione's body, up and over her breasts, exposing her bra. Hermione was too stunned to react as Ariadne's fingers curled into claws and began tickling Hermione's bare midriff, wriggling fingers roving over luscious, soft skin.
    “No! Stop. Stop!” Hermione screamed, her arms involuntarily snapping down to protect her vulnerable body. Ariadne's eyes focussed on her wand. Still tickling with one hand she reached out and grasped Hermione's wrist.
    “No! No!” Hermione said again, and jerked sideways. The wand skittered across the floor. Ariadne followed it, lurching sideways, but her grip was too clumsy and the wand rolled further away. She was readying herself to crawl after it when a weight fell across her calves and stopped her dead. Hermione put all her weight onto Ariadne's legs and then attacked the witch's feet again, tickling the trapped soles, concentrating on the foot that still wore the stocking.
    Ariadne screeched and giggled, and began trying to drag herself along the floor. Hermione's weight made the going slow and she collapsed after a a moment as laughter overcame her.
    Hermione, switching briefly to brushing her fingers over Ariadne's bare sole, was trying to think fast. Tickling Ariadne's feet was buying her time, but she had to act fast. Pitching sideways, her numb legs flailing, she rolled up and over Ariadne's body, snatching the wand up. Ariadne leapt after her with a snarl and the two witches began to tussle again.
    With a particularly powerful lunge, the pair tumbled over towards Ginny. The red-headed witch watched helplessly, her body still held firm by the various charms that had been cast on her. She could only look on as Araidne started to drag herself up Hermione's body. She didn't bother trying to tickle Hermione this time. Reaching out, her fingers wrapped themselves around her wand. Hermione, in a last desperate attempt to salvage the situation wedged her fingers into the other Ariadne's armpit, wiggling her fingers against Ariadne's sensitive skin. Ariadne yelled with laughter and curled her body up, trying to pin Hermione's hand and stop the ticklish attack. Hermioene kept at it though, her fingers working their way into Ariadne's bodice, raking at her bare skin. Ariadne however rolled away, out of Hermione's reach. The wand stayed in her hand, ripped from Hermione's grasp.
    Ariadne knelt and stared at the wand in her wand. Then she swivelled her head drunkenly back towards Hermione, trying to focus on her.
    “You shouldn't have done that...” she said. “I'm going to make you so sorry. Your feet are in for it now!” She smiled lopsidedly.
    A bolt of magic shot across the chamber and bowled Ariadne over. She came to rest against the chamber wall. Her eyes fought a losing battle to stay open and her head lolled groggily. Her limbs twitched, her pale foot jerking back and forth against her stocking clad leg. Then she went still, definitely unconscious this time.
    Ginny and Hermione turned to look in the direction that the spell had come from. There stood Luna in the entrance to the chamber, her face flushed, her chest rising and falling as she for breath. Her pale toes peeked out from beneath her trouser cuff. She still had her wand raised but was smiling in her familiar faraway manner.
    “Hi, guys. Looks like I'm just in time after all.”
    Hermione smiled and nodded. Ginny however spoke up urgently.
    “Quentin wasn't knocked out either! He's around here somewhere.”
    “I'll find him,” said Luna starting into the chamber. As she walked the odd beat of her footsteps echoed around the dungeon. The clump of her boot interspersed with the fleshy slap of her bare foot.
    “Be careful Luna. He's an animagus! He can change into a cat,” Ginny called after her.
    “I will,” Luna chimed, and cast a Lumos charm before darting off into the shadows.
    The two witches lay in silence for a short while before Hermione eventually spoke up.
    “How're you feeling?” she asked Ginny.
    “I'm fine,” she said, working moisture back into her dry mouth. “Well done, Hermione.”
    Ginny shifted uncomfortably.
    “Could you try and work out how to unlock my legs. This isn't very comfy,” she said.
    “Sure,” Hermione replied. She didn't want to undo her Torpeo spell yet. She still didn't know how to undo Ariadne's tickle charms. So, dragging her numb legs, she inched her way towards the alcove to free her friend's feet.
    As she did so she couldn't help but notice what Quentin had left behind in there. Most of the contents of his bag lay in disarray on the alcove's floor. Brushes of various shapes and sizes, a selection of feathers, something that looked like a miniature mop, bottles and jars of lotions and oils. There were numerous other items scattered about that Hermione either didn't recognise or didn't want to inspect too closely. The little creature she had seen him holding had squelched off somewhere leaving a sticky trail in its wake.
    As she raised her wand to try a counter charm she looked at Ginny's suspended feet properly for the first time.
    “Oh...” she said wrinkling her nose. “Ew...”
    “What's wrong?” said Ginny trying to sit up.
    “You were right; about what Quentin was doing with your feet in there,” she said grimacing over her shoulder. “You probably don't want to know...”

    The three witches stood together in the centre of the chamber. It had taken them all some time to fully counter all the various charms and jinxes that had been cast, clean themselves up and recover their lost footwear. Even Luna's ruined boot had been repaired after a fashion, though Ginny had been unable to find her socks. She was slightly distracted though and had to be gently persuaded by her two friends to stop casting Tergeo and Scourgify on her feet over and over again.
    Now they were wondering what exactly to do with the unconscious Ariande.
    “We could take her with us,” Luna suggested
    “You want to carry her?” Ginny replied.
    “All right... Someone could stay with her,” Hermione put in.
    “Are you going to volunteer?” asked Ginny.
    “What do you suggest, then?” Hermione replied testily.
    Ginny looked at Ariadne's feet and then slid her gaze over to the chair she had been strapped into. She knew what she wanted to suggest...
    “Well at least I can set these Dwarf Lickulangulars free,” said Luna picking up and cradling one of the tongue-boxes. “They're rare you know, and shouldn't be kept in these little cages.” One of the tongues squirmed out and licked Luna's chin. She smiled, not seeming to mind. Ginny grimaced feeling her stomach churn.
    “Do you know what that thing is?” she asked.
    “Not exactly,” Luna said. “One school of thought is that this is part of a creature from another plane of existence, protruding into our world. Others think they're self-contained little creatures in their own right. I personally favour the latter myself.”
    “So you're just going to let them out into the woods?” Ginny asked. She would have nightmares knowing things like those were loose in the world.
    “Oh no,” Luna assured her. “I'll need to get some special handling equipment to remove them. They'll have to stay here until we can come back. I'll make sure they go somewhere safe, though.”
    Ginny turned away, knowing Luna would not ne enamoured with what she wanted to say should be done with the things. She didn't want to see one ever again.
    “Okay, how's this?” Hermione explained. “We can put a locking charm on the door, stop most people getting in, stop her getting out without her wand. We get on the floo network and get the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol down here as soon as possible.”
    “What if Quentin comes back,” Luna asked.
    “I don't think he will,” said Ginny, omitting exactly why she thought this. “Besides speaking for myself I don't want to stay down here for another moment.”
    The others agreed.
    “So we're just going to leave her like this?” Luna asked. “She might find a way out.”
    As one they looked from the unconscious Ariadne to the chair...

    Ariadne awoke suddenly. She was still in the dungeon but to her frustration she found she was strapped into her own chair, the very one she had acquired especially for Ginny Potter. She was still wearing one stocking, her right leg and foot bare. They were suspended high in the air, soles facing out into the empty dungeon. She glared around her, assessing her situation.
    “Is anyone there!” she shouted. Her voice echoed about the chamber. When no answer came back she began to thrash around in the chair, fighting her restraints. After a few moments she sighed and let her head flop back onto the headrest. She flexed her feet and fanned her toes distractedly as she wondered what to do. She remained like this until a voice interrupted her thoughts.
    “Hello, Ariadne.”
    The witch turned her head around to look over her shoulder. Quentin was standing there, smiling down at her.
    “How are we?” he asked, standing beside the chair.
    “Quent! Thanks goodness. Quickly! Get me out of here. The little wretches have left me here and are probably going to get the Law.”
    “There's plenty of time before those jokers get here,” Quentin replied serenely. “I've got got plenty of time to disappear. Especially as they'll be busy taking you into custody.”
    “You wouldn't leave me to the Ministry would you?” Ariadne asked, shocked.
    Quentin nodded gravely.
    “You betrayed my trust, Ariadne,” he explained. “Put that damn collar on me...”
    As he spoke he walked down towards her feet, running his fingers along Ariadne's body. Starting at her shoulder his fingers followed the curve of her breast, over her belly and around her hips. Her fierce gaze never left him.
    “Quent?” she snapped.
    He didn't reply. He let his fingers play through the folds of her dress and then they touched upon her bare knee. Slowly her dragged his fingers down her shin and over her ankle, then along her instep. Finally hooking his fingers beneath Ariadne's right sole he twirled his fingertips against her soft skin very briefly.
    Ariadne screamed with laughter.
    “No! Quent, please!” she said. “Don't do that. Look I'm sorry about the collar and everything. I just wanted you to hang around a bit longer. You were going to up and leave again, weren't you?”
    Quentin remained silent. He flexed his fingers and fluttered them over Ariadne's stockinged sole, tickling her trapped foot for a few moments. Ariadne yelped and giggled again.
    “Stop it! NO! Look! Look, Quent! I've apologised. You're free. We're even. Get me out and we'll disappear. It'll be like old times!”
    Ariadne's pleading seemed to have little effect on Quentin and his expression remained unchanged. He merely flicked his wand. There was a metallic click. Ariadne looked down at the chair's footrests. The lids of the reinstated tongue boxes had snapped aside. The tendrils of pink flesh were already beginning to snake out.
    “Quentin!” she said sternly. “I apologised. You certainly know how to scare a girl but now stop this silly game.”
    Quentin however was ignoring her. He took hold of the toe of her one remaining stocking and ripped it open, pulling the material back over her ankle. She flexed her newly bared toes. Quentin took one look and them began walking towards the chamber's exit.
    “QUENTIN!” Ariadne yelled, any composure she had was now slipping away. As he went Quentin flicked his wand again from over his shoulder without looking back. The gears of the chair began to turn. The section her legs were attached to began to pivot downwards, her feet juddering in the air before descending.
    “Oh... No!” she said starting to struggle again. “No! No! NO!”
    Her feet crept ever further downwards. They twisted and turned in the air as she fought to escape, toes spreading and clenching.
    Below the tongues were twitching and flicking, squirming upwards, reaching for her pale naked soles.
    As her soles got ever nearer to the tongues, Ariadne stopped struggling. She watched her feet descend the last few inches with wide-eyed resignation. The tongues shot upwards lapping at her helpless feet leaving slick trails of moisture along each sole.
    “Nooooooo!” Ariadne wailed and started to howl with laughter as the tongues began to work their pink flesh into her soles, slapping onto her insteps, curling around her toes.
    “Goodbye, Ariande,” Quentin said quietly. Closing the door to the chamber behind him he cast one of his own very complex locking charms upon it. When the Law Enforcement Wizards eventually arrived it should take them a good long while to get access to the chamber.
    Quentin pressed his ear to the door. Though muffled by the thick wooden door he could clearly hear Ariadne's frantic squeals of laughter. He smiled wickedly to himself.
    Turning away he strolled down the shadowy corridor and began to whistle a little tune. He had paces to go and people to see, but he wasn't in any hurry. Not right now.
    Walking along he put his hands into the pockets of his jacket, his fingers wrapping around a pair of dark green quidditch socks...

    The End

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    I only have two words: MORE PLEASE!!

    Finally, a part of the Potter universe that I can enjoy!

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    Thank you both. Comments, as always, much appreciated.
    As for more: you may have spotted the not-so-subtle hints throughout the text that I have some other story ideas. They are forthcoming, but for now I need a bit of a break from Potter based fiction.

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    very good!

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    Can you do a series for Hinata from Naruto?

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