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    Erin Tickled By Her Husband's Boss (M/F all over)

    Erin and her husband were getting ready for a fun weekend. They were going to a pool party Saturday at the house of Erin’s husband’s boss. Erin would meet his boss for the first time and could be a good chance for them to get in good with the boss. Erin’s husband was a good worker and had respect but maybe things could move forward toward a promotion after the pool party on Saturday. Erin had been preparing her swimsuit body all week continuing her grueling exercises, getting unwanted hair waxed away, haircut, tanning at her parents pool and of course a manicure and very very ticklish pedicure.

    Erin had a stressful week at the hospital as an emergency nurse and was looking forward to unwind with some fun and drinks. However, maybe the best stress reliever for Erin was when she was tickled mercilessly in the middle of nowhere while her husband could do nothing but watch. Erin found the tickling somewhat torturous yet pleasurable at times but it definitely made her feel good mentally and physically days and even weeks later. Erin didn’t return to that house and hadn’t been really strapped down and tickled hard since then. Her husband playfully tickles her from time and time and they are still very physical, affectionate and loving. However, Erin wondered to herself what would happen next time she was really tickled long and good. Erin’s husband thought the same thing. He replayed the images and events in his head of those strangers tickling his wife and watching her laugh and react wildly.

    Erin and her husband prepared to attend the pool party. Erin wore her new red bikini to match her newly manicured toes which revealed a lot of cleavage and the bottoms were cut short and tight leaving little to the imagination. They arrived and Erin met his boss and his wife and mingled with the other employees. It was just like any other party. Then Erin took it over when she took off her sandals and swimsuit cover up showing off her new bikini. Erin felt the eyes on her throughout the day whether she was sunbathing or swimming in the pool with her husband so she put that body to work. She took her time rubbing lotion on her body arching her back and raising her arms to apply it to her upperbody. She put it on one leg at a time stretching her leg straight up and definitely teased with her pretty feet. She would kick them up, wiggle her toes, flex her soles and also repeatedly touched her husband with her feet throughout the day.

    Erin wasn’t playing to anybody in particular but was just having fun at the party especially with her husband. It was a hot day so the glasses of wine that Erin had on this day were more effective. Erin heard the boss’s wife saying something about needing to get more plates and napkins and Erin volunteered to get them. Erin was trying to make a good impression but was also kind of drunk. The boss’s wife didn’t seem to notice and told Erin where they were in the laundry room closet on the top shelf. Erin got in the house and stumbled around a little bit. She was still slightly wet from being in the pool but enough to ruin the house. Erin found the plates and napkins but they were really high up and almost in a secluded part of the house. She thought to herself “you got be kidding me” since they were so high and she was so short. Erin tried for several seconds to reach them standing on her tippie toes but to no avail. She would try one more time stretching her arms as far up as possible when suddenly something happened.

    A large man with a booming voice said “what are you doing young lady,” and tickled her outstretched armpits causing her to giggle and lower her arms and fall back into his body. Erin looked behind her and up and it was her husband’s boss. He teased her saying “are you supposed to be in here” and wiggled his index fingers in her armpits since Erin had inadvertently trapped them after she pulled them down. Erin giggled and squealed louder now trying to get away saying “I can’t reach the plates” barely getting it out as she laughed. The boss offered to help by lifting her up to get it and she agreed. He lifted her up by underarms and as she was about to grab them Erin felt him tickling her armpits again. Erin laughed louder this time falling into his body again saying “I can’t get it because you keep tickling my armpits,” once again giggling the whole time trying to say that. He offered to lift her up again and promised he wouldn’t tickle her armpits this time.

    So he grabbed her around her hips and waist with Erin giggling softly before he lifted her up. As she grabbed the paper plates and napkins the boss started squeezing and tickling her sides causing her to drop them all over the place. She was laughing again saying “hey you said you wouldn’t tickle me again,” but he replied saying that he wouldn’t tickle her armpits. He then teasingly said “look at the mess you made, are you going to clean it up?” and proceeded to wraps his arms around her pinning her arms at her sides and lifting her up slightly. But he still had room to tickle her ribs and sides. And he tickled the helpless girl. Erin was laughing real loud now since she couldn’t move or get away. The boss kept asking if she would clean it up and she tried to answer yes but she was laughing too much. Eventually she breathlessly yelled yes. But then he said “you just answered yes for me to keep tickling you.” Then he held her with his left hand under the backs of her knees and legs with his right hand holding her up by her back and sides.

    He was then tickling the backs of her legs and knees with one hand and her sides and ribs with the other hand. Erin was giggling nonstop now but not trying to get away as he held her in the air tickling her for several consecutive seconds now. The boss then said “ok I will stop if you and your husband have me over for dinner tomorrow.” Erin said ok ok as she giggled trying to catch her breath. The boss told Erin that her husband was trying to get him over for dinner a few times and that he could do it tomorrow. He told the helpless giggling 28-year-old that his employee’s charming wife made this dinner a priority and squeezed her ticklish spots a few more times causing more laughter and giggles. Erin’s husband just then entered the room seeing his giggling wife being held in the air by his boss. He asked “where are the plates and napkins” and the boss jokingly replied by saying that he better take his wife since she caused a big mess in there tickling her a little bit more before he handed her off to her husband.

    The three stayed in the room long enough for Erin to tell her husband that his boss was coming over for dinner tomorrow all this time holding her in the same way his boss was a few moments ago. The boss was picking up the mess and the three of them seemed happy and planned out the details. Erin’s husband said “well we better go soon and pick up stuff for tomorrow.” The boss and husband said goodbye and he started carrying his wife out of the room. He had to turn her so her head would go out first so she could fit through the door as he carried her. This means her bare feet swung toward the direction of the boss. He grabbed each foot with his of hands and said “nice to meet you and see you tomorrow honey,” shaking her feet as if he was shaking her hand. The boss also gave her a couple little ticklish scratches and scribbles on her feet as he let them go. Erin yelped and giggled and looked him the eye and said “bye” in a long and flirty way while wigging her feet and toes at him as if she was waving goodbye.


    Erin and her husband spent most of Sunday getting the dinner ready for his boss. He knew his boss was a bit of a womanizer and clearly was charmed by his attractive and ticklish wife. He also knew his wife couldn’t make it tonight and it would just be the three of them so he wasn’t sure what to expect. Erin was making dinner all day and they were going to open their best bottles of wine. Erin put on a short and sexy strapless black dress along with her tallest heels. The boss arrived on time and Erin could hear him speaking with her husband as she finished getting ready. She walked down the stairs and greeted her guest. He commented on how good Erin looked and gave her a kiss hello on her neck sending shivers throughout her body. She hid it pretty well but the boss noticed the goosebumps on her sexy legs after that.

    The three sat down for dinner and it went very well. They talked a little about business but more about personal and fun things. Erin was hoping that this dinner would put her husband over the top for a raise or a promotion or something and she did her best to make it happen. They nearly finished two bottles of wine together and it only took a couple glasses to go through Erin’s tiny body to start making her feel good. She was joining in the conversation more and more and it was really turning into an enjoyable evening. They had eaten and been talking for a couple hours as it was about 8pm at this point. Erin decided it was time to start collecting the dishes and the two men sat in the living room on different couches to continue talking. Eventually the boss told Erin to forget about the dishes and come sit by him and rejoin the conversation.

    Erin walked over heels clicking loudly on the hardwood floor and she sat down. The boss commented on how uncomfortable those heels looked and asked her to rest her feet on his lap. She was on the bigger couch with the boss so she was able to lay right across and put her feet right on his lap. Erin’s husband anxiously awaited to see what would happen. The boss turned to him and said “you better be massaging these feet of hers” which made Erin and her husband both laugh. Her husband replied “oh she gets treated very well by me” but then Erin said in a pouty voice “you haven’t massaged me in weeks” giving him a sad puppy dog face. The boss then claimed he gave the best foot massages and turned back to Erin saying “I’ll be glad to help you out darling.” He popped both shoes off revealing her sexy bare feet. Erin’s husband had a great view of her soles as she wiggled her toes after her shoes were removed.

    The boss started to rub and caress her bare feet with his chubby hands and fingers. Erin commented that it felt good and the boss replied “you deserve this honey after making such a wonderful dinner.” He pressed hard in the arches and balls of her feet making Erin smile and exhale in satisfaction. The boss and her husband continued their small talk while he rubbed his wife‘s feet. Erin’s husband tried his best to not be distracted but did notice that his wife was enjoying it. He then started rubbing her toes one at a time with this thumb and index finger while using his other hand to work the rest of her foot. Erin’s grin was getting bigger making the husband wonder if it was starting to tickle. Erin started flexing and scrunching her toes saying “stop playing this little piggy with my toes” while letting out a loud giggle. The boss replied saying “I am just trying to pamper you which makes you a liar....and you know what liars get?” While saying that he trapped her ankles in between his legs so she couldn’t move them. Erin grabbed the pillow tightly squealing and saying “oh no what are you going to do?” Erin’s husband was on the edge of his seat. The boss replied, “I am just going to give them an even better massage.”

    But it was no massage. He dug into her feet with all ten fingers frantically tickling her bare feet. Erin laughed immediately trying to kick away as she giggled her head off. Erin could barely speak this out but said “hey you’re tickling me” and continued to laugh away. The laughter continued to escalate and get louder as he would not stop. The boss leaned closer to Erin’s husband raising his voice “I guess we will have to talk louder now” as he continued to assault his wife’s trapped ticklish feet. He then held her toes back with one hand and tickled her stretched bare feet with his other hand. His hands were so big and her feet were so small which made this an easy task. Erin tried to throw a pillow at him but missed and was starting to submit by struggling less and just laughing away from his tickling fingers. She couldn’t get any words out just laughter but the boss kept teasing her saying things like “I think she enjoys the massage” and “what is so funny?” Erin was a helpless giggling girl now and finally felt his fluttering fingers stop attacking her ticklish soles. Erin was trying to catch her breath and still giggling while hearing him say “sorry pretty lady but the massage is over.” Erin was still giggling and gasping for air and said “you can’t tickle my feet like that, I am just way too ticklish.” The boss again teasingly said “I wasn’t tickling you, I will show you the tickle test.” And he pulled her legs down so her knees and thighs were on his lap with her feet just hanging over the edge of the couch.

    The boss challenged her asking that she try not to laugh and said if she laughs then she has to do the dishes but if not then her husband has to do them. Erin finally halted her giggling from the ticklish sensations on her feet but still had a big smile as he started lowering his hands making pinching movements toward her legs. Erin put a pillow over her face to help keep her from laughing and she didn’t want to watch. Her face was red from all the laughing before and now trying to hold in laughter. He started slowly pinching her thighs just above her knees once at a time making Erin curl her toes tightly to subdue the ticklishness on her legs. She was waving her head back and forth with her hair flying about but still holding in her laughter. She squeezed the pillow tighter and he started to squeeze more and even went higher up her legs to where her dress stopped. She was about to lose it as the boss noticed a tear drop out of Erin’s eyes and her smile was really now ear to ear. Erin’s husband sneaked up to her bare feet on the edge of the couch planning to tickle her feet although he was pretending that he was going to start doing the dishes. As he walked by he gave her feet a quick tickle with his fingers while at the same time the boss put his hands slightly under her dress and started squeezing her upper thighs.

    Erin busted out in laughter almost screaming at this point letting the loud laughter spill out after holding it in for so long. Erin actually broke down from her husbands’ foot tickling although the boss thought it was from his upper thigh tickling since he did not see his employee tickle his own wife’s feet. The boss said “aw you ticklish baby, you should just leave the dishes for tomorrow” as he winded down and then stopped her thigh tickling. The boss then got up and started making his goodbye with Erin’s husband. She was still laying on the couch breathless with her face red from laughing and even crying a little bit. The boss and husband got near the front door about to finish saying goodbye and Erin walked to the front door to wish her goodbye to the boss. They embraced and he thanked her for the evening, dinner and hospitality but did throw in a quick pinch on her sides. Erin told her husband she would be upstairs taking a bath and made her way upstairs while her husband and boss stepped outside.

    As soon as they did, the boss got right down to business. He wanted his employee to pick up some money for him at the movie theater. It was already 9pm and he wanted to go to a 930 show and wait for the dropoff after the movie finished in the mens bathroom. It was $25,000 and the boss said if it all went well then he could keep the money for himself and his wife. He would explain everything to his guy and the dropoff should go smooth. Erin’s husband bewildered by this sudden bombshell of information had a million questions. The boss responded saying “consider it as an investment for our new business venture.” Erin’s husband wasn’t sure what that meant but the boss explained that he would need to give his wife a tryout while he was gone collecting the money and that he would be gone at midnight by the time he got back. The boss assured his employee that it was nothing sexual but needed to know something for sure. He also told his employee that he could watch everything when he got home. The husband knew what was going to happen. He was going to be gone for three hours while his boss tickle tortured his wife. He couldn’t put everything else together at the time but went on his boss’s word and willing to take 25K with no strings attached. He wondered if his boss planned this the whole time or just thought of it after tickling his wife’s feet earlier in the evening.

    The husband re-entered the house and ran upstairs to tell his wife he needed to take care of something at the office and would be gone for a couple hours and told her not to wake up. The boss and her husband both knew that she would be fast asleep soon after all the wine, the bath and the tiring tickling workout. He kissed his beautiful wife goodbye who was already naked in the tub. He opened the front door to leave and his boss was waiting with a big briefcase in hand. This made him think his boss planned this the whole time but still took him at his word. He quietly let his boss in and shut the door behind him leaving his extremely ticklish wife at his boss’s mercy.

    As he drove to the theater, he assured himself that nothing illegal would happen since he had evidence against him. He was looking forward to making 25K and secretly looking forward to get home and watch another strange man tickle his wife whether he saw it live or on video. The other part of him questioned this and even almost considered turning around. But he pressed on and was interested what the results would bring.


    Erin got out the tub after a little while and dried off. She rubbed lotion over naked body to ensure her skin’s beauty almost admiring herself in the mirror. She was really proud of how good she looked because she put a lot of work into eating right and exercising to get her body the way she wanted it. Erin had also pampered herself recently and quite frequently to look even better especially for this weekend. She put on her black thong that said “Hitched” on the front the she got for her bachelorette party. She then threw on her husbands old tshirt which was much too baggy for her but served great as a pajama shirt. These were usually the only two things she wore to bed especially over the summer. She laid in bed with the lights still on watching TV but did not take long for her to doze off. She noticed the clock said 9:45 just before she fell asleep not knowing that her husband wouldn’t be home for about two more hours. She also certainly didn’t know what would be happening to her between now and then.

    Erin suddenly awoke but soon went back to darkness as she caught a glimpse of a large man dressed in black putting a cover over her eyes. Before everything went dark, she noticed his face was mostly hidden but noticed that he had some facial hair. Erin tried to hit the strange man in her bed room but her arms barely moved and quickly realized she was tied to the bedposts. Then she tried to kick him but her feet barely moved since her feet were tied tightly to the bed posts too. Erin was in a spread eagle position and mostly immobile and couldn’t see what was going to happen. She felt the man’s hands touch her all over her body including going under her big shirt. The stranger then found a hole in the shirt and began to tear at it more and more before ripping clean off her body leaving her in just her Hitched underwear. He noticed her big breasts jiggle slightly as he ripped off the shirt and shook the bed slightly. Erin was now the one asking a million questions but soon started to realize that she may get tickled again. She wondered if it was her husband playing a game or maybe he got another strange man to tickle her while he watched again like last time. The boss had his disguise packed in the suitcase as well as the bonds which he prepared and hid under the bed while she was bathing. She was sleeping so hard that she didn’t even feel him tie her up.

    Erin soon realized who it was from the teasing voice that said “honey I am going to make you squeal until you tell me the truth.” Erin recognized his voice and could tell it was his hands from tickling her the past couple days. Now she was tied up with all her ticklish spots exposed. Convinced her husband had something to do with this, she replied “I’ll never talk.” The boss demanded that he wanted to know her most ticklish spot. But Erin responded that she was ticklish everywhere. So the boss said “ok well I guess I will just have to tickle you everywhere” and Erin felt the large man straddle her just under her breasts. Erin screamed “no wait I am the most ticklish on top of my head” frantically trying to buck him off and convince him. The boss replied that he was going with what she said first. Erin started giggling wondering where she was going to get tickled first. She was expecting her armpits because of the way he was straddling her so she was trying her best to pull her arms down. However, she felt something unexpected but still tickled like crazy.

    He started lightly grazing her nipples and poking around her breasts. Erin was trying to hold in her laughter but her nipples were erect and she was starting to get goosebumps. The boss said “just let it out pretty girl, it looks like you are too ticklish.” Just then Erin let it out and even spat on him a little bit as he started squeezing her breasts and nibbling on her nipples. The boss said “who do you work for?” and switched to tickling her bare armpits. He alternated between wigging all his fingers in her bare hallows and poking them with his fingers changing speeds throughout the armpit assault. Erin was laughing wildly trying to pull at her bonds but it only allowed limited movement. Erin couldn’t respond to that question he kept asking over and over since she was laughing so much and so loud. He was having so much fun already tickling her. She squealed over and over as he repeatedly said “kitchie kitchie koo” while ticking her bare and very exposed underarms.

    He slid down to straddle her more at her waist now and asked again. Erin giggling and catching her breath and said “I’ll never tell.” He said “you cute silly girl, that was a huge mistake” and started attacking her stomach with his wiggling fingers. Erin tried to buck away and suck in her stomach to drift away from his tickling fingers but to no avail. He had a tickling field day on her stomach. He squeezed her sides with both hands, he dug into each of her ribs, he kneaded her hips and lightly tickled her belly and belly button. Erin gave every ticklish reaction from giggling, silent laughing, screaming and even crying as the boss saw tears coming out of her blindfold. The boss was making his way down from tickling her ribs and stomach more down to her hips and inner thighs now. He kept squeezing away on her inner thighs and knees causing her to jerk her legs repeatedly since he showed no signs of stopping. He kept interrogating her but she kept laughing and couldn’t answer because she was almost out of breath at this point. He stopped and she felt him get off the bed. Erin was still laughing loud even after he stopped trying to catch her breath. Since she couldn’t see him she called out saying “I’m ready to talk” The boss said ok. But then Erin said teasingly “oh wait I changed my mind, you can tickle me all you want but I’ll never talk.” The boss then said “honey you will be sorry that you said that.”

    There was a longer break in the action now and Erin wondered what was going on. Suddenly she felt him sit at the foot of the bed. She knew what was coming so she started begging and pleading him not to tickle her feet. Erin cried I’ll tell you anything....but soon she trailed off with laughter as he started tickling her feet at the same time. Erin wailed in desperation which was now at its loudest since her feet were being tickled. Her body seemed more ticklish this time maybe since her nipples were stroked first making the rest of her body extra sensitive. She couldn’t think about it now and tried all she could to make these ticklish sensations decrease even a little bit. She kicked her ankles and scrunched her toes and soles the best she could. The boss noticed this so he decided to tickle one foot at a time.

    He put all his weight on her right leg and both hands on her feet. Erin begged for him to stop but he teased that he would never stop and began to tickle her right foot with all ten fingers. He had no trouble restricting her movement and had easy access to her bare feet. He tickled that right foot everywhere and all Erin could do was laugh. His hands were so big and her feet so small that he could pretty much tickle anywhere at the same time. He quickly switched sides while Erin was still giggling and trying to catch her breath and only could get out the word “no” before she felt the ticklish assault on her left foot now. She was starting to get tired and couldn’t move or put up a fight anymore. She was starting to submit to the tickling as the boss once again tickle her everywhere on her foot. The arch, ball, heel, instep and toes could all be tickled at the same time and Erin couldn’t stop laughing. She was in the middle of her longest round of silent laughter and the boss suddenly stopped fearing she would pass out. It took several minutes for her to stop laughing loudly and catch her breath. She barely gasped that she would talk as she felt him straddle her again. He asked her again. She played along saying that she worked for the CIA. But then the boss said “I thought you were a nurse at the hospital.” She was shocked by this and let his name slip for the first time.

    The boss took off his mask exposing his face and removed her blindfold and they made eye contact. The boss said “how did you know it was me?” And Erin teasingly replied still giggling and trying to catch her breath from the ruthless feet tickling “that she had her own sources.” The boss then told her that he would have to keep her from telling anybody and he started to put the blindfold back on. Erin tried turning her head to get away from that and happened to notice that it was 11. She had been tickled for about an hour now. The boss got the blindfold on and started teasing again. He said “that food was great, but it takes a lot to fill up a big man like me and I’m still hungry.” Erin giggled when she heard this and said “hungry for laughter.” The boss replied “I am hungry for dessert.”

    Erin then felt his scruff on the left side of her neck and was kissing and nibbling on that side. Erin squealed not expecting this but was too late to get away and could not get her neck away from him. She got goosebumps all over that side of her body. To make matters worse, he started tickling her armpits again causing her to laugh very loud again. He quickly switched to the other side producing goosebumps on her right side as he nubbed on her neck again with Erin feeling each little whisker increasing the ticklish sensation. She was yelping loudly trying to bite him or his wiggling fingers that were attacking her helpless bare ticklish pits. This continued for several minutes until he switched again. He continued tickling her underarms but then she felt his mouth on her left nipple. He licking, nibbling and sucking until was fully erect and harder than ever before. Nipple tickling always made her laugh and would her husband to do this all the time. It was a different sensation coming from a strange man as he did the right nipple now in order to get both nipples fully erect. Erin’s big juicy breasts were jiggling around as she tried to get away from his hungry mouth. The armpits tickling was making this sensation even more tortuous as she could not pull her arms down to get away from his wiggling fingers.

    The boss stopped and slid down further toward her waist. Erin was still giggling and trying to catch her breath with her nipples still fully hard. She hadn’t noticed what he was preparing for next but she would find out soon enough. The boss teased her saying “do you know what my favorite fruit is.......raspberries?” Erin heard this and began to laugh and beg him not to do it. He joked back “but your nipples are still hard so that must mean you want me to do it,” then he took a slow and deep inhale. Erin thrashed around anticipating the next ticklish sensation. He blew raspberry after raspberry on her skinny sexy tummy and she went wild after each one. He tickled her ribs and sides while he blew on her stomach and belly button too. He did this 28 times and said “happy belated bday.” Erin expected this part of the tickle torture to be over but he did it one more time and after said “one to grow on.” Erin laughed and screamed her loudest and hardest after that final raspberry.

    He then got off the bed again and proceeded to the foot of the bed. He said “I bet one part of this sexy ticklish body tastes extra good after a bath.” He went on to kiss, lick and nibble each foot. He focused on the arches and balls of your feet. The most sensitive part was just under Erin’s toes. She was going crazy trying to kick his face to get him away from her horribly ticklish feet. He let her struggle and kick away at him even though she couldn’t move too much from her bonds. Erin was sweaty at this point with her wet hair waving all over the place. Erin was red-faced and crying laughing again as this was tickling her like crazy. Her feet were so soft and a little wrinkly from the bath and the boss was just lost in her pretty bare feet as he switched back and forth a few times. He kept teasing her saying they tasted so good and couldn’t put them down. Erin was a laughing and cackling mess. She giggled and kept saying please no more after he stopped on her feet. The boss may have found a breaking point on her sensitive ticklish feet. But he wasn’t done.

    He told her “I have never had fresh toes before, but I’ll let you know how they taste when I am done.” Before Erin could beg, he started sucking on the pinky toe of her right foot. He moved on from toe to toe slowly and methodically making sure he savored every moment sucking on her perfect soft and manicured toes and sliding his tongue between each toe. Erin let out loud screams and laughter but was mostly in silent laughter at this point. As he started repeating the process on the other foot, Erin could feel something building inside her. She wasn’t sure whether she was going to pee her pants or have an orgasm but this type of tickling was driving her to a breaking point. This part of the tickle torture seemed to take forever since he was clearly taking his time on each toe wanting to suck and slide his tongue everywhere on those ticklish little toes. He couldn’t tease her much anymore since he had a mouthful. Erin knew he was wrapping up because he was on her left big toe but he was taking his time on her most ticklish toe much like he did on her right foot. Erin was losing it still having the same feeling around her crotch and was also on the verge of passing out as she laughed continuously. He sucked on her big toe while tickling her foot with his free fingers, a process he did on her right foot moments ago before he switched. Erin let out her loudest ticklish scream as he finished up.

    The boss admired her feet as her laughs reduced to giggles while she desperately tried to catch her breath. Her feet looked perfect. They tasted amazing, they felt so soft on his fingers and were just so lovely to look at with the slight little wrinkles. Erin finally got some words out saying “you have to stop now for real, something is going to happen.” The boss wanted to know an explanation so Erin said she was either going to pass out, pee her pants or something. The boss assumed the “something” was have an orgasm. He only had about 10 minutes to go before her husband came home. He remembered what he said about no sexual interaction but thought as long as he didn’t touch her bare womanhood then it would be ok. The boss said that she had one more challenge before he had to go. If she passed out, peed her pants or SOMETHING then she would have to be his tickle slave. Erin didn’t hear that and didn’t respond since she was giggling more loudly now as he massaged her feet while they had this conversation. Her feet were so sensitive right now that if something touched them then she would laugh. The boss said “here we go my ticklish darlin.”

    He put his face just outside her “Hitched” underwear took in a big breath. Then he put his face right in her blew out the hot air and made a long humming sound with this big booming voice which shot right inside her almost screaming in her vagina. Erin went crazy again the first time feeling this sensation shoot inside her and travel throughout her sensitive and trembling body. The boss was going to do this 29 times just like he did with the raspberries. Erin screamed and laughed each time but didn’t try and squeeze her legs together. She couldn’t do it is she tried anyway since were legs were widely spread. Each time he did this she felt closer and closer to that feeling again that something was going to happen. The boss had tickled this sexy wife to hysteria and was moments away from getting the ultimate ticklish reaction. He blew the hot air and vibrating vagina raspberry for the 29th time and could tell Erin was one more away. He took in a big inhale ready to put the finishing touches on this poor ticklish girl.

    Then he heard the garage door opened and looked at the time and saw it was midnight. He stopped and grabbed his mask and bag but left Erin in her bonds. He whispered to her “I’ll get you next time honey and snuck out. Erin’s husband came in running with the bag of cash but the boss managed to elude him and sneak out. The husband ran in his bedroom kicked open the door and saw his nearly naked wife giggling and moaning. He saw that a video camera was set up too and started calling his wife letting her know he was home. He dropped the bag of money on the floor. He went to free his wife but she said “no......rip off my underwear.” The husband was incredibly turned on by this and did so. It didn’t take Erin long to get where she wanted to go as her husband finished off his boss’s tickle torture on his extremely ticklish wife.

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    very good!

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    Excellent Stuff!!

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    London, UK
    Pretty darn good. I like the descriptions here and you keep the narrative rocking along. I hope you write more stories like this.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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    very good, keep going

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    Thanks all now just thinking of some more storylines or perhaps some different stories entirely.

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    Is erin based on someone?

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    She is based more on a combination of people instead of just one person

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    What an amazing story. Loved the descriptiveness and semi sexual yet not all the way. Leaves the reader wanting more.
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    I thought so, I just had this feeling that this woman erin was someone in your life. Is she a fantasy woman of yours?

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    Yeah like I said she is a combination or composite character of different people, situations, experiences, etc in my lifetime. I hope to keep this series going and maybe connect other series or story lines with this too. Thanks all again for the comments.

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