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    Erin The Ticklish Wife Tickled In Public (M/F gang all over)

    It was October and Erin and her husband were getting ready for their favorite holiday, Halloween. This was partially because Erin’s 29th birthday was around Halloween but they also enjoyed going to Halloween parties, dressing up, etc. Erin’s job as a nurse was going well and her husband was really starting to get noticed at this job especially by his boss. He did have some help getting noticed from his sexy wife.

    Erin was tickle tortured in June in the boonies on the way to a wedding and again tickled by her husband’s boss in August. Erin was about as ticklish as a person could be but she also got a rush especially when was she is tickled by men other than her husband being tied up and not being able to stop the tickle torture. Erin liked it when her husband playfully tickled her and she would purposefully give him daily opportunity to do so. But there was something about being tickled by other men that just drove Erin to ticklish insanity yet making her feel enjoyable and pleasurable especially once the tickling was over.

    Erin’s husband had mixed feelings watching these men tickle torture his wife. Her reactions were so intense that he could not look away. He loved watching his wife being tickled and laughing away and was amazed at how ticklish she was at the mercy of strange men. Erin’s husband received 25K and a video of his wife being tickle tortured by his boss. He never told her about the money or the video, but would watch it sometimes when she wasn’t home. His boss hinted at a new business venture featuring his wife. He concluded that his boss wanted to use Erin as a tickle torture model somehow. They actually talked a little more about it on Friday with the boss telling him that he needed to get a few more things in order and the business would be ready to go at the first of the year. He would get more details as it got closer.

    However, the boss frequently asked about Erin and encouraged the husband to use that money to keep her body toned and pampered as well as making her feel sexy with new clothes, etc. Erin’s husband has been massaging his wife to sleep basically every night finishing her off by massaging her beautiful, soft and smooth feet. Erin loved having her feet touch and they were extremely sensitive. Her husband would sneak in a few quick tickles and she would giggle in her sleep as well as flex her soles and scrunch her toes.

    The husband came home after this conversation and he had a relaxing night with his wife since they were going to a Halloween party on Saturday with friends. He massaged her feet until she fell asleep much like every night. Erin moaned and tried to stay awake since she enjoyed it so much but it felt so good that she asleep with her feet in her husbands lap. He got on the computer to learn more about this Halloween party that they were attending while his wife slept with her bare feet in his lap.

    It was going to be at a place much like a Medieval Times or a Renaissance Fair but they did something special for Halloween every year. It was for adults only 21 and over. They had a series of bars and nightclubs along with a Halloween themed dinner and show. The website had detailed information showing some incredible costumes from year’s past. The women tried to dress as sexy as possible while the men tried to dress as scary as possible. The people working at the Halloween party had the best costumes and also featured some great scary costumes while they had a striptease show featuring sexy women in sexy costumes. The property also contained a couple haunted houses and a “Torture Dungeon Hour.” He also read and saw photos and videos of monsters scaring the guests especially the women and would grab them, lock them in coffins, etc. He started reading about the Torture Dungeon section and saw a potential opportunity for his wife. He saw some stocks and torture devices along with several sharp knives, blades etc but also noticed some potential tickling devices on this torture rack like hairbrushes, feathers and toothbrushes. After digging even deeper, he found photos and videos of women being tickled in these devices. All of them when it was a Renaissance Fair which was usually from Spring to Fall at various times of the year. He wondered if they ever used it for the Halloween party.

    He continued his research and found this place was similar to a Renfaire in Europe or a Burg Frankenstein Halloween event in Germany. He found women being tickled at these events and was hoping he could find something like this in the United States. It just so happens that maybe this was that event. He also wondered what it would be like to actually be in the same room with his wife if she were ever strapped down and tickle tortured. The previous two times he had to watch on video. He had seen his friends and family playfully tickle his wife but never truly witnessed in the same room of his wife being tied down and tickled. His favorite memory was when she was being ornery and was chased by a couple of his friends. She tried to hide under the bed but her great ass got stuck leaving her legs exposed. They sat on her legs, removed her socks and tickled her like crazy. They only stopped after she said was going to pee her pants.

    He carried his wife in his arms to their bed and she sighed in satisfaction. She always liked to be carried or held in the air by her husband. He did witness his boss do something similar and even tickled her while he held her in his arms against his body.


    The night of the Halloween party came and they all met at Erin and her husband’s house. It was unseasonably warm so all the women were going to dress extra sexy. Erin looked the best in her sexy nurse costume. There wasn’t much to it. She basically wore a white bra top with red plus hospital symbols on each boob. It fit nice and snug on her showing a lot of cleavage showing off her great rack. Her bottoms was basically underwear with a very short frilly skirt attached that was also white with red plus hospital symbols on the front and her on big sexy booty. She had been naturally tanning outside since it was a very warm Autumn and continued eating well and exercising showing off her toned and sexy body. She was not afraid to wear such a skimpy outfit showing her arms, legs and stomach. She also colored her hair more blonde, got all leg, armpit and bikini hair waxed. She did get yet another ticklish pedicure but she would wear shoes not exposing her feet. She wore socks and white nurse tennis shoes. Although they had a long heel and the same red plus hospital sign. They carpooled by riding with one other couple which was their best friends.

    They arrived at the party and it really did look like something they never seen before. It was open from 8-2am and they got there right at 8 for a dinner and show to start things off. They could tell some of the festivities were outside since it was such a warm night. The show they saw were monsters recreating the Thriller music video and dance and were even later joined on stage by women in sexy costumes doing the dance too. They hit the nightclub after dinner to see all the women dressed in sexy costumes. They even had sexy women performing on stage doing some stripteasing. Everyone had fun plus monsters dressed up in a variety of scary costumes kept scaring people and even some in their group.

    Erin got scared easily but had fun doing it which was why she was pushing to go to the haunted house next. All the friends wanted to stay in the club so Erin and her husband went on their own. They had to walk through a graveyard to get there along with some other people and monsters continued to pop out from the ground and corners to scare everybody. They even grabbed a women in front of them and locked her in a coffin while they came at her date with a fake chainsaw. There were several different workers dressed in scary costumes and one grabbed and picked up Erin and dropped her in a fake web with a bunch of fake yet lifelike spiders just as they were approaching the entrance of the haunted house. Erin was afraid of a variety of things including spiders so she let out several loud screams as her husband laughed and helped her get out of the web. The place was really full of screams and nervous laughter. As they entered the haunted house, they heard somebody on the loud speaker announce that all the pretty girls better watch out because they were still looking for someone for the Midnight Torture Hour. He encouraged people to stop by and watch and again reminded all the pretty girls to watch out and let out a menacing laugh.

    The married couple enjoyed haunted houses and found this one to be particularly scary. After several minutes they had the feeling it was almost over when Erin saw a door with a sign on it saying “Dungeon Master’s Room...Do Not Disturb.” Erin tried to convince her husband to go in with her. He wondered if she was thinking about the earlier announcement and was hoping to be the victim for the Midnight Torture Hour. It was about 11 pm now and the husband playfully warned that she better not go in there. Erin didn’t listen and opened the unlocked door. She got scared and clinged onto her husband asking him to walk in with her. He played along and agreed. It was a pitch black room and it took them a while to step all the way in. Nobody else was around so they thought they were safe and would not get in trouble. Just as they got all the way in the dark room the door slammed shut behind them leaving them in total darkness and Erin let out a loud scream. The lights came on and the husband saw his wife being grabbed by a large individual in a dungeon costume. Three more entered the room and they handcuffed the husbands hands together behind his back while they handcuffed Erin and placed her arms over and around one of the large individual’s necks. Erin was so short in stature compared to this man that her arms were stretched all the way exposing her bare underarms and stretching out her taut stomach. She almost had to stand on her tippie toes otherwise she would have just been dangling there. He put his hands and arms around Erin’s bare waist to keep in her place and she started to giggle endlessly. Erin’s husband wasn’t sure whether she was feeling ticklish or just nervous laughter from being scared.

    Another man entered the room in a hood and couldn’t really see his face. He looked like the Emperor in Star Wars. He teasingly said to Erin “you are a naughty nurse coming in here and I think your punishment is to be our Midnight Torture Hour victim.” Erin still giggling said “oh no” in a sarcastic voice. The hooded man asked “what is your biggest fear pretty girl?” Erin again sarcastically said “I’m not afraid of anything” and tried to playfully kick the man. The dungeon masters grunted and she was now being held in the air by two of them. One held her up at her legs while the other held her up by her cuffed wrists. The handcuffs were effective but comfortable since the husband was also cuffed behind his back. Erin’s husband and saw an opportunity saying to the hooded man “I know what she is afraid of.” He whispered something to him as Erin tried to hear while still giggling a little bit but she couldn’t hear their conversation. After telling him the secret, the hooded man responded “maybe we will do that.” And he explained in a serious manner that this was all in good fun and they would even give her a little something for participating. He turned back to Erin and went back to his scary actor voice saying that she would make the perfect victim.

    Erin was playfully asking her husband what he told them but he just kept saying “don’t worry about it but just consider this as a birthday present.” Erin was still being carried by the two men and they stopped right outside a door while still holding her up. The other ones put her husband in a prison cage with his hands still cuffed. It had wheels so they could wheel him out whatever was behind that door. Erin could hear the chatter grow as the minutes ticked by signaling a growing audience. The hooded man said to Erin “just relax and have fun and put on a good show.” Then the clock struck midnight. Erin’s husband was wheeled out and he saw the crowd. It was a decent sized room with a decent sized crowd and they placed him in between two sections of the audience with a front row view of a bondage device. It looked very similar to the one he saw in June when his wife was tickled by those rednecks. It looked a like a stretching rack with foot stocks at the end of it. He wondered “could this really happen again?”

    The hooded man announced Erin as the Midnight Torture Hour victim and the dungeon masters brought her out. She screamed and struggled but they had her tightly. They put her on the table and got her ankles securely in the stocks but left her shoes on. They left the cuffs on her wrist but attached them to the rack device and slowly started stretching her sexy body out. Erin screamed and struggled a little more trying to put on a good show but she wasn’t going anywhere. They had her stretched enough so it wasn’t painful but enough for her not being able to move. Her legs were stretched too and the stocks had her restrained so she couldn’t move much of her lower body either. Her legs were spread about shoulder width apart so her feet were slightly apart. This was really testing her sexy and skimpy costume. Her beautiful body was nearly naked with the exception of her shoes, socks and her short bottoms and revealing top. Erin and her husband were having the same thoughts now if she was going to actually be tickled again. They pretended to be scared and dreading the torture but they were both secretly hoping it would be tickle torture.

    The announcer explained to the audience that this nurse was being naughty and will be punished over the next hour for her actions. Using his best evil voice, he talked about the evilness and scariness of this torture but also said that the audience will get a big laugh out of it. The four dungeon masters circled around the table grunting scarily at their victim. Erin was nervously laughing saying “let me go you big ugly assholes.” The audience laughed as the dungeon masters looked at each other shaking their heads. Two of them got closer to her on either side. They put their hands in the air as if they were going to hurt air. But then they started wiggling their fingers. Erin knew what was going to happen begging “don’t tickle me.” The audience laughed as their wiggling fingers slowly descended toward her midsection on either side. Erin started to laugh and beg even more as their fingers were just millimeters away. They continued to tease her tickling the air. Then they stopped wiggling but still held their hands close to her stomach. Just as Erin began to relax, she felt it.

    They started tickling her bare stomach on either side with all ten fingers digging into her sides and ribs. They spider tickled her tummy as she tried to suck in her stomach to get away. She was shrieking and laughing away much to the amusement of the audience. Erin’s husband had a front row view and studied his wife’s reactions. Her mouth was wide open laughing and screaming desperately as the two man squeezed, poked and prodded around her sexy midsection. They slid down slightly closer to her hips and legs and started wiggling their fingers in the air again. Erin couldn’t take this teasing as she was already laughing hard again. They used one of their wiggling hands and held them in the air around her hips and legs while the other hand was wiggling in the air around her stomach. Then the two other went toward her head and started wiggling one finger in the air over her armpits on either side. Erin wailed again even before they touched her begging them not to tickle her. Erin’s husband continued to watch and Erin was calling out for him to rescue her. She couldn’t see him well but he replied “I can’t honey I am locked up, you have to pay the penalty for being a naughty nurse.” Erin continued to giggle as the dungeon masters teased her drawing a stir from the audience.

    Then the dungeon masters masterfully choreographed the tickle torture. It was almost like they were professionals and had a rhythm going. The four alternated between poking and scratching her bare armpits, clawing her hips and thighs and squeezing her stomach and ribs. Erin was in hysterics now trying to shake free her bonds but she was stretched out tight and could do nothing but laugh at this point. She tried to get words out but her laughter drowned out the words drawing a big laugh from the audience. They were being entertained at her expense watching her try to escape the tickling fingers. Her laughter engulfed the room as audience members kept commenting on how she was the most ticklish person they have ever seen. Suddenly the dungeon masters went all out in their ticklish onslaught using all their fingers at the same time to ferociously tickle her armpits, stomach, hips and legs.

    Erin let out a big scream and then went into silent laughter. The armpit tickling was unbearable as they scribbled away in her deep and bare hollows. She couldn’t pull her arms down an inch and felt totally helpless as they tickle attacked her ticklish armpits. She would let out squeals every once in a while from the armpit tickling. But the stomach and ribs tickling was what was taking her breath away. They squeezed at her most ticklish spots on her ribs and sides and she couldn’t wiggle away to get away from their tickling fingers. She was so stretched out that her midsection was at their mercy. They would even spider tickle her tummy which was making her excruciatingly ticklish too especially around the belly button area. She let out loud screams of laughter in between bouts of silent laughter because of the ticklish sensations on her hips and thighs. She couldn’t kick with her legs or buck with her hips as her very short skirt left some of her most ticklish spots exposed. This all out torture didn’t last too long but it felt like an eternity to Erin. They all stopped at the same time making the audience give out a collective sigh of disappointment. Erin continued to giggle and tried to catch her breath as one of the dungeon masters stroked her hair but then teased her by messing up her hair all over her face. Another dungeon master noticed the goosebumps on her body and threatened to dump icy water over her as part of the torture. Erin couldn’t react much to this teasing as she was still giggling and trying to catch her breath.

    Suddenly someone from the audience shouted “tickle her feet!” This created another stir in the audience and some applause occurred and it seemed everyone was in agreement. Two of the dungeon masters went toward her feet and Erin started pleading saying “no my feet are my most ticklish spot.” They pointed to her feet and looked to the audience and they cheered. They put their hands to their ears but still didn’t say anything and staying in character and they got a louder cheer or applause. Erin giggled again asking for her husband to help. He was still locked in the cage and said “sorry honey just try not to laugh” knowing that was she too ticklish to not just laugh. Erin replied echoing his thoughts with “I have to laugh I am way too ticklish.” Just after saying that she started shrieking as she felt each man start to untie her tennis shoes heels. She tried to shake her feet and keep her shoes on but the other two were very lightly tickling her most ticklish spots again on her body. This distracted Erin and they popped off her shoes. They continued their light tickling on her armpits, stomach and legs giving her goosebumps all over her nearly naked body. She was in a state of nonstop laughter now as they started gradually increasing their ticklish touches as the other two peeled off her socks. Erin was cackling louder now feeling the air on her bare feet. Just the air on her feet was making her ticklish not to mention the furious fingers on her bare helpless armpits and the nonstop methodical clawing and poking of her stomach and squeezing her sensitive legs. Erin’s face was getting red from continuous laughter but still had goosebumps on her as these strange scarily dressed men tickle tortured her sexy, near-naked body.

    Erin’s husband saw the two dungeon masters returned toward her feet while the other two went back to teasingly tickling his wife again. They would either use light touches or a poke or a squeeze every once in a while. They continued this method while the other two were doing something to her feet. They were trying to tie each of her toes to the stocks. Erin’s laugh escalated to a more wailing and desperate level now wiggling her feet and scrunching her toes. The audience was amused by this as the dungeon masters had a tough time holding her feet still trying to tie her toes. They weren’t even trying to tickle her yet but the mere fact that they were touching her feet and trying to place strings around and between her toes was making Erin ticklish and thus giggle continuously. The toughest toe was each of her big toes. They got her toes in place but she was really fighting with her big toe. She felt the two men double team one foot and she begged and pleaded as she slowly felt each big toe being tied into place. She could no longer struggle or fight. Her sensitive bare feet were locked firmly in place and toes tied exposing the ticklish tootsies. The bondage didn’t hurt but it certainly made her freshly pedicured feet and toes feel helpless and vulnerable as she could no longer move them. Her hour of torture was only half over as now the four dungeon masters each straddled her on different parts of her body. Once sat on her arms and elbows looking straight down at her face. Another straddled her at the waist so she couldn’t buck her hips. She felt the others straddle each of her legs at the knee. They essentially took away the use of her joints making her virtually immobile. They all snarled, growled and try to do other things to scare her. Erin was nervously laughing now as she could no longer see her husband, any of the audience or her feet at the other end of the stocks.

    However, she heard the audience start to gasp as two scary looking male clown doctors walked out. One took a place at her left foot while the other at her right. They showed the audience their nails and they each had a little doctors bag. They pulled out feathers, combs, hairbrushes and electric toothbrushes. The audience continued to gasp, laugh and comment on what was about to happen to Erin. Erin didn’t know but her husband waited anxiously in anticipation of what was going to happen. Erin had a lot of strange fears including clowns. The hooded announcer came back to her saying two clowns are about to tickle your feet until you become crazy with laughter. Then he showed a picture to her on her phone with two menacing looking clowns with long nails pretending to tickle her feet. She also saw all the devices in the picture too and noticed the small mole on the heel of one her feet knowing it was hers. She was already laughing and begging for them to stop saying she was afraid clowns and that her feet were too ticklish. The hooded man said it was only 1130 but would show mercy and only tickle her feet for 15 of the remaining 30 minutes. He also said the time starts after I say the magic word. Erin was nervously giggling as he said “kootchie.” She giggled louder saying “please don’t tickle me I won’t be such a naughty nurse anymore. He kept going saying “kootchie” making Erin laugh louder and beg again. However, he got closer to hair whipsering “koo” in her ear.

    As soon as he said that the two men each used one finger to trace around her entire foot looking for the most ticklish spots. Erin squealed immediately since her feet were ticklish everywhere and laughed loudly no matter where they traced that finger. After teasing her feet with one finger, they gradually increased the amount of fingers on her helpless bare soles. The more fingers they used, the louder the laughter became. Suddenly they used all 10 fingers on each of her feet causing Erin to let out one loud ticklish scream. The audience was intrigued as they scratched away on her ticklish soles. They were so soft and looked so pretty that the two men just got lost in the beauty of her feet and the sound of her laughter. They tickled her everywhere including her heels, insteps, sides and tops. However they found the most ticklish spots were right in the middle of her arches which were perfectly exposed. The other most ticklish spot was the balls of her feet right below her toes. Erin was laughing crazily now as they attacked what they thought was the most ticklish spot on her feet. Erin’s feet were so sensitive everywhere that you could get an amazing ticklish reaction no matter where or how you tickled them. She quit struggling now and just laughed away since she was in heavy duty bondage and was straddled by four large men.

    They ferociously tickled her with fingers until they needed a break since they were using so much effort and exertion. So they started lightly tickling her feet with a feather for one minute. Erin was reduced to giggles but it still tickled had a renewed sense of struggle to try and get her bare feet away from the feathers but with no success. After about a minute they used the combs her ticklish arches and balls of her feet. They even started going between her toes moving around the toe ties so they could tickle there. Erin’s laughter reached a different level again as they tickled her toes for the first time and vowed they would return there after the one minute comb tickling. The two men got torturous again with the next device using a big hairbrush which nearly covered each of her entire tiny foot and scrubbed up and down and back and forth. Erin was crying laughing now as this feeling reminded her of getting pedicures which tickled her so much and reduced her tears. This time she couldn’t get away like she could with a pedicure and they scrubbed furiously all over her soles for another whole minute straight. Erin was laughing so hard even after they stopped that she couldn’t hear the buzzing of their next device, the electric toothbrush. They went back to her toes releasing her toe bonds and placing the tickling device over the ticklish toes. They made sure they covered every spot of each toe and between her toes making Erin laugh and wail like crazy again. She was in another round of silent laughter as they went on and between her each toe starting with her pinky toe. She couldn’t wiggle her feet or toes anymore as the two men had clear access to her beautiful pedicured toes. They finished up on her most ticklish toe which was the big toe on each foot and Erin laughed away but was at a point where she needed to catch her breath so they stopped. Again it seemed like an eternity for Erin but only a minute to Erin’s husband and the audience as the ticklish nurse laughed and laughed.

    Erin only had five minutes left of feet tickling so the two men took a different approach. They rubbed raspberry flavored lotion on her feet massaging her as they did this. She alternated between gigging and sighing in satisfaction which made the audience chuckle but it was a reaction that the husband expected. Then to the husband’s surprise, the dungeon masters between rubbing the same lotion over the rest of her body. Erin was actually enjoying this part with several strange men rubbing lotion all over her sensitive bare skin. But they were prepping her for a different type of tickle torture. The two clowns dressed as doctors went back to tickling her feet with their fingers for the last few minutes not letting up in intensity for one second. Erin went back from light giggles to a loud and cackling laughter as the ticklish sensation grew even more because of the lotion. The four dungeon masters even started to lightly and teasingly tickle her on the rest of her body while rubbing the lotion in. There was even a moment when everyone was tickling her at the same time making her laugh and scream at her loudest. This part of the tickle torture only lasted a few seconds but Erin was yet again at a breaking point of this part of the tickle torture. Her feet, toes, knees, hips, stomach, ribs and armpits were all being tickled at the same time and she nearly passed out from the incredible ticklish sensations. They all stopped as it became 1145 and were all taking a bow to the audience as they clapped in approval. Erin was still laughing and trying to catch her breath while this happened expecting the tickle torture to be over.

    Once again Erin felt relieved the tickling was over but at the same time wanted to feel the adrenaline rush. Her husband had similar thoughts. It was the first time he watched his wife get tickle tortured in person and felt the same rush from watching his wife’s ticklish reactions. They were both on a high but they both almost knew it had to end sometime and both couldn’t take much more. But maybe it wasn’t over yet. Suddenly all the lights went out except for a spotlight solely on Erin. Then the announcer stated that there were zombies on the loose and were hungry for human flesh so a decision was made to give them Erin for the next 10 minutes or so. The full hour wasn’t up yet so everybody wondered what would happen next. It was dark except for Erin. People heard noises coming closer and some women in the audience even felt some tickles from the dungeon masters in the dark. Erin’s husband concentrated on his wife as several people dressed as zombies came to light and hovered over his ticklish wife. Erin was giggling nervously again and teasingly said “oh no please I don’t even taste good.” Erin knew what was coming next and now her husband did too. The raspberry flavored lotion on her sensitive and ticklish body was actually going to make her taste very delicious.

    The zombies surrounded her and were ready for their attack on the helpless ticklish girl. Erin’s husband notice they were the same zombies from the show they saw earlier in the night. Then it happened. The zombies began nibbling on her bare and exposed skin. There was one in each armpit licking, kissing and nibbling her bare hallows. There were a few around her stomach. There was one zombie on each side of her stomach nibbling her ribs and sides. There was another who straddled her and repeatedly blew raspberries on her belly around her belly button area. There were zombies working each leg nibbling from her hips to her knees like like they were eating a chicken leg. Their teeth, tongues and lips were driving Erin to a state of ticklish hysteria. She couldn’t focus on one area of her body in particular but her entire body from her knees to her face was one big sensitive nerve ending being ticked to insanity. She had tears streaming down her face from laughing so hard and didn’t even beg anymore. She accepted her fate at the mercy of these men dressed as zombies tickling her with their hungry mouths on her raspberry tasting skin. Erin would soon return to being on the edge of her breaking point when she felt light nibbles at her feet. Her laughter was in a new level of desperation. One man on each foot licked from her heels to her toes. They kissed and nibbled with their teeth on her arches and balls of her feet. Erin’s body was covered in goosebumps again and the tickling sensation on her feet was so overwhelming. She continued to laugh nonstop but was feeling a growing sensation building inside her again much like the last two times she was tickle tortured. This type of tickling only had sixty seconds remaining so the zombies on her feet started sucking her toes one at a time slithering their tongues between her toes while using their hands to tickle the rest of her feet. Erin and her husband knew she was about to lose it as the rest of her body continued to be mouth tickled.

    The time ran out just before Erin had the ultimate ticklish reaction again. It took her several minutes for her to reduce her laughing fit to mere giggles and breath normally. Audience members were getting pictures with the zombies and dungeon masters next to the tickle torture victim and even a few people got some quick tickles on Erin which of course made her laugh and scream once again. Her husband still locked in watched these members of the audience tickle his wife and again had the dual feeling of watching his wife being tickled by strangers. It was nearly 2 am before the audience got out and before Erin and her husband were released. All the monsters thanked Erin and her husband for the participation and even gave her a couple hundred bucks for being a good sport. They even welcomed her back next Halloween if she wanted to be tickled again and even encouraged her to come by during one of the Renfaires next year to be tickled there too. Erin didn’t want to put her socks and shoes back on since her feet along with the rest of her body were still tingling so her husband carried her out and she held her shoes.

    They met up with their friends just outside the bar and they asked where they went. Erin said proudly “I got tickled” and kissed her husband as he held her in the air. The friends just laughed as they all walked to their respective cars. Erin and her husband were in the backseat riding with their friends and both were still feeling that rush. Erin was particularly hyper sticking her bare feet through the passenger seat headrest poking her girlfriend’s head with her toes. Erin’s friend even trapped her feet in the headrest and tickled her for a few minutes as they drove through their subdivision about to drop them off. Erin said “stop my feet are too ticklish right now” as she let out a cute and infectious laugh as her friend spider tickled her feet with her nails. Her friend said “you better stop kicking my head” and then stopped. Just as they pulled up to the house, Erin poked her with her toes one more time and crawled to her husband’s rescue and got out of the car. He carried her out again and they all laughed and said their goodbyes after the fun night.

    Erin’s husband carried her straight upstairs to the bedroom still feeling that adrenaline rush. Erin ripped off her sexy nurse’s uniform and jumped in the bed completely naked. The husband was ready to go too but Erin wanted him to tickle her to orgasm. He think he knew how to accomplish that goal. He went to the spots where she wasn’t tickled earlier in the evening. He used one hand to lightly stroke and caress one nipple which instantly became erect and sent goosebumps all over her body and nearly took her breath away. He placed his mouth on her other nipple and started lightly nibbling and sucking. Her big breasts were jiggling now as she started alternating between laughing and moaning. The husband used his free hand to lightly tickle the skin just outside her vagina. Erin’s lower half tensed up and she was almost immediately there already. The husband continued tickling her breasts, nipples and vagina and it didn’t take long for her to orgasm. Her body was still so sensitive from the tickle torture that she didn’t need much to get her going. Erin then pulled her husband inside her and she would go a second time even before he went. It was a great end to a great night. But the husband said it is not over yet.

    It was officially her birthday now so he wanted to give her a birthday foot massage after she endured a birthday tickle torture and had two shattering birthday orgasms. Erin’s body and especially her feet were still very sensitive and responsive so she definitely agreed. She didn’t want the covers on so she laid her naked body face down with her soles up. As he was getting into his massage position near her feet, they talked about the experience. Erin said “maybe I should get paid to be tickled since I’m so ticklish and all these men want to tickle me.” The husband said “hey you never know you might just get the opportunity” as he sat between her feet on the bed. Erin said in a silly voice “yeah I think I would seriously do that if such a job ever existed, I could be a nurse by day and a tickle slave by night.” The husband replied as he put each foot on his lap “maybe we should look into it.” Erin agreed saying “I don’t know what it is but when other men tickle me it just tickles more or something.” She told her husband that she loved his hands on her but it was a different ticklish sensation when other men were tickling her. She went on to say “it really tickles too when some women do it too like when Lindsay was tickling my feet in the car.....I don’t know how I became so ticklish ooooooohhhhhh.” Erin trailed off in that last sentence as her husband began rubbing both of her bare feet at the same time. She was moaning so loud because it felt so good and it didn’t take long for her to sleep. The husband knew she was sleeping by the way she giggled scrunched her feet and soles as he finished the final ticklish touches on her feet. As he laid next to his ticklish wife, he wondered if they should pursue what she said about being tickled for money. Maybe they would have that conversation a little more seriously tomorrow. He could see his wife was getting cold by the goosebumps on her sensitive bare naked skin. He got off the bed and grabbed a blanket put it over her but it was a short one that left only her bare feet exposed. He decided to leave it that way gave her a quick tickle on her sexy bare feet causing a soft giggle before jumping into bed under the covers holding his ticklish sleeping wife.

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    I never get tired of Erin's adventures. Looking forward to more!

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    very good

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    That was really hot and awesome. Erin deserves all the torture she is getting. Thanks for these stories!

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    very good story!

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    Thanks all. It is a lot of fun writing these stories.

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    Good stuff. This is a fun series with enough detail and hawtness to sustain the reader's interest. I look forward to more of your writing.

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    love the stories, can we have one where she is tortured in nylons......

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    another fun story. Good job.
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