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Part 2 of 4 512  Young and innocent girl walks into tickling parlor
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Ticklish Anticipation! Pt. 1: Mistress Tempted! (1080 mp4)

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    Seductive Studios

    Just throwing out our link to seductive stuidos we have some new tickling videos coming up that I'm sure will be great!
    or www.seductivestudios.com

    While I'm here, what is with Youtube deleting all of my tickling videos? I keep uploading non nude, no sexual tickling and they keep getting pulled down!

    If it's still up when you read this, it's a great video. Jae is super ticklish and these are real laughs. Excellent video

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    Jul 2012
    where can we found preview of Daphne tickled? beacause the preview of seductive studios show nothing(just yourname)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elrik View Post
    where can we found preview of Daphne tickled? beacause the preview of seductive studios show nothing(just yourname)
    You can see her in our youtube preview here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=410GNianMuk&feature=plcp

    And Jae can be seen here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j5tU...re=context-cha

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    Have you seen Emily on our store yet? She has a GREAT laugh when she is tickled. Very cute, very girl next door!!

    Emily Tickle Torture
    Emily has been a bad girl! Daphne ties her to the couch and gives her a serious tickling!! At one point she puts a furry "thing" on her hand and tickles Emily like crazy. Emily was super ticklish and her laugh is just great!!


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    **What the heck are we posting now?!
    Well it's some behind the scenes footage of a few videos that we made while we were being filmed by a TV crew.
    Why were we being filmed?
    Sorry! Can't tell ya!
    And we couldn't shoot anything too graphic, chloro/violence/weapons etc, since it had to be OK to show the networks.
    Give it a look, the prices will be discounted, as they aren't our usual productions.
    All the footage is there for each shoot, including cuts, action!, bloopers, and our girls just being plain goofy**
    - There will be a brand new tickling video of Chloe released this week as well!

    *Breaking News is the story of Daphne, Jae, and Kaylee in a reporter in peril situation. This clips has the beginning where Kaylee meets Daphne, skips to Jae entering the room, revealing herself as the villain, skips to Daphne & Kaylee tied to the bed, and Jae taking advantage of their tied states by kissing up on their bound bodies.*

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