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    Jul 2001

    A ticklish interview (just the start)

    Just the intro to what could be a story, I'd like to hear some feedback if you guys don't mind.

    The Ticklish Interview

    Samantha Giggles, sits straight against the cushioned chairback, arms bound behind her, careful not to dislodge the microphone clipped to her lapel. Sam is a slight, slender girl, about 5'3, 105 lb with dark auburn hair, wearing a crisp white blouse and short grey skirt. Her Black blazer and size 6 pumps lie discarded on the floor next to her. Looking forward, she can see her legs and ankles strapped down in front of her, her feet set in the stocks, placing each foot a little more than 2 feet away from each other.

    Samantha speaks to the camera with a warm smile, her feigned confidence completely failing to mask her nervous apprehension:

    "Hi I'm Samantha Giggles and these are my incredibly ticklish feet" says Samantha as she wiggles her feet.

    "Welcome to 'Talk or Laugh', the only talk show where toes get tickled if you don't talk!"
    A feather appears by Sam's toes and her eyes widen as she smiles in shock;
    "Oh no, not yet! I haven't even introduced our guests yet!"
    The feather starts to stroke her left sole, sending Samantha into a fit of giggles.
    "Oh, nohoho, heehee! ohmygosh! Well, hahaha, I'm haha, your hostess heehee, Sam ahahaha. Welcome to our haha, sho-ohohohooow!!"
    [commercial break]
    The camera has now backed out to show Sam, still bound in the stocks, seated next to a pretty blonde young woman of about 5'6" and light build, bound and in the stocks. The blonde is wearing a pink blouse and black slacks as well as a pair of pink nylon socks with the inscription "TICKLISH TEACHER" written on the soles.
    "Hi, Sam Giggles here, and I'd like to introduce our guest, Ms. Ashley Hart; She is a professor at our own University and she has come here to discuss tickle torture as a teaching implement."

    P.S. - I referenced One of Libtick's stories (I've always loved his stuff). If that's like a major faux pas I can take it out, but I honestly don't know what the etiquette is on stuff like that.

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    Apr 2006
    I like this setup :-) can't wait to see where it goes...

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    Jul 2008
    keep going!

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    Nice set up...keep it going. Maybe have guests call in saying who should be tickled.

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    Jul 2001
    Sorry I haven't worked on this for so long, I'm given it another shot right now.

    tickledmerciles - that's an awesome idea, I'm gonna try and work that in there soon too

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    Jul 2001
    Ashley gives a warm smile to the audience then addresses Sam:
    "Hey Sam, thanks for having me on your show. By the looks of things I'd say I'm in for a laugh riot today, hee hee!" Ashley stretches her feet and wiggles her toes to emphasize her prediction.

    Samantha, laughing appreciably at her guest's joke, speaks to Ashley:
    "Well, it certainly looks like you're dressed for it! Where did you get those cute little socks?"
    Ashley: "Oh my gosh! Haven't you seen the commercials? Its a stockings company that makes super ticklish nylons for super ticklish women."
    Samantha: "Oh no! You have to tell me where I can get a pair after the show. So, moving on, you are a professor at the university and you claim to have found a way to use tickling to motivate your students to learn?"
    Ashley: giggling slightly "Absolutely! My students have really taken a liking to my methods and their grades have been steadily rising overall ever since."

    Samantha: "Oh really? So what exactly are your methods?"

    Ashley: "Oh..welll. umm..I-I thought that w-we were going to *ahem* talk more about the benefits overall, than the, um, technique per say" said Ashley as she nervously watched one of the tickle assistants move a hairbrush into position in front of her helpless left foot.

    Samantha, smiling as she watches Ashley's nervous, stammering reaction says "Oh no, didn't you realize? The show is called 'talk or laugh'. So either you start talking, or my assistant (Samantha nods to the tickle assistant with the brush) will *hee-hee* 'help' you to start laughing!"

    Ashley glances at Samantha then speaks to the audience with a nervous smile "Uh oh, I think I'm in deep trouble!"

    As soon as the assistant touches the brush to Ashley's sole, Ashley bursts into uncontrollable laughter; "Hee-haha, no! oh-haha oh, oh no please! hee-hee-hee, no! Oh my go-ha-ha-hash! Ple-he-hease! I'll talk! No more, I'll talk! I, haha, I ha, I swear, I'll tell you anything!"

    End, for now

    If anyone's still interested, I'll add more soon

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    Jul 2001
    Samantha smiles and giggles as she watches her guest's ticklish ordeal, occasionally stretching and wiggling her own toes nervously as she considers just how helpless a position her own barefeet are in. Almost as if to reenforce Sam's ticklish imaginings, the tickle assistant responsible for Sam's hysterical introduction raises her hands and starts wiggling her fingers at Sam's soles.

    "Kitchy kitchy koo, Ms. Samantha" said the assistant with a wide devilish grin on her face.

    Samantha's eyes widen as her own laughter at her guest's tickle torture turns to a nervous titter as she realizes her own precarious position; "Uh-oh!" said Samantha. "It looks like my sensitive little soles are in serious tickle trouble too now!"
    Samantha gives a resigned shrug as she smiles helplessly into the camera and says "I guess that means its time for our first round of 'you pick the ticklee'"

    Ashley, toes still curling as she recovers from her own giggle time asks Sam "Oh no, what's 'you pick the ticklee'? I already got my giggles!"

    Samantha: "haha, 'you pick the ticklee' is our phone in game for the commercial breaks, silly. Our viewers call in and vote for who they think should get their helpless little barefeet tickle tormented during the break, and then whoever wins (Sam gives an endearing wink to the audience as she says this) gets her feet kootchy koo'd for 30 seconds!"

    Ashley: "oh my gosh, and we're the contestants aren't we?" (Ashley gives a resigned giggle).

    Samantha: "Well, its between me you and our lovely assistants, actually!"

    The tickle assistants both give little nervous laughs as they look to the camera.

    As the tickle assistant by her feet lightly strokes her left sole Sam says to the audience: "hee hee, ha, oh my gosh, well - haha - happy voting! hee-hee-hee, oh no please ahhaha!"

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    Jul 2001
    Let me know what you guys think, thanks again to tickledmerciles for the idea

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    Jun 2004
    I love it and hope you keep going
    Beware the Terrible Tickler, with his fitted out tickling kit
    If you don't run away, he's coming today to give you a tickling fit

    He uses a humming bird feather to tickle your mouth and your nose
    And a bouquet of bearded barley to tickle your ten little toes

    He'll tickle your ears with billy goats beard, your nose with a pink parakeet
    He uses a bristly bottle brush to tickle the soles of your feet

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    Nov 2006
    Keep this story going!!! Maybe elaborate on why she knows about the stockings. Did she use them on her students? Or does she like to be tickled herself? It's your story but just a suggestion if you get writers block.

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    Jul 2001
    Samantha: "Hi and welcome again to talk or laugh! The votes are in and it looks like I've tied with our guest for this round of 'you pick the ticklee'. *gulp* oh no, I guess my toes are in for it!"

    Ashley: "We tied? so that means no one has to get tickled yet.... right?" Ashley curls her toes and nervously bites her lower lip, half smiling as she asks her foolish question.

    Ashley's answer comes in the form of fingertips lightly grazing her soles. Meanwhile, Sam's torturess begins to delicately slide a big fluffy pink feather in between her toes.

    Samantha responds to her guest's query in between bouts of ticklish giggles "heehaha, ohmygosh haha, no-ohoho, it heehee means we both haha get kitchykood hee hee!"

    Ashley tries to respond buy her own tickler stops her with a few delicate strokes to the sole of her right foot, tracing the ticklish title emblazoned on her stocking sole. The two women are helpless, left to laugh until the clock runs out. Their giggles and begs for mercy go completely unheeded by the audience, and - more importantly - their tormentors.

    When the clock stops both girls audibly gasp, thanking god for their short respite.

    Samantha tries to regain what little composure she can hope to have after her ordeal and continues with her interview; "So Ashley, how exactly do you employ tickle torture in you teachings? Tell me how you came to discover this, *ahem* 'technigue'."

    Ashley titters nervously before responding, her toes wiggling as she considers her answer. As if to encourage her, her torturess lightly tickles up and down her left foot, beginning with slight strokes at the heel and ending with a little teasing touch of the ball of her foot, pausing in the middle only briefly to skitter her fingers along Ashley's instep.

    Ashley shrieks at the unexpected tickle torture: "Oh no, please, I swear I'll talk I was just trying to think!"

    Samantha: "Come on Ashley, you know the name of the show, you better start talking haha, or else..." Sam gives Ashley a mischievous wink with this last comment as Ashley's tickler wiggles her feather like fingers at Ashley's feet.

    Ashley: "Oh my gosh, no! We were discussing the implications of laughter in the human psyche initially, and to demonstrate its power during one particular lecture, I invited one of the girls to come down and remove my shoes (Ashley giggles nervously as the memory comes to surface, she quickly regains her trail of thought, though not necessarily her composure as a faint smile still plays around her lips). I had come to learn that the students pay far better attention when I involve them in the lectures, so I thought that this would be for the best - I just didn't realize at what cost..."

    Samantha speaks, clearly intrigued but also eager to offput her guest so that she might have to get tickled again: "So you had the girl tickle your toes in front of your students to demonstrate the value of laughter? Sounds silly to me."

    Ashley, completely unfazed responds: "Well of course its silly, that's the point. But after how much the girls enjoyed that lecture (my lecture classes are usually around 120 students), I realized that laughter could be of better use to the class over all."

    At this point, apparently bored with her job (or maybe just to stir up some controversy) Ashley's tickle torturer decided to give Ashley something to giggle about. The nimble fingered troublemaker slowly started to trace the letters on Ashley's soles spelling out first the T-I-C-K-L before Ashley's pleas became loud and clear enough to comprehend.

    Ashley: "-ahaha! no, haha, no please, oh my god no, not tha-hhaahat! stop! I've told you the truth, please no more! sto-hahahap! not my feet!"

    The audience cheers appreciatively, enjoying Ashley's tickles, but listens nonetheless to Ashley as she continues to speak.

    Ashley: "Oh my gosh, that's not fair!" she yells, but with the hint of a smile still touching her lips. "I was talking! I can't talk any better when I keep getting kootchy koo'd every two seconds!"

    Samantha: smirking slightly "Well, maybe you have to be more interesting, if you get to technical, you might lose the audience."

    Ashley: "What!? It's 'talk or laugh' not talk and be interesting all the time or else you get..you get.." Ashley trails off as she sees her tormentor start to play with a tickly looking tool with long hard bristles very close to her helpless feet.

    Ashley quickly rephrases her last statement: "Ok, quick and interesting, got it" Ashley's torturess smiles at her, giving her a small encouraging wink to continue.

    Ashley, eyeing the tickle tool hovering so close to her toes, begins to speak quickly: "So it didn't take long before I realized that it wasn't just laughter that the girls were responding to, it was ticklish laughter! (It took 2 clowns and a magician before I figured that one out though.) So at first, I tried to incorporate tickle torture into all of my lectures. But the problem is that, with philosophy, once you get past 'I think therefore I am', there aren't a whole lot of other opportunities for 'I think therefore I think I get tickled' expirements."

    Samantha: "Well so what did you do? How did you move past it and get tickling to turn your class into a grade A across the board institution?"

    Ashley: "Well, I started with bribery. At first it was just 'if you get an A, you get to tickle the teacher; but then I started to realize that they'd just cheat and I'd get tickled! So then I started study groups; Each group would be about 10 to 20 girls with one simple rule, at the end of the session, its guiz time."

    Samantha's tickler had been feeling left out for some time at this point and so she decided to liven things up a bit by tickling Sam's delicate soles with her feather.

    Sam, giggling decideds that she'd better say something before her tickle helper decides that she needs more encouragement.

    Samantha: "heehahaa oh no, haha ok so, haha I think I see where this is going." Sam's tickler settles back into light tickling circles just beneath the balls of her feet as Sam finishes her thought.

    Ashley, smiling a mischievious little grin and thouroughly enjoying being on this side of the tickling asks: "Oh my, are you having a little difficulty thinking?"

    Sam, trying to remain calm as the torturous feathers trace her soles replies: "heehee no-oho, I *ahem* I just think that I get it, the students agree that for every wrong answer, they get tickle to-ahahahaa, oh no no, please stop!" Sam screams suddenly as her tickler attacks her toes with wild abandon.

    Ashley: "Its funny you should put it that way, several of my students called it tickle to-ahahaha, oh no!" Ashley's last comment probably would have been a snide one had her tickler not decided to attack her toes at that very moment as well.

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    Jul 2001
    For whatever continuity errors or typographical errors there are, I apologize. One day I hope to compile everything from this part and proof it before reposting it. Other than that, should I keep going?

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    Nov 2006
    Are you going to continue this?

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