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    Jenny Tickled In Public At The Beach and Boardwalk (mostly feet, M/F and F/F)

    Jenny had been living in California for a few months now. It was her dream to live along the coast in Southern California and she happened to get a job in a good location. Some of her friends from her hometown were going to come out and see her for the first time since she moved out there. It was her best girlfriend and three of her guy friends. They were going to do a lot of fun stuff during their time to see Jenny including visiting the Santa Monica and Venice Beach boardwalks. Jenny liked to run and bike ride there for exercise and there was surely going to be some events going on down there during the weekend. Jenny’s friends arrived and the first couple days went great leading up to the afternoon they would spend on the Pier and Boardwalk.

    After walking around Santa Monica Boardwalk and Pier they decided to rent bikes to ride around Venice Beach. Jenny liked to ride bikes in just her swimsuit top her low cut jean shorts with her swimsuit bottom underneath. This was usual attire for this area so her girlfriend wore something similar and her guy friends dressed light too. Jenny lived very close to the promenade and Santa Monica Pier so Jenny and the others changed before going to rent the bikes. Jenny put on her tight jean shorts covering up her black swimsuit bottom and put on her strapless black swimsuit top. Jenny’s hair just flowed past her shoulders on her somewhat light skin but she developed a nice little tan for her skin complexion. She put on ankle socks followed by her comfortable athletic shoes. Not only were they comfortable but they breathed nicely into her feet. Jenny got a pedicure with her girlfriend earlier in the day and topped her toes off with a nice bright red nail polish.

    Jenny’s size seven feet were notoriously ticklish and her best friend knew about it and always gave her trouble for being so ticklish. Jenny laughed during every pedicure they had together and has been in many other ticklish situations with her friend when her bare feet have been tickled by many other people over the years. The 25-year-old always had smooth and soft feet even without pedicures and had a nice pinkish hue on the balls and heels of her feet and her light colored yet deep arches had the slightest wrinkles in them. The wrinkles on her arches and feet would increase whenever she would wiggle or scrunch her cute little toes. Jenny’s feet were extremely ticklish everywhere but there is a certain spot on her foot that is protected by the balls of her feet and base of her toes. If someone would exploit that spot then Jenny would go wild with laughter.

    The friends began their bike ride and enjoyed people watching. It was a sunny but not a hot day in California so it was very nice to be out riding bikes. There were several street performers and mini-festivals going on throughout the boardwalk and they would occassionally stop and check it out. Jenny’s girlfriend noticed an area with a sign that said something along the lines of getting lotioned and massaged by cabana boys. She volunteered Jenny for this display. Jenny had been several years without a boyfriend and was kinda looking to get back in the game. She really liked to flirt and would comment outloud and on the Internet about her flirtacious escapades. However, there was a catch. In order for any woman to get the pampering treatment, they would have to play a game in the torture rack which was being run by several long hair bearded guys and tall blonde women dressed like Renaissance people. This Renfaire was another show or festival going on at the Venice Beach boardwalk.

    Jenny’s friend knew about her previous experience with cabana boys and introduced Jenny to the display. Jenny as usual used her flirty ways to try and get them to massage her without doing the other thing but one of them teased “don’t be a bad girl you have to pay the public penalty to get the pampering.” And he easily picked her up and carried her toward torture rack. Jenny giggled when he did this and he said to her “don’t worry they are just gonna embarrass you in public, they may pretend whip you or mess up your hair or pretend to put a bug on you or something.” He laid her on her back on the rack and said “it won’t be actual torture unless.....” and he walked away after stroking her strawberry blonde hair.

    Just then they were pulling her arms straight over her head locking her wrists and elbows in place. They strapped something over her knees and then placed her ankles in some heavy duty stocks and then they closed locking her ankles firmly in place. Jenny was locked in tight but she was thankful she wasn’t uncomfortable. She was just hoping to get this sideshow over with in a hurry. Jenny could pretty much only see side to side with limited visibility looking behind her when she tilted her neck back. She tilted her neck the other way to look down her body and couldn’t really see anything beyond the stocks locking her ankles. She was already a little embarrassed since she was dressed a little skimpy although several other girls were dressed similar. But they weren’t in a vulnerable position with their arms stretched overhead and joints locked in for no movement.

    A crowd was gathering as one of the Renaissance man began to talk. Jenny noticed her friends watching, pointing and laughing at her and she just kinda rolled her eyes. Then the women Renaissance women wheeled something by her. Jenny only had a split second to see what it was but it looked like a box of goodies. She noticed what looked like a feather sticking out from the top. Jenny became a little horrified. She immediately thought the cabana boy meant “it wouldn’t be torture unless you’re ticklish!” Only the salon women knew Jenny’s feet were extremely ticklish in California and had kept it a good secret from her new friends and acquaintances in her new state. She thought she was imagining things since her shoes were still on. The rest of Jenny’s body wasn’t ticklish really at all unless you tickled her feet first. If you got to Jenny’s perfect ticklish feet first then you could attack the rest of her body which would become almost just as ticklish as her feet.

    The Renaissance man continued to proclaim that this woman would be punished for her wrongdoing listing a bunch of outrageous charges. Somebody whispered to him during his speech making him stop and then say “I almost forgot....we have to remove her shoes and socks before we begin.” She saw the two women go toward the stocks and she began to worry. Was she going to be tickled in front of all these people? Jenny then felt a tug at each of her shoelaces.

    This made Jenny think of her previous cabana boy incident.


    Jenny went on vacation to Florida with her best friend, parents, older brother and his friend. It was mostly a beach vacation and everyone was having a good time. One day Jenny’s friend said she was going to walk the beach a little bit while Jenny was going to read her book. Jenny was under an umbrella not wanting to get anymore sun and she began to feel sleepy. She put on her sunglasses as if to darken even more so she could take a nap. The last thing she remembered seeing was her brother and friend playing football near the water. Jenny and the gang didn’t have a close beach spot to the water, but the sand was perfect. Jenny was laying on her back and drifted to sleep.

    The next thing she knew when she woke up was that she couldn’t move her arms to scratch her nose. All that was really visible in front of her was a big mound of sand. She could look side to side and just barely around the mound to see her brother and friend burying her in the sand. They already had her at her legs as she was trying to kick them saying “what the hell are you jerks doing let me out.” They laughed and her brother’s friend said “we wanted to make a Jenny sandcastle.” They continued to dig and she continued to try and kick. They were both 21 so they promised that they would get her some alcohol if they let them finish burying her. The parents were off on a boat with friends that day leaving their adult children alone on the beach. Jenny agreed saying “hurry up I’m ready to get drunk.” They got her entire body buried with the exception of her bare feet and ankles. The sand was soft and smooth so they were afraid she could break free. They ended up getting some water to compact the sand a little more to make sure she couldn’t get out. She asked “how come you didn’t bury my feet.” Her brother replied “we weren’t sure how to do that plus it looks funny that only your head and feet are sticking out. They laughed at her and took some pictures and even threatened to put a hermit crab on her face making her scream.

    That got the attention of some of the other beachgoers nearby which gave Jenny’s brother’s friend an idea. He whispered something to her brother and they both laughed and seem to agree in an evil way. The friend walked by Jenny’s head and said “ok we will get you unlimited drinks if you can pass the sand test.” He gave her some water to keep her hydrated even though they were in the shade and teasingly spilled some on her face. Jenny asked what the sand test was and her brother said “you’ll find out.” The two 21 year olds disappeared from Jenny’s view and she laid there for several seconds wondering what was going to happen. She thought maybe they would find something else creepy and disgusting from the ocean to torment her with. However, just then she found out the test and the torment she would have to go through.

    Jenny felt fingers fluttering over each of her ticklish feet. They were tickling every spot imaginable on her size sevens poking helplessly out of the sand. Jenny shrieked immediately followed by giggling laughter. She yelled “don’t tickle my feeeeeeet” letting out another squealing shriek as each man held each foot with one hand used the other to tickle her bare and immobile tootsies. Each time they verbally teased her she laughed more and louder. The brother’s friend teased “kootchie kootchie koo” and “tickle tickle tickle” as he was tickling around the magic spot just under her toes making her laugh continuously. Her brother tickled her other foot saying “ticklish little baby everybody is staring at you” but Jenny couldn’t respond to their taunts anymore because all she could do was laugh. She faintly heard women’s voices when she took breaths between her girlish giggling and cackling. They stopped tickling her tootsies and took the time to catch her breath and decrease her wild laughter to mere girly giggling. Her brother walked by saying “we don’t want your feet getting sunburned” getting the sunblock even though she was in the shade.

    Jenny then felt lotion being rubbed on the ticklish bottoms and and even tops of her feet causing her to giggle louder and begging them to stop tickling her. Even the lotion was giving her a ticklish sensation now since the first onslaught made her sensitive feet more and more ticklish. They both moved up to her head saying “ok we will get you that drink now.” But her brother’s friend looked back toward her feet and said “uh oh.” Jenny was confused so he explained because she was laughing so loud that two girls came by to do some tickling of their own. Jenny watched him look in the direction of her feet in horror saying “oh no they are wiggling their fingers....they are gonna get your feet.” Jenny was laughing again from the teasing and anticipation of being tickled again even though she couldn’t see her new tormentors. He teased her again counting down from five with her laughter escalating as he got closer to zero. When he said zero she felt one finger trace lightly on her bare defenseless feet causing her to shriek again.

    This ticklish sensation was just as effective as the guys’s all out all finger onslaught. She could the women’s nails on each of her foot slowly and methodically tracing everywhere from her arches to her insteps and to her toes. Jenny kicked and shook her feet as best she could while she wiggled and scrunched her toes to try and stop the tickling sensations but with little success as she continued to squeal. The guys went back toward her feet and she heard her brother say “hold your feet still for the nice ladies” and each of them held her feet and toes firmly in place. Jenny began to giggle and beg them to stop again so the brother’s friend said “maybe you should laugh and scream louder and somebody will save you.” Jenny tried to hold it in but started letting out her squeals saying “I can’t I’m so ticklish” as she felt the nails trace on her bare feet again. Her brother’s friend said they would stop but almost instantly felt the women’s nails furiously tickling her feet with all their fingers.

    Jenny yelped and squealed again trying to say “you said you woul......” and she trailed off into a sea of constant laughter yet again as all four them were tickling her now. The brother’s friend instructed the guys to hold her toes and tickle them while the girls used their nails to tickle the soft ticklish arches of Jenny. Jenny was now laughing and screaming louder thinking maybe somebody would save her. Jenny’s laughter was reaching a new level of desperation before she shrieked again and went into a state of silent laughter. Tears were rolling down the cheeks of the poor ticklish 18-year-old as she gave up struggling and just gave into the tickling fingers on her bare helpless ticklish feet. They all stopped after she took a big gasp of air. Her brother teased her “we don’t want to tickle you to death” and her uncontrollable laughter reduced to girlish squeals and giggles. The guys went with their girl tickling partners and told Jenny “don’t go anywhere we will be right back with your drink.” Jenny wasn’t going anywhere and said “get me out of here” still giggling as she felt lingering ticklish sensations on her feet. They told her they would get her out when they got back.

    Jenny laid there for about a minute before her friend came back with the cabana boy she had just met. She asked what happened as Jenny was still giggling as the wind was making her ticklish now as it blew on her bare ticklish feet. She said “the guys buried me in the sand and now they are getting drinks” not telling them she was tickled. The friend said “oh I want one too I am going to make them get me one” and formally introduced the cabana boy to Jenny before she ran after them. Jenny was a little embarrassed meeting this guy in her predicament. He said to her “we heard someone laughing and screaming was somebody tickling your feet?” Jenny lied saying that it wasn’t her but she may have been yelling for someone to get her out. She asked him if he could rescue her in a flirty way and the guy said “no problem I’ll be right back.” He was only gone for merely a few seconds it seemed to Jenny before she heard him say “are you sure you weren’t laughing I think I need to do a tickle test.” Jenny couldn’t see him but by the sound of his voice he was at her bare feet sticking out of the sand.

    Before Jenny could say anything, she felt something like a feather on one foot and a blade of seaweed on her other foot slowly being dragged all over her ticklish feet. Jenny squealed real high pitched saying “ok it was me please I am too ticklish” giggling the whole time while trying to say this. The cabana boy replied “you naughty little liar I need to teach you a lesson for telling fibs on the beach and he took his ticklish tools and moved from her arches and insteps to her toes. Jenny began to laugh a little louder now since verbal teasing always made her even more ticklish. The cabana boy also made sure to go in between her toes as well. Jenny again was a giggling mess trying to once again kick and shake her feet away and wiggling her toes. The cabana boy teased again “your piggies get all wiggly when they are tickled...maybe we need to play This Little Piggy.” Jenny hadn’t told him to stop once yet and was just giving him laughter the whole time before she said “play massage this little piggy.” He replied “well don’t laugh and I will play that game.”

    He put his hand on her big toes and began to play the game wiggling her toes and lightly scratching them as we he went from one toe to the next doing the usual taunts. Jenny was really holding it in and tearing up from holding it in. Her ticklish endurance was reaching its limits but she did not laugh yet as he made his way to the pinky toe taunting the ticklish girl. He then said “you got some sand just under all your toes” and he lightly scratched his fingers over Jenny’s magical spot causing her to lose it control and laugh wildly. The cabana boy then said “you lose.....wee wee wee all the way home” and began an all-out ticklish assault on her feet using all ten fingers. Jenny’s laughter continued to escalate as he did not show any signs of slowing down or stopping. Jenny was now at her most ticklish at the hands of a skilled foot tickler. She again was at the point of submission giving up her struggles to try and get out of the sand that weighed her down. Her beautiful ticklish feet were at his mercy and he tickled them all over and savored every bit of her laughter. He loved her girly squeals constant laughing and giggling but all good things must come to an end.

    The rest of the gang arrived with the drinks and the cabana boy clearly felt a little embarrassed but they all joked and her brother’s friend said “hey it’s not our fault if her feet are ticklish” and gave her a quick tickle before they started digging her out. Jenny was still laughing and trying to catch her breath as it took them several minutes to get her out. She said “oh my God” and giggled when they finally got her out. Jenny’s feet were so ticklish no matter who or what tickled them. The cabana boy joked “I think she liked it she didn’t tell me to stop.” So Jenny replied “that’s because I was laughing the whole time” and it was also because at that point she had given up and accepted her fate being buried in sand and having her bare feet tickle tortured.


    Jenny was wondering if she was in a similar situation now. Near the beach in public again with her shoes being popped off wondering if her socks would be next to go. The imagery of the cabana boy again was present. Jenny wondered if her ticklish secret would get out in a very public way in her new environment. She wiggled her socked feet as one of the Renaissance men started naming off charges. He talked about how this woman would be punished for bribery and excessive flirting and not wearing enough clothes. Jenny said “well you took my shoes off I had enough clothes.” The man then said “we’re not done yet.” The two women then started to slowly peel off her white ankles socks. Jenny closed her eyes and cracked a grin as she felt the air on her heels and arches. She scrunched her toes with hopes keeping the balls of her feet and her red nail polished toes from being exposed. One of the women laughed saying “you better not resist us” and pulled her socks all the way off. Jenny felt the cool air on her completely bare feet and now had an ear to ear smile. She thought to herself how this felt similar to the wind blowing on her bare feet while she was buried in sand. One of the men said “your wiggling your toes too much we have to put a stop to that.” The women started tying her toes to the stocks one at a time. Again it wasn’t uncomfortable or cutting off circulation but it was enough to stretch out her feet and hold them in tight. Jenny started giggling lightly and one of the men noticed.

    He spoke softly to her saying “is somebody ticklish?” Jenny replied giggling louder now “not me” as the women finished up tying her last toe. The man announced again that they now know how they are going to punish their cute little criminal. He said loudly “watch our wenches tickle the feet of this cute naughty criminal.” Jenny started begging to them “no no no I’m so ticklish anything but tickling my feet.” He told her that she could use a safeword to stop the tickling but if she used it three times then she couldn’t get massaged by the cabana boy. The safeword is “RASPBERRY.” The women walked up to Jenny and said “we do this all the time we are are pros, we tickle torture cute little temptresses like you all the time and we are going to make you laugh life you never have before and you will beg for mercy.” Jenny whined “no go easy on me please” and suddenly her friend announced to the large crowd “she has the most ticklish feet in the world.” Jenny yelled at her friend “why would you do that to meeeeee”

    Jenny trailed off and began to giggle as she felt feathers slowly tickling her feet. The women each used one stiff feather to trace all over her arches and insteps and a softer feather to breeze across her toes. Jenny was laughing hysterically as the wenches taunted her “we are going to write the word ticklish on your bare feet” and used the feather as if it were pen to torment her extremely ticklish feet. Jenny was letting out loud girlish squeals drawing a bigger crowd to watch. The other feather on her toes was just as maddeningly ticklish which was now going between her toes. The women teased her again switching the feathers this time “time to draw on your toes now” and they did. Jenny was wailing now as they traced figured eight shapes on each of her toes and getting the magical spot around the balls of her feet and base of her toes. Jenny was laughing desperately now trying to get away any way she could but there was no escape. The feathers were driving her ticklish crazy and she screamed out twice “raspberry raspberry!” The women stopped and disappointingly said “aw too ticklish for the cute little baby.” One of the men announced to the crowd “she gets a break from the foot tickling but now she will be getting raspberries from two people since she said it twice.” Jenny was upset with herself saying it twice and feared the rest of her body would be ticklish since they got her feet first. Jenny was wondering where they would start.

    Two of the men stood by her on either side. One said “let’s see if she is boy crazy and stood by her legs.” Jenny giggled in anticipation. They faked like they were going to blow raspberries on her legs but in went to her hips just above her short and tight jeans shorts. They nibbled on her hips while using their big strong hands to squeeze her ticklish thighs. Jenny was squealing like a pig again cackling her head off. The wenches teased her announcing “take a look gentlemen this chick is really boy crazy.” This made Jenny laugh even louder and struggled to say while giggling “somebody help me.” This drew a laugh from the audience as nobody would save her from her ticklish torment which was set to continue after a couple minutes of tickling her thighs and hips. The lead Renaissance man said “your foot tickling is only going to get worse so use your last safeword wisely.” Jenny replied still trying to catch her breath from the feet tickling and other tickling “you guys are just going to tickle me again anyway” still giggling like a school girl. The women took their place at her feet again and told Jenny to look at them. She could barely see them just over the stocks and wondered what would be next for her poor helpless ticklish feet.

    The women wiggled their fingers just above the stocks in Jenny’s view saying “time to test out our new nails on these tootsies.” Jenny laughed and looked away but the women warned her if she looked away again they would start tickling her. Jenny looked again and saw the wiggling fingers just above the stocks close to her bare feet which were out of view. Jenny’s giggles escalated as they teased her “it’s coming soon can you already feel the ticklishness?” Jenny could as the ticklish sensations were shooting through her feet and up her legs which also just went through tickle torture. The two wenches alternately said “tickle tickle tickle” and “kootchie kootchie koo.” This teasing was driving Jenny crazy and she had to look away. The lead man said “uh oh you know what time it is.” Jenny yelled “plesae don’t tickle my feeeeeeeeeet.”

    Jenny trailed off again in giggles feeling one finger on each of her bare soles. Jenny again thought of when her brother and his friend tickled her with those two women on the beach. The wenches traced their one nail all over her feet and no spot was left untouched. They teased her again saying “let’s count to five.” After saying number one they each wiggled their index fingers faster over her helpless and sensitive arches. Jenny’s laugh escalated after they counted to two using two fingers. They continued to taunt and tease her moving on to three and four and now using four fingers to tickle her from her balls to your heels of her feet. Jenny laughed louder and louder and couldn’t even beg anymore as they continued to increase the intensity of their tickling. They playfully said “ten” and immediately jumped to using all ten fingers to tickle her everywhere on her lovely bare feet including each of her toes. Jenny wailed “hey” before squealing away so helplessly. Jenny couldn’t take this tickling sensation but couldn’t get out the safeword for it to stop. She was laughing so hard and so much that she couldn’t do anything else including seeing the crowd or hearing their reaction. Jenny was tearing up now and as a tear rolled down her cheek she managed to get out the word “raspberry.” The wenches continued to viciously tickle torture her bare feet saying “can’t hear you.” Jenny’s laughter got desperate again and took in a big breath from her constant laughter and yelled out raspberry again. Jenny giggled feeling the ticklish sensations throughout her body now even though nobody was tickling her.

    Two men were on either side of her again near head saying “well you said it twice again” and Jenny giggled saying “no fair no fair” and giggled as the bearded men got near her face as she waited in ticklish anticipation. They managed to force their faces on each side of her neck lightly breathing on her neck and ears causing her to squeal. Then they started kissing and blowing raspberries on her neck causing her to shriek loudly but the men did not waver despite the loud scream in their ears. It fueled their fire to tickle her more and they once again used their hands to tickle her smooth underarms. This type of tickling always took Jenny’s breath away. She was squealing sucking her air trying to desperately pull her arms down. But they were there for the taking. The men wiggled all her fingers in her smooth hollows and then switched to poking and prodding with their index fingers. Jenny let out a loud shriek again as they now used their thumbs to dig into her outstretched armpits. Jenny was going crazy laughing wildly. She was amazed the rest of her body was this ticklish but her feet were the gateway to the rest of her body. She had goosebumps all over her body since they were still nibbling on her neck. They stopped again after a few minutes and Jenny was a little sweaty now since her hair was a little wet. She felt the dual sensations of goosebumps on her sensitive ticklish skin and the heat from laughing so much and loud.

    Jenny was trying to catch her breath as the men would playfully tickle her armpits for a second then pull away and then return again. She laughed and giggled each time this happened meaning this took longer for her to catch her breath. The women debated what do do next to her feet during this but came up with a solution. They borrowed two hairbushes from girls in the crowd and showed them to Jenny. Then they pulled out electric toothbrushes and turned them on so she could hear the buzzing sound. Jenny was puzzled wondering what this would feel like. They walked down to her feet. Jenny was no longer begging and accepting the fact her feet would be tickled again. The cabana boy stood behind her near her face and Jenny looked at him upside down saying “help me I’m too ticklish” and he replied “if you ever get out of here then you can get that massage as promised.” Just then felt the hairbrushes on each of her feet go up and down and side to side all over her feet. Jenny let out her most high pitched laughing scream as of yet and an even bigger crowd started to gather to check out the loud wailing laughter of this pretty girl. She then felt the electric toothbrush swirling around and in between her toes. Jenny was laughing wildly now trying to move and get away more than ever. This was true tickle torture now. They had built up the ticklishness of her feet to this moment. Jenny was now silently laughing with her cheeks red on her light skin and tears streaming down her face. She knew she had one chance to get out the safeword whenever she could gulp a breath whenever this round of silent laughter ended. This type of tickle torture didn’t last long but seemed like an eternity to Jenny and she managed to yell out “RASPBERRY” when she caught her breath. The women stopped and went up to her face which had an ear to ear grin on it. She was still squealing and giggling as they teased her but even though they stopped tickling her. They said “you are so much fun we loved your ticklish feet.”

    Jenny could see clearly now after getting all the ticklish tears out and saw the largest Renaissance man climb on the rack and straddle her waist. She had not seen or been tickled by this one yet but he was so big that she couldn’t buck her hips or move away anymore. She really was immobile now and said “I thought this was over.” The big fat man replied “it’s only over after I am done with you.” He lowered his mouth toward her bare belly and Jenny knew what was coming next. She was laughing already begging him to get off her. He teased her saying “I’m hungry and a big man has got to eat.” He took in a huge breath and blew the biggest raspberry of Jenny’s life on her skinny and taut tummy. Jenny’s high pitch giggles and squealing returned as he blew several raspberries all over her tummy including around her belly button, on the sides of her tummy and her ribs. Jenny was in a state of constant girly laughter and the audience was intrigued. He switched techniques by blowing and nibbling on her tummy, sides and ribs now while using his chubby hands and fingers to consistently tickle all over her midsection. Jenny thought this would never end as he continued to nibble on her belly and wiggle his fingers in her ribs, sides and waist. Jenny was once again a cackling mess barely audible saying “I can’t take it anymore.” She was squealing and had goosebumps all over body again as he used his stubble to lightly graze her entire midsection. She thought to herself that she was almost ticklish everywhere else as she was on her bare feet as he finally stopped.

    Jenny thought it was over until the lead man announced “this ticklish babe will be our tickle slave for the next hour if anybody wants to pay 10 bucks to tickle her feet for one minute.” The Renaissance men led this organization as several people from the crowd wanting to hang around and tickle her bare feet. The women went by her head and listened to her whiny and begging request “I don’t want to be a tickle slave.” One wench said to her “sorry pretty girl your feet are just too ticklish...the men think you’re hot and want to hear your cute laugh and get their hands on your soft and pretty ticklish feet and the women are jealous and want to torture you and make your squirm and beg.” Jenny felt many different hands from men and women who paid to tickle her bare helpless feet for one minute each. The Renaissance women teased her the whole time and every once in a while would tickle her upperbody with their nails, feathers and electric toothbrushes. Jenny laughed the whole time and was hoping nobody else wanted to tickle her defenseless feet. But after each one finished there was another waiting to punish her ticklish bare feet. Finally the last person tickled her feet and they started to untie her from her ticklish situation. They got her out and thanked her for being a good sport and actually gave her a cut of the money that the public paid to tickle her bare feet. She was so tired from struggling and laughing so much and was even still giggling a little bit feeling the ticklish sensations in her feet.

    The cabana boy came over and picked her up saying “ok time for your massage.” He put Jenny down on his own table laying her on her stomach. Jenny’s friends came over with their bikes and her shoes and socks and her girlfriend said “are you ticklish or something?” Jenny rolled her eyes saying “thanks for helping me by the way I’m getting this massage.” Multiple people Jenny was attracted to started putting lotion on her body and she was already feeling good. The man lotioning and rubbing her feet was having the biggest impact though. Jenny had never felt so good from a massage and she even giggled throughout the massage since her feet were so sensitive. Even though her feet were still ticklish the foot massage felt incredible. They finished her off and Jenny felt a lot different leaving Venice Beach then she did when she got there. She put her socks and shoes back on but could still feel the ticklish sensations on her bare feet even though she was no longer barefoot. They returned home and Jenny and her friends had a nice visit for the rest of the weekend. The most memorable part of the trip was definitely the tickle torture of Jenny’s bare feet.

    Jenny got an e-mail from her best girlfriend a couple weeks later and couldn’t believe what she found. Her ticklish predicament was all over the Internet. Jenny was clicking on links that led her to homemade videos of her tickle torture, photo slideshows of her ticklish agony and people talking over social media about the extremely ticklish bare feet some hot girl at Venice Beach. Jenny was flattered but also concerned that everybody in California would know and maybe exploit her ticklish feet. Jenny wondered when the next time she would get tickled again, where it would happen and who would be doing the ruthless torture on her smooth, soft, bare and very ticklish feet.

    The End

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    keep going!!!

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    But how is Jenny when she does the tickling?

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    I am considering a story like that but am also thinking about writing another Erin story or maybe even trying something new.

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    Really cool story! Beach tickling stories always rule

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