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    Smile >>> F/M Story: Tickle-Teasing 101

    Madame Zoe had invited John to visit her school, Zoe’s Feminist Academy. Though
    he hardly knew the lady, he accepted. Upon his arrival, she greeted him warmly, and
    served coffee.

    Soon, he felt himself growing drowsy, and then he fell asleep. When he awoke, he
    was naked, and tied to a padded table.

    Several young women, evidently Academy students, smiled at him impishly.

    Madame Zoe said to them, “Ladies, this is John. Isn’t he adorable? Especially when
    he’s naked and helpless?” They wholeheartedly agreed that he was.

    “He’s our subject for today’s demonstration.” She stressed the euphemism for victim.
    The top of the table was tilted upward, affording an excellent view the “subject.”

    She continued, “Today’s class is about the art of sexually tickle-teasing a man.
    I think that each of you has the makings of a truly maddening tease—like me.”
    Her listeners began to smile mischievously as her words sank in.

    “Would you like to learn the art?” she asked them. They eagerly responded that they

    “Then watch this.” With that, she began to disrobe. When she removed her brassiere,
    John’s heart pounded. Her breasts were so enchanting!

    Then she brought them close to his mouth, but not so close that he could kiss them,
    which he passionately wanted to do. He gazed at them, thrilled and excited.

    Unmindful of the young women, he ardently begged her, ”Oh, please! Bring them
    closer. Let me kiss them!”
    She mockingly responded, “What? These old

    She told the others, “See how desperately he wants to kiss my breasts. Now, watch
    what I do next.” She began caressing her breasts. John squirmed vigorously
    against his bonds.

    “There is something about seeing a woman fondle her breasts that drives some men
    crazy,” she explained. Her audience was fascinated. “Remember that trick. With many
    men, it can be very amusing.” The others nodded in understanding.

    “Now we’ll get into some hands-on tickle-teasing. As you know, a man’s
    scrotum and penis are the most sensitive parts of his body. So this will be a lot
    of fun.”

    She began tickling his scrotum with her sculptured nails, skillfully covering the sac
    with strokes that made him howl with laughter.

    She stopped, and asked the others, “Don’t you just love the commotion he makes when
    his balls are tickled?” They made it clear that they surely did.

    She continued, “But the real fun is teasing a man’s cock.” With that, she started
    teasing his shaft with her devilish fingers. John writhed and groaned. “Isn’t this fun?”
    she asked him cheerily.

    By now, he was desperate for an orgasm. That was obvious to the young women,
    who were greatly amused by his predicament—and delighted by their teacher’s

    She stopped and said, “You’ll notice that I avoid tickling the underside of his penis.
    That’s where his ‘trigger’ nerves are, the ones that bring about an orgasm. By now, he
    frantically wants to climax.”

    “But let’s not let him. Let’s make him keep it in!” she said. “That’s known as
    cock teasing. It really drives a man crazy. It’s wonderful fun—for the teaser,
    but not for her victim.”

    Then, as if announcing an important principle, she said, “Cock teasing is the most
    amusing thing that a woman can do to a man. They’re all so deliciously vulnerable
    that way,” she added.

    “As you’ll see, orgasm denial is the really fun part of cock teasing.” The others
    grinned in understanding.

    “A man can really be teased out of his wits by having his penis tickled,” she added.

    “In fact, if we tickle-tease his organs long enough without climaxing him, his poor brain
    will turn into mush! Isn’t that so, John?” He groaned again, while the young women

    “Wait and see. Soon, he’ll be begging for release,” she declared.

    The others were fascinated by her insights and technique—and would remember them.

    Then she asked, “Now, ladies, would you like to get some practice tickle-teasing

    “Oh, yes!” they answered.

    Then she said, “All right then. He's all yours! Have fun.” They beamed with
    delight. This was what they’d been waiting for.

    “Oh, no! This can’t be happening!” he cried out.

    They began teasing his organs with sinful delight. They carefully avoided letting him

    Then Madame Zoe brought out two electric toothbrushes of a type noted for its
    brisk vibrations. John gasped in dismay, while the young women “oohed” in anticipation.

    Madame Zoe playfully observed, “Since his organs are so very sensitive, he’ll just love
    having them stimulated with these delightful playthings.”

    She smiled mischievously and added, “For the ultimate in tickle-teasing, nothing is
    more effective than electric toothbrushes.”

    “We’ll apply only the backs of the brushes to his precious organs, not the bristles,
    which are much too abrasive.”

    With that, she handed the wicked devices to each young woman in turn. And each,
    in turn, delighted in tickle-teasing John’s scrotum and penis for half a minute or so,
    being careful not to bring him to an orgasm.

    The vibrating sticks thrilled his hyper-sensitive genitals with the most electrifying—
    and maddening—sensations imaginable.

    He squirmed vigorously, and struggled vainly against his bonds, while moaning in
    sexual frustration. It seemed to go on forever. His body writhed, and his mind nearly
    exploded with unbearably intense desire.

    “Frustrating, isn’t it, John?” Madame Zoe mocked sadistically. “Quite maddening, in fact.”

    Finally, she put the wicked implements aside.

    Then Paul started begging frantically, “Please, Madame Zoe, do it!_DO IT!”
    There were tears in his eyes.

    “If you insist,” she agreed, with a casual air that mocked his frenzy.

    “Didn’t I tell you that he would beg for release?” she asked the others, who nodded,
    remembering her prediction. “That’s the most delicious part of tickle-teasing,” she
    said, her eyes sparkling.

    “So now, we’ll let him have an orgasm.” The others squealed in delighted
    anticipation. John’s heart pounded. He was experiencing a giddy amalgam of
    eagerness and embarrassment.

    Then, to his joy, she began caressing his hyper-ticklish genitals with superb skill.
    Unutterable pleasure electrified his now exceedingly sensitive body.

    She soon engulfed his eager, quivering body in stupefying pleasure, bringing him
    to an intensely thrilling orgasm.

    The others watched in fascination and delight—both at their teacher’s performance,
    and at the sight of a man in the throes of overwhelming sexual pleasure—and they
    loved it.

    John loved it, too. Soon, he cried out loudly, in pure ecstasy, an ecstasy so exquisitely
    intense that he lost consciousness.

    The young women grinned with impish delight, and many were overwhelmed by fiercely
    passionate climaxes. Madame Zoe was most pleased by their reactions.

    (Later, in her boudoir, she would bring about a thrilling climax of her own.)

    When John awoke, he had been unfastened, and the others were gone. He lay on
    the table, and slowly recovered as the queen of tickle-teasing sat by quietly.

    Finally, he spoke. She beamed with pleasure when he asked,

    "When can we hold our next class?"


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    Very nice story. Thanks for posting it here.
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    sounds evil and delightful. wish i could be the subject for a class like that ^-^
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    "Maddening" - yep, been there. The right tickler can leave you smiling breathlessly and wanting more. Thanks for sharing.

    Smiling means longer life.
    Tickling means more smiling.
    What are we waiting for?

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    Great work!

    Keeper of the Feathers and SKITTLE aficionado!

    "The conversation between your fingers and someone else's skin is the most important conversation you can ever have"

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