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    May 2005

    early experiences: Tickling my babysitter

    So some more early memories of discovering a feet/tickling fetish. I think I was about 10, a bit after the previous story about my friend's Mom and we had moved to a different house...my parents kept having children so we had to find a bigger house. We had a large family and it was difficult for my parents to find a babysitter who could handle us all and the one they used the most was an older, married lady whom I never really thought about until this night. She was maybe mid 30-s but always wore sort of frumpy dresses and....uhmmm...hairnets! Ahem! Not the shiniest star on the block, plus she always wore those black, heeled, lace-up old lady shoes. I was more into, even by that early time, bare feet...still am...but she always wore those shoes with seamed nylons...you couldn't buy anything else in the 50's...
    Being the oldest, I was always allowed to stay up later than the rest of my brood, as long as I was in my PJ's. We only had a B&W TV, which, after she put the rest of the kids to bed, she was watching, oh, I don't know, Milton Berle or Red Skelton. What happened next got my attention: she slipped those old lady shoes off! So she's tired, on the couch, hairnet and frumpy dress, drowsy and ready to fall asleep with exposed feet on the couch. Her feet were actually very nice; small, petite and a bit plump. I had never seen her feet in nylons...or any other way than inside her shoes...and I immediately paid attention, even though I was in another room, I'm not sure why, looking at baseball cards, whatever.
    What I do know is that in a very short time my PJ's could not disguise my interest and my member was standing at attention. Hmmmm...
    Gotta remember, I was 10 or so and this lady was one of the only sitters my parents could find, so I didn't want to do anything that might make her not come back...but now her feet, in seamed nylons, were on display and she was falling asleep. My mind is racing...I wanted to go run my fingers down, up, across, whatever direction, those nyloned soles and toes but what should I do?I didn't even think about whether she was ticklish before this but I sure wondered now...I decided that I would never get another chance to find out so me and my tilted PJ's crept quietly over to the couch. My heart was thumping but that had no effect on the tilted front of my PJ's, of course. I stuck a thumb out and ran it up her nyloned foot, heel to toe.
    WOW! Instant re-action. She jumped and twisted and looked at me with a very small smile on her face; she knew what was about to happen. I tickled her nyloned soles, bottom to top, top to bottom and under her nyloned toes...while she never really laughed, I think 'cause she didn't want to wake the rest of the kids, she did a lotta jumping and twisting as my 10 year old fingers scrabbled over her soles and toes. Then, an amazing thing happened, not sure why, unless it was out of self defense, she bent down to the floor...I was barefoot...and she started to tickle MY feet, fingers dancing up the sides and tops, all, the while smiling at me and jerking while I kept tickling the crap out of her soles and toes. I am sure she noticed my erection; it was very difficult to miss, but I think, at least at that period of time, that it was a taboo thing for her to pay attention to or act on that particular section of my anatomy. We kept on like this until she realized she was at a disadvantage because my feet are not ticklish and she more or less dissolved into a silent, giggly mess while I had my way with her feet.
    I decided after about 15 minutes of this that she had had enough...some sweat had become evident...so I gave her one last tickle and a grin (she did grin back, weakly) and went up to my bed...I was the only child with my own BR, being the oldest, and closed my eyes to re-live the feel of her feet on my fingers and...well, the pajamas got a soaking that night! Can't imagine what my Mom thought when she did the laundry but there were so many kids that she probably didn't even notice.
    We moved again shortly after that but I will always be grateful to her for not telling my parents, though my Mom was aware I had a thing for feet...and not getting pissed. And I think she might have liked it...I hope she attacked her husband when she got home!

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    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire
    Funny how some memories stick in your mind! Cool story.

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    Aug 2002
    denver, CO
    LOL @ stick

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Great story. Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Jan 2009
    Northeast U.S.
    I wish I had a baby-sitter when I was a kid! I only had my grandma (In her 70's){No way!} watch me while they're working, but only til I was 10yrs old after that I was on my own until they came home! I guess that's also another reason I got into cooking because I had to make my own supper most of the time too! (I always envied my friends who had younger babysitters!
    Everyone needs a clown to make them laugh & sometimes a mischevious tickling!!--- Chef K.C. The class original clown!

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    Dec 2011
    East Coast
    Cool story!
    PhoenixRising's definition of a Puritan: One who lives in the constant fear that someone somewhere is being tickled.

    Let me introduce you to my little friend... Hey stop laughing or I'll give you something to laugh about.

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    Jan 2009
    Somewhere in the German speaking part of Europe
    thanks very much for sharing these divine memories of yours! Isn't it funny that no matter where we end with our foot tickling preferences the beginning is always very similar. And I'm sure that a lot of our "brothers at arms" out there did make similar experiences as kids or juveniles. I sure did... (and not only one...)
    What I'm asking myself is why there's no provider for video clips on mature women tickled slightly on their feet while dozing on couches - or recliners for that matter (which was what I did with a straw to a neighbor of ours) sigh*


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