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    CHINESE BEAUTIES' TICKLING TORTURE ----- Sexy Girl Ann Tickling Torture

    Hello, everybody, this is CHINESE BEAUTIES' TICKLING TORTURE, our name is called as Luffy Team. This is the team of producing CHINESE TICKLING movies! We have huge number of beautiful, gougers and ticklish girls (all of the girl's age are definately over 18 years old!!), we are a big team, and we hold a very big model's agency company, after one year's working, we have over 80 clips/movies on our hand, and now,we plan to update All of our professional tickling models (which over 300 models) one by one.

    The reason of us to start our business here is because we can't find the STYLES of Chinese girl's tickling movie as we thought in China always. and we have our methods to emphasis our mind, which is making our own movies.

    we are the new producer team, and we don't have so many experiences to sale them, the thing we have only, is make the best Chinese girls' tickling movie as best as we can, so please please tell us and give us your mind after you look at this preview clip, and also please send email to our email box: luffy.lee@hotmail.com, and the most important of is PLZ SUPPORT US!! thanks a lot !!!!

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    Now we are pround to introduce our first model's tickling Movie!
    Sexy Girl Ann Tickling Torture: Ann is a girl of age 19, she is Mix between China and Russia, and she is very ticklish of all of the body, especially on the Feet. And also, she has the gougers Size 4 feet, Very Soft and sexy, to buy this clip to see her helpless tickling feet and also the screaming laugh.

    Please Check our Clip store: http://www.clips4sale.com/49343
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    to continue

    to continue
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    Great photos. Thanks for sharing them here.
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    Good pics.
    Remember: If you tickle them, they will come.

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    some movie's shot

    some movie's shot
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    Thanks for sharing them..11403717-hand-pushing-the-button.jpg

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