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    Machine tickling

    I was wondering if anyone else shared my fantasy of tickle torture at the hands of a device. The closest I've come is taping a vibrator to my GFs feet and watching her be tortured without me touching her... Then attacking her armpits.

    I'm wondering if anyone shares the same fantasy or has clips or pics of something similar.

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    Indeed. I even wrote a story about it.

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    Mar 2010
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    Its not one of my fantasies but you may be interested to know that there are prototypes of various tickling machines out there. Google them. However I don't think any are actually produced for sale.

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    Dec 2012
    London, UK
    DIY sounds like the way to go, must be loads of household stuff you could use in creating a tickling machine. Lots of (fiction) stories include people being tickled by machines. My favorite include the old style turntable record player with feathers attached propped up against feet and stories about tickling boots: magnetically sealed boots that tickle the wearer's feet.

    I remember seeing some great vids on dailymotion a few years ago with what looked like some kind of big electric brush pushed up against some stocked feet and just left to do their magic on the victim

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    Aside from the sensation, machines / tools do not offer the mind-fucking or chemistry that a person can.

    Ask me ANYTHING (within reason)

    Take a picture of yourself with your screen-name!!! Proof that there are some ACTUALLY REAL PEOPLE on here.

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