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    Wife's Feet Tickled by Another Guy at Drunken Party Last Weekend!

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I posted anything, and a few years since my last story. I wrote about my wife getting her feet tickled by a stranger at a holiday party, and nothing has happened like that since. That all changed last weekend...

    We've been living in Hawaii for about a year. Yeah, I know, it's great. We're really lucky! Last Friday, we were having some drinks at one of our favorite places. My wife saw a lady she works with, and that lady's husband. My wife got on with her well, but she had never hung out with her outside work, and she had never met her husband. I had never met either of them, but they seemed nice, although a bit older than us. We got to talking, joking, and having a great time. After some time, we decided to leave. We were in Waikiki, so we walked to a convenience store to grab some wine for the beach. After a while of drinking, we were pretty buzzed, and the couple invited us to hang out at their condo in Waikiki. We thought that sounded like fun, so we walked a few blocks back with them. When we got to the condo, everyone slipped off their shoes, which is customary in Hawaii. Everyone walks around the house barefoot...

    As if we had not had enough to drink yet, they passed around more wine, and we helped ourselves. The guy called over some neighbor friends, and pretty soon we were having quite the impromptu party. They had a balcony that looked over the city and some of us were hanging on the balcony and some were in the condo. I began to notice that my wife was close to being completely wasted, along with her friend. We were all pretty hammered, and my wife went back inside and flopped on the couch, stretching out. I remained on the balcony, talking with the guys, but I could see her and she looked okay. At some point my wife's co-worker's husband wandered back in and I remained outside with the other guys. I saw him walk over to the couch, and it looked like he was saying something to my wife. I couldn't hear from outside, and things were running in slow motion from the drinks. She was awake but close to that "passed out" state where she probably didn't know what end was up. What I saw next blew me away.

    He went to sit down on the couch next to her, and she pulled her legs up so he could sit down. This guy then grabbed her ankles and pulled them across his lap. I was stunned! I was amazed at his brazenness, and my first thought was that I couldn't believe this guy we just met, and who was the husband of a woman my wife worked with, was putting a move on my wife. I kept my cool and continued hanging with the other guys on the balcony, but I kept looking through the sliding glass doors to where this guy had crashed on the couch with my wife's legs across his lap. I noticed after a few minutes that he had his hand on her thigh, just resting there, not doing anything else, but he was talking to her. I then saw my wife look out the glass door to me, and I just raised my eyebrows at her like I could see what was going on and was watching. I figured she felt pretty awkward, but didn't want to draw attention or make a scene with these people, and I felt the same. She was also pretty out of it. My wife is extremely pretty, and I am somewhat amused by the attention she gets sometimes, so part of me wanted to see where this would go.

    About five minutes went by, and then the moment I've been waiting for for three years happened. He reached down to her feet, picked one one up, and began massaging her bare foot. My jaw almost dropped, and my heart was beating out of my chest. I was stunned for a second, and I couldn't believe what was happening. I looked over at my wife's co-worker who was also on the balcony, but she was wasted and laughing with some other girls. The guy I had been hanging with, looked at my face, saw what was going on and said, "He's totally making a move on your girl, bro." I said that I knew, but I laughed it off and played it cool.

    I could see my wife, and she was so out of it and drunk. I felt a bit funny because I knew he was taking advantage of her, but I did nothing. I watched him for a minute or so massage her one foot. He was squeezing her arch and heel, and pressing his fingers into her sole. My wife's eyes were closed, and I wondered if she was even really aware of what was going on. He then began massaging her toes, and I felt myself getting excited and my face flushed. I saw her then scrunch her toes and reflexively pull her foot back, but he held on to her ankle. I knew how ticklish her feet were, but she was lucky that she was was some other planet and her senses were probably somewhat dulled. He bagen massaging her other foot, and I could see him run the palm of his hand up and down the sole of her foot. I watched him pick up her leg by the ankle and stroke the bottom of her foot from her heel to her toes. I was mesmerized. I was also pretty drunk. I decided to walk in from the balcony and approach the guy. I didn't want to embarrass him in his own place, or make an awkward situation for my wife and her co-worker though.

    I decided to play it cool. I went inside and casually walked over to get another drink. He stopped massaging her feet, but he was still crashed on the couch with her gorgeous feet on his lap. I broke the ice. I said, "she usually doesn't like massages because the bottom of her feet are so ticklish." He chuckled, and I could tell that this guy was also really wasted. It's amazing what alcohol will do to inhibitions.

    "See for yourself. Run your finger up the arch of her foot."

    Up to this point, the guy had not actually tickled her feet on purpose. He dragged his nails up her right foot. It was electric. My drunk wife jolted and let out a shriek. I thought she had passed out, but man, were her feet ticklish. I was goading him on.

    "See what I mean. I told you!"

    He laughed and said that his wife was not so ticklish. I told him that she is crazy ticklish pretty much everywhere, but her feet are the weak spot. I was feeling bold, and wanted more, so I egged him on.

    "Get her good, bro!" He picked up her ankle again, and holding it, began scratching up and down her sole. It was if a bomb went off. My wife thrashed and giggled and yanked her foot out of his hand. I was feeling the moment, and I jumped on the couch and leaned over her, pinning her down. I said, "get her!"

    The guy grabbed her legs and began tickling her bare soles. She went berserk. I almost felt bad, because she was so drunk... My wife yelled at us to stop, and was pulling at her legs but we held her good. This guy used all of his fingers and raked his nails up and down the bottom of her feet. He stuck his fingers in the base of her toes. She was hysterical, in absolute fits of laughter, shrieks, and giggles. My world was spinning. The music was loud, and I could barely comprehend what was happening. I'll never forget what happened next.

    He mumbled to me, "Your wife's so fucking hot."

    "I know, dude." I replied.

    He then leaned down toward her feet and put her toes in his mouth. I nearly died. This guy was sucking my wife's toes right in front of me. She giggled, and said my name in protest, as if I would intervene, but we were all so intoxicated. Holding her on the couch, I reached under her blouse and began tickling under her arms and on her sides. He had slid down and turned facing her soles. He had the bottom of her feet toward his face and was sucking her sexy toes as she lost it.

    Hahahahahahahaha!!! Hehehehehe! She shrieked. My hot wife laughed uncontrollably, in her drunken stupor. She was so ticklish, and this was uncharted territory. I was in heaven. She laughed, cackled, and giggled as this went on for 30 seconds or so. I could tell this guy was not so much into tickling, as he was into her feet. I let him go at her feet, and he sucked her toes some more. She giggled and rolled back her head. Again, I kind of felt bad we were both now taking advantage.

    He then pressed his face onto her soles and began to suck her arches. I held her down and watched him go at her feet. He began licking her insteps and up to her toes. She curled her toes and wrinkled her feet up to try to pull away. My wife went hysterical.

    Nooooooo! Hahahahahahahahahah! Hehehehehehe! Her laughter amid the pumping music and the madness of what was happening made me crazy. "I can't take it anymore!" She shrieked. His tongue worshipped the soles of the woman I loved. My wife's soft, ticklish feet were coming back to haunt her as this guy had his way with them. She then said the words which I replay every day in my mind...

    Hahahahah Ahhhhhhh! "I'm so ticklish, hahaha! Get him...hehehehehe...off my fucking feet!" That was the end of it.

    "Ok...alright...she's had enough." I said. I felt a little embarrassed.

    "We're just having a bit of fun with you," the guy slurred his words. My wife looked pissed for a minute, but was so out of it she didn't have the will to argue.

    We went home that night and haven't spoken about it since. I think she was ok with everything, but I'm not really sure how much recollection she has about the whole thing anyway. This will probably go down as one of the craziest nights we'll have ever had.

    P.S. Check out the amazing pics of her soles. What do you guys think? Thanks for the feedback!
    Last edited by sean88k; 02-04-2013 at 04:09 AM.

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    Feb 2012
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    Fantastic story! Those pictures are great as well; she has gorgeous feet

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    May 2007
    Great story! Very hot! Your wife's feet are beautiful

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    Jun 2012
    Awesome story!!!!

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    May 2005
    chicago burbs
    wonderful story....

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    Thanks for the positive feedback! Does anyone here share experiences like this? Has anyone had this happen to their significant other or wanted to do it to someone else's?

    Any tips on getting my wife into this on more of a planned basis, and not just a chance encounter? As you can see, she's really ticklish, has smoking hot soles, but won't really let herself be tickled for any length of time. I'd love to actually PLAN a ticklish encounter with another guy, but I'm not sure how to introduce that. What would you reccommend, from what you can tell of her?

    Also...what would you have done with her in this situation? Thanks!

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    Oct 2002
    Somewhere you have to get to know me to find out though.
    Hi Sean88k first let me say great story and wanted to let you know that your wife has Gorgeous feet a toes and the first pic showed her legs and a blurrying face but I can tell she is a beautiful lady. I am a guy who loves to tickle other men's wifes with them but you live too far away for me to come meet you. Hawaii is out of my range of travel. But wanted to let you know if you were closer I would definitely want to engage in some tickling with you on your wife or while you watched. I love ticklish feet the most on women but love to tickle all over. Anyway thanks for the story I enjoyed it. If you can ever get a video clip made of you tickling her I would love to see it.

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    Great story and wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing them here.
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    Yowsah, amazing story; your wife is some lovely dish! Question, does she get regular pedicures and if so, how does she react; as if we didn't know.

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    Thanks, Mr. Creosote!

    Uh... Pedicures are out of the question. She pretty much does her own toes, and keeps her soles soft by wearing shoes and the occasional scrub and lotion.

    I took her for a pedicure once and she couldn't take it. She giggled and clutched the chair as the vietnamese guy scrubbing her soles said, "tickles?" I loved it.

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    west cent florida
    lovely wife and feet,must be super ticklish to break through the fog

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    Mar 2009
    TX, USA
    Your wife and her soles are gorgeous, I would not let another man tickle her. But thanks for sharing, great story
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    great post!

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    Feb 2006
    Great story! I remember your other story from a few years back.
    No pedicures, feather sensitive- you lucky dog. You two must have
    really been buzzed. I would of egged the other guy on had I been
    that situation also with my lady, but for you to witness her toes in
    his mouth with her reactions. Could you imagine if this transpired
    without the alcohol? Wow. Great sole shots. Could you post some
    pics of the the tops of her toes so we can see her pedicure. Thanks

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