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    Jul 2005
    I'm from Las Vegas, Nv. but currently live in Logan Utah.

    Savannah Guthrie

    Am I the only one who has ever wondered whether Savannah Guthrie from the Today show is ticklish?? With those sexy legs and hot feet, I would consider it a waste of sexiness if she wasn't as ticklish as I imaging her to be. OMG, I would love to have my way with that hot amazon and then let her ravage my body as well. What do you all think????
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    I think she says "Good morning to you too much. We know who she's talking to, just say Good morning!

    Oh, and yes, I'm curious as well.

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    I agree she is hot would like to hear if she is ticklish. I put a request in the request section for somebody to do a story about her getting tickled but sadly there were no takers.

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    Apr 2001
    Nomadic, Mostly Texas & Louisiana
    I was thinking the same thing the other morning. She was wearing black nylons & all I could think about was tickling her... Definite cutie... I usually watch HLN in the morning. I'm more of a Robin Meade guy m'self

    I've said it before & I'll say it again... In order for me to maintain a grasp of reality, all cute, sexy girls must be ridiculously ticklish.
    TK Hound

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    Sep 2002
    New York City
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    Savannah looks very cute. I love the pic showing her soles.
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    Aug 2001
    She is very ticklish!

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