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    Nov 2011
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    Drained At The Tickle Studio (fff/m) - With Pic

    As usual, if anyone would like more details about the session or the ladies, etc. I'm glad to share via PM rather than be overly commercial here. Since the first hour was videoed though, I did add a (non-sexual) pic that they shared with me this time, plus some individual photos from their respective web sites to match names with faces. Thanks, hope you enjoy. I sure did.


    The Studio door opened and Xena smiled and met me with a hug.


    We'd started planning this reunion six months earlier during the December chill. Now I was dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, but not for long.

    Alexandra stepped out into a hallway near the bondage table, and we also embraced hello.


    Each of these mistresses had tickled me before at the Studio, though not at the same time.

    Today was even different, though. Today was my birthday, and I'd long wanted to be tickled by three women at once. So we were joined by Ms Mara, who I knew only by reputation.


    "We're planning to do lots of things to you today," Xena said mischievously. "You've got way too many clothes on."

    Soon I was spread-eagled nude on my back on the leather bondage table, wrists and ankles fastened in leather cuffs, a pair of belts strapped across my chest and waist, but with plenty of circulation for the three hours that lay ahead.

    The sight of three voluptuous women encircling me with sly smiles, styled nails and a thirst for tickling is nearly indescribable.

    Alexandra and Xena already knew my weak spots from previous sessions. Taking advantage of the table's construction, Alexandra walked into the gap between my legs and glided her nails up and down the inside of my thighs, pausing just below my privates to tickle underneath for long stretches. Eventually she settled in at my left side, spidering and squeezing my hips.

    At the same time, Mara's face was inches from my own, smiling right into my eyes as she explored my upper body for the first time. "Oh, you are a ticklish one, aren't you?" she as she found my underarms with both hands, teased my nipples and neck, and dug into my ribs.

    Xena went straight for my feet, camping in front of them at eye level and making sure to curl her fingers under my toes and peel them back.

    In minutes I was a sweating, struggling mess. And they loved it. Every ten minutes or so they rotated spots. The Studio is stacked with toys, and I had soft ropes sliding cleverly back and forth through my toes. There was a wharton wheel rolling along my arches, then my underarms, there may have been two of them - I was getting hazy and breathless. They also attacked in packs... double-teaming my feet, my knees.

    I was unprepared for how much attention they gave to my shaft, taking turns while the others strategically distracted me with assaults from all sides. Xena brought out an electric toothbrush. Later Alexandra and Mara had metallic talons on... when those prickly devices are dragging up and down your manhood, you must fight the urge to thrash with all your being.

    When they applied the vibrators (yes, two) on it, I just about lost it. Almost. They were feasting on how my laughs and moans melted together as I arched my back and fought to keep some kind of control. One of the vibrators was an especially fiendish device that actually wrapped around the shaft, just below the head - easily the most erotic zone on my body. My only saving grace was that it tended to stop working unless attended to constantly.

    After 45 minutes or so they moved me to a leather spanking bench and re-cuffed my wrists and ankles. Naturally they took full advantage of the free access from behind to tickle my butt cheeks, and to reach under to tease almost every other place too. They made a game out of tickling my upper body so that I'd flinch away toward the one at my feet, and so on. They figured out that squeezing my knees was extra ticklish in this position. Since one of them was almost always standing right next to my face, I also had a gorgeous view of shapely legs and feet.

    From behind - two on the feet.JPG

    Probably an hour and a half had passed when they led me to a small side room with a pair of wooden medieval stocks. The set-up and cushioned seat was surprisingly comfortable. My legs were locked straight out in front of me, and my arms cuffed straight overhead. For the first ten minutes they enjoyed their new advantages, especially the ability to feather under my legs and the total immobility of my feet.

    And then the tickling became incredibly sensual. They slipped a thick padded blindfold over my eyes which heightened everything else. Their strokes became light, slow and smooth. They blew softly into my ears. They knew from experience that verbal teasing made me infinitely more ticklish, so they started whispering tickle-teasing up close. I felt like I was in heaven. The sensation of nails gently tickling my soles, my thighs, underarms was overwhelming.

    Then I heard a vibrator hum, and felt contact against my erection.

    Then the other one was wrapped around snugly into place. The pressure alone had me throbbing before it was even turned on.

    "Hey... b-be careful now..." I stammered. My resistance was nearly exhausted.

    The fiendish giggles that came back caused my eyes to roll back in my head.

    "Careful about what?" someone cooed. They were going for it!

    I could feel two of them leaning in close at my hips, one of them softly caressing and tickling. The other was tickling my thighs back and forth with one hand, and paying extra close attention to make sure the "money" vibrator continued to hum. And of course, one stationed at my defenseless soles, tracing sensually up and down. As I descended completely into helpless moaning, they continued to coax me verbally in the blackness.

    "He's going to laugh right through when he comes!" one said gleefully.

    She was exactly right. My body thrust mightily one last time against the restraints, and then sank euphorically back into the seat.

    They slipped the blindfold off and smiled at me, allowing me a few moments to collect myself. They gave me some water, unshackled me and led me to my feet. And then over toward the x-framed cross. Within minutes I was spread-eagled upright, limbs again splayed, looking into the grinning faces of the tickling vixens as they approached me.

    "Oh, we're not done with you yet!" Xena said, noting the last hour remaining on the clock. And as the other two embraced me from behind to whisper in my ear and tickle my hips and insteps with a fresh round of delighted laughter, she held my shaft easily upright and began the vibrator on another long, slow, stroking, teasing mission...

    It turned out to be a really good birthday.

    Smiling means longer life.
    Tickling means more smiling.
    What are we waiting for?

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    Jan 2012
    That is awesome!! Sounds like a great time, glad you enjoyed it. Also, happy belated b-day

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    Sep 2001
    Fantastic. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    I hit something. The wall.

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    Dec 2005
    San Diego, CA
    Sounds like you had quite an adventure. Congratulations on your b-day session.

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    Sep 2005
    New jersey
    wow I want a birthday like that
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    Apr 2009
    One of the nicest documentations I've seen. Many happy returns.

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    That was a wonderful bithday celebration! Thanks for sharing your great experience here.
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    Jan 2012
    Planet Earth

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    Avondale AZ
    lucky bday

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    Mar 2013
    thanks for sharing.

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    Apr 2001
    San Diego
    Great experience, thanks for sharing

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    Dec 2006
    Forget birthday sex, this is what I want from now on!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Mar 2013

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    Apr 2010
    Chicago, IL USA
    I loved reading your story . I am happy that you had a marvelous birthday.
    3 Women tickling you.... What can REALLY be a better gift ?

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    Jun 2013
    Well... Tickling three woman could be a better gift c:

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