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  1. #31
    Join Date
    Apr 2001
    Quote Originally Posted by MasterTickle View Post
    AWESOME!!!!! wow wow wow! what a great start! fast Forward next sunday please!!!
    We actually feel the same way. We can't wait to share the next page with you guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by Deemon-Tickle View Post

    This is the start??? The first page and I'm near the hardest heartattack ever!!!
    You guys are absolutly awesome

    Okay, what we see, is the direct connection to the last panel of TGTT1, and I was very sure, Janey is the one, who laughed her ass off
    As much as I'm jealous about the G-Girlz (cause they can tickle the girl I'm obssessed for ) as much I am impressed and hot by seeing this

    My favorite girl in the whole Tickle Galaxy get a real hot treatment. Love how the other villains watch at this scene
    Again, I love Rocios art style. This sweaty torturous body, and those screaming, laughing mouth... fanastic, so real
    I feel a bit sorry, for my beloved Janey... but only a bit
    I bet she have fun

    Okay, we all know, breaking Janey, and bringing her to the top of ultimate pleasure is hard. Only a few did.
    But the G-Girlz are professionals, they trained a lot on Yenny Bet they do it.
    But what I see? Poor Janey do not have her alien-toe-ring on. This means if she have her ticklegasms... she will not bounce away, and so she will be still a captive of the mtj crew
    Will be a loooot of fun.
    Cannot wait to see what happens next. You guys will made my sundays finally again to the best day of the week

    And again: You saw how wonderul TGTT1 was. How many page views, how many fans. You gave us a wonderful a Comic, a wonderful gift. Maybe the best in the whole Tickle-Time-Line
    Everybody who worked on it, is a hero for our deepest fanatsies and our favorite thing on entire earth
    Perfect Story, perfect arts, all our favorite Characters... and this was only the first Issue. Now the second one is here. And we will see much more wonderful things

    Thank you soooo much again.
    I discoverd my love for feet and tickling when I was very young. Then, 2001 I searched a bit in the internet and found the TMF. I never thought that this would be my favorite page in internet over the time
    Here is my headquarter of happiness.
    Thank you for givin' me... givin' us a place to be so happy

    PS: I love Janey. If you let her finally free. I really have to ask Deeto for permission to marry her
    Your feedback and wonderful appreciation means a great deal to all of us. Thank you so much!

    Quote Originally Posted by spikedpsycho View Post
    One of the Gomez Girls in socks, socked tickling is the best, the act of depriving the last bit of protection as they go insane
    There really is a lack of sock tickling action in the genre. Hopefully this will be a small step towards correcting that. I will make it a point to keep it in mind for future publications.

    Quote Originally Posted by ftkl_haha View Post
    YES! So glad this is out now!
    Quoted for truth!

    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Best. Cover. Ever.

    I think that sums it up nicely

    Quote Originally Posted by Featherfall View Post
    Huh; going by the cover it looks like our former victims are as keen to tickle their would-be rescuers as they are their tormentors. No complaints here; they should have been more competent! They totally have this coming...

    So glad you guys are doing this again.
    I'm glad you're glad because were glad too!

    Quote Originally Posted by randomguy85 View Post
    "And here... we... Go!"

    Thanks for giving us a round 2, looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

    J J
    You're very welcome!

    Quote Originally Posted by C.A.B. View Post
    there ya go
    It was my pleasure

    Quote Originally Posted by fmilling View Post
    Looking good so far...

    The Gomez Girls are doing a professional job as you would expect. Leaving no stone unturned, no flesh unstimulated...

    But I can't wait to see them get a taste of their own medicine... They have a decade long tickle debt that needs to be repaid...
    Truer words have never been spoken!

    Quote Originally Posted by amkes View Post
    omgomgomgomg it is my favorite girl getting tickled off the back <3<3,#
    I want to help but can't stop starring, but poor Jane.........ohhhh my
    Poor Jane? It took a great deal of work and expense to get her in that position. She should be thanking us!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Deemon-Tickle View Post
    You speak out of my heart
    I saw the G-Girlz so often, and only can remember a very few moments, where she gets her own medicine
    And I think, the TGTT2 will give us this
    Indeed it will...

    Quote Originally Posted by pollo View Post
    ooooooooo myyyyyy goooood i cant wait for more, the best comic ever an have a second
    plz plz plz realise 2 pages
    All in the fullness of time my friend. (But I wish it was yesterday)

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Godflesh View Post
    Sundays suddenly look lovelier!
    Thanks to all involved, I surely appreciate your effort and generosity
    I agree... Sunday's really are better when TGTT is in session!

    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    Great cover art and sample! Thanks for sharing it here.
    You're welcome bud!

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterAE View Post
    This is relative to my interests...go on. I can not wait to see how this gets turned on to the tormentors.
    Ah yes...Revenge will be sooooooo sweet!

    Quote Originally Posted by monkeydick View Post
    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by ilovepinkhair View Post
    I'm so excited , I love the first comic so much now there is a second one AWESOME The first page is amazing I love everything about it especially how Jane's body is drawn. So sexy and perfect I can't wait for more, I'm hoping Dusty gets her three breasts tickled and Sonya gets her revenge on lexi just like she did on sonya no pants. Thank you so much for doing this comic , I love you so much
    You're very welcome, and we love you too!

    Quote Originally Posted by CocomoMilt View Post
    Very nice!
    Thank you for your feedback!

    Quote Originally Posted by Markal View Post
    Now we can officially say: "The fun has been doubled!"
    Indeed it has!

    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Of Chaos View Post
    One page in, and I'm already in love with it! Really like how it picks up right from where it left off.

    And poor Jane she's getting put through a real torture session by account of all that sweat, lol.

    But soon enough, those dastardly Gomez Girls will FINALLY get whats coming to them after all those years of torturing Yenny. It's payback time, bitches!
    I agree... I particularly love the fact that Bandito picked up TGTT #2 right where the first serial left off.

    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by ticklen00b View Post
    Can I just say how badass Maggs looks on the cover
    After your feedback I had to give the cover another look and you nailed it. Maggs pose is completely badass.

    Quote Originally Posted by PQfingers View Post
    Looking good.
    Nice of you to say so!

    Quote Originally Posted by detritus View Post
    OK, now look, I really try not to use expletives in posts on here but


    I'd forgotten already.

    Rocio's boob drawing makes my insides go wonky.

    I really wish I had a more erudite response to the first page of this new validation of human existence but I really don't.

    It's really all just downhill from here. Every new page of this I will just be a drooling mess unable to express any kind of valid opinion.

    So let me just say I love all of you and blabble blabble blabble boobs and lovely tickling gurgle tickling lovely

    And so on...

    Without a doubt... Rocio's work is the bomb!

    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tysuio View Post
    Soooo glad you brought this back!!! Hope to see some Maggs and Tammi the Tickle Witch!!!
    Don't worry... We left no stone unturned in TGTT 2!

    Quote Originally Posted by darkharp View Post
    Eeeee! I am SO excited for TGTT 2! Rocio is simply AMAZING, that first page wow! It is a HUGE privilege to be involved this time around and work with some of the communities top talents, I am thrilled! Also toss me into the pile of folks who can't wait to see how the lovely ladies of MTJ get their just desserts!
    It is a great honor to be working with all of you talented folks on this project.

    BTW... Don't worry the ticklish have nowhere to hide here at MTJ Publishing!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemianne View Post
    I'm back again... and for sure will be back for more! SUPERB!!! This is really a mark of leadership and fun collaboration!

    Let me let you in on a little secret..... YOU ROCK!

    Thank you for all of your support and fierce loyalty.


    Please visit us at DeviantArt and Facebook

  2. #32
    Join Date
    Dec 2001
    On a long and lonesome highway
    Amazing! This is just one reminder of how awesome MTJ has been for the tickling community; not only did we get the original epic, but so soon, a sequel? What can I say, but you rock!

    Check out my story archive!

  3. #33
    Join Date
    Apr 2003
    can't wait to see the revenge part
    Help me to make the world better.....let's tickle all the girls ^_^

  4. #34
    Join Date
    Mar 2007

  5. #35
    Join Date
    Aug 2005
    A teaser maybe????????

  6. #36
    Join Date
    May 2002
    Washington, DC
    You need a laughing gas scene. It's a moral imperative.

  7. #37
    Join Date
    Jul 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by laughinggaszone View Post
    You need a laughing gas scene. It's a moral imperative.
    Too each their own, but laughing gas scares me...
    Gunpla, Drawing, and Tickling, what more could a man ask for?


  8. #38
    Join Date
    Mar 2006
    The Hideout
    Hey y'all:

    My plan was to come in and reply to everyone who has posted on TGTT2:R thus far with like a personal message. But to be honest - there's been too darn much feedback so far! LOL. And Jim honestly replied perfectly to everyone. Maybe I'll just jump in and comment to the most recent feedback.

    Sooooo...I just wanted to pop in and say a huge THANKS for all the wonderful support on THE GREAT TICKLE TRAP 2: REVENGE. This comic has been a labor of love and we are simple so delighted to be able to share it with all of you.

    Kunzite: I think you rock even more, my friend. It's contributors like you who have built this genre with your amazing stories and captivating characters. I'm delighted you like TGTT2 so far. I hope you stay tuned. I think some of the "plot points" will be right up your alley.

    cardman: Sorry to hear that, buddy. We'll make sure your message gets passed along to the appropriate people. Our people will contact his people, who will then contact Ozzy. At which point he will contact his people who will contact our people who will contact us. Jeeziz...why do we even HAVE people? This is gonna take forever! LOL. Please enjoy TGTT2 in the meantime.

    footamateur: The entire thing is the revenge part. True story. Jane helped lead a failed rescue team to foil the ticklish efforts of the MTJ Corporation. Now the MTJ villains are getting their ticklish revenge. So enjoy it....now. LOL. Thanks for the kind feedback, buddy.

    Socrates: Thanks man!!!

    pollo: Haven't we teased enough? We don't want to kill anyone.

    laughinggaszone: That's a damn good point actually. It kinda IS a moral imperative. The only hitch is this is a group of utterly immoral villains. Let us try to work some magic. Thanks for your support, buddy.

    Doctor Zombie: Reeeeeeeeeeeally? **The Gomez Girls begin slowly advancing towards Doc Zombie with a canister of laughing gas and various tickle tools** You are now officially on the tickle torture list. What? You did it to yourself really. LMAO. Thanks for being such an awesome GREAT TICKLE TRAP fan, my friend.


    Enough of me and my shennanigans.

    Cuz you all know what tomorrow is........RIGHT?

    Will Jane be able to escape her naked ticklish torment??? Will she be able to somehow, using a deadly combination of gymnastics and Muay Thai martial arts, ninja kick the dangerous G Girls right into a set of inescapable stocks, which begins forty seven pages of merciless tickle torture??? Or will they slowly discover Jane's most ticklish, most bashful, most secret of tickle spots???


    There's only one way you're gonna find out.








  9. #39
    Join Date
    Jun 2005
    Thuringia Germany
    Quote Originally Posted by The Bandito View Post
    Cuz you all know what tomorrow is........RIGHT?

    Will Jane be able to escape her naked ticklish torment??? Will she be able to somehow, using a deadly combination of gymnastics and Muay Thai martial arts, ninja kick the dangerous G Girls right into a set of inescapable stocks, which begins forty seven pages of merciless tickle torture??? Or will they slowly discover Jane's most ticklish, most bashful, most secret of tickle spots???


    There's only one way you're gonna find out.







    Tomorow is the day, where we see, what happens next to the beautiful Janey
    I could bet, you don't let her jump out of her bonding and tie the girls down.
    For two reasons: 1st) I bet Janey is a bit pissed of, but deep inside she so start to love it, and don't want a 'break-up' again
    and 2nd) ...the G-Gilrz tickle her! Een janey know this is a privilege

    I have to read the next pager really intense... cause I bet the G-girlz could find Janeys most intense spots. Her tiger stripes
    ...so... I cannot wait
    love is LOVE.
    ♂ + ♂ = ♥ GENDER
    ♀ + ♀ = ♥ DOESN'T
    ♀ + ♂ = ♥ MATTER

  10. #40
    Join Date
    Apr 2001

    This week please enjoy the second page of TGTT2...


    Page Two Notes:
    Poor ticklish Jane's torture continues at the hands of the merciless Gomez Girls!

    We hope that you enjoy this second installment of TGTT2 and all of us involved in this project look forward to your feedback!


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    Please be sure to check out the ORIGINAL... THE GREAT TICKLE TRAP!

    Over 23+ comic pages (FREE) + character bio's, pin-ups and more!
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    Jun 2005
    Thuringia Germany


    As I said, they found the spot The G-Girlz know how to tickle. And they will treat those damn sexy "tiger-stripes"
    I dooo remember where the Cheerleaders tickled her... and this is one of the best written parts in the tickle-history
    My knees shiver if I think about it... and sometimes I wished, the Ravens really recorded their treatment and put it into the internet
    I would watch this 24/7

    Okay, without exaggeration: Those first twi pages show how grand this Comic will be

    For the Moment Jane will suffer, but if the G-Girlz reach her very senitive Spot... then she will act in another way
    Darn... why is Sunday always one time in a week

    I love the panels. How sexy Janey looks. Beautiful skin, amazing breasts. The sweat, the spittle.... this is sooooo perfect.
    I have a new desktop background

    Wonderful work... You cannot know how happy you make me
    Last edited by Deemon-Tickle; 06-09-2013 at 05:48 AM.
    love is LOVE.
    ♂ + ♂ = ♥ GENDER
    ♀ + ♀ = ♥ DOESN'T
    ♀ + ♂ = ♥ MATTER

  12. #42


    As ever, the artwork is OUTSTANDING. Truly incredible. The tickling is magnificient, wonderfully and erotically intense ~ need more of that, and I'd love to see some of these girls finally breaking and begging *for it*

    I'm trying to recall which cheerleaders the Gomez twin is referring to... when I read the line, my first thought went waaayyy back to the Swedish Snowboard Team girls in the ski cabin, having their ticklish, romantic way with Jane

  13. #43
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    Nov 2003
    DEAR LORD! the art is just amazing! some of the best Comic art I've seen in my life! and...OH GOD...how would I wish we could see the tickling RIGHT THERE!!! Just move the "camera" down so we can take a look where the Gomez Girls feather her...

    Outstanding work! "Setting the clock on next sunday" wake me then please! Cant wait for Page 3!
    "HAHAHAHA...I wont't talk...HAHAHAHAHA"
    April O'Neil

    April O'Neil Scene

  14. #44
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    Aug 2010
    I've barely got my breath back from TGTT #1 and here I am already knocked for six by part 2!

    Ms Zucchi's work never misses a beat, every panel faultless which such attention to detail! This latest page is so good, so intimate, I almost feel guilty looking. Almost!

    I know there's a whole heap of characters to squeeze into this epic publication, but I've got to admit my fingers are crossed for that sassy special agent Sonya to make an appearance soon...

  15. #45
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    Aug 2005
    i love this comic o love rocio shes and a amsing artist

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