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    Her First Time [M/F] - Erotic

    First story. Have mercy :x

    "Her First Time"

    “Honey, please relax!” Allie closed her eyes and accepted the sweet and gentle kiss from her boyfriend. It was her first time ever staying over at his place, and she was nervous as hell. Despite being a nineteen year old, she had no experience with sexual interactions. On top of that, she was just incredibly awkward.

    “I’m just…” She couldn’t finish her sentence because he took her lips in another kiss. He then gently took her hand and led her away from the couch. Away from the living room, towards his bedroom. Her boyfriend was a twenty one year old well-muscled young man, sweet and caring but at the same time a big tease. He had known that she was a virgin and used to tease her with words a lot, of course never going too far. He was living by himself in his apartment, and she knew what he meant when he invited her over for the first time after dating for a month. And even though Allie thought she was ready, she was still dead nervous....

    “Mike…” She whispered when they stood beside the bed, her hand still in his. Mike sat down on the bed and gently pulled her forward, closer towards him. “What…?” He smiled and pulled her down on his lap. She nervously lifted her feet off the floor and moved them on top of the bed while she nervously wiggled in his lap. “Comfortable?” Mike asked, making her blush. “Eh, y-yeah…” She mumbled. “Good” Mike moved one arm around her and pulled her in a fiery kiss. Sitting on top of him, caught in his embrace she felt heat flow through her body as they were kissing each other passionately. She gasped when she felt his cold hand make contact with her bare skin as he slowly moved his hand under her shirt. “Still nervous?” Mike asked after breaking the kiss. Allie nodded without looking him in his eyes.

    “Hmm…” He then smiled. “Do as I say and I’ll make sure you won’t be tense at all,” He said sweetly. “Hmm?” She curiously looked at him. “Place your hands on my shoulders,” He commanded sweetly. “Like this?” She asked, and he nodded in response. “Now keep them there.” She nodded nervously before he kissed her again. His tongue once again slid into her mouth, and his hands moved back to her torso. She felt his hands slide up her sides, over her ribs and down again. Mike then smiled into the kiss and repeated the same motion, but this time with his fingertips only. Allie opened her eyes, despite still kissing, and she wiggled a little.

    Mike then thought he had teased her enough, so he continued with his plan. Allie gasped when his fingers started to tickle her lightly, wiggling up and down her sensitive sides. “Ah! W-what are – hehe – what are you doing – no ahaha!” She squeaked, wiggling and squirming in his lap. “I’m tickling you,” Mike said, and he moved his hands down and gave her hips a few squeezes. “Ah! No – how’s this supposed hehe to make me relax!” Allie giggled as she tried to escape his clutches. But she was stuck on top of him, and she couldn’t find the strength to fight him.

    “It works, trust me” Mike said, and he went back to tickling her sides and ribs. He smiled at her cute laughs and giggles, and the feeling of her squirming in his lap didn’t feel too bad. Still, he decided to switch to another position. Allie squealed in surprise when he lifted her and got from the bed. He plopped her down on the bed again and smiled down at her. The curious look she gave him was adorable. He started to take off his shirt, and he heard her squeak in embarrassment.

    Allie scooted further onto the bed and Mike climbed on top of it. “Lie down” He commanded, still sounding sweet and gentle though. Allie did as she was told, slowly laying down on her back. Her boyfriend smiled and he took her ankle in his hand. He moved her leg up into the air until her calve was resting on his shoulder. Because she was wearing a skirt this earned him a nice view as well. “What are you doing? No more – ah!!!” Allie shut her eyes tightly and laughed when he lightly tickled the back of her knee. She struggled but he had her in a firm grip. “Miiiike! I can’t – ahah please!” She begged between giggles. But he didn’t let up and continued to lightly tickle the back of her knee, switching from one, to two and to three fingers. Mike grinned and sneakily brought his other hand to the exposed part of her ass cheek and scratched lightly at the bare skin. Allie wiggled her bottom and arched her back, but she couldn’t escape the sensations. “Mike ahah please!” She squeaked.

    He then moved her leg off his shoulder and took her foot in his hand. “Not my feet, Mike please. This is not helping at aaaaaall!” She squealed helplessly. “You think so?” Mike asked, but eyeing her panties he could see that she was getting wet. It was totally showing! He was now tormenting her sole by scribbling all over it with the tips of his fingers, using the feathery light touches that drove her crazy. Allie was one giggling mess, shaking her head wildly and trying to pull her leg free. If he wasn’t her dear boyfriend she would’ve used her other leg to kick him hard. But her tormentor being her cute and sexy boyfriend made this all even harder for her. “Oh God, just quit it. Please!” Allie said between heavy breaths when he gave her a break to catch her breath.

    “Trust me, it is working,” Mike said, slowly moving his other hand to her foot too. He pulled her toes behind with his one hand and positioned his other hand back, ready for the next attack. “Ready?” He asked. “Noooooo-ooohaha!” Allie clenched her teeth and tried to keep herself from screaming out, but that was not easy with her boyfriend mercilessly tickling her under her toes. She pulled her leg in an attempt to free her foot from his grip, but this only made him hold her tighter.

    When her laughter died down to silent giggles, he brought her foot to his mouth and first eyed her mischievously. “Don’t tell me you’re…” She said tiredly, but before she could finish he started to suck on her toes, starting at her big toe before putting them all in his mouth. Allie moaned and her head fell back on the bed. “Oh my God, that’s – no it tickles aha stop!” She begged, but the strange thing was that she actually didn’t want him to stop. And she felt her sex tingling with desire. Was this what feeling aroused was like?

    Mike grinned at the silence; she was now only breathing heavily and squirming weakly. He continued to suck on her toes, using his tongue to lick them at the same time. Allie giggled softly, enjoying the ticklish but pleasant feeling. Still enjoying her foot, Mike brought his hand to her soaked panties and rubbed her up and down with his index finger. Allie caught her breath and gave a soft moan. “What’s this Al? I think you’re enjoying this after all,” He teased, adding more pressure as he rubbed her sex. Allie only replied with an inaudible mumble.

    Finally letting go of her foot, Mike moved her legs apart, setting himself between them. Allie lifted her head from the pillow to face him, but she fell back again when he used his hands to tickle both her upper legs. "Aaaah not there ah please ehehe!" Mike smiled at her reaction and continued the leg-tickling, squeezing and stroking the sensitive flesh. He then bent down and captured her lips in a fiery kiss. “Hmmm-” She moaned in the kiss, bringing up her hands and moving them through his hair.

    Mike could notice she was getting more and more aroused. She didn’t seem nervous or tense anymore. Still, he was so into it that he decided to keep this up for a while. To see if she would still obey him as easily, he commanded once again. “Lift your arms,” He said, his lips still against hers. Allie giggled at the feeling of him talking against her lips, and she obediently moved her arms up. Her boyfriend grinned and moved her shirt over her head, tossing it aside. Thinking that was all he wanted to do, she began to move her arms back down. But Mike clicked with his tongue and shook his head. “Keep them there” He whispered, and he kissed her again. His tongue hungrily explored her mouth, and he slowly let his hands wander to her arms. He started at her wrists and slowly stroked her down from there. Allie giggled as he did so, and she arched her back when he reached her armpits. To her dismay his hands remained there, and she gave a muffled giggle in the kiss when he started to tickle her there by lightly scratching the skin of her armpits. She arched her back and quickly moved her arms down, trapping his hands in her armpits. Mike broke the kiss and acted as if he was displeased. “I told you to keep them up” He said, a playful smile on his face. “B-but how can I.. If you tickle me I can’t –“ “Did I hear a ‘but’?” He teased, and he used this opportunity to tickle her mercilessly. He tickled her armpits, then moved to her ribs, her sides and lastly her stomach. Allie was thrashing and struggling hysterically, her arms tightly against her sides and her legs kicking softly.

    “Let’s try one more time?” Mike whispered, and she nodded quickly and moved her arms over her head again, keeping her eyes shut. He smiled and leaned in, placing soft kisses down her underarm. “A-ah hah!” Soft moans and giggles escaped her lips as he made his way to her armpit again. He used his tongue to lick the skin there and she squeaked, but she managed to keep her arms up. “Miiike… I don’t know if I can – ahah oh no!” She shrieked when he used his other hand to tickle her other armpit. She brought her arms back down again but he didn’t bother to comment. He continued kissing and licking her armpit and then slowly started moving down. One of his hands moved behind her, and she gave a soft cry when he lightly tickled her back. She lifted her body a little bit from the bed, and Mike used this chance to unclasp her bra. Allie gasped in surprise and she brought her arms up to cover her chest as her bra fell to the side.

    Mike gently took her hands and kissed them before moving them away, exposing her to him. “D-don’t look…” Allie said, but he hushed her and leaned in. Allie arched her back when he started to kiss her breasts. He kissed all around her nipple and finally started to suck on it. He used his other hand to massage her other breast, rubbing it and lightly tickling her nipple with his thumb. “Ah….” Allie closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure. Mike noticed from the way she moved her legs that she was getting more and more aroused. He smirked and continued using his hands to play with her breasts while he moved down, licking down her stomach.

    “Is your bellybutton ticklish, Al?” He asked. Allie opened her eyes at the strange question. “I don’t know, but don’t – ahahah Mikeeee! Stoppit!!!” She screeched when he twirled his tongue in her bellybutton. He used his fingers to tickle the underside of her breasts while tickling her in and around her bellybutton with his tongue. “E-enough I can’t take it anymore!” Allie begged, panting and gasping for breath. “I’m sure you can,” Mike said, continuing to move down.

    He finally reached her skirt, and he gave her a playful look. She wiggled her bottom nervously when he took off her skirt, leaving her in her last remaining cloth. Allie gave him a shy nod, permitting him to take off her panties as well. While doing this, Mike took notice of how much his foreplay had turned her on. “What a naughty girl,” He said teasingly, and Allie squeaked in response. “W-what! I’m…” She held in her breath when he rubbed her clit with his thumb. “Hmm- ah!” She moaned softly, and Mike chuckled.

    He added his index finger to tickle her outer lips, making her wiggle her bottom and moan more. “Mike.. please…” She sighed. “Please what?” He asked, still grinning mischievously. Too shy to say the words, Allie brought her hands up to cover her mouth. “Please what?” He repeated, shoving his finger into her. “Ah!” With her hands clasped over her mouth she moaned loudly. Not getting any response he leaned in and first inhaled deeply before using his tongue to tickle her wet folds. “Ohmygodohmygod ah that’s …. Please…” Allie mumbled between heavy breaths. “Please what?” He just had to ask again. Growing impatient he used his hands to tickle her inner thighs. “Ahaha please just do it already!” She gasped between giggles and moans.

    Mike smirked and unbuckled his belt. He slid down his pants and boxers and brought his erection to her entrance. Having his girlfriend's laughing and squirming at his mercy had been enough to turn him on completely. He used his hand once more to tickle her clit and outer lips, making her squirm and moan again. He then slowly started to slide into her, her wetness making all of it pretty easy.

    He bent over her and moved some hair from her sweaty face before pushing in further. “Does it hurt?” He asked sweetly, but she shook her head and grinded into him. Mike laughed softly at this and pushed further into her. Allie arched her back and moved her arms up around his neck. Her lips then found his and they were kissing again.

    Mike started thrusting in and out of her and they moaned into the kiss. Mike used his strength to flip her on top of him so she was riding him. While she was riding him, he sneakily moved his hand to the back of her knee and used one finger to tickle her softly. Allie’s lips formed in a cute smile, and a loud moan followed as she reached her orgasm. Mike came as well, spilling into her with a groan. Allie collapsed on top of him, panting heavily. He wrapped an arm around her and caressed her hair. “That was amazing...” Allie said between heavy breaths. “Really?” Mike said teasingly after he caught his breath. “You like to be tickled that much?” He asked, and he lightly tickled the underside of her back. “Ah! Haha don’t!” Allie squirmed on top of him, but he held her tightly.

    “You know that you can be twice as ticklish after an orgasm?” He said teasingly. “Noohaha Mike you jerk!” She said between high-pitched laughs and squeals. “Jerk am I? Guess I gotta teach you a lesson!” And he flipped her under him again. That night he was going to tickle torture her just a bit more, and he was not planning to go easy on her.
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    Well that was your first post, welcome! I must also say that was a hot story! Nicely done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokinj View Post
    Well that was your first post, welcome! I must also say that was a hot story! Nicely done.
    well done. I am sure we will get better ones in the days to come.

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    Aaaand I'm adding this one to my signature.
    My favourites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kusumimi View Post
    please keep writing...

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