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    Ticklish Older Women

    Can anyone post some pics of OLDER women being tickled? I'm not talking about old, old women.......mature women who are in their 30's and 40's, possibly early 50's is what I am talking about. I like watching models in their 20's get tickled, but after watching the attractive 40-ish looking Renee from Paradise Vision get tickled, it has kinda turned me on to this mature lady geting tickled thing. I would love to see Lorilei from PV's video CREAM DREAMS get tickled. I guess part of the fasicination with this lies in the fact that you expect mature women to be composed and orderly acting. When they get tickled, they lose their composure and squirm and scream and laugh like a little girl. Good stuff.

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    Apr 2001
    Cockpit of a MK IX Spitfire

    Oh yes!!!

    Very well said my friend, I to would like to see older women getting it!! and I agree with your reasons, I love the idea of the stern bossy executive 40 to 50 years old, having her cool controlled persona dismantled by a young pretty intern.I to love to see young girls being tortured but it would be a welcome change to see something along these lines.

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    May 2001
    Pacific Northwest
    I totally agree. It would be nice to see more older women get theirs. I have actually seen a lot of pics of this in various sites but I have yet to come across a clip.

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    I agree

    Just like to say the idea of older women being tickled also apeals to me too. Figured I'd just write to give my support on this issue.
    And that's the bottom line, cause Tickle Torturer said so!

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    Jun 2001
    believe it or not there was an article about tickling in Mademoiselle magazine and that how in this experiment that the results concluded that as you get older you become more ticklish. I think the article was in like '86, so if you have a library near you with microfische you should be able to find the article.

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    Apr 2001
    I believe Paradise Vision has a video called A Tickle for Teacher where an older Hillary Clinton look alike gets tickled.

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