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    TICKLE CUTIES 9/8/13: Stacy Burke (aka "The Bruiser") Tortured by Mistress Viper F/F

    Infiltrated by Mistress Viper - Part 1 - The Bruiser Interrogated

    See it only at http://www.ticklecuties.com!

    Legendary Stacy Burke returns as THE BRUISER in this amazing clip! The Bruiser is interviewing Princess Black, played by Amanda Marie, for a possible position in the League of Super Heroines. As the interview winds down, Princess Black suddenly BITES THE BRUISER WITH HER POISON BITE...it turns out, Princess Black is really MISTRESS VIPER, in disguise, and Mistress Viper is going to infiltrate the League of Super Heroines' hideout! Bruiser, helpless against Viper's poisonous bite, is captured. Viper then SLOWLY REMOVES BRUISER'S BOOTS and TIES HER WRISTS AND ANKLES (NOTE: On-screen tying lasts approximately 3-4 minutes). Viper then wakes up Bruiser, and asks her for the combination to the defense force field. Bruiser refuses to give up the information, so Viper INTERROGATES HER BY BRUTALLY TICKLING HER STOCKING FEET, both with her wicked fingers and a hairbrush. Bruiser protests and squeals through her laughter, but refuses to give up the codes. Viper continues MERCILESSLY TEASING AND TICKLING Bruiser's feet, then BITES HER AGAIN! Viper then REMOVES BRUISER'S NYLONS, exposing her GORGEOUS BARE FEET! Viper then wakes Bruiser up again and resumes the merciless interrogation. She applies BABY OIL TO BRUISER'S FEET, softening them up, and TICKLES THEM WITH HER FINGERS, THE QUILL OF A FEATHER, and THE HAIRBRUSH. Bruiser laughs her pretty little head off, but refuses to break, no matter how wickedly Mistress Viper tickles her. Will poor, helpless Bruiser give in? This clip is about 1/4 dialog and on-screen tying, and 3/4 foot tickling...the foot tickling is half nylon, half barefoot. Clip is in 1280x720 HD!

    1 Minute Preview Here ---> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x14...terrogated_fun
    Attached Images Attached Images

    Clip Store http://www.ticklecuties.com
    Twitter @TickleCuties http://www.twitter.com/ticklecuties
    FetLife https://fetlife.com/users/1056178
    Email requests for CUSTOM VIDEOS via ticklecuties@gmail.com

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