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    Jun 2005

    *** F/M *** Grown Man/Little Boy

    I wrote a story years ago about a stepmother (Misty) and a stepson (Frankie) and their incredible bonding experiencing involving tickling the daylights out of one another on a family vacation. http://ticklingforum.com/showthread....=misty+frankie

    This story is the sequel. It takes place 10 years after their initial experience. It is titled "Grown Man/Little Boy". I hope you enjoy and encourage feedback. Thank you.

    Grown Man/Little Boy

    Ten years had passed and much had changed since our tickling in my grandparent's basement. Misty was now in her late forties and I (Frankie) was now a 28 year old man.

    I did well for myself. After graduating high school I decided to not go to college and instead worked as a car mechanic at Sears before opening my own business at about 24 years old. Since then I bought my own house and was doing very well for a young man. I am not married nor am I seeing anyone regularly. I dated on and off but actually enjoyed being single and worked so much that I had very little time for a serious relationship.

    Misty was still as gorgeous as ever. Now in her late fifties, she still was stunning. Excellent shape. Same flat stomach. Same plump and powerful legs. Same bubbly butt. Same big, juicy, perfect boobs. She now had to dye her hair to keep its color. She dyed it blonde and it went excellent with her tanned skin. She divorced my father about 2 years after the tickling in the basement. Since then she has been single. She dates numerous men of all ages (20's to 60's) but has yet to settle down again. She seems to enjoy her freedom to go out dancing and having a good time. She hit me up on facebook about 2 years ago and I accepted. I look at her photos all the time and she is constantly going out at night and having a blast. It's obvious that her workout regimen stayed as rigorous as I remember. She doesn't look like she's aged a second. Still gorgeous. I often - and I mean often - look at her pictures and fantasize about our tickling experience. I masturbate and think of all the nasty things I would do to her and her to me. She is so hot and our stepmother/stepson relationship made it that much more arousing. I will never forget that woman for as long as I live. What an incredible experience for a young man with a raging fetish to have happened. I just counted my lucky stars that I got to experience it that one time and assumed I would never see her again.

    Last week was when it happened...

    I was out at a bar near our hometown and I happened to randomly run into Misty. She actually approached me from behind and wrapped her arms around me. I turned around to see her and she jumped up and down screaming with joy as she gave me a huge hug obviously delighted to see me.

    MISTY: "It's so good to run into you. It's been forever. How's it going?"

    FRANKIE: "I'm good. Let's go outside I can barely hear you. You want a drink?"

    MISTY: "Sure!"

    I bought her a drink and we went outside.

    MISTY: "So, what have you been up to?"

    FRANKIE: "Well I own my own business now as a car mechanic."

    MISTY: "Really? That's amazing! How is everything going with that?"

    FRANKIE: "It's going quite well actually. I even bought my own house. I couldn't be happier. How are you?"

    MISTY: "Oh you know, just living the dream. Single. No candidates. But I'm loving life. I live with my sister and her husband. Do you remember them?"

    FRANKIE: "Yeah of course they were always so cool. Are they here tonight?"

    MISTY: "No they are actually in Costa Rica for a week on vacation. She's doing well though. She got me a job at Geico. It's boring. Paperwork secretary type stuff but it'll do for now. How's your dad?"

    FRANKIE: "He's okay I guess. I haven't seen him in a while. He's always so busy with work."

    MISTY: "You know I know all about that!"

    She divorced my father on good terms. They broke up because he was constantly working and she felt neglected. They remained friends for a while after their divorce but for the last 4 or 5 years they had absolutely no contact.

    Our small talk continued and eventually Misty asked me, "Hey, if you don't mind could you come to my house and take a look at my car? It's acting funny."

    I responded, "Sure no problem. I'll come over when I get a chance."

    We exchanged information and went our separate ways.

    I went home and couldn't stop thinking about her. What a crazy thing to have happen. I wasn't sure about letting any of my family know about running into her. My dad and I aren't really that close but I wouldn't want him to be pissed at me for having a friendship with her. I decided it was best to keep it to myself. I definitely wanted to go help her with her car. She was so sexy and just the chance to be around her was enticing. I went to sleep that night dreaming of our "dirty little secret".

    I never forgot that night. I still have it firmly planted in my memory. The biggest turn on of my life. I actually dated a girl in my early twenties who tied me up and tickled me and let me do the same to her. It was a good relationship while it lasted and I loved being able to date someone who was comfortable with a tickling fetish. It later fell apart for whatever reason and when it ended I still ranked my experience with Misty as the most organic and hottest experience I had ever had with a woman. I loved that memory.

    Since that day I had definitely put on some lbs. I'm about 5'7 and 205 lbs now. I got a little belly on me now. Drinking. Metabolism. Grown man stuff. It happens.

    As I mentioned before, Misty had not let herself go at all. She was still 5'9 and in great shape.

    I arrive at Misty's house about 2 days after our meeting at the bar. I'm wearing a white t-shirt and jeans with work boots on. She comes outside and explains what is wrong with the car.

    As I'm working on the car we get to talking.

    FRANKIE: "It's crazy that we ran into each other huh?"

    MISTY: "Yeah, it's been forever. I'm so glad to hear you are doing well. I can't believe that you're into cars now. I never would have guessed that."

    FRANKIE: "Haha. Why do you say that?"

    MISTY: "I don't know. I just never saw you as the blue collar manly type."

    FRANKIE: "Hey hey hey. I'm all man now. I'm on my grown man game. I've done a lot of growing up since the little brat you used to know."

    MISTY: "Haha. I can see. You were a good kid. You just were going through a lot. I'm glad you are doing well and that our bad times were short lived. But man you were a pain in the butt as a kid!"

    FRANKIE: "Yeah... Sorry about that."

    We exchanged laughs and Misty left to fetch me a glass of water. Then everything went blank. She put something in my water that made me pass out.

    I woke up groggy trying to gain my bearings. I was in a bedroom. A bedroom I had never seen before. Once I came to I remembered working on the car and then I felt slightly alarmed. Slightly alarmed turned into straight up WTF mode when I realized I couldn't move an inch. I was in some sort of device in the middle of the room at the foot of a bed. I was seated in a chair. My legs were stretched straight out and spread far apart, just short of the point of groin discomfort and each of them were resting on two different straight metal structures with leather padding for them to rest upon. My ankles, knees, and waist were firmly secured with leather bondage straps to the leather seat/device. My back was supported by another metal structure which was also padded with leather and extended all the way up about 3 feet above my head. My arms were stretched tightly above my head to the structure with my wrists bound by more straps. My elbows were tied together with a pair pantyhose/girdle/spanx-like device used to help women hide their curves. The part that would go on your waist was slid over my hands and stretched down just past my elbows and landed at about the middle of my biceps. This made my arms incredibly immobile. To top it all off I was naked except my socks and work boots were still on. There was an enormous full body mirror in front of me so I could see exactly what kind of situation I was really in. I began to panic.

    "Hello! Hello! Somebody help me! Get me out of here!"

    Misty enters the room wearing an all black one piece suit made of spandex. The top is a tank top and the rest of the suit beautifully showcases her super tight body, thick juicy thighs, perfect tits, and wonderfully plump bum.

    "Hey there sleepy head." she says in a cheerful tone.

    "What the fuck is this shit? Are you out of your mind? Get me out of here!"

    "Wow! It sounds like my baby boy really is a GROWN MAN now. Listen to that big man talk." she teases.

    "I don't know what the hell is wrong with you but I swear..."

    She interrupts and gently places her finger on my lips, "Shhhhhhhhh... That's enough out of you Frankie Poo."

    Misty leans in close and very gently whispers to me in a sexy voice while softly touching my cheek and neck, "I know you remember that day in the basement. I saw all your naughty little sites you used to visit when you were under my roof. Such a NAUGHTY NAUGHTY little boy. I even read your little story about US a few months back. I kept tabs on you and your little naughty tickling sites throughout the years. Our story was quite a hit I saw. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. I know for a fact that you Mr. Naughty Pants, loved every second and you will never forget the way I destroyed your world like no one ever has or ever will. I own you my little boy. No matter how much money you make. No matter how big and successful you get. You will always be putty in my hands. Isn't that right MR GROWN MAN? Tell me who you belong to. Tell me you're still Mommy's little boy."

    My world had just been rocked. I was dumbfounded and stuttered, "Ah... Whaa... You??? Whaa???"

    Misty lightly giggled and continued, "Don't say anything. You don't have to. I know you love it. You know what's coming. You know why you're tied up at my mercy right now."

    Her mouth was so close that it was touching my ears now and her whispers - plus the realization of what was happening - had me a giggly mess. I wasn't full blown laughing. But my whole state of existence was shaken to the core and I was giggling while also shaking uncontrollably as she continued to assault me verbally. I loved/hated every word. My penis instantly began to harden as reality set in. This was one of my wildest dreams coming true right before my eyes! But would it turn into a nightmare? My whole world was upside down!

    "Let it sink in. I planned the whole thing. From the second we talked at the bar I planned the whole thing. You think what happened last time was something to remember? That's nothing compared to what's about to happen. I know you want it. Don't fight it. But here's a little secret you need to know... I'm going to enjoy this more than you. I've always adored you to pieces. I loved our little play time in the basement just as much as you did. I never thought it would come to this, but I’m glad that it did. I have you now, and I get to love you to bits like I never got the chance to before. From the top of your head..."

    She placed one finger on my head and traced it down my body as she said, "All... The... Way... Down... To... Your... Tippy... Tippy…"

    She paused at my ankles and admired how much I was struggling. My body was shaking violently trying to escape the expert bondage. I had no chance. I was screaming in nervous laughter and she had barely touched me yet. The shock, excitement, embarrassment, and intensity of what she had just revealed to me had me stirred up like never before. I was a nervous, excited, giggly, ticklish, fearful, and downright insane mess. Every emotion, reaction, and response was intensified by the moment. All I could do was panic, giggle, and stutter.

    "Wahahaha... Oh... Gah... Waaaahh."

    When she stopped at my ankle I let out a deep breath and began to pant like a puppy dog. The anticipation was killer and I wasn't sure if I was overjoyed or disappointed that she stopped. My feet are crazy ticklish and she had never tickled them before. Our one and only tickling encounter involved no feet tickling, her feet nor mine.

    "On second thought..." Misty began untying my shoes and slid them half way off. The back of the shoe was slid down my ankle and rested just underneath my heel. She did this with both shoes.

    "Don't let them fall off now or you will be sorry."

    After she said that she came back to me and reached underneath the bondage table. My butt was resting on a circular padded seat that was apparently removable. She loosened what sounded like two latches and removed the bottom of my seat so that my butt was fully exposed. When she removed the seat my legs were still supported by the two metal structures on which they rested. My butt hung freely in the air as the leg supports started at the top of my hamstrings. The back support went all the way down to my lower back. I had nothing underneath my ass but was still completely suspended in the air with no ability to move my arms, legs, or torso.

    She started. She stood behind me with her head over my shoulder. She was looking at me in the mirror she purposely placed in front of us so she could see my every reaction and so I was forced to watch her torment and humiliate me. She reached around with her left hand and held my chest while with her right hand she ever so gently - with only her index finger - she touched the bottom of my butt crack. I immediately shrieked like a little girl. Her fingernails were sharp and painted bright red. They were murderously effective tickle torture weapons.


    She then started barely moving her finger back and forth back and forth.


    I was done. I tried wiggle my butt to get away but it barely moved. Her finger never left its target. I tried with all my might to lean my body forward and escape. I shook my arms and they didn't budge and inch. All that happened was my head moved forward only to have me slam it back against the padded support while I screamed my laughing head off. I tried to bend my knees, pull my legs together, and pull them apart, ANYTHING... All that happened was an ever so slight jiggle of my butt. My body shook ferociously (whatever little I could move it) and sweat began to form all over the place. Her touch sent chills through my ass all the way to the back of my throat. I was already losing it. My eyes rolled in the back of my head and I lost my mind.

    She began to tease, "Now I thought you said that you were a big grown man now? Isn't that what you said?"

    I couldn't even muster a response, only helpless giggles and laughter.

    She continued, now using baby talk, "You sure don't sounnnndddd like a big gwown man. You sound wike a wittle baby boy. A wittle baby boy with a sexy wittle wiggle butt. Wiggle wiggle wiggle butt! Am I right? You really aren't a big strong man are you? You're still that same... wittle... baby... boy!"

    She picked up the pace and more rapidly ran her finger along the base of my crack. She then began to tickle that little patch of skin between where my crack ends and my balls begin. When she switched to that spot I freaked out even more.


    It was painfully obvious how much she was enjoying my torture, both the verbal and the physical. I watched her in the mirror as she stood next to me full of confidence. She raised her eyebrows in excitement when she got my initial reaction. Then as the tickling continued she proceeded to lick her lips and bite her bottom lip as my helpless laughter filled the room. She was sporting a little grin the entire time that advertised just how sadistic and dominant her position was to mine. I continued to struggle and laugh.

    She continued to tickle and tease, "Tickle tickle tickle wittle boy. I got your wittle tooshy don’t I! Yes I do! Your sexy wittle tooshy is all mine! Such a cute little pair of lumpy buns! You need to stop making it jiggle like that though baby, you’re turning me on! You might be a big strong man out there in the world, but in here you're still my little baby boy aren't you? Tell me."


    "Wait?" she asked, "Wait for what? You going somewhere?"


    "That's right. You're not going anywhere. I’ve got you little boy and I’m never gonna let you go! Your ass, this ass (she gave me a light but firm slap to the buns) is all mine now! But don't forget about those little piggies honey bunny. You let those boots fall off and you gonna be soooooooo sorry." She reminded me as she decreased the intensity of my torture.

    I forgot all about the boots. Throughout my struggles and wiggles the boots began to slip even further down my feet. I was barely able to keep them on. I had to completely straighten my toes so the tongue rested on the start of my toes. It was such a struggle but I was able to keep them on throughout her assault.

    She slowed her tickling so I didn't pass out. She didn't want to lose me. My laughter lessened but I still was being tortured. Misty was now delivering multiple light strokes of my butt crack's entirety. She would go from the bottom to the top, then from the top to the bottom, and so on. All the while taunting me and teasing me.

    "One little finger big strong man." she teased and stroked my crack from bottom to top.


    "One little finger." she taunted and stroked again in the opposite direction.


    "That's all it takes and the BIGGGGGG..." stroke from bottom to top.


    "STRONGGGG..." stroke from top to bottom.


    "Frankie McSpanky turns into a giggly little mess!" lands at the base of my crack once again and delivers a quick but violent attack with her index finger.

    "AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA (big exhale followed by large gasps for air)."

    Finally she stopped as she watched me for a few seconds catch my breath. My body was starting to sweat more and more. My chest was rising and falling as I took deep breaths to try to recover. Once she had enough mercy (about 15 seconds) she leaned in close to my ear as she whispered, "A big man like you should be able to take this Frankie. It's just little old me. It's just a little girl."

    She changed her plan of attack as she was talking to me. I felt all 5 of her nails land on my right side and nearly jumped out of my skin when she first made contact. She traced her hand upwards ever so gently as she continued to whisper in my ear.

    "Little old me. Little old Misty and her little fingers. That should be no match for a big grown man like you Frankie Poo. So you tell me, are you really that big grown man you claim to be?"

    Her nails were gliding so slowly up my side. It felt so good but it tickled so badly, and I knew it was inevitably going to reach my armpits. I tried my best to play her little game and sound tough. I kind of loved what she was doing but I didn't want her to know. Hell, she probably knew. This woman had read me like a book thus far. I still yearned to fight her every bit of the way.

    "Guhhhmmm... YES... I'maha bi bi bigg man now. I'm a grohohown uhuhuup nnoww."

    "I see." she responded. "Well even though you're a big grown up I'm sure you remember our little play time all those years ago in the basement don't you?"

    "YEHESSSS" I responded through my nervous giggles. She parked her hand just below my pits and surprised me as her left hand landed on my left hip and began the same climb towards my other armpit. I jumped out of my skin for the second time when I felt the new sensation of my left side being touched by her nails.

    "Yes what?" she asked sternly and grabbed my left side with her hand, ready to pinch-tickle me.

    "YES MAM!!!" I shouted. This wasn't a game. I was actually scared of her in this instance. I do remember that day. I remember it well. It's the greatest memory I have. One of the most vivid parts of that memory is her demanding that I answer her "yes mam" and the punishment that followed. For whatever reason, that really stuck. As much fun as it was that comment/command was different. It really struck a little fear into my heart. The way she said it then - just as she was saying it now - was so sharp. She said it like she would seriously fuck me up if I didn't obey. And while I AM now a grown man I still didn't want to find out what she was capable of. She was in incredible shape, very flexible, very strong, and was clearly not afraid of me. Even though I now had about 60 lbs on her I was really out of shape. I had a nice little beer belly going and don't really exercise regularly. Maybe it's all in my head. The fact that she dominated me as a kid possibly played a role in my legitimate fear of her abilities. I was so confident back then that I could have my way with her, or any woman for that matter, without any trouble. Looking back that may have been foolish because I was barely 100 lbs. But now I'm about 205 lbs and she's probably 130 - 140 at the most. I'm in the prime of my life and she's chasing sixty! I must be crazy to think I couldn't handle her. But I guess our stepmother/stepson relationship and our history played a role in my submissive nature towards her - and possibly all women. And last but not least, let's not forget that I'm tied up naked at her mercy!

    "Of course you remember. I bet you think about it all the time. Let's see how good your memory is though... First, tell me where I'm about to tickle you. You know what's coming so don't try to fight it."

    "Teehehehe mee meeee myeeyyarmmpittssss!!!" I uttered in fear as Misty was now lightly stroking both of my sides very lightly but very rapidly. She was using her wickedly effective nails to do the job and it turned me into a helpless laughing buffoon. She went up and down from my hips to about my nipples, never yet touching my pits.

    "Bingo was his name-o! But what do we call OURRRR armpits Frankie Poo? What did you make me say when you were tickling MY armpits? Tell me right now." She stopped tickling completely and just rested her hands on my sides just below my pits as she awaited my response.

    "Pii... Puhh… Pit... Pitty…"

    "FRANNNKIEEEEEE. Stop stalling and tell me what we call them. What's about to happen to you?"

    "You... You're gonna tickle my... my pitty poos." I said very lightly. My response was full of fear and embarrassment, just what she was looking for.

    "PITTY POOOOOOOOSSSSS!!!" Misty screamed as she used all ten of her deadly fingers to viciously scrape my exposed armpits without any warning.


    I was thrashing with all my might against the tight bondage. My arms were so tightly bound and stretched directly above my head, fastened at the wrists and further bound together with the tights around my elbows. I had no chance. I had never felt so helpless and dominated. Never had anyone subjected me to such intense tickling or bondage. It was what I often dreamed about but now that it was happening I couldn't process just how incredibly out of control, vulnerable, and hysterical the situation was.

    "Tell me you love it when I tickle the pitty poos. Beg me. Beg me for more." she demanded in my ear as she never let up her torture.


    "Stop? You don't want me to stop. You want me to tickle you more. I don't know what this STOP business is all about but if you tell me to stop again you'll get it even worse. Now be a good boy and tell me you love it. We both know you do so don't make me wait any longer."

    She was now digging hard into my armpits. No more spider tickling. She was kneading into the depths of both pits with her finger tips. No more nails.


    "What do you love? Beg me little boy. Beg me for more. Where do you like it? Where do you want it? Tell me you love it. Tell me you want more."


    "That's a goooood boy! Now keep it up and I’ll be nice to you. I’ll give you what you want. Tell me more baby boy. You’re doing so good!" She sang happily as she cranked the intensity up on my armpits.


    "Tell me you love it Frankie. You’re being such a good boy! Tell me you want more and I'll be nice. Be a good little boy!" she condescendingly sang.


    "More it is! You just love it so much baby boy!You love it when Mommy gets those little pitty poos!" she teased as she switched it up and used her thumbs and index finger to grab and pinch different corners of my pits. It was incredibly effective.


    Misty instantly responded in condesending/disappointed baby talk, "Nooo more?! What!? Oh you were doing so good. You were being such a good wittle boy just a second ago. What happened?" she asked as she continued to destroy my pits. She was enjoying herself so much. She was fully aware due to her research that I had a raging tickling fetish and preferred being the lee (although I love dishing out a good tickling too). She knew I would love being tied up and tickled, but she saw it as a game. She wanted to push me to my breaking point. She wanted to send me over the edge to where I begged for it to stop even though I loved it. She succeeded.


    "What happened Fraaaannnkie? You were being so goooood. Where did da good wittle boy goes? You turned him into a naughty boy. We have to bring goooood Frankie back. Wherrrre's goood Frankie? What have you done with him, where did he go?"


    "That's what I thought you said! There's my good little boy!" said Misty as she raised her eyebrows at me with a look of "you better obey me young man" and went in for the kill.

    She ferociously jammed her four fingers (minus thumbs) into each pit and shook them so hard and so fast that even she was getting tired. She took a big deep breath, bit her bottom lip hard, tensed her face, and stopped verbally teasing me as she went crazy trying to tickle the life out of me.




    One boot hit the ground, then the other.

    She immediately stopped tickling me when the boots came off and looked at me with a stern face in the mirror. She was obviously waiting for me to gather myself and look back at her. I was absolutely spent though. I knew the boots came off but didn't care at the moment. The only thing I could do was thank the heavens that she finally stopped attacking my armpits. I was gasping for air and just about to explode before she stopped. I honestly think I was either going to die or pass out! I began panting heavily as my sweat soaked body hung helplessly and defeated. My head hung down as I didn't even have enough strength left to lift my head. Slowly but surely my lungs began to fill with air and reality started to sink back in. I was becoming so fearful now of what was to come due to the boots falling to the floor. The last thing I wanted to do was make eye contact with Misty but I feared my punishment would be even worse if I tried to avoid her. With my head still pointed at the floor I raised my eyebrows and forced both eyeballs upwards as I SLOWLY raised my head in total fear of seeing what Misty was going to say/do.

    Just as I suspected, her eyes met mine as soon as she came into my vision. She was waiting for me to come back to her and face the reality of what just happened. She pursed her lips and slowly shook her head "no" to the left and right before she said...

    "Frankie Frankie Frankie. What am I going to do with you? Huh?"

    I still had my head hung but left it raised just enough so I could stare at her with my defeated puppy dog eyes in the mirror as I began to shake my own head "no" very fast and try to plead my way out of this...

    "No... No... Please... I be a good boy... I'm sorry... I'm sorry (each of her hands lands on the spot where my legs meet my hips. she begins massaging/rubbing the top of my thighs and slowly making her way towards my inner thighs) IM SORRY (I shout as she makes contact)... OH NOOOO... PLEASE... PLEASE... PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!!"

    I'm back in full panic mode because my thighs are one of my worst spots. She has yet to tickle them, only rub/massage, but the anticipation of what is to come is driving me insane. She stops touching me for a moment and I see her hands vanish behind my head in the mirror. During this whole time since the shoes hit the ground her face has been stern. No smiling or teasing expressions like before, just a blank look. A look your mother would have if she was really disappointed in you. She didn't say a word either. I hear what sounds like Velcro ripping and see a ball gag appears on the right side my head. She inserts the big red ball into my mouth and continues stretching it tight across the left side of my head and finally securing it in place behind me. This device was ridiculous! It was full of surprises. Surprises of torture!

    Misty then walked around the device and stood directly in front of me. No more mirror games. She got right up in my face, grabbed my cheeks, stared directly into my eyes, and she spoke...

    "No more talking. You have lost that privilege. I told you to be a good boy or you would be sorry. I tried to give you a chance. But you just love doing things the hard way. Nothing has changed. You are still that bad little boy I remember. I gave you a chance to prove to me that you had changed. But you haven't. It's long overdue young man, but Mommy now has to teach you a lesson."

    I scream and squeal empty and nervous protests into the ball gag. I see her hands reach behind me on both sides of my face. She's doing something behind my head again and suddenly I see a blindfold appear and the next thing I know I see nothing but black. I continue to protest mightily into the gag...

    "Nuhgghhoooooow nooooawow. Mmmmmmm. Mmmisssdddeeeeee. Plughhheeeessss. I sullgghgrrrrry! Mmmisssdeeeeeeee!!!"

    "That's Mommy to you Mr Franklin. Don't you forget it." she said in response to me begging for her to stop by her first name, Misty.

    As she said that I felt the fingernails of her right hand begin to LIGHTLY dance on the bottom of my ball sack! Oh my god did it send chills up my spine! I instantly melted, rolled the eyes in the back of my head, let out an initial girlish squeal followed by a deep groan into my ball gag.


    Her initial touch sent shivers through my whole body as my penis began to rise instantly. My penis had been getting hard and soft throughout the whole time of my torture. It went limp during times when I was really on the edge. But when I somewhat had my wits about me and she was teasing me it would get hard again.

    She definitely noticed my penis rise and left my balls alone as she dragged all 5 nails from the base of my shaft to the tip. Then she repeated the same stroking of my penis only this time she tickled the top of it. She continued doing this alternating stroking the top and bottom as she said...

    "I see Mr. Wee Wee wants to come out and play. Maybe he will behave a little more than you Frankie!" she picked up the pace. She supported my dick with her left hand and spider tickled the tip of it with the nails on her right hand. She started off real slow and gradually gained speed.


    I felt her lean in close and whisper in my ear while continued her assault on my dick. She explained...

    "I got you Frankie. You're... All... Mine... Now..."


    "This little wee wee... mine. Those little pitty poos... mine. Those ten little piggies waiting for me down there... they're mine. That sexy little toosh toosh... it's ALL mine now. Isn't that right? Tell me. Who do you belong to? Whose wee wee is right here?"


    "That's riiiiight. This wee wee is Mommy's wee wee. It belongs to me. It looks like my Frankie is ready to be a good boy again! The wee wee tickles have a way of making bad boys behave. I remember when you're daddy was a naughty boy I would tickle his wee wee and he would straighten up in no time!" she teased and it really made things worse. This woman was a real pro. I guess she really did have a tickle fetish too. I wasn't sure before but damn was she good at this! And the newly discovered secret that she used to tickle my father like this made me go even crazier. Something about her psychological dominance made the physical dominance that much more powerful. It made everything intensified. She had me.


    "It's been a long time coming since I got to tickle wickle this wittle ding dong! I bet you just love it don't you? I bet Frankie's little wenis has had SEVERAL dreams about Mommy tickles hasn't he? It's okay honey bunny, you can tell me the truth! You're safe. Just let it out. I've got you baby boy! Now tell me what I want to hear."


    "There's my good little boy! Gooooood boy Frankie Poo! You will be rewarded for that! Here it comes. Get ready..."

    She switched to my balls again, spider tickling the hell out of them with both hands. Her nails barely made contact and danced masterfully as my sweaty balls dangled helplessly to her touch. I went crazy and lost all concepts of time and space.


    "Please WHAT?" asked Misty in a tone suggesting I better answer her correctly.


    "That's what I thought..." she responded.

    She stopped tickling my privates and now placed her left hand on the top of my right thigh as she pinched my inner thigh with her right hand. She used her index and middle fingers together along with her thumb to grab a nice ticklish patch of my skin and really give it to me. It was really bad. My thighs, balls, dick, butt, and crack are some of the worst areas on my body. My inner thighs might be the worst. I think Misty could tell too. My reaction was one for the ages. My laughter went up a few decibels and it was obvious how desperate I was when she began on my thigh. I can't explain how ticklish it was.


    "Oh myyyyyyy. You really like it there don't you? Is that your favorite spot?" I could tell by her tone that she was even surprised by how ticklish I was on my inner thigh. She even had a HINT of empathy in her voice. I was going freaking crazy! I couldn't play her little games or answer any of her questions. I couldn't do anything but struggle and laugh.


    Misty stopped for a moment and gently/lovingly rubbed my thigh. Her short lived empathy was long gone. She went right back to teasing and tormenting me.

    "I remember when Frankie was a bad little boy. Do you remember that Frankie? I remember." she asked before she resumed tickling my thigh. This time she started using spider tickles.

    "OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOHOHOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO AHHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHA HAHAHAHAHA!" I screamed into the gag as I violently tried to move away from her. My waist would move just a little and my torso could bounce up and down just a bit. It was of no use though. It just made a little noise and amused my tickler watching me struggle.

    "I remember when he used to back talk. I remember silent treatments. I remember so much disrespect, so many attitude problems, temper tantrums, and I definitely remember his naughty little websites!" she turned it up again and switched to more hardcore tickling techniques. She straightened her middle and index finger and held them together. Then she jabbed those to fingers into my inner thigh and fiercely wiggled them deep into my helpless thigh meat! Using this technique she was able to explore even further up my legs. She jammed her fingers into the spot where my inner thigh met the edge of my ball sack. The "armpit of my leg” or my "legpit" if you will. God did it tickle!


    Now using baby talk again she proceeded, "All his little tickly wickly computer friends. Reading about Mommy and Frankie and their special little times togedder. That's supposed to be our wittle secret and Frankie wanna go tell it. Bad Frankie!"


    "And even today, earlier, do you remember? Frankie wanna tell Mommy to STOP tickling him? Mommy knows better than that. Mommy knows her little boy doesn't want the tickle wickles to ever stop. Isn't that right Frankie Poo?"


    "What was that? You said more right? I can't really understand you baby doll, it's like your voice is muffled or something. You said you want more?" she asked.

    "WAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAA OHHHHHHHHHHHHOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHHFF FFFFFFFFFAHOAHAOHAOHOAHAOAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA" I screamed thru my gag some more and I couldn't even muster a response. All I could do was shake my head yes. That was my only way of communicating. I was about to die. She was tickling me so bad I couldn’t even say anything, but I had to obey her. I had to plead for more. There was no way to win. I had to either beg for more tickling or be punished for asking her to stop.

    "That's right. Baby LOVES it!" she responded in a very sadistic tone that reinforced the fact that I better 'play ball' or things were going to end up very badly for me.

    She stopped, finally. And let me catch my breath. I was a mess at this point. I was sweating much more than before and I was completely spent. I had barely any fight left. I really was hers’. My mind had been broken down. My will had been broken down. I couldn't think about anything but the torture. How much I wanted it to stop but also how much it turned me on. I was hers’ for the taking, her slave. I was her tickle slave. I was thankful that she stopped for a moment, but I was almost certain that she wasn't finished. And I was right.

    "Where else are you ticklish honey buns? Where should we go next? I know I'm definitely gonna re-visit that little tooshy of mine at some point. Such a tight little sexy tooshy! I can't help myself. The pitty poos have been all worn out. Those little thighs are definitely getting some more love. I haven't even played with your other one yet. Those stinky little feet aren’t safe either boy, don’t you think for a second I won’t have my fun with them! And definitely don't think I forgot about little Mr. Wee Wee. If you continue to be a good little boy Mommy might be REAL NICE to him. But you are far from deserving of any of that monkey business yet. So, let's see..."

    I felt her fingers touch my chest, one hand over each nipple, and she dragged them down to my stomach.

    "How about da wittle belly welly? Is da belly welly a good spot?" she asked.

    I shook my head yes like a good boy. Her suggestion that she might be “real nice” to “Mr. Wee Wee” had me very excited and provided much more incentive to obey her commands. I had to obey her anyway, but at least there was hope that I would be rewarded with something other than harsher tickling.

    "I bet it is, let's get more comfortable so I can give da wittle bellies some good lovin."

    I heard her readjusting the device again. The leg supports were dropped down so instead of in a seated position, my body was completely vertical. My upper body remained in the same position with my back straight and my hands firmly secured directly above my head. But now my legs and pointed straight towards the floor, still tightly secured to the structure with the straps. My feet didn’t touch the ground though. I was still suspended in the air. And the seat that covered my butt was still removed.

    "There we go. I will say... my little boy has grown up a little bit. His belly has certainly grown anyway. Look at it. Oh wait you can't, teehee. It's a cute little plumpy belly now. And these LOVE HANDLES (quick spider tickles to my sides)... I don't remember them. You used to be such a little skinny baby boy. What happened?"

    I gave her no response. I was a little embarrassed. I was by no means fat, but I had definitely put some pounds on. I used to play sports in school and still enjoyed watching them. As my business grew and metabolism slowed, I played less and less recreational ball and never really hit the gym any more. I became a pretty frequent beer drinker too, which certainly didn't help. I wasn’t necessarily insecure about my weight, like I said I wasn’t fat. But I didn’t like it when people made little comments about me putting on the lbs. I used to be in really good shape when I was younger. It wasn’t until the past 2 or 3 years that I really started getting this beer gut.

    "Mommy gonna get this belly looking right for you. I'm gonna give you a little workout today. When I'm finished your little abs will be sore sore sore. I'm disappointed in you Frankie Poo. You should really be more active. Get rid of this little gutty gut."

    She began spider tickling my sides again and drifted towards my belly button with each hand. Then she would go back to my sides.

    "AAAAAAAHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEHEHEHEEEE. DDDAAHAAATTTT TEEEECCCKLEEESSSSSSSSS. HEHEEHE. OOOH HO. OOOOOHW EEEWEEE WEEE!" I screamed thru my gag as I shook my torso from side to side as much as possible. I found that now that I wasn’t in a seated position, I could move a little more. My arms, legs, ankles, and feet were still totally immobile but my torso could twist and shake a little bit more My toes curled and my fists balled up as her sharp dagger-like nails teased my soft belly and sides to the point of helpless agony.

    "Oh myyyyyyyyy. I wish you could see what you look like right now Frankie Poo. This little gut gut is like a sweaty little jiggly puff! Wiggle wiggle wiggle. Look at it go!"

    “RAAAAAAAAAAAAGHGAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHHA OOOOOOOH WAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAH” I pulled at my restraints the best I could, which caused my belly fat to flop up and down and left and right. Misty took pleasure in seeing this and teased me (I swear it was like she was inside my head and knew all my insecurities, turn-on’s, and all the little buttons to push).

    “Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake the belly! Frankie’s belly! Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Mommy’s got you! Mommy’s got you!” she sang as I bit down angrily at my gag. I didn’t like what she was doing. She was really picking on me about a sensitive subject now. But there was nothing I could do, and she was right. I put on some pounds. I had a gut. All I could to was sit there and take it. I liked to ignore my weight gain as it progressively got worse. I always told myself that I would get in the gym and start slimming down. That never happened though. I just found excuses and pushed it further and further down the priority list. I used to be really athletic. I was still heavily interested in sports too. I thought of myself as an athlete still even though I was clearly out of shape now. I still tried to pretend and ignore it. Her joking my gut really hit me hard. It was a soft spot and she took no prisoners when it came to using it to her advantage.


    "Awwwwwww baby what’s wrong? The belly welly tickles are too much? Frankie don’t like it when Mommy jokes da belly?”


    “ Ooooooh I see. Mommy found a little soft spot huh? Frankie don’t like it when Mommy teases his gut gut! But I’m not going to stop Frankie Poo! In fact, you know what I’m gonna do? What happens when you ask me to stop? What am I gonna do? You tell me.” she continued to tickle my sides and belly with her nails as she waited for me to respond.


    “I’m waiting Frankie. What am I gonna do now? You know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna have to make you pay for that, AGAIN. You asked me to stop, AGAIN. Do you think that was a wise choice?”


    “No what?” when she said that she grabbed my sides. She put her thumbs on the front of my love handles and her four fingers on the back to she could pinch a nice healthy patch of my sides. She went to town.


    “Every time, you just never learn do you? You can be a good boy for a little bit, but then bad Frankie always shows up. It’s like clock work with you isn’t it?”


    “It’s way too late for sorry honey. You might be a cutie pie with a sexy little tooshy but I can’t let you off the hook baby. You still haven’t learned.”

    Misty continued to squeeze my sides and sing humiliating songs about my weight. She mocked twinkle twinkle little star, “Frankie’s tum tum got real big, much more lumpy now he is, Mommy make him sweat so much, Tickle tickle lose that GUT! Frankie wears his naughty pants, Mommy makes him do his dance!”

    “AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAH AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA” I hollered. I was so humiliated, so helpless, so angry and embarrassed. I couldn’t stand her taunts and tickles. My lower back arched when she squeezed my sides and slammed back into the pad supporting my spine. My torso twisted from left to right. All the while my little gut shook and jiggled embarrassingly as she mocked and taunted my movements.

    “Oh look at Mr. Wiggleman! Somebody brought his dancing shoes to the party! Move it big boy! Shake that little tum tum. Work that body. Work that body. Make sure you don’t hurt nobody! Feel the burn Frankie! That humpty dumpty gut gut is melting away! Go ahead with your bad self! Get it boy, get it!”

    “AHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. WAAHAA WAAH WAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHA NAHAHAHHAHAHAHAOOAWW” I screamed into the gag. And even though I wasn’t able to form any words that she could recognize, the tone of my voice made it clear that I was very angry, embarrassed, frustrated, and desperately tired of her joking my belly. This probably was a bad idea and made her want to further her insulting teasing of my pot belly.

    “Now Frankie, don’t be so upset. It’s not like you’re a full blown porker or anything. Mommy would never let that happen. I won’t let you get that bad. You’re just a little piggly wiggly, that’s all. You ARE a cute little piggy though. We just need to shed a few pounds and Mommy will have you looking like the hunk I know you are. Let’s just laugh it off baby. Laugh little piggy! Laugh for Mommy!” she switched and now grabbed a hold of my rib cage. She placed her thumbs in between my ribs and squeezed/poked them with no patter or rhythm. Sometimes she would squeeze them in the same spot consecutively. Sometimes she would do them one at a time, interchanging right and left sides. Sometimes she would make circles with her thumbs. No matter what I continued to struggle and laugh. In fact, the new spot that had not been attacked yet made the sensation worse than what I was experiencing moments before when she had my sides. When she switched, my voice changed and turned into a high pitched squeal that I couldn’t turn off.

    “HMMMMMMMMM EMMMMMMMMMMMM HMHMHMHMHM EEEEEEEEEMMMMMMAHAHAHAHAEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE WAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHH!” my body continued to thrash under her touch and her teasing continued to haunt my every thought.

    “I… (One squeeze to the sides that caused me to yelp, “EEE”)… hear (another squeeze another yelp, “WOOOO”)… one (another squeeze another yelp, “EWWWW”)… little (squeeze and yelp, “OOOOH”)… giggly (squeeze and yelp, “AHHH”)… piggly (continuous hardcore squeezing of my ribs)… do you hear him Frankie? He sounds so cute!”

    I flat out lost it. I began laughing at a hysterically high pitch. I even began to snort. I must admit, her calling me a pig made me snort. I didn’t do it involuntarily. I snorted on purpose. I was at her mercy. I wanted to snort and give her the satisfaction of making me actually sound like a pig, just to see how she would react. At this point I had no fight left. I was hers’. I submitted completely. She won and I was willing to give her more ammunition to keep on dominating me. But the snorting did give me some phantom resemblance of CONTROL of the situation. At least if I reacted with a snort I could somewhat dictate what would come next. She took the bait and was overjoyed with my swine like reaction.


    “Oh my goodness! Hahaha!” Misty laughed. “Frankie you really ARE a little piggy! Haha! Listen to the little piggy go! Oink oink my cute little wiggly piggly! Tell me who’s a little piggy Frankie Boy. Tell me!”

    Misty actually took the ball gag out of my mouth. I guess she had enough of my muffled laughter and responses. I guess she wanted more coherent give/take teasing and taunting as she seemed to LOVE forcing me to answer her humiliating questions and making me submit to her every request.

    I gasped for air as soon as the ball gag left my mouth, then I gave her what she wanted.


    “That’s right! You are a little piggy! But now tell me whose piggy you are. Who do you belong to little piggy? And why do they call you piggy?”


    “Ohhhhh Frankie! You did so good!” She stopped and removed my blindfold. As my eyes adjusted to the light again she gently used a towel to wipe my sweaty face. Then, she stood very close to me, reached behind me and grabbed both of my butt cheeks with her hands (which turned me on instantly), and she began softly kissing my neck as she slowly whispered to me.

    “(Kiss) You did such a good job Frankie (kiss)… You were such a good boy (kiss)… You see what happens when you’re a good little boy (kiss)… You see how much Mommy loves it when you behave (kiss)…”

    She now put her lips right on my ear and began whispering in my ear while licking/kissing it causing me to giggle just a little bit. The tingles of her mouth and tongue felt so arousing. It made my butt cheeks tighten which she could feel with her hands. I could tell she loved it when they tightened because she made a sound of approval.

    “I can be nice to good little boys Frankie (soft lick to the top of my ear, my butt cheeks tightened instantly)… Mmmmmm (in reaction to my cheeks tightening)… (she crossed my face and went to my other ear, kissing my neck along the way and bringing her hands up to my chest and neck as she caressed my upper body) It’s the bad boys I have to punish (slow lick circling the top of my ear, biting down on it gently and gliding her teeth off sending shivers thru my entire body)… You have been a very bad boy today (kiss to the ear) but I think you are slowly but surely learning your lesson aren’t you?”

    “Yeeeehheesssss Maaahaaam” I uttered in a desperate whispering tone.

    She was turning me on and she was trying to. I was so hot for her in that moment. My dick became rock hard and she noticed right away. Her hand slowly traced down my chest and stomach and eventually landed on my penis. She grabbed it softly and began slowly jerking me off with her right hand. Her left hand was not holding the top of my head, rubbing it lovingly as she continued whispering in my ear.

    “Are you still going to be a good boy Frankie (kiss to the cheek)? Are you still going to behave for Mommy little boy (another kiss, this time on my mouth)?”

    “(Panting) Mmmmmm Hmmmmmm!” I responded panting like a puppy dog. Her jerking me off took my experience to a whole new level. I was in heaven now.

    “Good boy, and what do good boys ask for (kiss to the nose)? What do you want me to do now baby boy (kiss to the mouth)? Tell me what it is you want (another kiss to the mouth, this time longer and more passionate).”

    I knew better. I knew not to ASK for an orgasm. I also knew the only way to eventually getting her to letting me cum was to say exactly what she wanted to hear, even though I knew it would result in more tickling.

    “I want more tickles Mommy (kiss). Puh (kiss) Please(kiss) Give me more tickles.” I requested as we continued to kiss.

    “Oooooh Frankie, that’s my good little boy…”

    To be continued…

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    nice sequel

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    Great story!
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    just as it is getting soo intense I can't take anymore there is a to be continue lol
    more please
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    Quote Originally Posted by amkes View Post
    just as it is getting soo intense I can't take anymore there is a to be continue lol
    more please
    I endorse your views.

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    WOW! I enjoyed this one and LOOOOOVED the prequel. Excellent work

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    Wow! You have to get her back She must be tied really tight and severely punished!

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    Quote Originally Posted by delicatetouch View Post
    Wow! You have to get her back She must be tied really tight and severely punished!
    yes, she deserved to be tickled more

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    My sisters call me a pig since I snort too. Great story!

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    Reminds me of a storyteller named Advanact! He also combined mommy/littleboy ageplay with tickling. good work! Make more!!!

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