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    Apr 2010

    receptionist pantyhose foot tickle

    I use to work security years ago at a big company,
    One day a friend of mine and I asked two of the receptionist if they wanted to go dancing, they both said yes and they both met us at my friends place before we went out. And Wow did they both look hot !
    Darla was a black haired beauty and had on all black, skirt, blouse heels and pantyhose . kate was a very sexy blond she had on a red skirt white blouse and red heels and tan pantyhose,

    I focused on kate because I knew her well and I was more in to tan pantyhose and she had nicer legs . anyway they both came in and removed their shoes to be more comfortable I suppose. then i was really turned on they both had vey nice looking feet. we decided to have a drink before we headed out so while we were doing so, Darla saw a pair of hand cuffs from work and asked if she could try them my friend and I looked at each other like is this really happing anyway i said sure and my friend proceeded to cuff her hands behind her then he gave her a little rib tickle and she really reacted to it she yelled out for him to stop and asked him to take off the cuffs , but I said wait one more thing first they both looked at me and I said lets tickle her feet!! my friend and i grabbed her and laid her on the couch and I cradled her legs in my arms and began to run my fingers along her very soft and very ticklish soles of her feet he held her down as i continued to torture her poor helpless feet.

    Darla struggled to get away but she was also getting weak from hysterical laughter i was in a trance from watching her feet twist and wriggle trying to escape my finger tips , I stopped and let her catch her breath and then attacked them again she could hardly continue begging for me to stop she was laughing so hard . I looked up and saw kate just standing there watching so i stopped hoping at a chance at her feet.

    we Un-cuffed Darla and let her gain her composer I apologized for getting carried away, but she said don't worry about it and smiled at me , kate had knelt down at the cd rack looking out the collection of CDs she was sitting on her knees with her foot bottoms exposed so I went up behind her and grabbed her and said your turn and reached down and ran my fingers along her foot bottoms but she wasn't really ticklish she actually said that it felt good and placed her feet in my lap and I played with her feet some more, she would wiggle her toes around which having a foot fetish was still exciting it just wasn't the same as real tickling i even sucked on her nylon clad toes that got a little more of a reaction but not to much. so we left and went dancing.

    The next day at work I stopped by to see Darla and asked if she was mad at me , she said of course not and turned her chair towards me and slipped of one of her heels exposing her pantyhose clad foot and with a smile asked if i wanted to tickle her again I looked around and the office was pretty much empty so I knelt by her leg and grasped her ankle and pulled her leg up under the chair forcing her to lean into her desk and I started slowly stroking her sensitive foot bottom her soft foot and the silky feel of the pantyhose felt so good to the touch, she bit her lip trying not to laugh but as I started a more intense racking of her now twisting sole she could not help it and started laughing out loud and tried to pull away I let her struggle for a second and then let her go not wanting to cause a scene . anyway this went on for about two more weeks casual visits /tickling at her desk but I started dating someone and I found out she was actually engaged herself I thought I should just move on and enjoy what I had with her .
    , so
    I am sorry I do not have real good writing skills that one reason I have waited so long to share this story I have more and some day i will share another experience

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    Sep 2005
    That story was great cos it was a real life situation and when i am reading ur story i could really see the pantyhosed feet in my head :-) ur are a very lucky guy but do have her number or do had the chance to tickle her like u want with bondage rope?

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    Aug 2001
    Cool story!

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    Apr 2010
    No I have lost track of her over the years and unfortunately never had a chance to tie her up and tickle her ...but I have fantasized about it over the years

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    Fine story. Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire
    Great story! And don't worry about your writing. It's a lot better than some Ive seen here!

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    Oct 2002
    Somewhere you have to get to know me to find out though.
    Fantastic story and thanks for writing it and sharing it with us. Where are you from?

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    Apr 2001
    New Jersey
    Always cool to have a good thing like that no matter how long it lasts. You'll always have the memory though.
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    Apr 2010

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    Sep 2002
    nowhere special - just cruising
    Damn fine tale. Well told. Thanks for sharing.

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