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    Ticklish Co-Worker Silvia

    Ticklish Co-Worker Silvia

    Silvia came home after finishing her five mile run. Her husband was gone for the weekend on an out of town job. She grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator and sat on the sofa, tired & sweaty. She finally took a shower and went to bed.
    During the night, Silvia woke only to find she was unable to move. Silvia struggled to get freed, but she could barely move an inch.
    Suddenly the lights came on. Silvia saw that she was in a dungeon like room. She also realized that she was stretched out on a table, but whenever was holding her down was not seen.
    “Help! Somebody help me!” Silvia said with her sexy Spanish accent.
    Moments later a man materialized in the room. Silvia gasped in shock when she saw it was Edward. They work together in the same department.
    “Hello, Gorgeous. Surprise to see me?” he asked.
    Silvia looked at him speechless.
    “Damn you’re so sexy & beautiful!” he said. “You’re probably wondering how I got my hands on you and why you can’t move. While I was vacation I received a box in the mail. In it was just a common looking lamp. I cleaned it and a genie appeared. I made the three wishes in a way that I became a very powerful freed genie. I need no master and I don’t have to live in a bottle. I can do anything I want to do. My imagination is my only limit. Now to tell you one of my deepest & darkest secrets.”
    Silvia was getting really scared at this point.
    “I have a major tickle fetish. I’m addicted to tickling women. I love to have a beautiful helpless woman in the thralls of indescribable ticklish hysteria. From the first day you started working in the department I’ve always wanted to tickle you. When I found out that you’re a very ticklish person, it made me masturbate to you all the more.”
    Silvia struggled to get freed.
    “Now to be your Tickle Monster.”
    Silvia cringed & whimpered with fear as Edward slide his hand underneath Silvia’s pajama top and started caressing her flat sexy belly.
    She started laughing hysterically. A nice full body rich belly laugh and squirming as Edward wiggled his fingers across Silvia’s insanely ticklish belly.
    After a minute he stopped and Silvia laid on the table scared.
    “No. Please don’t tickle me. I’m too ticklish.”
    “You can say that again.” Edward replied with a big huge grin. “But time to get down to business. A gorgeous, sexy, beautiful woman like yourself shouldn’t be covered with clothes.”
    Before Silvia could say anything, her pajamas melted away leaving her totally naked.
    “Holy shit!!! You’re fucking hot!!!” Edward exclaimed.
    Edward had that hungry look in his eyes while he was licking his lips while he slowly looked up and down Silvia breath-taking naked body. Silvia’s sexy brown sugar skin. Her beautiful stretched out underarms, her perfect C cup breast, flat sexy belly, sexy pussy, Silvia’s lovely tone slender legs, her sensual size seven feet.
    Edward was getting a major stiffy looking at such this incredibly exquisite woman.
    “I really don’t know where to start tickling you.” Edward said as he sat down next to Silvia. “I’ll just have to flip a coin. Heads I’ll tickle your upper body. Tails I’ll tickle your feet.”
    Edward flipped a coin. Silvia watched as the coin sailed upward in slow motion. It reached its highest point and started falling down. Edward caught the coin in his left hand and quickly flipped it over to the top of his right hand.
    “Heads.” He said as he removed his left hand & showed Silvia the coin. “Looks like I get to explore all of your insanely ticklish tickle spots on your sexy upper body.”
    “No. Please don’t.” Silvia begged and whimpered. Her sexy Spanish accent always turned him on.
    Edward started by tickling Silvia’s flat sexy belly. He grew his fingernails out as he lazily dragged his fingers across her ticklish tummy. She busted out laughing hysterically. Silvia has such a beautiful smile, nice high cheek bones, and a rich full body belly laugh.
    “Tickle, tickle, tickle!” Edward verbally teased Sylvia as he tickle attacked her belly and her sides.
    “I love tickling Silvia!” Edward said with a joyful glee in his voice. “Tickle, tickle, tickle!”
    Silvia laughed and laughed to the point that she started to snort laugh and was soon reduced to silent scream laughter. Silvia had tears streaming down her twisted and contorted face as she was laughing uncontrollably. Edward began exploring her other unbearably ticklish tickle spots. He moved to Silvia’s ribs and perfect breast.
    Edward started with dragging his index finger back and forth across each of Silvia’s ribs. With his genie powers his fingertip vibrated which made the tickling all the more unbearable.
    “That’s right, Silvia, I’m not stopping. I’m going to tickle you forever and ever! Tickle, tickle, tickle!”.” Edward told her as she became paralyzed in complete hysteria.
    Time went by so slow for Silvia. A few seconds felt like hours of sadistic tickle torture. “Time to tickle the Ta-Ta’s!” Edward said with sadistic joy as he began to tickle her stunning breast. He caused the table to bow up just a little. Enough for Silvia’s ribs to protrude a little and her amazing breast to look fuller. Edward was really getting into tickling Silvia’s breast. His fingers were almost licking them they moved so fluidly on her tits.
    Edward was in the Tickle Zone. He totally lost all account of time as he was tickle torturing this beautiful Mexican lady. Edward was discovering all of Silvia’s ticklish tickle spots and some tickle spots she though she did not have.
    “I know this has to be such torture for you, but I really do love tickling you. And I can’t say this enough, but you’re so damn fucking gorgeous & sexy!” Edward said as his continued to tickle torture Silvia’s upper body.
    He stopped for a moment. Just enough for the table to flatten back to normal. Silvia was totally exhausted.
    “Anybody ever tell you that you have beautiful underarms.” Edward expressed as he moved Silvia’s long hair out of the way.
    “No. Please don’t tickle me. It hurts too much to laugh.” She said with great fear and terror in her voice.
    “They’re so lovely. I’m going to lick and kiss your underarms.” Edward said as he was drawing closer and closer to Silvia’s right side.
    Silvia threw her head back and exploded in a storm of hysterical ticklish laughter as Edward began slowly licking her underarms. He loved how much ticklish agony he was putting Silvia through. She was desperately using all of her strength to pull her arms down, but it was totally useless. The magical restraints were not letting up. The licks were long and slow. Soon he began to give Silvia’s armpits smoochie kisses. Although the thing that really got Silvia all tickled was when Edward began blowing raspberry kisses. It just destroyed her with complete hysteria. After a few minutes, Edward stopped and walked over to Silvia’s left side. She was too exhausted to say anything.
    “Such lovely armpits.” Edward said as he went down to lick Silvia’s left underarm. A nice fresh ticklish underarm and Silvia was sent back to the unbearable tickle torture once again. He really did love licking and kissing her underarms.
    After what seemed like forever, Edward stopped and gave Silvia a break. She was so exhausted. She had that far off look in her eyes and her head was spinning. Her lovely spectacular breasts were heaving up & down as she was trying to suck in as much oxygen as she could to sooth her burning lungs. He released her from the magical restraints. Silvia curled up in the fetal position and cried herself to sleep.
    “Wake up, beautiful.” Edward said. “Time for more tickling.”
    Silvia woke up to see that she was still in the dungeon. This time she was laying on a bed with her arms at her sides, and her feet hanging over the edge.
    “No. No. No.” Silvia said with great fear as she struggled to move, but the magical restraints limited her movements. “Please why are you doing this to me? What have I ever done to you? I thought you were my friend.”
    “We are friends, but I just love tickling so much, and you are just so damn ticklish and so damn beautiful!”
    Silvia saw that she was now wearing clothes: tank top, blue jeans with the legs rolled a little, ankle sock and sneakers.
    “Now my favorite place to tickle women is her feet.” Edward said as he sat in front of Silvia’s feet.
    “No! Please don’t.” Silvia begged as she continued to try to get freed.
    “I really do love women’s feet. Until today I could only imagine how beautiful your feet are. Now I can say that you have very beautiful feet.”
    Edward grabbed her right foot.
    “I love taking off women’s shoes and socks. It’s like opening up a birthday present. The anticipation of how their feet will look.”
    He slowly untied the shoe lace and slipped off the shoe. Edward did the same with the other shoe. Next, he slowly peeled off Silvia’s socks one at a time.
    He sat there for a few moments gazing and admiring Silvia’s feet.
    “You really do have beautiful, beautiful feet.” He said with great passion.
    Her feet were flawless: slender soles, amazing arches. Her beautiful toes in perfect descending order. The tops of her feet looking like sweet brown sugar.
    “Your feet look so tasty and delicious.” Edward said with a hungry look in his eyes. “Has your husband ever kissed your feet or licked them?”
    “No. I-I’m too ticklish.” Silvia said with a foreboding look on her face. “Please don’t tickle me.”
    “A woman wearing blue jeans and barefooted is just so damn sexy!” Edward went down on Silvia’s right foot and began licking it. Silvia exploded in a full body robust laughter that was intoxicating to the ears.
    Edward continued to passionately kiss and slowly lick Silvia’s right foot. With his genie powers Edward made her feet smell and taste like sweet delicious rich caramel. Every few minutes he changed the smell and taste of Silvia’s feet: orange dreamscicle, cinnamon vanilla, and many others. The licking, sucking and nibbling of her toes caused Silvia to become paralyzed with ticklish hysteria. Her body trembling in a state of silent screaming tickled laughter with some snort laughs.
    After a good chunk of time of showering Silvia’s right foot with kisses and giving her right foot a nice long tongue bath, Edward switched over to her left foot. A nice fresh ticklish foot. The initial explosion of the ticklish reaction was so strong it was a wonder that Silvia did not jump clean out of her own skin.
    In Silvia’s mind she was begging and screaming for Edward to stop. But that soon turned into incoherent babble as the tickling simply conquered and overwhelmed her. Following giving her feet and tongue bath, Edward stopped and licked his lips as Silvia recovered from her ticklish ordeal.
    “I really do love tickling your feet.” He told Silvia. “Ever had your feet tickled with an artist brush?”
    “No. Please, I’m going to die.” She pleaded.
    “Don’t worry about that. With my genie powers you’ll never die or age. You’ll stay as young and fine ass sexy beautiful as you are now.”
    Silvia laid on the bed in silence and fear.
    “Anyway, a nice soft fine tipped artist brush lazily skating across the soles of your beautiful ticklish soles will drive you mad with ticklish laughter.”
    He grabbed her right foot and started dragging across the base of her toes. The unbearable ticklie itch caused Silvia to burst open in a shower of full body giggling laughter.
    “Please stop! I can’t stand it!” she said laughing.
    Soon Edward just dropped the brush and started tickling Silvia’s feet with his fingers. It was as if he was shocking her with electricity. Silvia was throwing her head to the left and to the right as she laughed uncontrollably.
    After Edward had his way with her feet, he stopped and gave Silvia a break.
    Silvia simply passed out.
    Silvia finally woke up. Her belly and face were still hurting form all the laughing and tickling she had been through. Silvia looked to find herself stretched out on an X frame totally naked. Even though she knew it was completely useless she still tried to get freed, but the magical restraints held her in place. The X frame was at a 45 degree angle. Silvia also saw that her pussy lips had been perfectly clean shaved.
    Edward appeared out of thin air.
    “I hope you had a nice rest.”
    “Please no more.” She said whimpering.
    Edward walked in front of her and stood in between her legs.
    “I really can’t say this enough, but you are truly a gorgeous and sexy woman!” Edward said with a hungry look in his eyes. “Does your husband ever give you oral sex?”
    “No! P-Please don’t do that!” Silvia protested with a look of shock.
    Edward made a chair appear in between her legs and he sat in place.
    “Beautiful.” Edward said as he grew a mustache & goatee and went in for the feast.
    He took a deep whiff of Silvia’s pussy. With his genie powers Edward caused her pussy to smell like sweet rich banana cream pie.
    “Delicious.” He said as he began to eat her out.
    Silvia’s beautiful hazel eyes just about popped out of her head from the first lick. She exploded in a strong outburst of hysterical laughter. Edward had also caused Silvia’s pussy to become insanely ticklish. In addition to his skilled tongue tickling her pussy, Edward’s facial hair tickled Silvia like crazy. He really did love the way she laughs. A nice full body robust laughter with a few snorts every few moments. When he got tired of the way Silvia’s pussy tasted and smelled, Edward would switched the flavor and smell. Next, she tasted and smelled like butterscotch peanut butter. Following this it was sweet delicious buttercream.
    In addition to the state of hysteria Silvia was in, she also had to endure multiple orgasms. Edward’s licking and tickling Silvia’s hyper ticklish clitoris. Furthermore, Edward had small feather dusters tickling Silvia’s feet and child-like hands tickling the hollows of her armpits while he was eating her out.
    Time went by so slow for Silvia. Edward simply lost all track of time. He could not get enough of Silvia’s delectable pussy. Hours passed by the time he finally stopped and gave Silvia a break.
    She was totally spent. " No mmore...ppllease I can’t bear it I’ll die...plplease no more tickling..." Silvia managed to say. All the tickling and her naked body was covered in a sheen sweat. Her long light brown hair was matted to her head.
    “You are so damn delicious.” Edward said as he was licking his lips.
    He left the room. The magical restraints disappeared, and Silvia cried herself to sleep.
    “Hey there, beautiful. Time for more tickling.” Edward said as he woke up Silvia.
    She woke to find herself strapped in an odd chair. The chair was laid back at a 45 degree angle. Her arms were outstretched and held in place. Silvia’s feet were raised to eye level and she was unable to move much. Silvia was wearing a spaghetti string tank top, blue jeans and red canvass TOMS shoes.
    “No! Please don’t tickle me anymore. I just want to go home.” Silvia pleaded.
    “Here’s a secret about this room.” Edward said. “It’s in between seconds. Since I have caused you to be immortal and ageless, I can tickle you for as long as I want and have my way with you.”
    He slipped off her canvass shoes and took deep whiffs of the shoes. Silvia’s feet had a nice fresh clean smell to them.
    Silvia prepared herself for another unbearable tickle session. Her feet are the worst place for her to be tickled.
    She threw her head back as a torrent of uncontrollable ticklish laughter came gushing out of her body.
    Edward’s tickling fingers were merciless as they wiggled up and down the soft soles of Silvia’s helpless ticklish feet. Moments later Silvia’s shirt vanished and two pairs of disembodied hands appeared. One set of hands began ticklish the hollows of her lovely baby soft hyper ticklish armpits while the second pair started ticklish Silvia’s sides and belly. She struggled in her chair begging for Edward to stop, but her begging soon became incoherent babblings.
    It felt like hours passed by before He stopped and gave Silvia a rest. He loved seeing her tired and totally exhausted. With his genie powers Edward caused Silvia’s clothing to vanish and she was suspended waist high in the spread eagle position.
    “You my friend?” he innocently asked.
    Silvia was still recovering from the last tickle session.
    “You my friend?” he asked again.
    “Yes.” Silvia nodded.
    “You my ticklish friend?” he asked with a sinister grin.
    “No! No! P-Please don’t tickle me!” She pleaded. Silvia’s sexy Spanish accent made her begging & pleadings all the more sexier.
    “Are you my ticklish friend?” Edward asked again as he began to gently tickled Silvia’s flat sexy belly and sides.
    “STOP! PLEASE STOP! IT TICKLES!!!” she laughed hysterically.
    “You my ticklish friend?”
    “Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!” Edward said with sadistic joy. “I love tickling my ticklish friend! Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!”
    Silvia began to laugh all more harder when she felt disembodied hands tickling her backside. Two pairs were tickling her back, a pair was tickling her sexy ass, and two more pairs of hands were tickling the backs of her thighs and her calves.
    “I just love it when you get all tickled about something.” Edward said
    Edward never grew tired of tickling Silvia. He would spend hours if not days finding deathly ticklish tickle spots Silvia never knew she had.
    Silvia soon realized that she would never see her friends and family and would be Edward’s Tickle Slave, forever.

    This is Silvia
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    Sadistic story Ovda, good to see youre still writing! Always loved the foot tickling in your stories.

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    Great story. She sounds so damn sexy & beautiful!!!
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    Amazing story.

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    Loved the Foot Licking Scene!!!

    Great Story, Thanks for Sharing.
    Keep Tickling

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    Great fantasy!
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    Great story

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    WOW!!! That picture of Silvia. She's beautiful!!!

    "In Brightest Day.
    In Blackest Night.
    No Evil Shall Escape My Sight.
    Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might,
    Beware My Power...Green Lantern's Light"

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