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    Nov 2001
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    Review of Tickle Hell - Kidnapped, Tickled, and Fucked!

    Reviewers Note: I am recently married, and while my wife is aware of my fetish, she does not share it with me. However, she is completely in favor of us watching tickling DVDs if it makes me happy and turns me on, which it does. I've owned Tickle Party I on DVD for some time, and when my wife made the comment that it was too bad there was no sex in that movie, I was inspired to buy some DVDS from Tickle Hell, which combine tickle torture with aspects of traditional pornography (oral sex and intercourse). This way, we both get what we want.

    This was the second DVD that I surprised my wife with. As before, we watched it in bed together, touching each other while we watched. But you want to hear about the movie, not my sex life...

    The movie opens with Jassie clothed and tied to a chair while two male criminals talk about the ransom she'll fetch. One leaves to pick up the money, and the other can't keep his hands off her. He finds out that she is ticklish, and when she won't agree to blow him, he decides to have fun with her. Unlike the guy in Tickle Nightmare!, this guy is completely goofy looking. He looks like the kid from school who would get his rocks off scaring the girls by holding a frog near their faces. All he is missing is the braces to look like a complete dork.


    In the next scene, Jassie is tied spread eagled to the bed. Can we say skinny? I mean, she has a cute face, but please, eat something! Her hip bones are so prominent, they look sharp to the touch!

    The man tickles her all over, and every other sentence out of his mouth is, "Are you gonna give me a blow job?" He sounds like a broken record. A dorky broken record. She of course refuses him, and he tickles her everywhere. She seemed ticklish, but she is so skinny, it took away from my enjoyment of watching her suffer.


    Finally she agrees to blow him, and we cut to a scene where she sucks his dick. He is such a dork, he doesn't deserve this.


    He doesn't come, but instead goes back to tickling her. Now she has her wrists tied to her ankles, and he mostly tickles her feet. I kept waiting for him to shove a frog in her face.


    Then he tickles her pussy. She begs him to stop and promises to let him fuck her if he does. Dork boy is all for that.


    They have sex, with mostly her on top. He blows his load by sticking his dick near her face and gets it all over her face and hair. I guess he was out of frogs. Is this something guys want to see in porn? I've never understood the 'blow your load in her fact' thing. Can someone explain to me?


    Cut back to her tied in the chair again, and the other partner returning with the money. The end.

    After watching and enjoying Tickle Nightmare!, this movie left me a little disappointed. The guy was a dork (have I made that clear yet?), and she was too skinny. My wife and I still had great sex afterwards, but I don't see us pulling this DVD out again anytime soon. That is, unless we want to laugh at the kid with the frog.

    There are two scenes at the end of this movie that I previewed briefly. First is Heather Stewart buried in the sand and having her feet tickled by her male friend. I love foot tickling, but this did nothing for me. I found it uncompelling. I watched it in fast-forward mode, and every time I stopped to hear the audio, she was saying, "You asshole". I couldn't really tell if she was ticklish or not.


    The other scene was Sadie Atkins tickling a naked Jana Cova in stocks. I didn't really give this scene much of a chance, but it looked decent. Jana certainly is good looking. I'll have to check it out again and add to this review another time.


    Hope that helps everyone. Kidnapped, Tickled, and Fucked! help put me and my wife in the mood, but I wouldn't put this DVD on my 'must have' list by any means.


    Last edited by laughter_n_love; 02-20-2003 at 10:08 AM.
    I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.

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    May 2001
    Gotham City, IL

    I totally enjoyed your 3 reviews. I couldn't stop laughing everytime you called the guy a dork.

    I'm not into the sex and tickling part (unless it's actually me doing it!) but I was curious about these videos from Tickle Hell.

    I'm curious... at anytime do the women get tickled as they performing the BJ's or having sex? That's something I would be interested in seeing.

    Again thanks for the reviews, they were fun to read. And yeah, you have a great wife with her understanding of your love of tickling. You lucky bastard.

    Cyborg: Didn't think you were real.
    Batman: I'm real.... when it's useful.

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    Nov 2001
    New England
    Blog Entries
    Glad you like the reviews, DK.

    To answer your question, no. At no time during the sex was there any tickling, and at no time during the tickling was there any sex.

    I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.

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    Oct 2001
    Every review should read like yours laughter, it was exceptional. Love the inclusion of pictures from the vid too, great stuff. One thing you didn't detail much was if the original girl was ticklish or not and where.. Great review otherwise though,

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    Dec 2001
    The Netherlands
    In response to the 'sex while being tickled question'...i would be very reluctant to have a blowjob given to me while the girl in question is being tickled...you know, involuntary reflexes and all....

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