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    Andrea's Inspiring day at the Beach F/F & FF/F

    Hi so I don't post much to this forum but enjoy the stories. Even before I discovered I was not alone I used to mentally compose tickling stories.

    This one has been rattling around my brain and I felt it needed to be shared

    - - -

    Andrea was walking along the beach alone one hot summer’s day when she heard a sound that made her heart jump. The definite sound of laughter, the kind she knew could only result from tickle torture.
    Andrea had a tickling fetish, she had always been too shy to explore it but secretly loved to be tickled especially on her feet, she dreamed both of being tied and tickled and extracting revenge on her female tormentors. When exploring her fetish online she both loved to place herself in the victims place and also imagine being the one to torture them.
    At almost six foot tall she often intimidated men and despite her shy demeanour and beautiful long blonde hair she had made it to her mid-twenties without many boyfriends, she had played around with a few girls at University: often placing her feet in vulnerable positions at parties hoping someone would tickle them or at least talk to her! For some unknown reason she always found herself outside the circle of conversation too shy to join in and all too often ignored. Today she had been walking along the beach and contemplating her loneliness and regret whilst the sand tickled her toes between her brown leather sandals.

    Upon hearing the sounds of laughter she found a new courage to take action and briefly straightened her back and put her chin up, this assertive body language did not long as she approached the source of the laughter in her usual sheepish submissive manner with her head down and her shoulders slightly hunched. Her breath slightly fast from excitement she contemplated the possibilities the day could bring.
    She approached a red and white bell-tent that looked like the sort of thing sometimes found at Renfaires or Shakespearean plays. As she sheepishly approached she saw a small crowd and a queue being addressed by a man dressed like a Victorian circus master wearing a black suit and cape through which was visible a waist coat with a pocket watch on a chain. Under his top-hat was a mask covering the top half of his face in an evil bird like face with a beak and red and orange feathers to the side. She could also see a woman in costume taking money from people joining the back of the queue.
    Peering through the queue and crowd that blocked the front of the tent she could see two women locked in stocks. On the left was a petite woman dressed in a 1920’s flapper style outfit, her dark brown hair cut in a bob under one of those hats, what are they called…. Not having time to recall the exact time of hat Andrea’s eyes widened as she saw a teenage girl tickling her stocking clad feet. Andrea recognised the sheer stockings with the re-enforced seam that she had seen women tickled in online, the website claiming that the enhanced the ticklishness of the victim.

    To the right of this was the source of the louder laughter, not that the stocking clad victim wasn’t suffering, her helpless feet being held firm with a piece of string securing her big toes to the top of the stocks but the ginger maiden to her right drowned out her high pitched laughter in a hearty booming laughter. This woman wore a plastic helmet with two horns and a leather bra securing her ample bosom about brass rings. Each of the ginger woman’s toes was secured to the top of the stocks, splaying them out and exposing the vulnerable areas in between to the dancing feathers held by two of her tormentors. Her stretched arches were receiving a more vicious tickling from fingers and Andrea could just make out two more figures running feathers up and down her sides focusing on her neck and armpits which were exposed, her arms being held up above her head by chains. One of the women at her feet would occasionally use one hand to tickle the feet of the woman to her left in the 1920’s costume. After the second time this happened Andrea spotted a beautiful Asian woman dressed as a Geisha say something to the torturer and smile. Andrea couldn’t lip read but she could have sworn she the geisha said: …. “But you still need to be punished!”
    With an evil grin the geisha began to tickle woman’s side, with this the woman jumped and tried to protect herself bringing her arms in closer and falling over rolling onto her side, with this the geisha began tickling the woman’s bare feet in the sand, the ginger maiden was given a partial respite from her sole torture as the other torturer began helping the geisha to tickle her friend. This didn’t seem to impact on the maiden’s response to the torture who had begun thrashing from side to side as her tormentors had dropped their feathers and begun using their fingers to mercilessly tickle her helpless underarms.

    Andrea had to get a closer look! She shyly moved closer not venturing too close to any other member of the growing audience this spectacle was attracting and used them as camouflage her hated shyness second nature. After a few minutes she spotted the geisha pick up an hourglass and point at the sand which had run out, the six tormentors looked sad and after a few last gentle tickles they left the ginger maiden to gasp for air her enormous cleavage rising and falling as she lay back as far as her bonds would allow exhausted by her ordeal, Andrea had seen this at the end of tickle videos and guessed that the maiden had been in the stocks for at least twenty minutes maybe half an hour.

    The tickling of the girl to her left continued for a little longer, before her hourglass had also run out and another tickler was beckoned forwards for her turn, the maiden being allowed a respite. Andrea’s heart was beating fast, could she tickle these women? Would they allow her to have a turn in the stocks? The first question was answered as she heard the circus master explain the rules to someone joining the queue, his voice no longer being drowned out by the laughter of the ginger maiden. Andrea also spotted another women in the crowd she had seen earlier but not examined fully, her attention being focused on the delectable scene of tickling torture in the tent.

    This women was dressed like a medieval princess in one of those hats with the veil, her long blonde straight hair was woven with flowers that matched the embroidery on a long light blue dress that matched her eyes. Andrea had always been jealous of women with such light blonde hair, her sandy blonde hair not quite being to her satisfaction, she had tried dying it once but didn’t like the way it felt as she loved the way her hair was soft enough to tickle her as it fell over her shoulders, neck and breasts.

    Andrea allowed her eyes to linger too long on the woman and the pretty blonde spoke to Andrea, she panicked as she was suddenly pulled from a fantasy about covering the princesses feet in and encouraging two cats to torture them with their sandpapery tongues Andrea’s heart began beating even faster as she realised she had moved to the front of the crowd and was being addressed. What had the woman asked her? She was imagining running feathers over the princesses pale skin having scrubbed her soles clean with hot soapy water to make her feet ultra-sensitive for this final tickling, now she was trapped in a conversation with the woman she was fantasising about. She opened her mouth to respond but all that came out was…


    The princess didn’t seem to notice her terror and alarm, and continued to speak.

    “It is two pounds a minute or three minutes for five pounds” the blonde spoke softly her gentle voice intriguing Andrea whose previous dislike was melting away before the princesses gentle manner, her voice denoting a softness that Andrea hadn’t expected.

    “if you join the queue now you will probably have the opportunity to tickle me it doesn’t look like Ingrid can stand much more and her half hour is nearly over”…
    Andrea’s heart fluttered and she resolved she was going to do this, she smiled at the woman and said quiet said “okay then” and have her a shy smile. She guessed from the tone with which the Princess said ‘Ingrid’ that this was not the maiden’s real name.

    Andrea watched as those in front of her in the queue each paid to tickle the two victims the stocking clad feet of the smartly dressed flapper becoming the favourite choice as the ginger maiden collapsed into silent laughter too tired to resist, after a few more sessions the Geisha tapped the curtain which separated the tickling display from the back of the tent.
    “Cleo, I think Ingrid has had enough” chimed the Geisha

    Shortly after this an Olive skinned temptress dressed like an Ancient Egyptian Queen opened the curtains she was both beautiful and striking, her demeanour and outfit intimidated Andrea. From her jewelled sandals to head-dress she projected strength, furthermore the eye make-up framed by her feather mask gave her a predatory appearance that caused Andrea to squirm, curling her toes up in her brown leather sandals as she waited her turn.

    The newcomer and the Geisha helped Ingrid out of the stocks and into the back of the tent, upon their return the Princess was floating as if in a dream to the stocks to take her turn a faint smile on her calm face as the white fabric tassel on her white princess hat blew in the wind. She submissively allowed the two women to restrain her and remove the soft leather slippers that contained her soft dainty feet. Andrea couldn’t help but notice that her feet were perfect, pink and pale with unpainted but beautiful toenails. Rather than tie the princesses toes back a number of feathers were placed on a red cushion at her feet one of them a purple quill with long wispy fronds. The Geisha held this up to the princess’s toes and she obediently held it between the big toe of each foot which could just meet in the middle of the stocks. Cleo attached a sign to the edge of the stocks explaining the rules of the game it read:

    Princess Emily is far too ticklish!
    If through tickling her she drops the purple quill then her toes shall be tied
    Bonus tickles with fingers will be awarded for those who cause her to loses her hat

    During this change the Flapper’s stocking clad soles had continued to be tormented by a Blonde woman in her early forties and her teenage daughter long after their three minutes were up both Cleo and the Geisha punished their bare soles and bikini clad bodies extracting squeals from the daughter and deep chuckles from the mother who seemed to Andrea to enjoy the tickling she received.
    Cleo then approached the crowd taking over from the now captive Princess Emily leaving the Geisha to continue working the stocks. She took ten pounds from the two men in front of Emily who choose the Flapper’s ironically unflappable soles to torment. Then she turned to Andrea who could feel the tingling of anxiety and excitement.
    “So do you accept the challenge of tickling the Princess?”

    Andrea simply nodded and handed Cleo a £5 note.

    “do you understand the rules”… at this Cleo raised an eye brow suggesting that if Andrea broke the rules she would be the victim of a merciless tickling punishment like Andrea couldn’t possibly imagine.

    “…es” was all Andrea could muster in the face of Cleo’s intimidating stare

    Andrea approached the stocks as if in a dream scarcely believing that she was really about to tickle a woman like she had dreamt of doing so many time.
    As she nervously settled down at the stocks straightening her cream sundress the Geisha approached her with an hourglass
    “Three minutes?”

    Andrea shyly nodded

    “Of course” the Geisha smiled…. “We have one minute timers but we rarely use them, turn it over when you are ready

    Andrea breathed a deep breath and picked up a feather in one hand and the hourglass in the other, she turned the hourglass at the exactly moment the white goose feather made its first stroke on the Princesses foot, not wanting to miss a second of torture she would have paid more than £5 but she had heard the circus master saying earlier that there was a 3 minute maximum per customer to keep the queue moving after that she would have to return to the back of the queue.

    The Princess twitched and giggled the purple quill quivering as she squirmed she hadn’t seen Andrea pick up the feather and wasn’t expecting the first tickles so soon. She held the quill despite the surprised and giggled harder as Andrea used a second feather on her other foot. Andrea mimicked the feather techniques she had seen on tickle videos, used broad firm strokes on the soles and gently dancing the feather between the Princess’s toes. The toe tickling caused the princess to move from giggles to a gentle infectious laughter that Andrea loved she knew how to break the Princess but wanted to toy with her for a little longer.

    Changing the quill for a softer fluffier feather Andrea continued the sole tickling with the Goose quill and gently teasing the toes with her new toy. She sometimes tickled one foot in both areas sometimes the toes of one foot and the sole of the other, keeping the Princess guessing and giggling. She could tell the tickling was almost enough to cause the Princess to drop the feather and decided to keep her at the level. After what seemed like mere seconds to Andrea but considerably longer to the helpless Princess Andrea glanced at the hour-glass it was almost half way through.
    At that moment Andrea decided to break the Princess wanting the extra tickling and restrained toes at her mercy. She swapped her fluffy feather back for the quill and reverse both feather gently dragging the hard tip of each feather down each foot then tracing devilish patterns all over the helpless quivering arches displayed before her desperately trying to keep still. At the first application of this technique the Princess squealed a delightful squeal then begged though helpless giggles

    “Noo…. Not like that!”

    The Princess could stand it no longer and tried to use each foot to bat away the torturous feathers earning swift strokes from the plume sides in exchange, Andrea knew the Princess was about to break and didn’t want to hurt her soft feet. The Geisha admired her work.

    “Nice! We usually have to show people that trick on the rare occasion her highness is able to resist, I like your style”

    Andrea smiled at the Geisha and continued dancing the feather over her soft feet as they were restrained for her by the approving Geisha who noted this relentlessness and the sadistic smile creeping out from Andrea’s shy face, irrepressible under her Sunglasses and floppy sunhat. As the Geisha restrained the princess’s feet she examined Andrea and imagined giving this shy sandy blonde a taste of her own medicine especially given how soft and sexy her sandaled feet looked squirming in the warm sand. Andrea noticed the Geisha’s hungry look and quivered slightly knowing what her viewer desired, this response was noted and rewarded by a wink from the Geisha that struck fear into Andrea causing a brief respite for the Princess whose torture hadn’t stopped, Andrea getting her money’s worth having dreamed of doing something like this but never having the courage to explore her desires.

    The Princess’s toes now fully restrained Andrea had two helpless feet to torture, their soft soles held taut and helpless for her to torment. The princesses’ previous calm enjoyment of the tickling had gone and been replaced by a nervous tension: she wiggled her toes futilely and her entire body quivered as the feathers approached again, their firm quick strokes quickly brought about giggles and squirms, the helpless toes still sought refuge from exploring feathers which would quickly dart back down the arches to her heel then return to explore the toes again. Noticing the hour glass Andrea decided she needed to earn the finger tickling she craved to inflict, she was almost brave enough to abandon the feathers now and dig her fingers into the smooth pale arches framed perfectly by the pink heels and balls of her suffering angel. However the Egyptian woman frightened Andrea and she decided against it.

    Picking up all the feathers she spread them out in reverse holding the quills near to the point in three lines between each of her fingers the feathers poking out from her palms and their pointy quills forming an evil porcupine. She began rubbing her impromptu brushes against the captive soles of the Princess, her victim squealed and threw her head back pleading between giggles losing her white conical hat, although the Princess barely took any notice pleading with her tormentor to stop.

    “No!.... Where did she get the brushes! That’s not fair! The rules are feather tickling only!”

    “Sorry Hunny!” The Geisha said…. “She is using the feathers!.... She is just an imaginatively devious tickler!” Never seen anyone do that before!”

    “No Please make her stop!” The Princess begged, her captive soles trying desperately to escape and her arms thrashing to escape her bondage. Andrea reversed her hands palm first bringing the feathers soft sides into play this still tickled but the Princess returned to giggles that were now interspersed with deep breaths and pleas not to “do the brush thing again!”

    A few of the feathers fell out from Andreas fingers so she returned to using two quill tracing figures of eight and lazy nonsensical unpredictable patterns on her victims helpless soles
    The two men to Andrea’s left had finished with the flapper and stood up and the Geisha’s request, knowing she only had a few seconds left Andrea decided to make the most of them. Finding the boldness she had been wishing for on her walking what seemed like a life time ago she asked the Geisha

    “So how long am I allowed to use my fingers for?”

    Andrea tilted her head and made eye contact with the Gesiha: the way she never normally could, even with people she knew. The Geisha smiled her soft heart shaped face framing two twinkling eyes

    “Start now if you want Sweetie!” the Geisha purred

    Andrea immediately dropped the feathers and dug into her prize gently fluttering the pads of her fingers in her victim’s helpless arches then scribbling her short but effective nails all over the soft warm soles of her thrashing victim. The effect was devastating: instant silent laughter as the princess struggled in her bonds trying to escape the torture at her feet. Andrea curled her toes in the sand she could not imagine being this sensitive and helpless, she was ticklish but clearly not on the same scale as her victim who continued to explode silently occasionally managing to take frantic breaths, this level of torture would have produced giggles, possibly squeals from Andrea. However for the Princess the torture was unbearable.

    Andrea slowed her tickling to a gentle tracing of the arches with both index fingers to allow her victim to breath after three deep breaths the princess begged and a desperate voice.

    “Please! no more I can’t take it!”

    Andrea continued the gentle tickling blowing on her victims toes which flexed as much as they would allow from the sensations.

    “Sorry sweetie but I won you fair and square, your mine!” Andrea purred at her prize with a sadistic smile

    The hourglass had run out, Andrea removed her fingers wiggling them above the Princesses soles who continued to giggle and beg.

    “So the prize included extra time?” she asked the Geisha ignoring the pleas of her victim who had already suffered much more than usual for her first 3 minutes of her shift in the stocks.

    “Well normally we only allow people 10 seconds if they bought a minute and 30 if the bought three, but you really impressed me with that trick lining up the feather points between your fingers so how about I give you this”

    As she spoke the Geisha gave Andrea a 1 minute timer having dug them out for a woman who had waited in the queue without realising she only had a two pounds.

    The Princesses eyes widened as she saw the hourglass “No Please Lilly! You know I can’t take it!”

    “Sorry sweetie! But I like this woman! she has a heart after my own and likes watching you suffer!”

    Andrea wiggled one set of fingers menacingly above her victim’s soles. The Princess begged and pleaded for Andrea not to tickle her any more, the last 30 seconds already awarded by Lilly had driven her insane, this shy blonde seemed to know exactly how to tickle her.

    Andrea turned the small hourglass over and resumed her torture, moving between pad fluttering and nail dancing. The Princess returned to her helpless silent laughter shaking her head from side to side and mouthing words she couldn’t speak her face a deep shade of pink, her heart beating, her petite bosom heaving with the effort of breathing through the helpless laughter.
    After a few seconds Andrea took away her left hand and picked up the feathers and began balancing them between the Princesses toes whilst her other hand continued is terrible dance. The reduction to one hand allowed the Princess enough air to beg with audible words…

    “This is torture!.... I can’t take it!..... This is torture!..... please stop!

    Upon balancing eight feathers between each of the gaps between her victims toes Andrea continued her torture and returned the Princess to her silent hysterical laughter. This was an evil trick! the helpless spasms of Emily’s toes now caused the feathers to tickle her like cruel sentries. To make this worse Andrea began blowing on the feathers whilst continuing her manual torment of the Princess’s soles. The warm breath of this sandy blonde would be enough to cause Emily to curl her toes and giggle, combined with the sole tickling and the movement imparted to the feathers this pushed her over the edge. Glancing at the hourglass Andrea saw her minute was nearly up, the woman to her left had just finished and was standing up to go and get more money for another go when Andrea decided that this wasn’t enough! She wanted more! She needed more!.... And more than that SHE wanted to be tickled!

    As the hourglass ran out she removed her tickling hands from the princess’s feet and leaned across to the stocking clad feet of the woman to her left remembering the punishment delivered to the woman earlier who did this. She danced her fingers over the relaxing soles which twitched not expecting more torture!

    “Oh you’re getting brave sweetie!” said Lilly as the woman in 1920’s clothing screamed surprised by this unexpected torture

    “But I’m afraid I have to punish you for that!” pouncing like a cat the Geisha squeezed Andrea’s sides causing her to squeal Andrea pretended to fall and rolled back anticipating the tickling she had earned in exchange for her boldness, she felt the Geisha grab her ankle and tickle her left foot through her the gap in her sandal she resisted kicking and feinted a kick with the other kick she knew the Geisha would catch….
    “Hmm…. I have got both your feet now said the Geisha wrapping up her ankles under one arms and removing both sandals with an experienced quickness. Andrea relished the anticipation as Lilly wiggled her fingers sporting nails that whilst not long were deadly, soon she was a giggling mess under a flurry of nails and expert pad strokes. Like all good things it came to an end too soon and the next customers wanted their turn. Andrea smartened herself up, dusting the sand off her dress, straightening her floppy hat and un-thinkingly returning to her shy demeanour as she padded barefoot to the back of the queue.
    “Hope to see you soon, sweetie!” Purred Lilly to her new friend, noticing she had forgotten her sandals, Andrea smiled back briefly then returned to reality, had she really just done all that, she could believe it was a dream if it wasn’t for the giggles coming from the stocks were the princess was being tickled gently with feathers, the newcomers being instructed that they couldn’t use the pointy end until the last minute and that the naughty blonde’s trick was forbidden due to copyright issues, Lilly enjoyed watching the Princess suffer and new she would never get her in the stocks again if she allowed her to endure and entire turn of such torture. As Andrea walked away Lilly grinned nudging the leather sandals behind the stocks, ensuring she would see the pretty blonde at least once more when she realised she had forgotten them.

    Andrea checked her wallet and decided she needed an ice cream to cool off, she had enough money for several more turns but decided she wanted to watch for a while, enjoying the tortured giggled from afar. A few people approached her and complemented her tickling skills. She just shyly said “…nks” and continued licking her ice cream and hiding her face under her floppy sunhat, not really knowing what to say next.
    After a few more rounds the Flapper was let out of the stocks and guided to the back of the tent where Ingrid emerged, a gentle giant she stood over 6 foot tall in her leather sandals with the cross wrapping belts that came up to her knees. Andrea giggled at the sight of her, remembering this amazon being reduced to tears. Then Ingrid and Cleo began putting the Geisha in the stocks, Andrea straightened up: she HAD! to tickle Lilly! She quietly made her way to the back of the queue.

    Now Ingrid was taking the money a leather pouch on her belt being passed to her by Cleo who took to the stocks to instruct the torture of the princess and the Geisha. Unlike Lilly she didn’t simply watch the torture but recommended tips to the customers who seemed to smile sadistically as they tortured Lilly’s soft feet, she even tickled her fellow performer’s underarms with feathers especially after the Princess lost her hat and feather. Cleo’s dominating presence was almost enough to scare off Andrea, but she nervously lingered in the queue not wanting to miss a chance for revenge for the tickling she herself orchestrated of her feet. As she watched the torture she curled her toes in the sand and picked some up in one foot by scrunching her toes and allowed it to trickle over the other foot. She often played games like this to tickle herself on her walks, she barely realised she was doing it and hadn’t registered the loss of her sandals.

    As she neared the front of the queue she could tell that her former victim Emily wasn’t going to last much longer. Ingrid had reached the same conclusion and as she took Andrea’s money she told Cleo that she thought the princess had suffered enough…..

    “We all take half an hour Ingrid! Those are the rules, we stagger it so that we change every fifteen minutes or so.”

    Ingrid smiled and said: “yes but I think this one broke the poor thing!” pointing to Andrea who made her way slowly towards Lilly wiggling her fingers…

    “We already don’t allow her to be tickled by fingers she gets off lightly enough!”

    As Andrea settled at Lilly’s feet the captive Geisha grinned and purred: “Back so soon sweetie!” with an evil grin Andrea picked up two soft brushes and held them up for Lilly to see…
    Lilly giggled as the exploring brushes were traced across her arches and between her captive toes, then Andrea dropped the brushes and began finger tickled the soft sensitive creamy soles that struggled against their bonds, Andrea had watched many tickling video and had subconsciously learned many tickling tricks, she smiled quietly to herself under her floppy sun hat as she drove her victim insane. Lilly had hoped to be tickled by the pretty blonde but hadn’t expected her to be so thorough and ruthless, despite her trick with the feathers Andrea had been gentle with Emily who was insanely sensitive, enjoying gentle tickling but dreading anything else.

    Meanwhile the Flapper had returned and weighed into the discussion between Ingrid and Cleo. Emily was quietly asking to be let out early as she was freaking out whilst Ingrid pointed out that Cleo’s turn was next. It was not a serious argument but the queue waited patiently, many imagining a tickle fight for their amusement was about to begin. Emily was quietly allowing the discussion to go on since no one realised she had been left alone since her last tickler had left and the queue was enjoying the show. Andrea listened to the discussion between the girls learning that the girl in stockings was called Betty and that the intimidating Egyptian woman didn’t get on well with the other girls.

    No one other than Lilly noticed when Andrea turned over the hourglass as it neared the end earning herself almost three extra minutes of fun. Lilly was incomprehensible and couldn’t voice her protest, her neat hair coming loose from its pins, coherent speech an impossibility. How could this shy blonde be such a ruthless tickler! She had spotted her sadistic grin beneath those sunglasses and floppy hat which she hid her pretty face behind, but only whilst gently tickling Emily. Lilly was ticklish but capable of resisting torture for hours but this blonde was driving her mad, normally customers were only able to make her giggle and laugh not torture her! Could it be? Lilly wondered whether the shy blonde harboured a secret tickling fetish. After several minute Cleo looked down seeing the hourglass almost full after its third turn by the devious Andrea.

    “Hey she is taking extra turns!” she said glad of the relief from losing battle and wanting to postpone her return to the stocks. Despite being a dominant tickler Cleo was very ticklish, not as much as the other girls but she hated being tickled with a passion especially when her torturers broke her, she loved tickling others but couldn’t stand it herself, she constantly tried to change the rules so that not all girls were tickled as part of the show but the circus master who was currently getting an ice cream wouldn’t have it.

    All three girls seized Andrea pinning her down Cleo and Ingrid each seized one arm holding it above her head leaving one arm free to torment her upper body, Betty wrapped herself around Andrea’s ankles revealing herself to be something of a contortionist. The tickling that ensued drove Andrea mad, Cleo used a brush to torment her underarms and neck also blowing on gently, Ingrid poked and prodded her tummy whilst Betty’s nails drove her to madness, after she was helplessly giggling Betty kicked off her shoes and began using her toes to torment Andreas legs and knees keeping her victim restrained like a python, occasionally Cleo would tickle one of her stocking clad feet resulting in a shriek, this went on to the crowd’s amusement until the Circus Master arrived his annoyance somewhat undermined by the ice cream in his hand.

    “Ahem girls!” All three girls came quickly to attention, Andrea continued to giggle.

    Each girl tried to blame the others since Cleo was outnumbered in the previous argument she seemed to be losing although she was indignant and arrogant to the last. Andrea continued to giggle from her ordeal as the matter was resolved, the circus master dictated that each of the three would refresh some of their ‘training’ later that’s day.

    Emily was let out of the stocks and taken to the back of the tent. Cleo took her place reluctantly and was tortured mercilessly, Andrea watched the girls change shifts quietly trying to wander off and come back, she noticed a few other people doing the same thing many of whom eyed her feet hungrily. She took several more turns driving Ingrid and Betty mad through tickling and breaking Cleo to Lilly and Betty’s satisfaction who gave the olive skinned beauty a taste of her own medicine tickling her underarms sides and knees whilst Andrea focused on her feet, normally three minutes of tickling couldn’t break Cleo but in revenge for earlier Lilly orchestrated a chain of tickling such that when each previous torturer left a new one arrived, also encouraging strangers to team up in order to ‘keep the queue moving’.
    Emily quietly chatted with Andrea and the two women found they had a lot in common, Emily was jealous of Andrea’s appearance always wanting slightly thicker hair and less pale skin. Emily revealed she loved to be tickled with feathers but was too sensitive to stand anything else and from her tone Andrea recognised the desire to be tickled. Her dreams of kitten torture long forgotten Andrea applied herself to breaking Emily using just the soft ends of feathers, she was successful but only won the toe ties Emily being able to keep her hat without the application of the pointy quills.
    As the Evening cooled the crowd began to thin as people left the beach to drive home or get food. Andrea quietly Lilly if she could have a turn in the stocks;

    “Hmm you will have to ask the boss” she purred a disappointed look in her eyes

    Unfortunately for Andrea the boss revealed that they had moved to this beach after problems with bureaucrats elsewhere, they can have their employees tickled but are not supposed to restrain volunteers….
    “…or tickle members of the public”

    With those words the circus master glared at Cleo, Ingrid and Betty who lowered their eyes anticipating their ‘training’

    “wha… wh… what if I were to join?” Andrea eventually managed to say

    “Hmm, well I suppose six girls could manage things better but it wouldn’t affect the amount of money we make unless we brought in a third pair of stocks and there isn’t really room”
    Andrea’s heart sank this day had been the best of her life and now she would return to her humdrum shy existence. Then Lilly quietly whispered in her ear

    “I notice you forgot your sandals, how about you pop by around seven thirty to collect them” with a wink she smiled at her new friend

    She then gave the circus master a look, he did not reveal he had overheard the whisper, guessing what his co-partner had in mind for Andrea after the disciplining ‘training’ that would teach the girls not to tickle fight when there was money to be taken.

    Andrea smiled and walked away barefoot keeping to the warmer sand to get something to eat, anticipating what fun would await when she ‘remembered her sandals’ although the sun was setting the sand was warm under her feet. She walked confidently across the beach satisfied with her day and glad she choose the beach for her walk and not the grass at the park which tickled her toes and sides of her feet through her sandals.

    She tried to find somewhere to eat but the local seafood restaurant wouldn’t admit her without shoes. She temporarily returned to her shy demeanour, head bowed eyes down as the well-dressed member of staff told her she couldn’t come in barefoot. As he spoke he stared at her her beautiful light tanned feet with a mixture of stern condemnation and lust. Despite being mortified with embarrassment she wiggled her toes under his scornful gaze, catching the looks from nearby diners as she turned and padded out. Eventually she found something to eat and smiled thinking how she could use the embarrassment of the restaurant to her advantage. She glanced at her watch, it was nearly half six. If she claimed she realised when trying to get into the restaurant she could go back to the tent on the beach early and maybe get tickled more or sooner, maybe even catch the girls ‘training’.

    Andrea cautiously approached the closed tent she could hear the sounds of a stereo. She knocked on the pole and quietly tried to find her voice. Getting no response she used her new found confidence to slip in, all the while quietly explaining that she had forgotten her sandals in her submissive quiet voice. She found the front part of the tent empty, even the stocks had been removed. Approaching the dividing curtain she tentatively tried to make her way through, hesitating once before composing herself trying desperately to find her courage. She lifted the curtain and slipped through.
    Her eyes widened at the sight she beheld…..

    End of part 1

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    Amazing start... I love it!!

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    Thanks part 2 is complete and awaiting a spelling and grammar check

    Part three is underway....

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    Love this story, Cant wait to read the next part!

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    Awesome Story !!!

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    You are my new favorite writer here as of now...holy shit. Amazing, for real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HollywoodDragon View Post
    You are my new favorite writer here as of now...holy shit. Amazing, for real.
    Thanks, always good to have a new fan :-)

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