I was a Junior in college when I first got my nerve up to get tied up and tickled and also to tie and tickle the woman. I cooked up a plan for how to do this. I know it is pretty tired and worn out but I really did plan to ask a woman to help me with a psychology class project. I would then have her tie me and tickle me so that I could experience "true helplessness". Then I would ask if I could tie and tickle her for the project. Since my fantasy was to be tied and tickled while wearning pantyhose I figured I would do that and somehow come up with an explanation if the woman asked.

One weekend when my roommate was away I called Tammy, also a Junior, and asked if she would come over to help with my class project. She came over and I asked to sit in the living room while I got things ready. I went into the bathroom and changed into a pair of suntan shade Legg's Shear Energy Pantyhose, shorts, slippers and a tee shirt. Then I walked back into the living room nervous about Tammy's reaction. She did not react at all! I asked her to follow me into the other room. (Later she told me that she had not noticed the pantyhose until she was following me into the next room)

The next room happened to be the bedroom. There I told Tammy that the project was for me to be tied to the bed and then tickled. All she said was OK! I got on the bed and just as she was starting to tie my feet to the foot of the bed she asked why I was wearing nylons. I said, "They are just part of the experiment." She said nothing but simply finished tying my feet. Then she tied my hands together and then tied the rope on the head board so that my arms were stretched over my head.

Tammy then went back down to my feet and took off the slippers. I was really excited but also nervous. Could I handle this? Was I going to like it? Hate it? Suddenly Tammy's finger tips were scratching the bottoms of my feet. Oh, did it tickle. I wriggled but she had me tied good. She kept tickling and tickling. I remember her laughing and saying, "This must be torture." But I was laughing and couldn't really reply.

Now we had not discussed a safe word because I really did not want one. I wondered when she would stop and if she would stop when I said stop. About four minutes into the tickling I said, "Stop." She kept on tickling and said, "No." After about a minute I told her to stop. She said, "Why should I." It was wonderful because I really did feel very helpless but also scarry. Would she ever stop? Just then she did stop.

I then asked her to tickle my sides and underarms. She came up and sat on the bed next to me and started to tickle my underarms. Wow, did it tickle! She did that for about four minutes when I told her to stop. Again she kept on tickling but only for about 45 seconds then stopped. I asked her to untie me and she did. I then told her that the next part of the project was for me to tie and tickle her. She agreed to do it.

Tammy was about five feet tall, just 100 pounds, blond, cute, and had really nice shapley legs. She was wearing a sweater and slacks with nylons. A dream come true to tie and tickle a womans feet while in nylons. Tammy got on the bed and I tied her ankles down good then tied her hands over her head. First I stradled her and started to tickle her arm pits and sides. She was somewhat ticklish but didn't laugh. She just wriggled and little and then said stop. Of course I didn't stop either but she never laughed or giggled. This wasn't really great fun. Well, maybe her feet are ticklish. Wrong! I moved down to her feet, took off her shoes. I will say she had very pretty feet in those nylons. I started to tickle the soles of her feet. No reaction. No matter what I did she was not ticklish on her feet. Oh well, at least I got tickled. I untied her and she went home.

Tammy was not the only woman I did this with. There were four more that did this with me after Tammy. I will write about those events at a later time.