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    Tickled on skype for her husband M/F Nylon feet

    I wrote this as a reply to a story by Csonka about others tickling his sexy wife, and thought maybe more people would see it here. Enjoy!

    I'm shocked when you answer my ad on Craigs List seeking a ticklee. We meet for drinks - your wife is lovely, and her feet are incredibly sexy in those sheer black stockings she likes to wear. I'm looking to satisfy my needs to tickle the helpless stockinged feet of a sexy lady. You are looking to explore new fantasies with your wife being tickled. We are a perfect match.
    We agree to a some basics - your wife will meet me after work on a Friday night at a bar. She will still have her office attire on to include a sexy black pencil skirt, very sheer black nylons, black strappy heels, and a sheer white blouse over a cami. After a few drinks we would return to my place. Your wife will be tied tightly to a small twin sized bed in my spare bedroom. A web cam will be setup, and you will watch the tickling of your wife from your home. You will not know where I live. There will be no rescuing her once we start this. She will be tickled thoroughly.
    The day comes and I arrive at the bar early. I sit at the bar anxiously waiting for her to arrive. She arrives right on time, dressed exactly as we agree. A little nervous, she downs 2 glasses of wine in record time, and we head to my home, about 15 minutes from the bar.
    We arrive at my home, and walk in to the living room. I pour her another glass of wine, and she accepts. I pour myself a Jack and Coke, and settle next to her as she sits on my sofa , legs crossed seductively. We proceed with some small talk for a few minutes before she says to me "I have to call my husband before we do this."
    I try not to eaves drop, but I can hear her tell you that she is nervous yet excited. She tells you she has no idea where she is. She compliments my home and taste in decor. I hear you exchange your love for each other. The call ends. She looks at me. "Ready!"
    We get up and walk down the long hallway to my spare bedroom on the far end. I open the door - it is a simple room with just a small twin sized bed with a cast iron head board consisting of 7 or 8 vertical bars separated by about 6 inches each. There is no foot board. Besides the bed the room contains a small oak night stand, a matching oak dresser, and a small chair.
    Your wife sits on the bed and notes how small it is. It is in fact a childs bed, perhaps 6 feet long and 36 inches wide. As your wife lies on the bed on her back, I open the night stand and removes a number of soft ropes, scraves, and velcro straps. Your wife watches as I pull the items from the drawer and lets out a long exhale.
    I ask her to scoot down a bit toward the foot of the bed, and reach her arms over her head towards the headboard. She does so, and grabs 2 vertical bars about 24 inches apart, almost directly above her head. I smile, and slowly start to wrap one of the soft ropes around her wrist several times, and then yank her wrist toward a post and secure the rope to it. She gasps in mild surprise when she feels her arm yanked suddenly, but before she can change her mind her one wrist is secured. I move around to the other side of the bed and sit, looking down at her as I reach for the other wrist. "OMG, I hope this isn't a mistake" she says, as I wrap the soft rope around her wrist over and over, then knotting it, then securing it tightly to another post in the head board. I smile in approval, her hands are going nowhere.
    "Is that tight" I ask her. "A little" she replies, as she pulls on the bindings. "Ok, we will fix that soon enough" I reply, as I move towards the foot of the bed. "Can you just loosen them a bit, please" she asks me. I ignore her pleas, and take a long rope and start to wrap both of her ankles tightly. Realizing that I am not listening, she nervously replies "Hey, can you loosen these please?" But again, I ignore her, tightly wrapping and then knotting the rope around her ankles, and then yanking the rope tightly towards the bottom of the bed before I secure it to the bed frame. I pull one more time to make sure her feet are secured tightly to the bed, then tie that rope off.
    As soon as I have her secure, I open the top drawer of the dresser and pull out a web cam. I set it up on the dresser pointing directly towards the foot of the bed. I turn on my laptop, connect the web cam, and open skype. I connect to her husbands waiting account. He has anxiously been waiting.
    "Hey hun" he says, "having fun?" he says nervously. "I don't know if I want to do this Hon, he is making me nervous" she states. "My hands are tied too tight, it hurts a little". As they chat I walk toward the head of the bed and open the top drawer to the night stand and pull out a box. She watches nervously, her husband saying something or other in the background. I ignore him.
    "Listen" I say to her, opening the box and removing some of the contents: a plastic fork, an electric toothbrush, a hair brush, a long stiff feather, shoe laces to bind her toes, a Freddy Kruger looking claw hand, and small plastic fake nails that attach to your finger. All instruments I will use to tickle torture her, while her husband watches on Skype. "Do you see these things? I am going to tickle you with all of them. I am going to tickle you, and tickle you, and tickle you. And there is nothing you or your husband can say or do to stop it". And with that I walk to the foot of the bed.
    "Ok, I changed my mind, untie me, I don't want to do this now" she spits out in a fever pitch. While she is pleading, her husband starts yelling at me on skype "Ok listen dude, enough, just untie her, you hear me? Untie her! Un-fucking tie her!!" I ignore them, which makes them more anxious.
    I climb on the bed, and straddle her ankles, facing her feet. I sit down and pin her ankles to the bed with all of my 225 pounds. Her feet poking out from between my legs is a huge turn on. I start to remove her shoes. "No, STOP!!!!" she yells. Her husband yells more. It's too late.
    One shoe quickly comes off, then the other. Her feet are intoxicating - her painted toenails showing through her sheer black nylons. Her incredible high arches from years of wearing heels. He sexy long toes. I might just tickle this woman to death.
    I run a single finger up the bottom of her left foot from heel to toes, and the response confirms what I already knew - her feet are insanely ticklish! I do the same with the right, and she squeals even louder, shaking her feet the whole time. I repeat this several times, varying from left to right foot. She giggles uncontrollably, saying "stop" frequently. Her husband has stopped yelling. He is intently watching now.
    I look in o the web cam. "Wow, she is even more ticklish than I imagined". With that, I pick up the electric toothbrush and turn it on. I hold it in the air where both her husband and she can see it. It shakes and buzzes, the bristles rapidly moving left and right. "PLEASE" she says. I lower the brush to her right heel and start there in small circles. Her reaction is immediate - she lets out the loudest squeal I have ever heard and starts to violently shake her feet and thrash. The brush is working!
    I move the brush all over her foot - from the heel up to the sole, to the instep, then finally the toes. Her laughter is insane! She screams, cackles, curses, then just laughs. And laughs. I have never seen feet so ticklish in my life. I almost feel bad for her. Almost.
    Her feet shaking back and forth annoys me, so I reach in my box and grab the shoe laces, and secure her big toes together, and then tie the shoe laces to the rope around her ankles. Her feet and soles are now completely at my mercy.
    Next I slip the fake fingernails on my fingers, and start to slooooooowly rake those nails up and down her soles. Her reaction - absolute madness! She desperately attempts to thrash and disrupt the tickling, but the binds are holding her tight, and my weight has her pinned tightly. The tickling will continue for as long as I decide.
    As her manic laughter turns to silent laughter, and her eyes fill with tears, I continue to slowly rake the bottoms of her silky soles. She screams, she squeals, she cries. Nothing stops me. Then, I look at the laptop and I see something I did not expect: her husband is extremely aroused and is pleasuring himself! He is completely turned on!
    The tickling continues. I use my brushes, my fingers, the plastic fork. After a while I climb off the bed and sit on the floor, her feet mere inches from my face as I torture the area under her toes with my fingers. After almost 45 minutes I feel that she has had enough, and I stop....
    I turn to the camera to see her husband has finished pleasuring himself. I look down at my tied victim, drenched in sweat, her makeup running, breathing heavily. And......very turned on. I cannot leave her like that.
    I untie her ankles and grab her left foot, pulling it to the far left side of the bed and tying it to the left foot of the bed. i do the same for the right. From thrashing, her skirt has bunched up around her waist. leaving only her pantyhose covering her private area. She is now even more helpless, her legs spread, her pussy only protected by a thin layer of hose.
    I go back to the 'toy" drawer and produce a long thin vibrator. I am going to use this on her pussy. I am going to make he scream! I climb back on the bed facing her, in between her legs, and start my assault on her pussy. At first she protests loudly, but quickly lowers her head to the pillow, closes her eyes and starts to moan, After 3 minutes or so her breathing is fast, and she is moaning and moving her hips. I turn back to the laptop and her husband is again pleasuring himself. I want him to see everything, so I move to the side and continue rubbing her private area, being sure to tease her. Finally, I rip a hole in her hose, separate her pussy lips and put the vibe right on her clit. She starts to moan, then shake, then screams in the loudest longest orgasm I have ever seen. As I do this to her, her husband climaxes again, his knees buckling.
    But - we are not done. People are never more sensitive that right after an orgasm. I throw the vibe to the floor and quickly untie her left foot, placing it on the bed. Before she knows what is happening, I have pinned her left leg down with all of my weight, her left foot poking out from under me. "NOOOOOOOO" she yells. I start to tickle the sole of her foot again. This is going to be a looooooong night!!!

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    Jun 2002
    Love your stories!

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    Last edited by sandiegotickler; 03-01-2017 at 03:43 PM.

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    May 2005
    chicago burbs
    inspired work, HoochMan

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    Sep 2002
    nowhere special - just cruising
    Damn fine! Always love your posts, Hooch.

    Kinky is with a feather; Perverted is with a chicken.

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    May 2005
    NYC / NJ
    nice work!!

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    Dec 2011
    East Coast
    Splurt...great story!
    PhoenixRising's definition of a Puritan: One who lives in the constant fear that someone somewhere is being tickled.

    Let me introduce you to my little friend... Hey stop laughing or I'll give you something to laugh about.

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    Mar 2002
    Central Texas
    Nice story!
    "Don't drive drunk. Don't even putt."

    Dean Martin

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    Mar 2003
    west cent florida
    GREAT Hooch, as always

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    May 2005
    south east michigan near ann arbor
    love to read a part 2 of this.

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    May 2005
    NYC / NJ
    Hooch, thanks for using me as an inspiration for this story. I thing it was very good, thanks for sharing!! Would love to read more stories where the husband or significant other is helpless and made to watch his significant other tickle tortured while he is helpless to stop it and forced to watch. Keep up the good work!!

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