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  1. #571
    Teal Is Gonna Squeal

    When young Teal Riley had such intense reactions from tickling her standing I had to get her on the rack. Once she was restrained I started with feathers and even that had her going nuts. I turned things up a bit with my fingers then grabbed the hitachi. Soon as it hit her pussy Teal went nuts laughing because it tickled her too. That made it even more fun to tease her to orgasm. After she finally came I made her squeal like crazy with my fingers until she couldn't take anymore.


  2. #572
    Trisha. Cute small ticklish feet

    So, today it's time to tickle tied Trisha!
    Cutie sits on the couch, her hands are tied in front and tied to her knees (which are also tied). And her ankles are fixed on the back of the couch, big toes are also tied.
    The girl is waiting for the tickling. Masked man begins to tickle her feet, first with his hands. Her reaction is very sweet, she giggles pleasantly. She has a sweet laugh and facial expressions are also very nice.
    This video contains only foot tickling, you will see close-up and general plans. Then masked man takes a hair comb and starts tickling Trisha's feet more intensively. She is very ticklish!
    If you like to see tickling of cute girls with small appetizing feet - you will like this clip.
    As a bonus, he tickles her ribs and armpits just a little bit. Enjoy!


  3. #573
    Good Grades

    Anne really wants better grades but her teacher Xana doesn't think she deserves them. Unwillingly to actually do the work, Anne resorts to some very strong tickle persuasion!


  4. #574

  5. #575

    Abusive, strong and without a mercy..


  6. #576
    Jolene's Socked & Barefoot Tickle!

    A few pokes at her ribs and underarms confirm that she's as ticklish as ever, possibly even moreso than before! She shrieks and squeals with laughter as fingernails dig in to her ribs and belly and even invade her underarms! Jolene thrashes about, already begging for mercy. But then, her boots are removed. Jolene fights to try and keep them on, even warning that her feet are really stinky, hoping it will deter me. Again, nope. And just to teach her a lesson, her socked feet are tickled!


  7. #577
    Let Me Find Your Spots

    Sexy Kaelyn is spread on the bed, Xana wants to explore her entire body and find all of her spots, with or without Kaelyn's permission!


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