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    After finishing her daily hard workout Jaguar was so tired that felt in sleep as she was on the mat. Little Billy Boy was very happy to see this and tied her up totally while asleep. The waking up was terrible for poor Jaguar. The little impostor started to tickle her from head to toe with no mercy. Poor little victim could say nothing, she's sooo much ticklish that she wasn't able to stop laughing at all. Little Billy Boy really enjoyed the action and did not stop until Jaguar got really tired from constant laughing and finally he stopped tickle torturing her. Because for her this was a real torture, believe me. I'm just wondering what will happen when she gets away? She said at the very end "Just wait and see!" I think she's thinking about revenge.


  2. #707

    Simone is holding her hands and Natalie is tickling her all over the body. From feet to nec , Esther in this moment feel everything. She is laughing mixed in pleasure and pain from this tickling session


  3. #708
    Parkers Barefoot Bell Game

    Meet Parker! Shes tall, cute and extremely ticklish! Parker's first clip with us has Kalesie tickling her Super ticklish bare soles while she has bells tied to her toes. The point of the game is that Parker has to keep her feet still and not ring the bells. Even though Kalesie's long nails are driving her crazy, tickling up and down her arches, under and on top of her toes. and then down the sides to her ticklish heels. Of course we make it harder and use the brushes and then I help get her going. She rings the bells a few times and gets tickle punished all over her body by Kalesie and I before we decide she just plain lost and tickle her silly.


  4. #709
    Tickling Vika M

    We just love new girls that comes to get tickled for the first time. don't you ? Vika M gets tied up to our tickling bed. Adeline and the girl with glasses starts exploring her body and soon enugh find her ticklish spots Vika M is completely helpless. this lovley ticklers are going to do what ever they pleased with her ticklish body.
    Enjoy !


  5. #710
    The torturous tickle of My red stiletto nails

    I have known this slave for several years, but have just discovered that he is quite ticklish. I knew he can't take any pain, but I never suspected that he is so sensitive to any kind of touching; even a soft sensual scratch from My red stiletto nails immediately has him dancing like a monkey before Me. Unfortunately for the slave, he is securely bound to the wall, so there is no way he can escape My gentle, yet sadistic touch. I am enjoying seeing him suffer without Me causing any pain so much, that all the begging in the world can't make Me stop. My slave, a male who probably prides himself on strength and character is actually one big pathetic pussy. This is not a real man, but just a ticklish sissy bitch that belongs to Me.


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    Who's More Ticklish Contest

    Danica and MILF Nikki are arguing and Tay walks in to see what's going on. The girls are having an argument about who's more ticklish! Tay is going to try and sold this mystery! She has the girls sit on the desk and prop their feet up on the back of the chair and Tay rakes her nails along the girls bare soles. They laugh hysterically and their feet wrinkle and toes spread and scrunch like CRAZY!


  7. #712
    Hard Tickler Teacher

    Maximal crazy tickling is today on the plan. Sensual girl Daphne Angel is gorgeous ticklish student. Teacher Caroline is ready tickle her body and feet hard. Enjoy it.

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