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    Sep 2016

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    May 2016
    Hot Blonde Nu Tickling by Tickling in Russia - Russian Fetish studio

    Name: Beatris Age: 29 Height: 164 cm Shoe size - 9 (US) Feature: experienced model When I saw this girl I thought that she's definitely a heartbreaker kind. She has crafty and foxy look, and graceful body. She looks like 25-30 years old, but she was dressed in the youth style, in a skirt and blouse. This blonde with an interesting eyes and smile captivated me. Of course, I immediately took matters into my own hands and tied her to the table. Her bare feet are soft and literally asked me to tickle them. Her nipples get excited from the cool and its swells in anticipation of tickling. I began to gently tickle her armpits, feeling every inch of her body. She's very ticklish and tries tickling for the first time.


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    May 2016
    Young ticklish Melinda by Ticklenail Production

    Young ticklish Melinda - oily soles,ticklish armpits, toe tied, fingernails and tools . Melinda has the softest soles, maybe because her young age, Dulce oils them up and tickle torturing poor ticklish Melinda... and her ticklish armpits aren't neglected... not at all. Melinda gets tortured from top to bottom while she goes nuts.


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    May 2016
    Podiatrist Problems by Tickle Abuse 2 studio

    Ever wonder what types of issues podiatrist's need to address for their young, beautiful clients? Naomi is seeing the doctor today because she feels her feet are just too ticklish and her boyfriend won't stop tickling them whenever they stay home and watch a movie. One night she actually kicked her foot reflexively and managed to break his nose! Naomi loves to keep her feet soft for him because he gives the best foot massages but she really wants the doctor to help her solve her ticklish problem so she can avoid injuring him again. Fearing her own injury as she tests Naomi's sensitivity, the doctor order her to be restrained before they begin testing the root of her problem. Once Naomi is strapped down, she realizes that this particular test is a little more extensive than she anticipated as the doctor begins exploring a few other ticklish spots she didn't intend to address. Will she be cured or is there a deeper issue at play here? One thing is certain. This podiatrist loves her job!


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    May 2016

    The revenge continues on Joyce Immobilized upperbody.
    Madison loves to tickle her friend and she does her best with her sadistic fingers to get the maximum laughter.
    Joyce is horribly ticklish and the guy has to hold her strongly whiles the female fingers run on her sides,
    belly and underarms.


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    May 2016

    The ultra ticklish Madison is now ready to endure a very intensive upperbody punishment.
    Her sides and underarms are as ticklish as her feet and you'll enjoy her hysteria all long this great session.
    This is a M/F and MF/F tickle action with real explosion of laughter.
    Madison loves to be tickled even if she can't stand it and her ticklish energy is a tickler's delight.
    Watch her EXTREMELY TICKLISH UNDERARMS get attacked over and over and the laughter in her eyes as she suffers the tickling!


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    May 2016
    Kalesie's Tickle ME Game with Bella Ink by Simply Tickling studio

    Now its Kalesie's turn to play the "Tickle ME" game with Bella Ink. Kalesie has to say "Tickle Me" to Bella every few seconds while shes being tickle tortured, and then tell Bella where to tickle her. It gets fun when she tells Bella to "tickle my feet" since Bella loves tickling and nibbling Kalesie's super ticklish feet. Then I make things interesting and tell Kalesie she can tickle Bella back towards the end. So the girls have a little tickle fight before I jump in to help tickle Bella some more!

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    May 2016
    Wicked game by InYourHands studio

    Two women enter a house, attacking distracted owner and sl*ep. They keep her bound and gagged, one of the women wants to play with the victim, starts tickling on her feet. The victim screams and the other woman puts a nylon bag on the head to silence her.


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    May 2016
    Tied Naked and Tickled by SilverCherry's Tickle Torture Clips studio

    Jade Maria is completely naked and a little nervous. Why? Because she's securely tied to the table and in the room with her is Helena Price. Now Helena is a very soft spoken kinda girl. But she can be very devilish when it comes to tickling! She starts by removing Jade's socks, revealing her bare feet. But then moves up to Jade's upperbody and begins teasing and tickling the sensitive skin of Jade's belly, ribs, sides and underarms. Jade really tries to fight the tickling. She's determined not to just let it out. But the persistence of Helena's talented tickling breaks Jade down. Helena gets more aggressive with Jade's upperbody tickling before she moves down and tickles Jades soft sensitive bare feet!


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    May 2016
    Naia Is Crazy-Ticklish From Head To Toe! by UK Tickling studio

    19 year-old Naia is a beautiful fashion model. She warned us beforehand that she is crazy-ticklish and she wasn't wrong! Naia's tight body looks amazing in a skimpy dress with sheer pantyhose as she goes into the stocks with her wrists cuffed. She loses her cool, calm exterior as soon as the tickling begins and she is soon thrashing around wildly as her sexy nylon soles get tickled first. Naia tries to hold it together but can't help flailing and struggling frantically as she laughs and squeals! Her legs and body prove just as ticklish and she desperately tries to get away as her armpits and ribs are tickled. Her nylon feet get some more intense tickling including the hairbrush, which makes her buck and kick like crazy too, before the focus goes back to the upperbody! Naia's slender body is amazing and her big boobs are soon slipping out of her dress as she thrashes around. Poor Naia can't handle the tickling on her armpits and body at all!


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    May 2016
    The Phantom Tickler VI by The Laughing Gas Zone Clip Store

    +1 Tweet Share
    Untitled DocumentThe infamous Phantom Tickler has been the scourge with a feather for a decade. Tickling his way across Europe and America. After ten years, the law has apparently caught up with the Phantom and he has been sent back to Britain, where prudish prosecutor, Lucy Zara, intends to throw the books at him. She intends to personally interrogate the Phantom. Little does she know that the Phantom has set his sites on the busty prosecutor as his next target. Lacing her cigarettes with a powerful drug, he reduces the reserved woman into a randy giggler who can't keep her hands off herself. Having her right where he wants her, the Phantom ties up the prosecutor and proceeds to tickle her nylon stocking, ripping them off and and attacking her bare sole with feathers. He torments her beautiful bare breasts and underarms, forcing the haughty woman to laugh like a giggling girl.


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    May 2016
    Coco Goes To Pieces In The Car! by UK Tickling studio

    Super-cutie Coco, returns and gets a very hot tickling session in the car! Coco looks hot in a little black dress and sheer stockings. Parked up at the side of the road, her nylon feet go through the headrest for some crazy tickling. The whole situation makes her crack up completely and her little feet prove extremely ticklish in this position. Coco laughs her head off and crumples in back seat as her feet are tickled with fingers and the hairbrush, which really gets her every time. She's crying with laughter at times as she squeals and writhes around on the back seat, realising that she really can't pull her trapped feet away - whilst members of the public occasionally drive past in the background! The nylons are ripped and Coco's wrinkled bare soles get tickled too. It's the addition of baby lotion that really gets her though, and Coco cracks up completely once again as the lotion is rubbed in between her bare toes and the brush is used! Coco's body then gets a little tickling in the last couple of minutes too as her wrists are cuffed to the car seat and her exposed armpits and ribs are tickled from behind!


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    May 2016
    Nicoles First Time "Its Like Tickling a Kardashian" by The Tickle Room studio

    Here we have the ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS 19 year old Nicole. She is a REALLY SNOBBY rich girl sadly which gives her a SERIOUS attitude. She actually asked me for a thousand dollars to shoot. I just laughed. Good for me I am from the Bronx In NYC so I knew how to handle this Mexican hottie and turned on my attitude. She immediately backed down and submissively sat down for her interview. She answers the questions rudely and Terry texts me "ya know she looks like a kardashian, you should tickle her like it is one". My smile gets HUGE and I prepare for torture. I tie her in the stocks locking in her sexy size 6 1/2 Feet. Realizing the situation she is in and who I am she immediately starts to be a nice girl telling me to take it easy on her, O she likes my shirt, blah blah. I calmly give her the safe word before beginning to tie her toes. Thats when her face changes into a more nervous setting and I realize wow she does look like a Kardashian. Now the moment my fingers fly she BURSTS out laughing and then saying O GOD.


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    May 2016
    Maya. Tickling on the bed by Tickling In Russia studio

    Maya is tall and slender Russian girl, who recently returned home after nearly a year of living on an island in the Indian Ocean. A whole year her tender feet have walked on a hot sand of a paradise island. And she wasn't ready for the intense tickling with my fingers and a comb. I'm very glad that she came to visit us for new sensations for herself. We firmly tied her on the bed and began to torture her sexy feet with beautiful long toes. Her legs are bound at the ankles and tied to the bed frame, her hands tied and strapped to the legs. I take off her white socks and start to tickle her. After a little research I tied her big toes together and lubricate her feet with an oil and continue to tickle them. At the second part of the clip, Maya is bound on the bed on her back, her arms are locked behind her head and legs spread apart and tied to the bed. - Well girl! It's time to tickle your tummy and beautiful underarms. She's delicate and sensitive, my strong touches make her reacting and laughing. I liked to torment her with the tickling. Enjoy


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    May 2016
    Laugh Yourself Breathless by Tickling Abuse 2 studio

    Vika is not ready to be tickled on the rack by a tickler as relentless as MJ. From the moment she starts squealing, Vika's stamina is rapidly draining as laughter consumes her. MJ finds some great spots on her armpits and knees that she works nonstop to keep Vika's head spinning as her ticklishness betrays her. She even finds herself losing her bra and panties as the tickling continues down to her high arched soles. The toeties keep her struggle to a minimum but even without them Vika is fading fast. Unable to sustain her laughter, Vika becomes winded and her shrill, breathless cries reveal a hint of agony as MJ continues to exploit her sensitive skin. I had to cut the video early because Vika absolutely could not take another minute of MJ's skilled hands skittering across her naked flesh.


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