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19 Years Old Tsuki - Facedown Penance - Tickling? 720
Part 4 of 5 512k  1st Timer Alert! 20 yo Adrian Tied Up And Tickled
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Tickling Soft Size 2.5 Bare Feet - 1080 HD
Stefania Mafra in Tickled With Feet by the Police! (MP4 Version)

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    Aug 2006

    The 2 things that would make this site perfect...

    A way to search posts by f/f, f/m etc. Lots of posts have this in the title yet the search function wont pick it up

    A notification of a reply on the message boards, instead of having to go back and check or just forgetting about the thread and not seeing a reply until a year later when you remember, there is a notification tab, but when someone replies to me it doesnt seem to pick it up, maybe it works for other people though? Its only lit up when I have a friend request, never on replies to messages

    If either of these are already in effect let me know! Although I might not see it right away since there are no notifications :P

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    Jan 2016
    Blog Entries
    Go into Settings

    Go into General Settings

    Scroll down to Messaging & Notifications

    Click the drop down menu for "Default Thread Suscription Mode" and choose accordingly.


    Regarding searching F/M and M/F, etc......the Forum is too old to go back and apply tags to every post. I don't even know if tags can be applied going forward and besides....that would mean that every person who makes a thread has to remember to "tag" it properly.....good luck with that!

    Sometimes you just have to do things the old fashioned way: manually!

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