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    Holly's hellish trap at the amusement park mfff*/f

    Part 1: Prologue

    It was a sunny Friday afternoon, Holly unbuckled her strappy sandals and slipped her feet into her thick hiking socks. She liked the sandals, with their thin red straps that highlighted her perfect feet with toenails that were painted just a slightly darker shade of crimson. Holly was a gorgeous 19 year old brunette, with quick eyes and an intellect as sharp as her tongue. She wiggled her toes in the soft cotton-blend socks and slipped them into her hiking boots. She had also put black leggings on under her short skirt, not wanting to scratch her long sexy legs on the old stone wall. It was the third time she had made the climb today and she was starting to get bored of her little game of sneaking into the amusement park and walking innocently out through the front gate a while later.

    It had been a game she played when on holiday in England as a girl, and there was little else to do now she had finished her exams. She had been held back a year due to a combination of bad behaviour and the move from the U.S.A. In the three years since her parents’ divorce she had lost count of the amount of schools she had either been expelled from or only studied at for a brief period as her mother’s deterioration moved her from place to place. She had happy childhood memories of America and her life there, and had grown to hate both the homeland of her mother and the alcoholic train-wreck that the once beautiful blonde bombshell had turned into. On the rare occasions Holly saw her mother she had a gin and tonic in one shaking hand, a cigarette in the other and sunglasses to hide her bloodshot eyes. Holly assumed her mother’s slurred speech and shaking hands were a symptom of her drinking; her Grandmother knew differently, but Holly neither cared or listened to the little hints the old woman tried to give.

    Holly pounced off the wall and landed spryly on a large bough of the tree. She clambered down without breaking a nail or disturbing her elegant appearance. At the foot of the tree she slipped off her hiking boots and removed her sandals from her rucksack. It was a small bag but useful. In addition to the hiking boots she had hidden the many items she had stolen from the gift shop on her last boredom induced shoplifting spree. Holly loved stealing; she didn’t actually want the colourful pencils, erasers and keyrings so she buried them in a rabbit hole. It was the thrill of stealing that Holly loved, and also winning; as if she had put one over on the world. ‘Why are other people so stupid?’ she thought to herself as she slipped off her black leggings and stowed them in her rucksack.

    Once Holly had returned her pretty feet back into the elegant flat sandals, she used a small mirror to check her appearance. Now she looked the part she could sneak back into the park again. It had been a long bus ride to get here from her aunt’s, but anything was better than staying in that piece of crap house with such a dour miserable old woman. Holly’s father had had to pay specially for her to sit her A-levels; a subject she had received no end of admonishment about from him and every other family member she endured the tedium of. She had been kicked out of St Catherine’s after finishing her studying but before taking her exams. The northern boarding school had been Holly’s last chance, having been expelled multiple times over three years. She was extremely intelligent and had her father’s mathematical calculating mind, but she was also a sociopath and loved watching other people suffer. The trick was to put them in harm’s way, or persuade the bullies to do her bidding as she watched. Unfortunately Holly got bored and was never satisfied with an easy victory, taking risks and loving the thrill associated with danger.

    At one of her schools she had put laxatives in the water coolers, and despite hiding them in another girl’s locker got rumbled because her stooge was off sick that day. She also had a penchant for sprinkling itching powder in people’s clothes when they weren’t wearing them and watching them squirm after they got dressed following gym class or P.E. as they called it over here. Once she had even secreted a vibrator in a teacher’s supply closet to be found when it was opened during class.

    She had really tried at the school before last, she had a popular group of friends who adored hearing about things in America. At this school she even found a volley-ball team that reminded her of sport back home. Holly successfully focused on her studies and only ever got in trouble for being caught smoking on school property or buying alcohol for her 17 year old friends, scoffing that the legal drinking age in this country was 18 rather than 21 and offering to use her ID to buy them whatever they wanted for the right price. Despite these misdemeanours she really tried, unfortunately all her good efforts were ruined when she kicked that jerk Tim in the face.

    She knew Tim fancied her and had deliberately split him up with his girlfriend by flirting and teasing him in front of her. He was such a meat-head and she loved the look on his face when she then refused to go out with him. He didn’t take the hint though, and one afternoon when she was sunbathing with her friend’s he tickled her foot playfully. Holly was extremely ticklish and hated to be touched unexpectedly. The first kick was involuntary but still managed to break his jaw, as he was laughing at the time. Had Holly stopped there she might have never been sent to St Catherine’s, unfortunately such was Holly’s hatred of being tickled meant that she lost control and went completely psycho: Kicking, screaming and thrashing as her friends tried to restrain her.

    St Catherine’s had been a different experience to every other British school she had been sent to. It was an old fashioned boarding school with a strict head teacher and those ridiculous school uniforms Holly didn’t believe still existed. The skirts were just above the knee and pleated, all the girls wore long socks and old fashioned leather shoes. Even on her first day Holly was aware of a subtly veiled menace lurking in the atmosphere. As an older student she had been put near the prefect’s dormitory in a building referred to as ‘the tower’. Luckily her age and the exaggerated tales of her violent outburst at her last school protected her from ‘the sisters’. Holly heard them the first night torturing a girl in her dormitory. She listened with fascination as the other girls pretended to sleep, whilst they winced with every cry and yelp from the unfortunate victim Holly was secretly curious; having always had a strange fascination with torture. Over the next few months the sisters would visit her dormitory again when one of her dorm-mates took their fancy as the recipient of their cruel administrations. A few of the sisters approached her asking if she wanted to join, Holly knew it was a bad idea to refuse but also knew how angry her father would be if she got kicked out of this school.

    Instead she replied: ‘I will think about it….’ And successfully managed to become a procurer for the sadistic group of girls.

    They showed her how to sneak out of school in exchange for her return with tobacco, liquor and other items they required for their cruel games. Apparently it was her American accent and appearance that made her perfect for this role. Holly looked older than she was and when she didn’t wear the stupid uniform she easily resembled a tourist in her early twenties. She remembered the thrill of getting changed behind a tree to climb the fence the first time ‘the sisters’ sent her on a quest. She never did find out what they wanted cable-ties for, and mused about the cruel bondage techniques possible as she snuck into the amusement park.

    Holly avoided the new camera; it was so visible and obvious, little did she know it was a decoy. She wondered if they still had that bumbling old security guard here as she dawdled around. She wasn’t really interested in any rides or exhibits, it was a hot day so she stole an ice cream; pretending to choose between a raspberry and mango flavoured one from the cooler, she put one back and shuffled away with the other one out of sight. Once safely away from the stand Holly positioned herself to ensure she received sufficient interest as she seductively licked the cold creamy treat. The trick was to attract the men’s attention first and then move to the edge of their periphery vision so they couldn’t resist turning their heads. Holly loved unsettling less attractive women by teasing their partners, especially when they looked like that dumb bimbo her dad had run off with. Holly hated blondes; despite getting her mother’s physique she had her father’s dark hair, at least before he started dying it. Apparently; as a lawyer having a full head of hair with no greys was important for his confidence. Holly had always been jealous of her mother’s blonde hair and as she grew older this extended to her father’s dumb bimbo bride-to-be and every other ditzy blonde she met.

    Holly knew she had already caused three arguments by teasing married or attached men to ogle her right in front of their wives or girlfriends. At least one had been looking at her feet instead of her long legs or perky breasts; that were beautifully displayed by her skimpy red top. Whilst she hated people looking at her feet in case they tickled her, the attention pleased her and she flexed her toes posing to make him drop out of reality and into a lustful stare. Holly was sure she could cause even more chaos today; each time she had smiled to herself as she walked away, listening to the accusations and denials behind her. It wasn’t just that she was sexy, she knew how to perfectly position herself so that men couldn’t resist having a look; she also knew how to ensure that their partner’s noticed where their eyes were pointing. It brought her a perverse delight in thinking that she might have actually split a few couples up today. Holly didn’t realise it, but on a subconscious level she hated seeing happy families. Her world had been shattered when her parents split up; so why should anyone else get to be happy?

    Holly was growing bitter as her childhood ended. Her soul had a soupcon of mercy until recently; the last of her nobility was draining away after the events that led to her expulsion from St Catherine’s. ‘The sisters’ had been obsessed with a girl called ‘Katherine’. She was 17 at first and had been kept out of their clutches by a few of the more protective teachers. In this time she made friends with Holly, who the poor girl mistook for a quiet loner like herself; often sitting next to her in the library. Katherine had braces and glasses and spoke too quickly when she got excited. She also lived in her own private dream world and often talked at Holly about the fantasy books she loved to read as well as her own ideas for such a novel.

    Holly pretended to be friends with the silly nerdy girl and recounted all of her most private confessions to ‘the sisters’ in order to defend her reputation and to stay out of their sights, she was extremely relieved that the details of what caused her violent outburst hadn’t been revealed. Holly knew she could take one or two of them in a fight but by sheer numbers she knew she would eventually end up tied helplessly to her bed and subjected to all their cruel practises. Holly had an unusually high pain threshold, but dreaded them finding her weak spot: her ticklishness. On one of the nights the sisters had targeted one of Holly’s dorm mates she had heard the distinct sound of muffled laughter, recognising her one of them called her over and she was encouraged to join in tickle-torturing a poor 18 year old girl they had stripped naked and tied to the bed. Holly was reluctant at first, but not wanting to offend she dug into the poor girl’s ribs and sides as the sisters focused mostly on her feet but also targeted her breasts and underarms. There were between ten and twelves torturers and the poor girl screamed into the balled up collection of socks held in her mouth with tape. As she pretended to relax in the sun Holly shuddered as she imagined being the victim of such cruel torture, even a soft touch of a feather was enough to reduce her to giggles and then a furious tantrum.

    Despite her distaste Holly had enjoyed torturing the poor girl, especially when she wet the bed. As she wandered around the amusement park Holly remembered her victim’s utter humiliation as the puddle in her bed grew and grew. St Catherine’s allowed girls to wash their own sheets; certain teachers always turned a blind eye, knowing that getting up early to wash the sheets was all part of the sadistic ordeal the sister’s victims had to go through.

    Holly’s secret interest in bondage and torture was piqued by the park’s medieval dungeon exhibit, upon her first break in she had been deeply disappointed to discover it was closed until tomorrow. She had tried to sneak in but found she couldn’t. Beyond the outer canvas of the tent was the area for the queue, inside of which was a pillory and set of stocks that could never really trap a victim for torture. Holly had tried the lock of pre-fab building inside the tent but had no luck. She remembered seeing the depictions of St Catherine’s patron Saint holding her sword and standing in front of the poorly drawn wheel in her old boarding school. She always wondered about the studded wheel contraption that the supposedly broke the moment the Saint touched it, leading to her execution and martyrdom by the sword. Thinking of St Catherine reminded her of the poor nerdy Katherine and what the sisters did to her. Holly had had difficulty in putting it from her mind.

    ‘The sisters’ had excitedly approached Holly when they learnt that her ‘little friend’ was due to come to the tower on her eighteenth birthday. So far little Katherine had always been protected, but one of the sister’s favourite teachers had let slip that she had seen to it that the innocent little girl would be theirs within a week. A few of the teachers actively encouraged the sister’s cruel games; often having been members of the group during their time as students, others were repulsed and tried to supress the girl’s activities, mistaking them for the usual pubescent sadism. Holly had heard Katherine chittering away about seeing her family on her birthday, and knew that she would be relocated when she returned from a weekend away. The sisters were disappointed but decided they would give poor Katherine her ‘Eighteenth Birthday Present’ upon her return. Holly was instructed to go to a sex shop in town and buy a vibrator; apparently the one a former ‘Sister-Superior’ named Suzanna had bequeathed the group had broken beyond repair a few years earlier.

    Holly was amazed when the sister’s showed her their annals in an attempt to persuade her to join. It had the name of every sister since the 1960’s and details of their exploits, the leader was always called ‘sister-superior’. Holly had exaggerated what little she knew about sororities to some of the sister’s delight. Others grumbled that she should either join or be their victim for the night until she agreed. Tracy; the current sister-superior silenced these murmurings wanting to take Katherine’s innocence so badly. Holly said she would do her best, but secretly she didn’t want her little friend to suffer. In truth Holly was a spoilt brat, the archetypal only child; never-the-less she had come to think of the petite Katherine like the little-sister she never had. In an attempt to stave off the inevitable Holly suggested another fun game she hoped would spare Katherine the humiliation the sisters had planned.

    Holly knew Katherine had special permission to leave school early to meet her parents for her birthday. She had been excitedly chirping away all day about going out for a meal at some restaurant so Holly relayed details relating to her arrangements to the sisters and also informed them about the discarded roll off cling-film from the kitchens that was covered in raw chicken juice. ‘The Sisters’ conceded that they could give Katherine two birthday presents and pounced on the petite birthday girl as she skipped to the exit around 3pm. The sisters quickly gagged her and stripped her naked. Holly watched horrified as her evil scheme came to fruition, somehow she thought this would be better than the vibrator. Two of the girls applied the itching powder to every inch of Katherine’s pale body using soft brushes held in hands protected by latex gloves. Katherine seemed to giggle as well as shout before struggling against the cling-film that was tightly wrapped around her slim body, she was clearly incredibly ticklish.

    Holly shuddered remembering her guilt, the theme park distracted her slightly but free of her rigorous routine of revision her mind replayed the awful events. She had thought that the saran-wrap: as she thought of it, was a less cruel option to placate ‘the sisters’ cruel urges. She was wrong, not only was Katherine stuck to a wall for her classmates to see but one of the girl’s Kara, a true sadist coated her bare feet in tuna oil obtained from the kitchen bin along with the cling film. As Holly watched from her hiding place she wondered what Kara was doing, she could tell the application was tickling Katherine but… Oh No!

    Kara was tying the string around Katherine’s big-toes and securing the string around her legs, stretching her soles out taut. The other girls had finished sticking her to the wall with thick tape and began writing on her face in permanent marker. As they left one of them brought forth ‘Chitters’ a stray cat that frequented the school. Holly winced as the cat slowly approached Katherine’s helpless feet. She had read about such tortures being practised in antiquity, either a goat or a dog being encouraged to lick feet of prisoner in the stocks. As Holly watched it seemed that Katherine was really suffering and Holly wondered if she should set her free; ‘No!’ she thought, if the sisters saw then she would be their favourite victim until she left for sure.

    Holly watched Katherine suffer for a few more minutes before slinking off, not wanting to be discovered. Unfortunately she had been overheard suggesting the cling-film humiliation; it was the girl she had tickled until she wet the bed. As Holly wandered around the amusement park she remembered Katherine’s discovery by her classmates who either laughed or kept their heads down. After that were the accusations, Katherine’s parents shouting at the headmistress, and then her father shouting at her down the phone after her role in the scheme came to light. Worst of all was the look in Katherine’s eyes the last time she saw her. Whatever kindness remained in Holly’s heart was punctured at that moment. She always knew she was evil, unworthy and un-trustworthy… Even un-lovable, in that moment it was proven to her. Over the next few weeks of revision at her aunt’s she slowly came to the conclusion that despite the world hating her she was strong, and the only reason she was perceived to be wrong in any way was because they were weak were frightened of her.

    Her aunt berated her; despite living in the south of England Holly’s aunt had a strong Scottish accent, she was old but wiry and determined. On her first day of her stay she slapped Holly’s wrist with a wooden spoon for trying to put sugar on her porridge instead of salt. She had suffered the miserable old woman’s rants for weeks as she revised, being housebound and depressed. Now she was free. The sun felt good on Holly’s skin, she had used factor 20 sun cream to work on her tan without getting sunburnt. Holly was sure she had aced her exams. ‘Why were the questions so easy?’… ‘Are these English people stupid or something?’ she thought to herself as she made her way to the hall of mirrors. When she visited the park as a child she had loved looking at the distorted reflections, now she just saw a cheap way to make money from idiots. She had heard that this theme park had recently been inherited by the prodigal-son of its founder; so far nothing new or exciting was apparent to Holly, apart from the medieval torture exhibit which was frustratingly closed.

    Holly made her way from the hall of mirrors to a little arcade area attached to it. She contemplated which of the games she could cheat at and tried nudging a few of the coin games designed to cheat idiots out of ten pence pieces. She had no luck and managed to set off an alarm, deftly darting into the crowd to disguise herself as the old security guard bumbled over. After blending in with the crowd Holly had a go at the electric chair game; she held the bars and sat tight as the chair vibrated and the handles shocked her. She gritted her teeth and amazed the onlookers as the powerful vibrations and electric shocks failed to dislodge her. Her high pain threshold earnt her ten pounds before the game claimed to be ‘out of order’. Cursing the rigged system Holly stood up to leave, just as she was about to try and break up the fifth or sixth couple in the late afternoon sun she spotted a door up a few steps. It was a thick metal door open at around 45 degrees, it looked like it should say ‘private’ or ‘employees only’ but there was no sign so Holly decided to have a nose around. Inside the door was a thin curtain she shifted aside revealing a few old arcade games. The one in the corner attracted Holly’s attention, it looked newer than the others which she supposed were there to be repaired.

    Holly was reminded a little of those massage chairs these British service stations sometimes had. The black leather chair also resembled the electric chair game she had played previously, only instead of sitting on a small red padded stool this contraption involved a more comfortable seat with some sort of box up above and two holes were the device attached to the wall. Holly looked around wondering if anyone else had followed her. It was nearly closing time and she wondered if she could use this little room to have the park to herself. There was no internet and nothing to do at her aunt’s so Holly fancied sneaking around this place at night. Eventually curiosity got the better of her and she sat in the padded seat. In front of her a small screen lit up reading; please reach through the holes above your head and grip the bar. Holly looked up and spotted two holes in the box like the ones in the wall, Holly shrugged and supposed this must mean she has a free turn, perhaps someone else had paid and wandered off. Holly tentatively slipped her hands through the two holes feeling the soft plastic cushions; as she gripped it she felt it go click, there were five or six long plastic pressure pads running the length of the bar.

    Holly wondered what this game involved and was about to search for the instructions before the screen in front of her changed to display: Now please place your feet through the holes and push against the metal bar. Before Holly could think she had already slipped her feet through the holes and pushed the hard soles of her sandals against the metal bar, pushing it back about half an inch. The screen changed to read: Now Hold on Tight!

    As Holly beheld the pale blue neon letters she inhaled expecting an electric shock or for the chair to suddenly move; instead something much, much worse happened. In her periphery vision Holly saw something move, she heard the door close and lock but was distracted by several black tubes snaking their way around from the sides of the chair, as she twisted and squirmed trying to keep a hold of the bar the strange extensions made contact with her sides and ribs. Holly screamed as their textured heads began wiggling and vibrating digging in just enough to drive her insane. There were a total of eight; two for each underarm, four tickling her ribs and sides and another pair curved around further digging into the torture-spot just above her hips. In addition to the unexpected upper body tickles were horrible tickly sensations on the tops of her feet, several soft brushes began spinning and rotating causing her to jerk her feet back instinctively. Now Holly was trapped, the moment she pulled away the thick padded sections in the wall clamped down trapping her feet in place. Holly screamed in rage as further brushes began tickling around the edges of her sandals finding her toes and arches. She held onto the bar above her head through pure force of will and struggled under the administrations of the evil arms that varied their stimuli.

    “No!!! Let me out! My Father is a Lawyer!!!!” Holly screamed at the empty room, hating to be tickled. She didn’t know it yet but her torments were just beginning.

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    Part 2: The chair

    The park’s new owner beheld his screens, he had caught a pretty one! Whenever a man or a woman he didn’t fancy found the little room and sat in the chair he pressed a button so the screen read out of order. So far he had tickled a few curious investigators he liked the look of, never for too long and they always gratefully received a prize of a few coins and promptly forgot about the strange game. Whenever he needed to leave his office he remotely closed the door to the little enclave, since the park was nearly closing he thought he would have some fun with this one; plus he was sure she was the repeat intruder he had spotted sneaking climbing into the park on his hidden cameras around the fake one.

    Holly was spitting with rage, she had let go of the metal bar and now the screen in front of her read: PUNISHMENT: 20 minutes of tickle torture until second chance at game. Leaving his office the park’s owner decided to ensure his prisoner wouldn’t be discovered by Erm the security guard. He was sure that the little enclave was fully sound-proofed but it was always good to thank the staff for their hard work. It had been a hot day and the public didn’t want to leave, the park shut down in such a manner that they got the message and Erm was great at dealing with the public after decades of experience, the grey haired security guard didn’t think much of this modern technology but was amicable enough the his old friend’s son. Returning to his little office after slightly over 15 minutes the park’s owner checked his monitors and saw that the brunette’s futile tantrum was still in full swing.

    He smiled and decided that he had to feel the touch of her skin under his fingertips. The wheels on his chair span as he kicked himself away from his desk to a panel on the wall, pressing the hidden button to open it he slid it across to reveal Holly’s struggling feet. He marvelled at her perfect feet and painted toe nails and pressed a button to disengage the brushes. The device had been his master’s piece and even had a means to return lost flip-flops. These sandals had two buckles a piece though. Holly relaxed slightly as the brushes shut off, the poking and prodding of her sides was still hell and enough to distract her as her sandals were unbuckled. She didn’t realise what was going on until they were removed.

    “What?.... HEY! No!.. There is someone in there!... Get out!... Give me my sandals back!.. No!... Leave my feet alone!” Holly shouted at the empty room.

    This was a nightmare for Holly, she was trapped and ticklish and unable to think of a way to escape. She cursed her foolishness for putting her feet through the holes in the first place. She tried to struggle but the unseen pair of hands managed to restrain her toes with a series of little loops that stretched her bare soles out tightly so that every sensitive spot was exposed. The devices teasing her upper body were enough to keep her on the edge of madness but as the many brushes were positioned into place and switched on Holly went frantic. She had seen ‘The sisters’ use an electric toothbrush to tickle torture a girl or two; focusing particularly on their toes. It felt to her like she had one toothbrush head vibrating under each to and in all the horrible spots between. Had she been able to move she would have hit the roof.

    “LET ME GO YOU PERVERTED FREAK!!!!” Holly screamed and she felt the soft touch of someone’s fingertips on her sooth soles.

    “NOOO!!!! I SAID CUT IT OUT YOU LITTLE RAT-FUCKING PERVERT!!!!” She added as her tormentor began using their nails to skitter an evil pattern over her sensitive arches.

    “STOP IT!!!... Just stop it!!!!” She begged and giggled as the torture continued.

    His need to touch this pretty girl’s feet satisfied the park’s owner oiled the soles and set a set of spinning brushes to scrub them mercilessly. He decided to see if there was a means to keep his new toy and went over to his desk research her online. The park slowly emptied of the last few stragglers, none of whom were looking for Holly. He already knew she was alone but what he found out online pleased the Park’s owner immensely. He had always been a wiz-kid and had kept up with the times; he only needed one screen so he used the one showing him the door of the room she was trapped in, keeping the others displaying Holly’s desperate fight for freedom. He used her picture from a security camera shot to find her Facebook profile and other online accounts, knowing her name it was easy for him to find out more about his captive. Including that she had an aunt living nearby and her parents had split up. He even hacked into to the databases of a few of the schools she had been expelled from and smiled when he read she had broken a boy’s jaw for tickling her. Looking at his monitors he guessed she would kill him if she could, but she was trapped, and from what he read she really deserved this. She also fit the description of shop-lifter a few of the staff had been moaning about. He decided to use another screen to review security footage to see if his one of his many camera’s caught her in the act, it would have to wait though as it was time to say goodbye to Erm and the other staff who closed the park down.

    He left his office with a smile on his face and told his little family of faithful employees he would stay to review one of the new security aspects. Within only a few months of him inheriting the park his father’s handpicked staff had grown to love him as much as they did his father. He had made few changes apart from installing cameras and implementing a few of their better suggestions. Aside from the medieval torture exhibit he had kept everything else the same as the park was already popular and efficient. He returned to his little office again pondering his victim’s suitability for the torture exhibit, his friends had encountered difficulties in ensuring sufficiently resilient female performers. The female members of the group refused to be tortured for long and always wanted a third or fourth victim to spread the load they had to bear.

    Holly meanwhile was going frantic, tears ran down her cheeks as she raved incoherently. The small screen had gone blank but the torture devices kept spinning and vibrating away, no matter how she moved they seemed to find her worst spots. After what seemed like an eternity the devices slowed and stopped leaving her to sigh and catch her breath, her pert breasts rising and falling as she inhaled and exhaled. The screen flared into life and displayed a colour video of the park; it was of her! She watched realising it was the second time she had snuck in, when she kept her boots on. The first time the grass had tickled her feet through her sandals but she got so many funny looks before she got changed in the toilets she decided she had to grit her teeth on her third unauthorised entrance. Holly was feeling delirious from her ordeal and scarcely believed the high quality video on display, it was like she was hallucinating as previously it had been an old-fashion liquid crystal type display. After showing her multiple intrusions it suddenly changed to show the gift shop, clearly showing her pocketing the novelty items she didn’t even want.

    “Oh so what! So I snuck in here and stole a few things, that doesn’t excuse you detaining me without my permission and tickling me” She screamed at the screen.

    The pale blue display returned reading; Wonderful! Now I have a taped confession, all I need to do is edit out that last part and you will have a criminal record.

    Holly gulped, she was on thin enough ice after getting kicked out of St Catherine’s. As much as she hated her father she didn’t want to be cut off financially. She had always played both sides against the middle since her parent’s divorce and had deviously convinced her father that her misdemeanours were the result of her Mum’s incompetence, greasing her words with just enough guilt to keep her allowance he sent directly to her; as her mother would only spend it on Gin. Suddenly the video changed to show her soles, she saw for the first time the evil devices that held her toes still; curling her toes against the evil loops and bands she realised the video was in real-time. Suddenly a brush appeared and a split-second later made contact with her soles, it was wet and cold and coated her soles in something gloopy. Holly giggled slightly, the sensations would normally be enough to send her insane but after her ordeal the wet liquid felt almost refreshing. She wondered what her unseen captor was doing and suddenly remembered Katherine’s ordeal.

    “No! No Please! No You can’t!... Don’t! Please anything but that!” Holly pleaded.

    As predicated a cat appeared on her screen, it was a black and white kitten and immediately made for her helpless soles. It began at her arches and the rough sandpapery tongue drove Holly insane. The devices resumed their assault on her upper body and she swore vengeance on this park. Cursing her unseen tormentor and promising her father would close this place down and take very last penny that he had. The cat finished licked her soles and started on the reservoirs of oil in between her toes, this was far more tickly and Holly’s protests were replaced by a primal scream. Her captor watched her on the screen and noted the specific positions that the device seemed to deliver the effective torture. He reprogrammed the lower arm to dig in just outside of her belly, he knew every woman had a ‘torture-spot’ somewhere around there and rearranged them until they focused in on Holly’s. She was still able to squirm she he decided he would pay her a visit soon. It was getting dark and he was sure he had the park to himself, he kept most of the arms on their general torture pattern and considered which of the extra attachments he would use on his victim.

    First he had to finish the kitten torture, her soles had reached that special point just before they were raw from the cat’s rough tongue. His victim was in no pain yet but would suffer worse torments still. Before returning the kitten to its play-pen he prepared the bowl of hot soapy water. Choosing a selection of manual brushes he began his deadly pedicure. Toothbrushes were best for the toes, both electric and the old fashioned kind, a stuff scrubbing brush was sufficient for her heels and the balls of her feet whilst he preferred a flexible one that responded to pressure from his hand to scrub her arches. Soon Holly’s feet were pink and clean, ready to be heated with the hairdryer. He considered that later he might oil them and use a heat lamp to really make them sensitive, but for now a quick blow dry was enough; she was extremely ticklish already and he was keen to use all of his chair’s features for the first time.

    The allure of Holly’s feet was irresistible though and he lightly traced his fingers over her freshly sensitised feet. Before inheriting the park he had occasionally arranged a tie-up session with a woman or two, on one occasion he had tested the theory that heating soles made them more ticklish. It was true! Unfortunately his partner called out her safeword after only a few seconds, Holly had no such luxury and giggled, squirmed and thrashed depending on his skilled administrations. He decided to shut off the upper-body ticklers so his victim could really appreciate the torture of her soles. He used a feather to tease her toes before scratching at her soles with the pointy end. As always the arches responded best to this technique but her heels and the balls of her feet suffered too. Finally he pulled in the secondary set of automated tickle-toys. Positioning feathers between Holly’s toes and arranging the sequence of soft brushes and pointers that would tease and torment her feet as he explored her upper body. He picked up his mask along with a remote control for the chair and few additional devices he wanted to test out.

    Holly twisted as much as the chair would allow as the door opened, her wrists were tightly held in the box above her head. They had been trapped when she finally let go of the bar inside by a similar contraption to the one holding her ankles. It was a combination of clamping down and tightening cushions which eventually loosened sufficiently to allow blood flow to her hands and feet. She had stopped trying to escape her bonds releasing a long time ago that she wouldn’t escape. But still she was both furious and afraid of the masked figure.

    “You let me out right now you understand!” Holly demanded.

    The park owner smiled behind his evil grinning carnival mask as he walked towards her pressing a button on the remote control, the door closed behind him.

    “When the new owner finds out about this you will be fired! Now let me out of this chair!” Holly screamed.

    “New owner! Who do you think you are talking to?” The masked man answered from halfway across the small room.

    He pressed another button and her foot torture resumed. Holly giggled and spat with rage, her girlish laughter undermining her protests of legality. Her captor smiled, he had switched the foot ticklers off previously to test the remote’s range. He circled behind Holly who squirmed delightfully.

    “No stop! Switch those things off! Don’t you dare touch me!” Holly insisted as she twisted to try and see what he was doing.

    First a blindfold was slipped over her eyes, next she felt a belt being secured around her middle just above her belly button.

    “This ought to keep you from squirming, I want my chair to focus in on your worst spots and it can’t do that if you keep squirming”

    “No let me go!... You can’t do this! It is against the human rights act!” Holly ranted.

    “Of course I do like the personal touch!” Her captor added digging into her midriff just above her hips.

    Holly went ballistic, his skilled fingers were worse that the device’s arms and zeroed in on the sweet-spot that didn’t just tickle but sent Holly into another dimension of hysterical agony. The way he jiggled his index and middle fingers back and forth just in the right spot was the worst tickling Holly had endured in her life.

    “NOOOO! NOT THERE!!!!!” She begged, struggling frantically to escape.

    “Where then here?” Her captor asked exploring her belly button with one finger and tickling her tummy and sides with the other.

    “No stop tickling me!” Holly begged, all the while giggling delightfully.

    Her captor was impressed, this girl could really take her punishment. It was obvious she hated to be tickled but like the electric chair game she was tough. He remembered seeing her on his screen that monitored the game. In addition to the health warning the voltage and amperage had to be low enough not to lead to unwanted lawsuits. In order to save money when someone with a high pain threshold played, he had rigged it to sound a buzzer in his little office on the rare occasion anyone actually won. If it looked like they would play again he pressed a button shutting it down and displaying the out of order message on one of his little displays. As she had walked away he had hoped she would find his tickle chair and wondered if she was the same girl who he thought he had spotted sneaking in. Now she was at his mercy and he explored her underarms and ribs.

    “No more!!!..Please!... Stop it!... I’m sorry I snuck in!” Holly begged.

    Ignoring her protests her captor explored her thighs and the backs of her knees and as with every other patch of smooth sexy skin he was not disappointed, she kicked and wriggled futilely babbling and cursing him before begging for mercy a second later.

    “I think I got it right the first time!” He declared returning the little spot above her hips.

    “NO PLEASE NOT THERE!!!” Holly screamed, praying to God she didn’t believe in for rescue from her plight.

    “I wonder who is the better tickler me or my machines?” Her captor mused, pausing slightly.

    “No Just let me go! I’m sorry I threatened to sue you, just let me go and we will forget today every happened” Holly pleaded.

    “Oh I’m never going to forget today, you are my favourite ticklish captive!”

    “No! I’m sorry… Please don’t tickle me anymore” Holly begged hopelessly.

    Her captor positioned the mechanical arms onto her sweet spot and switched on the lowest pair using his homemade remote control. They were more effective now that Holly was strapped in but he was sure his administrations were more torturous, the effect was evidently aggravating enough for Holly to forget her offer of peace and try to spit in his face which being blindfolded missed him entirely. He pondered how he could improve the lower arms as he positioned the others to stimulate her ribs and sides. Like the lowest pair they were by far more effective now that Holly’s movements were limited by the strap. As he beheld the highest set of arms he paused and addressed his captive.

    “Now I never liked this set, feathers and brushes are more effective on underarms in my opinion”.

    Holly just laughed and struggled.

    “I did try and make the tips softer but I was limited by the need for the heads to be disguised in the chair so that it could attract victims in the first place”.

    “NO… MORE…. TICKLE!” Was all Holly could muster as a response.

    “If only I could adapt them to use softer brushes now I have you trapped for an extended torture session…. Oh wait I can, that is why I brought these!” The park owner declared holding up the alternative heads.

    Holly was blindfolded but would have been unable to focus anyway, such was her suffering. The tickling of her feet was torture enough, whilst the three pairs of arms pushed her into madness. Her captor adjusted the device until a pair of soft brushes swished up and down in her sensitive underarms. The effect supported his hypothesis that soft brushes were the most effective stimuli for this region, although he done a good job with his fingertips earlier.

    “Now for the extra devices!” He declared gleefully.

    “No More!” Holly exclaimed between laughter and deep breaths.

    “First of all we are going to have to strap that head back in order to make the neck vulnerable” Her captor mused

    “No leave my neck alone!” Holly begged, hating the prospect of more torture.

    It was a hopeless battle and soon her head was strapped back, the top of her chair tilted back and soon her forehead was tightly clasped by a special adjustable strap.

    “No please! Let me go!” Holly begged as her tormentor temporarily shut off the other torture devices.

    “Let you go? But I have only just found you, a girl as sexy and beautiful as you needs to be tickled for at least six hours a day!” Her captor replied.

    “Six hours?! No seriously my aunt is expecting me you have to let me go right now!” Holly pleaded.

    “Ah yes your aunt, I need the combination to unlock your phone so I can send a text telling her you are staying with friends. We have a long night ahead of us”

    “No I’m not telling you that!” Holly snapped.

    “Hmm… Well as I understand you are something of a tear-away so your absence for one night probably won’t arouse much suspicion but I would rather not have to worry about it so….” Her captor intoned as he began teasing her neck with a feather.

    “No stop it leave my neck alone!” Holly screamed, she hating people touching her neck and face.

    As a child someone asked if she liked butter and tickled her neck with a yellow flower, she remembered being told off for throwing a tantrum. The brief easement in her torture had allowed her the energy to realise the full humiliating hopelessness of her situation and she went berserk, kicking and screaming in a futile rage.

    “NOOO!!!! LET ME OUT NOW!!!! I WILL KILL YOU!!!!! I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!! YOU BRITISH BASTARD!!!!!” Holly screamed as her captor playfully teasing her neck with all ten fingers before using a feather to tickle her lips, ears and face.

    He chuckled heartily enjoying receiving such an angry response from such gentle stimuli. Soon the time had come to switch the devices back on, Holly’s tantrum had ended with her panting and sweating, he switched the foot and underarm tickling devices back on and watched her squirm, desperately trying to move from side to side to earn some kind of control over the situation. She was kept still by the belt around her middle and desperately struggled giggling and chuckling quietly with hoarse pleas for mercy.

    “I think your last outburst has earned you some extra torture…” Her captor began as he position soft brushes to tickle her helpless neck.

    “No, just let me go! I’m sorry!” Holly begged.

    “Before I complete your torture I want you to see this!” Her captor offered lifting up her blindfold with one hand and holding the cupped palm of his other hand in holly’s range of vision.

    “What! How are you going to tickle me with that?” Holly asked, almost delirious again.

    “Well… You remember how I tickled your belly button earlier?” Her captor asked, closing his palm around the little fluffy ball and allowing her blindfold to drop back into place.

    “No not that again!” Holly begged, remembering how the horrible sensations ran right through her.

    Expertly the little fluffy ball was positioned in her deep belly button, it was secured in place with a belt and just to be extra cruel some cotton wool was used to push it right in. Once the belt was secured with a combination padlock Holly’s sadistic captor switched it on with his remote control; causing it to vibrate and wiggle.

    “NOOOO!!!! Take it out!... Take it out! I HATE IT!!!!! Holly Screamed.

    “Tell me the combination and I will switch it off, it isn’t coming out though! As long as I can switch it on I can control you!” Her captor gloated.

    Holly broke in that instant, she tried to tell him the code to unlock her phone but was unable to speak. The horrible tickle torture elicited silent laughter punctuated by deep breaths. Her captor switched on the three remaining mechanical arms and positioned brushes behind her outstretched knees that swished back on forth. To make this last torture worse he added straps to keep her from being able to kick or move her legs. Just when she was sure things couldn’t get any worse he settled in to tickle her neck and face. It was too much, Holly was in sensory overload and went into a wild fitful rage. Her face turned red first then her entire body as she kicked and thrashed, still unable to speak or scream. Her tormentor found extra ticklish spots not covered by his range of devices exploiting the gaps between the many mechanically tickled areas as well as the insides of her elbows. He had long known that varying the targets areas was the key to truly tickle torturing a victim and designed his tickle toys to vary the sensations they delivered, his manual additions reinforced the cruel torment of Holly’s sensitive body. He loved the way he could tickle any part of her and still determine the response from within the multitude of her reactions.

    Finally he decided to give her a short break and began switching the devices off one by one. Holly’s rage slowly subsided and her responses changed from a furious full on red-faced rage to a tired giggle as all that was left were her feet on one quarter stimuli.

    “Please let me out!” She begged, utterly exhausted.

    “Not just yet, I still need that code to unlock your phone” Her captor replied.

    “I can’t laugh anymore!” Holly replied, delirious and aware of the pain in her abdominal muscles.

    “You will get a break if you tell me the code, if you resist I will switch on one tickle device every time you refuse”

    “Okay! Okay! Six, eight, one, three” Holly answered, relaxing as much as her bonds would allow as her foot ticklers were switched fully off.

    She remained on the borders of consciousness as her captor adjusted the chair, freeing her head and neck. He had unlocked something in the front and was leaning under one of her legs.

    “What are you doing? I thought you were going to let me out?” Holly asked blearily.

    “Oh no! I only said I would stop tickling you. And since you suffered so much I thought I would give you a little treat!” Her captor replied.

    “Just let me go, my aunt is expecting me!” Holly murmured.

    “I sent her a text saying you were with friends for the weekend”. He replied as he adjusted something between her legs.

    “But she has a land-line, she can’t get…” Holly murmured.

    “Oh yes, but everybody has this new service where Tom Baker’s voice reads out texts if you accidentally send them to landlines.

    Holly slumped, she vaguely remembered hearing something about this on the news. Finally she passed out, it was a short, dreamless black sleep that barely registered but was needed by her body. She had no idea how much time had passed or where she was at first still being tightly restrained and blindfolded. As the memories of her recent torment came flooding back she grew angry.

    “Are you going to let me go you fucking pervert? I can sue you for this you fucking creep! My father’s a God-Damn lawyer!”

    “Yes! Yes! You kept saying, and unless I am mistaken he is in America right now and probably not happy with you getting kicked out of yet another boarding school” Her captor replied.

    “How did you?....” Holly began, suddenly she remembered giving him the code to unlock her phone, also he had already said things that showed he knew information about her, she had been too out of it at the time but now she realised he must have researched into her.

    “In addition to sending your aunt a text I had a cursory read of your e-mails, you know you should never let your laptop or phone remember your passwords automatically Holly…” He added following her train of thought.

    “Look just let me out of this chair now and stop going through my phone, otherwise you will be in a whole heap of shit” Holly threatened

    “Oh I’m not the one who is in trouble, you on the other hand have broken into my park, shoplifted and given me access to all these hateful anonymous e-mails and texts you send”

    “I said stop going through my phone!” Holly was enraged, every now and then she liked to vent her spleen by sending spiteful and poisonous messages using her knowledge of how to withhold her number or remain anonymous. She always deleted the evidence though, in her delirious state she didn’t understand how he had access to them.

    “I mean look at this one; I saw you today, you are so fucking ugly you do not even deserve to live! Even in that new dress you bought you still look like twelve stones of shit stuffed into a six stone sack! Why don’t you just do the world a favour and fucking kill yourself you ugly stupid whore!”

    The room fell silent as Holly’s captor read her message. Whatever indignation Holly had faded as she heard the words aloud; she truly was an awful person, she knew it. She didn’t know why, but even before her parent’s divorce she had always had this mean streak.

    “How did you get that? I always delete them afterwards!” Holly asked quietly, her voice shaking with fear and rage

    “I told you, I’m good with technology!.... I mean really! I was going to give you a treat but upon discovering this I think you deserve further punishment!” Her captor replied.

    “And who the fuck are you to judge me? You like trapping women and tickling them, what if I wasn’t full of hatred? What then? You would still have trapped me here and tortured me for god knows how long?” Holly ranted, angry at being exposed.

    “Actually I normally let my victims go after a few seconds, they think it is just a machine. You are a special case because I caught a glimpse of you sneaking in on my monitor and decided to teach you a lesson”

    “Well lesson learnt, can you let me go now?” Holly asked sarcastically.

    “I could, I have enough evidence to convict you of trespassing, theft and can easily manufacture more to prevent you from pressing charges against me. But I have a better idea, since you were so keen to sneak into the medieval torture exhibit this afternoon how would you like a job as the torture victim?”

    “Go to hell!” Holly replied, spitting and missing again.

    “I might have to gag you if you keep doing that…” Her captor replied slipping off her blindfold and standing back.

    Holly blinked as her eyes adjusted, she looked down to behold a mechanical arm between her legs holding a long black vibrator. It had a round textured tip and could clearly be positioned in place on to apply pressure, the mechanical arm bending halfway along its length.

    “Was this to be my treat?” Holly asked, utterly bemused.

    “It was, I know from your record that you supposedly put one of these in a teacher’s supply cupboard to embarrass them but were stupid enough have the receipt in your pocket” her captor retorted.

    Holly remembered that, albeit vaguely. She still had her American accent and boasted about what sororities got up to try and impress the gang of popular girls, it ended badly. After hearing all about them taking girls’ virginities with such devices during a detention, one of them challenged her to bring one in. The situation escalated and Holly hid the long white phallic in the supply closet of the teacher who had given them the detention. The class laughed and the teacher threatened them all until one of Holly’s so-called friends ratted her out, the receipt was found bearing enough incriminating details to get her expelled.

    Now she beheld the motionless device, it was a better prospect that the automated tickling tools but Holly still wanted to feel as if she had the upper hand. She was slightly afraid of what this creep would do to her now the tickle phase of her torture was seemingly over. The tickling had been terrible but the prospect of new sexual tortures scared her too. In truth she had used the vibrator she bought once secretly before hiding it in the cupboard, but as it buzzed away she had been in control of it.

    “What you can’t get it up, so you need help getting the girls excited is that it?...” Holly asked mockingly.

    “Or perhaps it is so small you need tools like this to compensate?” Holly added.

    “You are in no position to make threats Little Miss Cyber-Bully!” Her captor snapped

    “You are probably so ugly under that mask no girl would…” Holly began

    “You are only making things worse for yourself!” Her captor interrupted.

    “I had planned to reward you with an orgasm courtesy for telling me the code to your phone, but now I am tempted to tease you with it instead, denying you that release until you beg me for it”.

    “Really? Fascinating…” Holly yawned, it was supposed to appear sarcastic and nonchalant but she was actually exhausted from her ordeal.

    “If this doesn’t get you excited I can replace the vibrator with a wheel of feathers and brushes; or just tickle your pussy manually. Did you know your private parts are extremely ticklish?” Her captor retorted.

    “No! You can’t! You wouldn’t!” Holly stuttered, her eyes widening with fear.

    “I think such torture is well deserved given your reluctance to change” Her captor threatened switching on the foot tickling devices.

    “No, Please don’t please! I’m sorry! I’m so sensitive down there! You can’t do that to me!” Holly begged through a peal of delightful giggles.

    “You said you wouldn’t tickle me anymore c’mon!” She added as the underarm ticklers were switched on.

    “That was before you insulted me and called me ugly! Any further rudeness or disobedience will result in further punishment!” Her captor replied positioning the vibrator in place.

    Holly watched as the vibrator approached her crotch, she looked down nervously wondering what her captor had planned.

    Sensing her curiosity “Now let’s test your obedience! You cannot orgasm without my permission. If you do, or break any other rules I will add one torture device at a time”.

    “What other rules?” Holly asked nervously

    “You will find out in good time when you break them!” Her captor added with a smile.

    “Oh and one of them is no speaking unless you are spoken to so I think I will add the knee ticklers”

    “Hey no fair!” Holly protested as the soft brushes began swiping up and down behind her knees.

    “You spoke again” Her captor teased, attaching something to the mechanical arm that held the vibrator. Holly was about to protest but stopped herself. Soon her thighs were being tickled by a smaller set of brushes swishing up and down each inner leg. At first the tickling wasn’t as bad with the vibrator buzzing away, it distracted Holly. As she began to become aroused it seemed to get worse, especially the soft brushes seemed more intense.

    “Now what I think you are discovering is that arousal makes you more sensitive!” Her captor teased her as he gently tickled her ribs.

    “No! Please stop!” Holly begged, before releasing she had spoken again.

    “I am going to let that one go, but from now on you can only speak to ask permission to climax or answer a direct question”

    Holly just laughed and struggled. The vibrator had started softly and was slowly increasing in both frequency and intensity, Holly didn’t want to admit that it felt good. She found the prospect of being forced to orgasm utterly humiliating. She liked to be in control and the idea of trying to resist the charms of the textured buzzing head or beg for permission to succumb to the sensations enraged her. The vibrator pushed against her with just enough force and she couldn’t shift away, furthermore the small involuntary movements she made in response to the tickling enhanced its effects and soon she released her panties were growing moist.

    The tickling was soft so far, more aggravating than torturous. The devices tickling her feet were the worst, she had noticed that the devious device tickling her feet varied keeping her from being able to predict its touches. Her captor also explored her ribs, sides and tummy resulting in her squealing and crying out in rage until all of the tickle toys were positioned over her worst spots.

    “You truly have no self-discipline; I might have to gag you!” Her captor teased.

    “No let me go you Freak!” Holly shrieked as he tickled her neck.

    Her captor strapped her head back and reapplied blindfold. Holly was so desperately close to her first orgasm but he wanted to extend her torment.

    “I’m going to withdraw the vibrator because a lot of women find that they are at their most ticklish when they are on the cusp of their first orgasm”

    Holly just sighed and moaned, silently giggling as her torment continued. It was true the sensations were sharp and directly stimulated her like the first few panicky tickles alerting her to the invasion of her personal space. She could barely form a coherent response as her captor continued;

    “You know some women actually become aroused from tickling, even to the point of climaxing without being touched down there?...”

    Holly answered with giggles and a silent, incomprehensible plea for mercy.

    “.. Others become aroused but cannot orgasm unless touched, growing ever more desperate. Hungry for that release that is kept just out of reach…” Her tormentor continued, tickling her neck softly.

    Holly continued to giggle and squirm, as her captor whispered in her ear she longed for the return of the vibrator. She hated that he had done this to her, the tickling was pure hell but to be left longing for more pleasure was utterly humiliating for Holly. She had let a few guys fool around but found their attempts unappetising, what Holly really got off on was humiliating them; specifically discouraging and mocking them. If she could spread the word that they couldn’t get it up or they were really small down there she was satisfied, occasionally Holly pleasured herself in the tub but only when she saw someone utterly humiliated.

    Holly breathed deeply and struggled against her bonds, the tickling was soft and gentle but more torturous than the all-out assault she had suffered earlier. Not only was she exceptionally sensitive but utterly humiliated, she did not just struggle to get away from the tickling but to get back to the vibrator that she craved to finish the job it had started.

    “Please! Please!” She quietly begged.

    “Are you begging me to stop tickling you? Or do you want the vibrator back?” Her captor mused as he tickled her neck with a feather.

    Holly couldn’t answer and just struggled, her mouth an open rictus of hysterical agony. Her ego was destroyed by the knowledge that had she been able to she would have begged for the vibrator’s return. Her captor knew to be gentle, he savoured every moment as her hypersensitive body quivered under his teasing touch. Eventually he resist no more and slipped Holly’s panties down leaving from under her short skirt them stretched between her ankles.

    “I think it is time you were punished for your sins, I am going to tickle the most sensitive part of you now. If you beg convincingly enough I may let you orgasm without further punishment, If however you climax without permission you will find out her much torture can be delivered to this region of your body”.

    Holly was too ticklish to respond and just giggled as he switched off the tickling devices one by one, the foot ticklers were the last and as the feathers between her toes slowed to a stop a small soft brushed began teasing her inner thigh make small circles. Holly giggled and sighed, the sensations were both unbearable and deeply pleasurable. As he got closer and closer to her pussy she felt the rip-wave approaching. She tried to resist but the soft sensations filled her whole world. She tried to think about her grandmother’s neck, that boil on her aunt’s neck, but these stalling attempts were futile and as he expertly used a variety of brushes to tease her lip she felt the room melt away. The first orgasm was furious, like a dam bursting. It was instantly followed by another that was as equally primal. Changing tools to keep her at the maximum point of stimulation her captor forced her to orgasm again and again, each orgasm becoming less pleasurable and more an extension of his control over her body. Soon the tickling merged with the sensation of her body being forced to climax. The sensation were permanently jumbled up in her mind, Holly didn’t know it yet but after her ordeal any extended tickling session would cause her to become wet with arousal, not to the point of arousal but enough to infuriate her as he had described.

    Eventually Holly’s genital tickling stopped and she sighed and moaned, desperately needing a break from stimulation. Instead she was tortured for her hate mail. The wheel of feathers and soft brushes was the worst torture yet, turning slowly and teasing the delicate area to either side of her throbbing pussy, sensitive from multiple orgasms. Her tormentor softly teased her helpless body wanting to tickle her fete again but unable to tear himself away. Holly was softly tickled until the room melted away, her body could take no more and simply shut down. This time in her dreams she was being tickled, she was unaware of who was tickling her but her primal instinct told her to get away; only she couldn’t. Holly giggled as she slept, her mind was so unsettled by the trauma she had endured the nightmarish torture denied her the rest her body craved.

    When she awoke she struggled, she was still trapped but something was wrong. She wasn’t in the chair anymore; her ankles and shins felt the pressure of heavy wooden stocks whilst under her back was something warm and fuzzy like wool. Her arms were stretched high above her head and before she could think Holly rattled the chain that attached to the leather cuffs around them.

    “Awake again! And just in time to meet your new colleagues!” Her captor’s voice chimed.

    As he spoke Holly heard several voices chuckle and titter.

    “No! Let me go! I did not consent to this!” She moaned, still recovering from her ordeal in the chair.

    “Oh you will do!” A new male voice declared.

    “No please, let me go! I just wondered off when on holiday! You can’t do this!” Holly pleaded.

    “She is very convincing, I think with the veil and the gag you suggested we are onto a winner!” A female voice added.

    “Veil, gag? No please! No more torture I can’t take it! Just let me go my aunt is waiting for me!” Holly begged, her act enhanced by her desperate plight.

    “We saw your hate mail, people like you deserve torture like this!” A female voice added.

    “Listen; whatever he said, whatever he showed you… You have to understand….” Holly began

    “…NO! STOP IT! DON’T TICKLE MY FEET!” She screamed as two sets of sharp nails interrupted her train of thought.

    “You were right about this one, so sensitive and so deserving!” The new male voice declared as he explored Holly’s tummy.

    Holly frantically struggled as her new captors explored the rest of her sensitive body with glee, Holly abandoned her desperate search for an excuse and struggled and screamed. Her body was super ticklish and it was going to be a very long night.

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    Wonderful story!
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    another great story from viewernw
    well done
    and really nice writing [even if english is a foreign language for us, its neat and easily legible given that the length of the story]

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    Great story!

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    What a tale!
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    love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernhard1900 View Post
    love it!
    Thanks :-)

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    Love it!

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