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    Apr 2001

    Japanese Tickle Machine: "Dr. Nodont's Laboratory (*/F, 18+ only)

    After my purchase of the rather disappointing TickleJapan Anime Video in January 2001, I decided to write down my own fantasies about mechanical tickling devices. The first part is mostly about foot-tickling, the second part (first reply below) mostly about genital tickling. Enjoy!

    Dr. Nodont's Laboratory (part 1, mostly foot-tickling)

    Haruko was extremely nervous, tense like a bowstring shortly before the arrow shoots off. One part of her screamed for caution, whereas her scientific brain couldn't wait for her dream to fulfill.

    She was a technical assistant in the strange laboratories of the even stranger Dr. Nodont at the university of Osaka. The foreign professor was a mystery in the very sense of the word. While his behavior and clothing hinted towards the typically distracted scientist, an occasional sharp and slightly leering glace over his rimless glasses divulged part of his real self. Nobody knew where he came from, and quite probably "Nodont" was simply a nickname. He spoke fluent, accentless Japanese and a clipped British upper class English, but sometimes he addressed foreign students in their own native language. So they found out that he also spoke a flawless German, French, Italian, and even Mandarin Chinese.

    His specialty wasn't language though. All his scientific work circled around laser technology. Two years ago, he had found a new way of adapting laser distance measuring to produce very practical machines for everyday use, or for medical purposes. Sometimes he construed an artificial limb, sometimes a sophisticated automatic manicure device. Most times, he didn't even do the research himself, he delegated projects to his students and assistants, just overseeing their work and correcting it wherever necessary. And all his helpers were extremely careful not to release their projects with any flaws. They knew the professor would use t h e m as the first test persons.

    That was what had brought Haruko into her present situation: First she had been assigned to develop a pedicure machine, as a derivate from the already existing manicure device. But some things were different with a foot: The toes were not as flexible as fingers, and the removing of dead skin and calluses proved to evoke a most ticklish feeling. Haruko had a thorough lesson as her own first test person.

    She was extremely ticklish everywhere, but during the faulty pedicure process, she found out that the tickling produced intense sexual sensations in her as well. So she sought out the professor at home to explain her own secret new project. She wanted to build a tickle machine, similar to those shown in some Animés, but much more sophisticated. But she needed the laboratory's equipment and money for this. Dr. Nodont questioned her for a while, but finally he agreed under the usual conditions: He alone would decide when this project will be stopped, and he reserved all rights to commercialize the patent for it himself.

    So Haruko started out with some new experiments on the now perfected pedicure device. Like there, the toes and the whole foot had to be completely immobilized. This was done by slipping the foot into a kind of harness made of a metal frame and flexible but strong plastic straps. They tightened themselves after switching the machine on, just firm enough not to hurt. The whole harness looked like a futuristic sandal without soles, only one tightly fixating strap across the top of the heel, and another one across the toe balls.

    It was more difficult with the toes. Just as in the pedicure machine, a metal bar pressed down their middle joint to keep the toes stretched out. The big difference were the toe restraints. Whereas for the pedicure, the whole toe was inserted into a soft plastic tube where the nails received their polishing and cutting, the toes had to remain accessible for the tickling.

    After many fruitless experiments, Haruko had found the solution: rubber suction cups! They placed themselves over the very tips of each toe with the lightest pressure, then the air got sucked out. The suction cups tightened, and the toes were slightly pulled apart to expose the crevices in between. Now Haruko could tackle the tickling itself.

    She experimented with many devices: Q-tips, feathers, rubber bristles, furry things, but the best effect by far was achieved by small artist paint brushes. The Fude (Japanese calligraphy brushes) were too stiff and hurt the soft skin. She found out the most pleasurable brush size, and she construed a simple rotating wheel first. But the tickling brushes always touched the same spots, and the toes couldn't get their proper attention.

    So she used a small toy robot with four arms to which she attached the brushes. It took an awful lot of tedious programming to get the arms to move right. The exact shape of the restrained foot and toes were measured by the laser device, the correct pressure for the brush application found out, then a path or pattern for the movements was designed. Again she had to do some tests on her best friend Tetsuko's foot who was not too happy with her role as a guinea pig. Oh, her laughter sounded happy enough, although she wasn't half as ticklish as Haruko herself.

    Finally, the last refinements were accomplished, and the final test could be arranged. Dr. Nodont always insisted on being present at the final test, and as this was Haruko's secret project, no one but herself, her best friend as assistant, and the professor attended. They chose Saturday night because the university was practically empty then.

    Haruko took a seat on the old dentist's chair she had adapted to her previous tests. It was her first time to experience a full tickling session with her own device, hence her nervousness. To prevent her from sliding or falling off the chair, a broad leather strap came across her hips, and her wrists were tied to the armrests. She slipped her bare feet into the restraining harnesses and felt the plastic straps tighten. The suction cups descended on her toes and fixated themselves. White flashes of lights erupted before Haruko's eyes, her nerves sent intense electric impulses through her over-anxious brain at the mere touching of her sensitive toes.

    The laser foot-measure process started. Haruko had programmed the machine to do this before each session, because a foot can change its actual size and shape for some millimeters, depending on temperature and time of day. The measuring took only two minutes, but to Haruko, it felt like an eternity. Oh gosh, the anticipation was nearly killing her!

    Finally a green light on the foot robots flashed. She had made them stationary to ensure the permanent correct distance to her feet. Ready to go!

    At first she felt nothing. The brushes were hardly touching her, but the pressure became stronger constantly, until it reached the pre-programmed level. Haruko started to giggle, pressing her lips together tightly. Finally the sensation became too strong to hold herself back, and the dam of her resistance burst. "Haaaah, a-haa-haaa-hee-hee! Ts-haaa, haaa-ts-ts-ts-heeheeheeeeee, ts-h-h-h-huuh!" Her laughter sounded so girlish, sometimes spattering and stuttering, and oh so pleasurably tortured!

    No wonder she was laughing like a madwoman. Apart from being extremely ticklish, she had discovered and developed the most efficient tickling methods: There were four paint brushes on each foot, but never more than two of them in simultaneous action. They drew tiny circles on her arches, ran down her feet's outer rims, diddled on the toe balls, and meticulously explored each individual toe, from the undersides, the stretched-out middle joints, to the tops, sometimes caressing the hypersensitive skin on their inner sides. She had programmed a random touch and time-span for each movement, and the tickling a l w a y s arrived at the next spot unpredictably, making her jump every few seconds.

    Her best friend watched Haruko with a mixture of horror, astonishment, and secret delight. Dr. Nodont seemed rather impressed. His rimless spectacles had slided down to his nose tip, his eyes and mouth were wide open. His hands moved nervously trough the air, his gray hair became a sweaty mess.

    After he had recovered from his first disbelief, his mouth closed and his face contorted into an ugly grin. He watched Haruko's futile twitching and writhing, and he listened to every single nuance of her tortured, now sometimes soundless laughter, enjoying every split-second of it.

    Tetsuko saw this development with horror. "Please," she pleaded, "switch this machine off, Doctor! She'll get killed!" The scientist smiled his evil grin. "Why should I? It's her privilege to test it first. I'm sure she programmed to end it at the right moment. Oh, maybe there's a way to intensify the tickling?" He moved over to Haruko's chair to see her face closely. She was shaking her head vigorously as his hands approached her ribcage. Terrified, she screamed: "Oh no, please don't tickle me there! No, Doctor, no, don't!!! Ah-hahaha-hahahaaah!"

    That's how Haruko found out the true meaning of the doctor's name!

    (continued in reply below)

    Everything was better in the old times, particularly the future...

    Have you read my erotic tickle stories yet?

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    Apr 2001


    Dr. Nodont's Laboratory (part 2, mostly genital tickling)

    Haruko and Tetsuko shared a small apartment. Living in Osaka was expensive enough, and their payment as assistants at Dr. Nodont's laboratory really sucked. But they got interesting jobs, and sometimes a tiny share of the patent rights for machines they had developed at the university.

    After the initial test session with the foot-tickling robots (see part 1), Haruko became obsessed with tickling. The slightly more rounded Tetsuko gladly played along as Haruko's demands for tickling became more frequent. Haruko always got thoroughly stimulated by the foot-tickling, and sometimes they got each other off by mutual masturbation afterwards. But both insisted that they were no lesbians at all.

    At her first tickle experience with the machine, Haruko had experienced a full-blown climax right after Dr. Nodont had started to tickle her ribs and stomach. Nobody had noticed it, at least she hoped so. Since then, she couldn't stop thinking about an improvement to this incredible tickle-machine. She started to develop new ideas and designed them on the laboratory computer. Her files were stored there under a separate password, so she felt safe.

    But she didn't know that Dr. Nodont not only excelled in laser technology and languages. He was a private computer freak, and sometimes he hacked himself into the secrets of other universities. He never plainly stole their ideas, but they helped him tremendously in his own line of work.

    One day, Dr. Nodont invited Haruko to stay after work for a personal conversation. He revealed that he had stumbled over a secret password on the laboratory's computer, and he stated plainly that he didn't like that at all. What was the secret about?

    At first, Haruko stammered, her face beet-red with the shame of being caught. But Dr. Nodont calmed her; actually he encouraged her to explain her designs. He even hinted at the possibility of allowing her to build all her ideas with the laboratory's help, if the idea was promising enough. Promising a new source of income for the prof, she thought sourly. But she could really need some help, she had got stuck.

    So she explained about her idea of a genital tickling machine. What could be done to a toe could also be done to a clit, she had mused. Only the right restraining device was not within her own range. Dr. Nodont fell into deep thoughts and seemed to forget the world around him. Haruko knew his look, he was brewing something up.

    "Why don't you use our new laser foam-cutting device we invented last year?" he finally suggested. Now, that was the very idea Haruko had been looking for! Her quick brain caught the idea like any good wide-receiver in a football game, she took the ball and ran for the touchdown.

    Two months later, the device was ready. It consisted of two half-shells mirroring the shape of her own abdomen, the exact proportions given by the laser distance-measurer. A much stronger laser beam had cut them out of a new polyurethane-foam material originally designed to replace plaster for broken legs and arms. It was much lighter and easier to apply than plaster, if you knew the secret about cutting out exactly measured shapes.

    A circular hole cut into the front part contained the pussy manipulation device. The most awkward procedure with all that was the removal of all pubic hair before using the machine. But she had overcome all the obstacles. Tetsuko had assisted her with the shaving. Haruko had decided to give the machine a final test before she showed her results to Dr. Nodont. That was against the rules, but she felt she had a special right in this. After all, this was a very private experiment.

    She had fixed the lower abdominal shell to a massage and examination table in the university's First Aid room, which hadn't been used for years. The control computer was equipped with wheels, and together with Tetsuko, she rolled the whole apparatus over to her secret own laboratory.

    Haruko stripped naked and lay down on the massage table. To fill the gap between the table and her lower back, they had brought some cushions. Then Tetsuko put down the upper half shell with the tube of instruments within, connected to the computer with a thick bunch of cables, and locked the device in position. "Ready?" Tetsuko asked. "Ready!"

    The computer was switched on and clicked. Servo motors began to purr, and Haruko giggled as the first implement touched her snatch. Four tiny, padded hooks parted her labiae. Two extremely short paintbrushes started to tickle the area. Random movement, of course, but they carefully avoided to touch the clit. Up and down the labiae they went, sometimes evoking shrill giggling as they moved over perineum and anus. Haruko felt very warm inside, and delightful shivers crept up her spine. She became moist and bothered.

    "Stage 2?" Tetsuko asked, sensing her friend's excitement. "Oh very yesss!" was the enthusiastic reply. Tetsuko touched another computer switch, and Haruko felt the new sensation immediately. A soft but firm clamp pulled the flesh directly above her clit shaft upward, exposing the rosy pearl of lust. That alone would have been enough to shoot Haruko through the ceiling, but the sensations intensified: Both brushes started to tickle the sides of her clit shaft methodically and rhythmically, always changing between acceleration and deceleration.

    Haruko's breathing became erratic, her face and neck flushed with lust. Her arousal spiraled upwards onto previously unknown plateaus. Tetsuko didn't need a more direct signal, she switched the computer to stage 3. Two more brushes took to work: One moving in circles around her backdoor, another one touching her clit tip directly. Both new brushes slightly vibrated, Haruko was proud of this improvement.

    She lost touch with the world. Her spine turned into liquid fire, her muscles to jelly. The table seemed to take off into a star-filled universe, rosy clouds effortlessly carrying her. Her skin began to tingle everywhere, her rock-hard breast tips felt like bursting, and her eyes filled with tears of lust. She climaxed in a sea of ecstasy, each wave rolling through her stronger than the previous one. Once, twice, three times. When she was just about to faint, Tetsuko turned the incredible machine back to stage 1, only providing soft, tickling caresses to give her a chance to recover slowly.

    Suddenly the First Aid room door opened, and in rushed a very angry Dr. Nodont. "So you didn't like me to watch your final test! That's a breach of trust, and you know that. You will have to be punished severely! Don't you dare to move, or you'll lose your jobs!" he fumed and hurried out. The girls were terrified. Three minutes later he came back, pushing in another examination table with two of the foot-tickling devices on top. He attached one of them to Haruko's table and slipped her feet into the harnesses. Then the still shock-stricken Tetsuko was tied down to the other table, and her feet received the second pair of devices.

    He lectured about the house rules for ten full minutes, ending with his verdict: "Your punishment will be a full hour of intense foot-tickling, and I'll make sure that your upper bodies won't feel neglected during the procedure!" Smiling his most evil grin, he switched on the foot robots. At full gear, all four paintbrushes tickled soles and toes, and even the less ticklish Tetsuko screamed like hell! To make the barrel full, he continued to tickle their ribcages and armpits with diabolical precision.

    After the first half hour, he took pity in Haruko. She looked so on-turned and lovely in her agony, and he just couldn't resist trying her new machine. So he switched the genital tickling device to stage 2, then to stage 3 after a while.

    Haruko had felt like crawling out of her skin from the foot-tickling alone, the intense toe treatment rendering her weak and giddy. But the additional paintbrushes on her clit were something else: In combination with the constant foot-tickling, her lust center produced completely new sensations. They multiplied her lust a hundredfold. Her whole body convulsed, and each toe felt like another clit, constantly tickled and aroused most skillfully. Again she drifted into a helpless orgasm, her ecstasy infinitely more sweet and sensuous than all previous climaxes. This time, nobody switched off the device, and she fell unconscious for a long time.

    When she awoke, she was still tied to the table. Dr. Nodont held another speech. "I have prepared two documents for you while you were asleep. One of them is a statement that gives me all rights to every single invention by you in the future. The other one is an agreement to serve as tickle slaves whenever and wherever I desire. Your invention will bring me a lot of money soon, but money isn't everything, is it? Heh-heh. One mustn't neglect one's own satisfaction. If you fail to sign, you will stay here for another full body tickling, for two more hours. And I will tape this session, publishing it in the university's video library for everybody's enjoyment!"

    Haruko and Tetsuko gasped. In unison, they uttered: "Oh doctor, please, no, don't!"

    The End?

    Everything was better in the old times, particularly the future...

    Have you read my erotic tickle stories yet?

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    Dec 2001

    Excellent Japanese story

    This wonderful story combines several elements that I love - young Japanese women, restraints holding them, nonconsensual tickling by machines - excellent work - thanks

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    Jan 2002
    Really hot. I've always like this story.

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    Mar 2009
    This is purely amazing. I love it.

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    Jun 2005
    Excellent story, tickle machines are my favourite and I love the attention to detail so you can really imagine those toe suction cups and labia clips mmmmm

    Thanks Haltickling!

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    absolutely excellent!!! wish these machines existed lol!!!

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