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    Talking Tickle Tutor #3: Parent Teacher Night MF/f

    Tickle Tutor #3: Parent Teacher Night


    By TickleMantis

    “Tut.“ Olivia Reid said with enough volume from the kitchen so she could be heard up on the second story. “Really dear, you can’t keep these papers in your room?”

    Mrs. Reid enjoyed a clean and tidy home. It was, after all, where the bleached blonde housewife spent the majority of her time. When not shopping, flirting with her yoga instructor, out with friends, hitting the gym or flirting with her tennis instructor, the buxom forty four year old liked to spend her days sipping wine by the pool. Wine was also consumed in front of the TV, in the kitchen, in her bed and sometimes in the guest suite just for variety. So when her teenaged daughter Cindy left a mess, which was far too frequently for Olivia’s liking, it was something of a buzz kill.

    “They’re my college applications, mom!” Cindy’s voice called from the upstairs of the Reid family’s large suburban home, the small pile of papers sat on the granite countertop of Olivia’s barely used kitchen. “I left them there for you to look at!”

    “Oh please darling, I hardly have time for that today!” Pulling a cosmetic mirror from her tiny and very expensive handbag, the busty 5’9ft tall woman checked her long locks for any strand out of place. “Did you forget your father and I are having dinner with the Calhoun’s tonight?”

    “It’s important!” The eighteen year old’s voice sounded a little more irritated. “And your stupid dinner’s not for hours!”

    “Well I have to get ready, don’t I?” Olivia said, rolling her big blue eyes as she stood in white lace up tennis shoes, stark white short shorts and a Barbie pink top, low cut enough to accentuate her fleshy bosom. “Please clean this up before your father gets home!”

    Cindy said something else but it was too late, the voluptuous older woman had already snapped her tiny mirror closed and was striding out the front door. The nerve of that girl, telling her mother what is and isn’t important. Olivia climbed into her scarlet red convertible, shaking her head. What had happened to her daughter, she used to be so much fun. Half a year before, Cindy had been like most any other teenager, going to parties, fooling around with boys and failing miserably in school. That same life style had worked just fine for Mrs. Reid and she turned out better than most, Mrs. Reid thought to herself as she tore out of her driveway, tires squealing. But these days, oh no, these days her uppity little princess was all about studying and getting into a good college, she barely even saw her friends outside of school anymore.

    The following afternoon, which she was pretty sure was a Wednesday, the buxom mother of one climbed out of bed. Wandering the empty house in her lacy pink nightgown, the bottoms of her curvaceous butt cheeks quite visible, Mrs. Reid began her day the same way as usual. After a long steamy shower and her high priced hair and makeup routine she would spend an hour or more perusing social media for all the best gossip. A black coffee to give her that mid afternoon boost, and Olivia was ready for the rest of her busy day. Changing into her dark purple yoga pants, which appeared painted on around the shapely blonde’s plum like butt, a different pair of almost identical tennis shoes as she’d worn the day before and a white halter-top, the eager yoga student was almost set. The only thing left to do was steal a hair tie from Cindy’s room, but the would be thief barely got out of her bedroom before the door bell rang.

    “Who is it?” The somewhat irritated woman called from the top of the stairs, as she didn’t want to waste the trip down for some nonsense.

    “Mrs. Reid?” A deep bass voice replied through the closed door. “It’s Mr. Lucas. I’m one of Cindy’s teachers…?”

    “Oh! Mr. Lucas!” Olivia said, pausing as she looked around quickly before placing her left hand at the base of her throat. “…just a minute!”

    For the most part the chesty housewife could barely remember what her daughter’s teachers looked like, let alone their names. The image of Mr. Lucas however, was burned into Olivia’s brain, especially the part that connected directly to her libido. Standing a giant 6’3ft the strapping forty-something year old black man was all broad shoulders and swollen biceps. Dark brown eyes under a baldhead, the hunky math teacher looked more like a firefighter or a particularly demanding drill sergeant. Not terribly delighted with her attire but quite distracted by the idea of her husband not being home, Olivia hopped down the stairs after checking herself quickly in the bathroom mirror.

    “Mr. Lucas, what a nice surprise!” The bosomy blonde said with a cheerful grin, her fleshy cleavage still jiggling from bouncing down the stairs.

    “I’m sorry to pop by unannounced-“ Mr. Lucas said, dressed in a tight fitting black t-shirt and sensible beige khakis, before being quickly interrupted by his comely host.

    “-Not at all, not at all!” Opening the door wide, the smiling woman motioned into the foyer. “Please, come on in!”

    “You’re not about to go out are you?” The dashing teacher said, frowning slightly as he looked the bubbly housewife up and down.

    “Me? Nooo!” Olivia chuckled, closed both eyes and waved her hands dismissively. “In fact I’d just walked in when I heard the bell ring. Now are you going to stand out there all day or do I have to pull you inside?”

    “Ha, well, I’ll try not to take up too much of your time.” The tall man said as he stepped into the Reid family home. “I do need to get back anyway, I was just hoping you had a few minutes to talk about Cindy.”

    “Oh Cindy! What’s she done now?” Passing through the archway into the downstairs living room, the busty woman made sure to move their conversation somewhere more comfortable than by the door. “Invented a time machine?”

    “…I’m not sure I follow?” Mr. Lucas said, slowly following Mrs. Reid as she sat in the center of her large leather couch.

    “She’s so smart that girl! She must have done something clever for you to be here.” Patting the cushion directly beside her, the long legged woman raised her well-trimmed eyebrows.

    “Well, the thing is Mrs. Reid-“ Sitting down on the couch, a few inches away from the spot where the shapely blonde had indicated, the muscular man still looked down at the shorter woman. “-Cindy’s been doing very, very well in all her classes.”

    “That’s just excellent-“ Olivia began before cutting herself off. “-Oh! I’m such a ditz, can I offer you anything? I have…orange juice, coffee…a cheeky afternoon Chardonnay?”

    “No, no thank you.” The big man smiled politely. “I really just came here to talk about Cindy’s future-“

    “-All she does is study these days!” The giddy woman interrupted again, softly placing a hand on the large teacher’s knee. “She needs to learn to have fun again…”

    Perking up the corner of her full lips with a wry smirk, Olivia tilted her head forward and looked up at the burly teacher from under her eyebrows. With a heavy silence in the room, the forward blonde squeezed her fingers around the hulking man’s leg, sliding her hand down toward his thigh slowly. Nodding ever so slightly, Mr. Lucas took the bold woman’s forearm in a firm grip, plucking her hand from his leg.

    “Mrs. Reid…” Mr. Lucas said, holding the blonde’s arm in midair. “…I really did just come here to talk about your daughter.”

    “Ohh, we can talk about her later!” Scooting across the couch cushion quickly, the amorous housewife pushed her hefty bosom into the math teacher’s steely bicep, causing her very visible cleavage to swell. “Surely you don’t have to get back to work that quickly…do you?”

    “I really do.” Mr. Lucas said plainly as he began to move backward, releasing her arm and putting a little space between himself and the bold housewife

    “Aw, come on now…” Putting on a mock-pout and puppy-dog eyes, Mrs. Reid pushed herself forward, closing the gap between them.

    “Mrs. Reid, really-“ The brown eyed man said, cupping a large hand around the blonde’s side.

    “Eeehee!” Olivia jerked, her bosom jiggling as she jumped a few inches back across the couch cushions. “Sorry I…”

    “A little ticklish?” Standing up to full height, the muscular man raised an eyebrow.

    “Quite dreadfully actually.” The statuesque woman blushed while avoiding eye contact. “It’s…embarrassing really, a woman my age…”

    “…I’ll tell you what” Mr. Lucas said, thankfully shifting focus away from the childish faux pas. “Why don’t I come by tomorrow around three? You and I can take a drive out to the country.”

    “…Oh my.” Biting her plump bottom lip, the doe eyed blonde squirmed slightly in her seat. “You…have a place out there? Where we can…discuss my daughter, of course.”

    “A friend’s place.” The tall man said as he began making his way back toward the foyer. “She’s out of town. We won’t be disturbed.”

    “See you tomorrow…” Olivia said without getting up, and kept her eyes on Mr. Lucas’ tight toosh until the door closed behind him.

    At three o’ clock on the dot the following day, the endearing educator pulled up to the curb outside the Reid’s home in a jet black Mercedes Benz. His huge frame climbing from the car, Mr. Lucas peered over the top of dark sunglasses to the sight of a coyly grinning Olivia. Her long blonde hair cascading down her back, the cheerful blonde strolled down her driveway in a brand new outfit. Her sun-yellow heels clicking on the concrete, Mrs. Reid’s strapless floral sundress barely covered the tops of her sheer nylon stockings. The dress itself, mostly a soft red in colour, fit tight around her curvy figure, causing her large bosom to be pushed back like fleshy balloons.

    “Stunning, Mrs. Reid.” Mr. Lucas said, wearing a white t-shirt that fit even tighter than the black one he had worn the day before, and tidy blue jeans.

    “Please, call me Olivia.” The busty woman said with a smile as her new friend opened the passenger side door for her.

    “Stunning…Olivia.” The bald man closed the door softly, and with that they were off.

    The drive into the country took a little longer than Mrs. Reid was expecting, but the thought of what she intended to do when they arrived kept her well entertained. Beyond the suburbs Mr. Lucas put his foot down, swiftly zipping through highway traffic and zooming down country roads. Fields of corn turned to forest and more fields where horses ran, the ride smooth in the big man’s seemingly brand new sedan. On a road smoother than the rest, the burly giant finally slowed, turning onto the first driveway they’d seen for miles.

    Either side of the asphalt drive stood high walls, and blocking the way sat a huge iron gate. With the push of a button above the rear view mirror, the rather ostentatious looking entry way opened inward, Mr. Lucas coasting through. It took almost a full ten minutes to navigate along the tree-lined road, even at a decent speed. The trees eventually gave way to well-manicured grasslands that appeared to stretch as far as the horizon. Directly ahead, at least another five minute journey from the forest, stood an enormous Victorian era mansion.

    “Goodness...” Olivia said under her breath, not wanting to seem too surprised by the lavish home. “What does your friend do?”

    “She has a number of interests.” The muscular fellow said, without taking his eyes off the road.

    Parking in the loop out front, a huge fountain adorning the center, the somewhat awe-struck blonde took a moment to examine the mansion’s size up close. With the large wooden doors set in the middle, each wing of the building seemed to stretch out from either side further than the street Mrs. Reid lived on. Slowly, struggling to pry her gaze away from the enormity of her country getaway, the buxom housewife followed Mr. Lucas as he opened one of the two huge wooden front doors.

    Inside, the foyer alone seemed to dwarf Olivia’s entire house. As the door closed behind her, it appeared most of the furniture probably cost about as much as her house too. The dazzled woman, doing a poor job of hiding her surprise, slowly made her way across a rather colourful rug toward what seemed like a tidal wave of wide stairs. Even the banisters, dark glossy wood curving their way down either side of the staircase, curled in an exquisite fashion. A small set of drawers, Mrs. Reid thought as she admired the obvious craftsmanship from afar, had such intricate woodwork she was afraid to stand anywhere near it.

    “I’ll be back in a few minutes, do you mind?” Mr. Lucas asked, walking backward toward another door.

    “Nono, not at all.” Securing her handbag strap over her shoulder, the wide eyed woman craned her neck to look up at the gigantic chandelier above her. “I’ll uh…I’ll wait here.”

    To Olivia’s great joy, when her gracious host returned almost fifteen minutes later, he did so with a chilled bottle of what was undoubtedly very expensive white wine. Putting on her best and well-practiced flirtatious giggle, the long haired woman held both hands around Mr. Lucas’ bicep as they walked up the red carpeted stairs. As with the foyer, the hallways were home to a variety of antique cupboards, chairs, well stocked bookcases and the like. Somewhere in the maze of long corridors, Mrs. Reid having paid little attention to their directions, the tall man eventually stopped and opened a door into a dimly lit bedroom.

    “Almost there.” His voice deep as he separated from his guest and faded into the dark of the room, the handsome teacher turned to a large shadowy figure.

    “Is this a guest room?” Olivia said, looking for something to say as she stepped through the door, the little sunlight prying it’s way through a crack in the curtains illuminating a big four post bed.

    “One of them.” The shadowy bulk said, opening another door in the room’s far corner where no light appeared to enter or exit. “Come on, right through here.”

    “Ohh…” Smiling and pursing her lips, the giddy blonde picked up her pace. “So mysterious, Mr. Lucas!”

    “Okay, stand still.” The large man said, closing the door behind his buxom guest and turning the world pitch black. “Take my hand…follow me.”

    Doing as instructed, Mrs. Reid let her hand be clasped by her host’s far larger paw. With cautious steps, the blind blonde followed the hunky educator’s light tugging for several feet. When the tugging ceased, Mr. Lucas’ hands slid up both the slightly nervous woman’s arms, sending a tingle down her spine. Guided to step to the left once, and then two small steps forward, Olivia suddenly felt the cool touch of cushiony leather pressing just below her knees.

    “Kneel up on this.” Mr. Lucas said, placing a hand in between the sightless housewife’s shoulder blades, and giving her a gentle push.

    “Heehee, why, what are we doing?” Stepping up onto the soft surface as she spoke, the giggly woman shuffled forward on her knees as the tall man continued to guide her.

    “You’ll find out in a moment.” The muscular teacher’s bass tone said from the abyss, his muted footsteps moving from behind the kneeling blonde to her front. “Hold your hands out.”

    “You certainly are full of surpri-“ Olivia began, stopping herself midsentence as she heard the clinging of a small chain, followed by a leather strap tightening firmly around her right wrist. “Hey-ey…what-what are you doing?”

    “Don’t worry.” Somehow catching the confused woman’s left hand before she could move it, the increasingly mysterious high school math teacher cuffed her other wrist.

    “Okay…” Her voice a little breathy, the handcuffed woman attempted to pull her hands downward, only for them to snag on what felt like a chain attached somewhere toward the ceiling. “Maybe you could just turn the lights on?”

    “I will.” Mr. Lucas said, his voice behind her again even though she hadn’t heard him walking.

    “Hee well, this is-this isn’t at all what I was expecting…” The kneeling blonde said as she could feel the hulking man wrap another leather cuff over the back of her Achilles tendon. “…maybe we could work up to this?”

    “Trust me.” His voice calm, the leather strap tightened, before the hidden teacher’s hand took the ankle of her free leg and dragged it slowly away from the other.

    “Mmm…” Mrs. Reid hummed half sarcastically as her feet and knees spread over a foot apart before a fourth and final leather strap snagged around her last remaining free limb. “I’m all for a little fun…”

    Suddenly, to the sound of chain links crunching together and cogs turning over, Olivia’s hands began to rise into the air without any effort on her part. The chain she could feel attached to her cuffs was pulling upward, and though she pulled down to test it’s strength it was clear there was no fighting it. Her wrists separated by a couple of inches, the bound blonde didn’t begin to worry until her elbows passed the tops of her ears. Trying to maintain her flirtatious smile even in the lightless room, Mrs. Reid couldn’t help but wince a little as her arms were pulled straight up and the chain began to stretch her torso.

    “Ah!” Closing her eyes suddenly, the taut housewife gasped when the room suddenly became fully lit.

    “Comfy?” The giant man asked, his voice now coming from in front of the blinking blonde.

    “I…ah…it’s a little tight...” Olivia said, opening her eyes to see Mr. Lucas holdig a silver chrome stool by it’s backrest and carrying it toward her. “Maybe we could…start a little lighter? I saw that nice bed in the other room…”

    Strangely, the room Mrs. Reid did find herself in didn’t look anything at all like the rest of the grand mansion. Only around 8ft wide with stark white walls, floor and ceiling, the room’s rectangular shape extended around 30ft out in front of the trapped woman. Nearer the far side stood a table, a solid block as flawlessly white as the walls, apart from it’s surface which appeared to be a cold silvery metal, a series of loosely hanging leather straps dangling from it’s edges, and a small drawer on it’s front edge. Along the right hand side of the room a long mirror sat imbedded into the wall, running almost the entire 30ft.

    Turning her head to examine her own reflection, Olivia could see the L shape her curvy body hung in, her upside down heels hanging off the edge of the small block she kneeled upon. The platform stood around the same height as a coffee table, had cushioned leather on top, and seemed just long enough to cover the length from her knees to her ankles. On the block’s front edge, right at the point where it’s face met the floor, two small metal hooks were fixed. Upside down, the blonde’s heels hung from the edge behind her. Above, following the sight of the chain between Mrs. Reid’s own hands, a large pulley held the links that continued to run down behind her where they wrapped around a winch attached to the back wall.

    “Nothing like a good stretch.” Spinning the stool on one leg, Mr. Lucas put it’s back toward his perplexed guest and sat down with its backrest between his thighs. “My friend…she’s into some interesting activities.”

    “So I see.” Tugging at her arms a little, the tightly trapped housewife raised her chin and motioned toward the strap-laden table behind her handsome host.

    “Oh the table’s a good one…” Mr. Lucas said, sliding the stool forward a little closer to the bound woman, his eyes at the same level as her’s when he sat. “…but I find this little contraption you’re in allows a great deal more access to areas you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.”

    “Is that so?” Fondling the chain between her fingers, the thought of the herculean man having his way with her put a warm glow in the bosomy woman’s stomach, despite the rather extreme bondage. “And which of my areas do you intend to access?”

    “I thought I’d begin…” Leaning forward slightly, the large man began wiggling a single index finger toward the blonde’s taut smooth underarm. “…somewhere around here!”

    “Eee!” Olivia squeaked, leaning back as far away from the invading digit as her bonds would allow. “No don’t!”

    “Why not?” Continuing to wiggle his finger, the strapping teacher held his hand just a couple of inches away from the exposed hollow.

    “You know why!” Keeping her big blue eyes on that curious claw, the voluptuous woman’s arms pulled uselessly against her wrist restraints.

    “Because you’re ‘dreadfully’ ticklish?” Mr. Lucas quoted his guest, bringing up his other hand and wiggling both index fingers in the air.

    “You wouldn’t!” Flashing her best death-stare directly into the smirking man’s eyes, the buxom blonde gasped her words.

    “Wouldn’t I?” The big man teased, his smile growing as he moved his fingers closer toward the helpless woman’s underarms.

    “This isn’t funny! Don’t you dare!” Mrs. Reid barked, doing her best to infuse a serious tone while she twisted her stretched body from the knees up.

    “Who dares wins, Mrs. Reid…” Mr. Lucas grinned and wormed his index fingers directly into the center of the struggling woman’s vulnerable hollows.

    “Eeeeyiii! Eeeehee! No! Eeeheeeheee!” Twisting much faster as she tried to escape the ripped teacher’s touch, the explosively sensitive housewife let out a high-pitched series of girlish giggling. “Stop! Eeeehee! M-Mr. Lucassss! Eeehee!”

    Shaking her head between her high held arms, Olivia’s long hair flicked around, her hefty bosom jiggling from the fitful motion. Unable to help herself in any way, the squealing woman’s fingers clawed fruitlessly at the bonds around her wrists, while her dangling feet wriggled behind her. The sad truth was a secret Mrs. Reid kept very private indeed, that even without Mr. Lucas’ leather straps holding her in place the poor woman would have had little defense against him. For as long as the involuntarily grinning blonde could remember she had always been uncontrollably ticklish. If someone, anyone, came at Olivia with intent to make her squirm and squeal, they were going to get their way, her ability to fight back soon stripped after the first few pokes and scream-inducing prods.

    “Okay! Eeeheep! Eeiiiee! Okahay!” Flashing a couple of wide eyed stares directly at the tickling teacher, the giggly blonde had her fill.

    “Oh, you think you’re in charge?” The beefy man said, pulling his fingers away, and resting both forearms over the back of his chair. “Tied up like that, I could tickle you as much as I want...”

    “So mean!” Olivia said, her voice high as she purposely shifted back to a more flirtatious tone. “Why don’t you let me out? Just for a while…I can show you there’s a lot more fun things do than tickling…”

    “Oh I don’t know, Mrs. Reid…” The big man said, sitting up right and stretching his burly arms behind himself. “…watching you laugh just now was an awful lot of fun.”

    “Mmm…well, maybe you don’t need this?” Shaking the tightly hanging chain over her head, the busty woman smiled her best sweet grin, a brave face put on to cover the internal dread of actually being tickled again. “C’mon sweetie…let me out…I promise you’ll have a good time.”

    “I’m having a good time right now, Mrs. Reid.” Mr. Lucas said, bringing his hands back around front, all ten of his devilish digits wiggling in the air.

    “Oh…noho!” Her eyes opening wide, the trapped blonde pulled at her arms and legs.

    Olivia’s mind spiraled with thoughts, the biggest of which was a sense of disbelief that the stud of a teacher would actually follow through. Mr. Lucas was a nice man, a very sexy nice man, and there was no doubt in the quaking blonde’s mind that he knew she was more than willing to let him do any number of graphically carnal acts with her. The buxom housewife was even content to be tied down, ravaged by the muscular man, surely he was only teasing. A boisterous little bit of play, that’s all it was, Mrs. Reid thought as the herculean man’s fingers drew closer, he would stop at any moment and the real fun could begin.

    “How long should we go for this time?” His smile growing as his hands came within a few short inches of his guest’s stretched skin, the bald man slowed his approach. “Two minutes?”

    “Zero seconds!” Olivia countered instantly, trying to pull her arms down as she looked quickly back and forth between the overly playful man’s hands.

    “One minute?” His ten fingertips less than an inch away, the mischievous man raised an eyebrow.

    “Nnnnno!” The muscles in her neck tense, the bound blonde strained. “Hnnn donnn’t!”

    “Okay, ten minutes!” Mr. Lucas said and suddenly danced all ten fingers over the housewife’s exposed pits.

    “Nahaayyyy! Nahaha! Nohoooo!” The idea of being tickled without any kind of defense for that length of time thick in her mind, Mrs. Reid exploded with riotous laughter. “Not ten minutes! Ahaha! Nottenmeeeheehee!”

    In the throws of insuppressible laughter, Olivia tried desperately to calm herself with the reminder her frisky friend was probably just playing a cruel trick. Sadly, as the strapping teacher’s surprisingly deft touch danced all over the helpless woman’s underarms, her sporadic thoughts became less reassuring with each passing second. Ten minutes was a lifetime, especially strapped and vulnerable as the bleached-blonde woman was, he couldn’t be serious. Other than a single terrible incident with her husband many years before, the cackling housewife had never been tickled for more than a minute or two, and certainly never while bound. The memory of the that awful time under Mr. Reid’s fingers flashing in Olivia’s mind was even less help than her lacking self-comfort.

    From the underside of her biceps to the top of the curvy woman’s dress, Mr. Lucas’ tickling fingers ran wild. Shaking from side to side, trying fruitlessly to pull herself backward, the struggling blonde could see a wide grin across her host’s face whenever she glanced his way. Coupled with a wild look in his dark eyes, the ripped man’s smile was one of devious glee, wide and shark-like. Her stomach sinking as the rascally teacher ran his fingers up and down her fragile flesh, the expression on his face made her believe the threat of a full ten minutes of tickling might not have been so playful after all.

    “Stop! EEeeneehee! Ahahaaa!” Olivia shook, her voice becoming increasingly tinged with stress after almost four whole minutes of ceaseless tickling. “Come onahahaa!”

    Having no clock to look or at or real sense of time, the forcibly laughing woman could only judge how long she’d been squirming by how upset she had become. Her cheeks blushing a light pink hue, Mrs. Reid was also quite unaware of how low her neckline had slipped. Since the hunky educator had first laid his fingers on her, the constant jiggling of the buxom blonde’s hefty breasts caused her dress to slowly slide further and further down her cleavage. By the time Mr. Lucas finally relented his ten finger attack, somewhere well into the fifth awful minute, the strapless floral number was only just managing to hide Olivia’s nipples.

    “Ah! Let me go!” No longer bothering to mask her concern, the clearly annoyed woman caused the chain above to clink as she tugged hard against it. “That was horrible! Let me out of this right now!”

    “I’d be more worried about that, if I were you.” Mr. Lucas said, leaning back as he pointed casually right at the frowning blonde’s barely contained breasts, her nipples clearly swollen under the thin material. “You move around anymore and those puppies are coming right out…”

    “I’m serious!” Shaking the chain again to emphasize her point, the agitated woman looked briefly down as her dress slipped another fraction of an inch, before looking back up to stare daggers at the smirking man. “I hate being tickled!”

    “You do?” The brawny teacher said with mock surprise as he stood and picked up the stool.

    “You’re not funny! This isn’t fun!” Olivia barked, annoyed even more so by the large man’s calm demeanor as he slowly carried his chair over by the large mirror, and set it down. “I didn’t come with you so you could tickle me, okay?”

    “No?” Walking around behind the hanging woman, the tall Adonis positioned his legs either side of the small block she was forced to kneel on.

    “Hey! Hey what are you doing?!” Twisting her head to try and make out exactly what Mr. Lucas was up to, all she could see was his huge frame close behind her. “Don’t you tickle me again! I mean it!”

    “Oh you mean it!” The bald man teased, looming in her peripheral vision as he stood straddling over her lower legs. “So I shouldn’t do this…”

    “Hh? No!” Olivia barked, noticing the handsome man’s large hands appear either side of her silky underarms. “Nono! I really mean it! Stop!”

    “You probably wouldn’t hate being tickled so much-“ Beginning to wiggle his fingers quickly, the giant man’s tone was full of humor. “-if you weren’t so ticklish!”

    “Nodon’t!” The voluptuous woman screamed, whipping her head from side to side as she watched five frolicking digits descend into her sensitive hollows. “Eeeyahaha! Sssstop! Ahahahano!”

    Suddenly hyperaware of just how scantily clad her bouncing boobs were becoming, the busty blonde could feel the neckline of her dress begin to caress the top of her puffy areoles. On top of the outrageous ten finger assault sending ticklish jolts through her, the idea of unintentionally exposing herself caused the light pink blushing on her cheeks to darken a rosy red. After thirty seconds the laughing blonde had the idea to try and stay still, but the thought itself lasted longer than her actual attempt. At a total loss, knowing her fleshy breasts could jiggle free at any moment, Mrs. Reid switched tactics, from desperate demands to giggly pleas.

    “Neeehahah! Please! Ahheeeiieee! Please stop!” The usually very confident woman squealed, further embarrassed by the indignity of begging. “No more! Ahahaha! Oh stahahahahoop!”

    “You know the second that dress goes down-“ Mr. Lucas said, suddenly poking his index fingers deep into the ballooning sides of the helpless housewife’s boobs. “-I’m going to tickle whatever’s under there!”

    “Yeeeiiiieeee!” Squealing loudly, the fearful blonde arched her back, the flowery dress sliding down to her ribcage, her large milky white boobs spilling into the open air. “Naaahahaha!”

    “Uh ohhhh!” The cruel man sang, reaching around to spider his speedy fingers onto the undersides of Mrs. Reid’s exposed breasts. “Someone has ticklish titties!”

    “Eiiieeheehee! Neeehee! Pleeeheeheese!” Giggling wildly, the top of her dress resting just under her bare boobs, the tied woman’s large pink nipples jiggled erect. “Neeehee! Ohnoho! Noeeeehee!”

    “I wonder what other secrets you’re hiding under there!” The big man said, his dancing digits racing up the sides of his girlish guest’s breasts, over the trembling tops and poking rapidly down in between. “A lot more ticklish skin maybe?”

    Unwanted, high pitched giggling constantly escaping her full lips, the boisterous bald man’s teasing only made matters worse. What had begun as slight disbelief and a minor bout of worried-desperation was very quickly turning to actual panic. Each time Mr. Lucas would say any variant of the word ‘tickle’, it sent alarm bells ringing in her mind and the laughing blonde’s already hypersensitive nerves on high alert. At first, when the hunky teacher had begun toying with her, Olivia imagined it only a silly game, but the promise of exploring more of her achingly ticklish torso made her insides twist with dismay.

    “Ah! Ah! No!” The light fingered attack on her boobs subsided, the wide eyed blonde continued to wriggle as Mr. Lucas pinched the sides of her dress and began tugging it down her midsection. “Please! Please okay? Don’t do it!”

    “Do what?” Playing dumb, the coy man bunched the thin top half of the blonde’s dress around her hips, leaving everything from her lower tummy up completely vulnerable. “This?”

    “Wait!” Olivia squeaked loudly before the man behind her began softly pinching the tender sides of her flat tummy. “Eeeeihahaha! Ahaha! Neeeheeeheee!”

    Rocking back and forth in her restricted space, the topless housewife closed her eyes tight. Throwing her head back, Mrs. Reid cackled, her long bleached hair flying as she fought the straps holding her firm. From the bottoms of her ribs down to her gyrating hips, the muscular man’s clawing hands squeezed the full length of the half naked woman’s flanks. As her full blown belly laughter grew in volume, so too did the stress in Olivia’s pleading. Though the frequency of her pleas became less the more her laughter took over, the poor blonde fought hard to make her disdain as clear as possible.

    “Stop pleeheease!” Barely able to string two words together without squealing, the curvaceous woman’s leg muscles tensed beneath her nylon stockings. “Noho! Ohahaha! Nomorhor! Eeeiiee!”

    “More?” The once charming fellow said, suddenly digging his fingers into the soft spots between the housewife’s ribs. “You asked for it!”

    “NAAAHAAA!” Olivia screamed, the big man’s large hands easily covering her entire ribcage as he lobster clawed hard into her. “AHAHAHA! NOOO! AAHAHA!”

    Her schoolgirl giggles nowhere to be found, the helpless blonde began thrashing manically. The bosomy woman’s mouth open wide in a terrified grin of forced mirth, her laughter bellowed as she was assaulted from both sides. Unable to pull her arms down or even jerk away, Olivia could only suffer against the constant drilling of her tormentor’s inescapable fingertips. Her stretched cheeks now bright red as much with hard work as they were with humiliation, the poor woman quickly lost any sense of time.

    How many minutes exactly Mr. Lucas’ vicious squeezing continued for, the agonizingly ticklish mother of one had no idea. However long it was, the uninterrupted clawing of Mrs. Reid’s ribs certainly came close to the amount of time Mr. Reid had tickled her years before, and was a great deal more relentless. By the time the apparently quite ruthless educator finally ceased his savage assault, every inch of her skin from the undersides of her boobs to the heaving sides of her tummy was a dark shade of tickled pink.

    “Hhhft! Why are you doing this to me?!” Gasping loudly as she caught her breath, the panting woman clanged the chain above her with angry purpose.

    “I’ll tell you, if you tell me a story.” Mr. Lucas said, pressing himself up against the hanging woman’s bare back, a large erection quite obvious beneath his jeans as she felt it hard against the small of her back.

    “A-a story?!” Jumping a little as the brute’s hands slid around her midriff, the topless tickle victim balked. “Just…just please let me go. Please, please…”

    “Your worst time.” The burly fellow continued, ignoring the blonde’s quivery pleas. “In your whole life, I want to know –in detail- about the time you were tickled the worst.”

    “Right now!” Mrs. Reid snapped, bucking slightly to try and shift the teacher’s hands from resting flat against her slender tummy. “Today! This is the worst!”

    “Before today…” The muscular man said, hooking one index finger out and hovering the tip directly over the shapely housewife’s belly button. “Tell me now…or I’m going to put this right in there and wiggle it around for hours.”

    “I-I don’t know! Please don’t!” Shaking at the thought, the frightened woman was far too occupied by the threat to think back all those years.

    “Oh well, today has been bad…” Mr. Lucas said, beginning to wiggle his single digit slowly. “…but we can make it so much worse.”

    “Okay! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell!” Staring down at the looming fingertip, the half naked blonde sucked her tummy in as much as she could, her lower ribs protruding as she did.

    “I’m all ears.” The big man said, resting his finger back against the trembling woman’s abdomen.

    “It-it was years ago. C-Cindy was still very small….” Olivia began, thinking back almost fifteen years to a memory she could have happily gone the rest of her life never thinking about. “My husband came home from work early one day…we we’re still pretty, you know, frisky in those days.”

    More than a little nervous with the beastly man’s hands resting idly on her midriff and his obviously huge hard-on pressing into her back, the forty four year old’s voice wavered. Normally so bold and demanding in any situation, save for when she put on her girly tones to flirt with various young men, Olivia couldn’t help but shudder under the domineering touch of the herculean man behind her. In more amiable circumstances the amorous blonde would have very much enjoyed having her stomach in knots around Mr. Lucas, but not when forced to tell her most embarrassing tale under the threat of terrible tickling.

    “Things were getting…hot and heavy…” Staring at the table on the other side of the room, it’s thick leather straps idle yet frightening, Mrs. Reid continued. “I guess, I’m not sure how it began, but I think he kissed my neck. Anyway, I suppose I laughed or something because he kept doing it-”

    “Remember, details.” The clearly sadistic man interrupted, sliding his rough hands upward until he cupped the bottoms of her hefty boobs. “Where were you, what were you wearing?”

    “…I…the bedroom.” Olivia paused, more taken aback by the math teacher’s invasive and peculiar questions than his wandering hands. “We had…we had our shirts off. We got on the bed, I was under him and he started like, poking me. I told him to stop but I don’t know what got into him. Marco took my pants off…I think they were shorts.”

    “He’s Italian?” Mr. Lucas said, pressing himself a little harder into the topless woman.

    “His-his family is.” The helpless blonde said, wondering what her husband would think of her current predicament as she tried to think of any detail the mad man behind her might want to know. “A few generations back…”

    “Go on.” The big man said, squeezing the undersides of his captive’s boobs a little. “You were what, in your underwear?”

    “Y-yes. Yeah.” Mrs. Reid could swear she felt the brawny teacher’s erection throb against her as she recalled the reprehensible tale. “Just lingerie, I think…no bra…maybe pink, it was a long time ago. So…so then he kept poking me and I was…I was laughing but I kept pushing him away and he got…he got more aggressive. Not hurting me, nothing like that, he just kept coming at me tickling. I started to get angry, and I went to get up but he grabbed my arm. I screamed at him but he just pushed me and like, he got me on my side and kind of spooned me. One arm was under me, kind of behind me too, and Marco bent the other one behind my back. He just held me there while I yelled at him, but then he sort of…wrapped his legs around mine, and I couldn’t get away.”

    “Did you know he was going to tickle you then?” Mr. Lucas asked, his large cock definitely throbbing against the blonde’s back as he continued to softly massage her bare boobs.

    “I don’t know…I don’t think I thought he would actually do it.” The hanging housewife shook her head a little as the memory unraveled. “He held my arm behind me…and tickled me with his other hand. He did what you did, started moving his fingers and like, coming toward me. The whole time he’s telling me he’s going to tickle me, and I’m just going crazy telling him to get off. I…I don’t remember where he touched me first, all I really remember is laughing and screaming at him. He just moved around a lot, getting me all over.”

    “How long did he keep you there?” The morbidly curious educator asked, obviously enjoying the perverted anecdote.

    “In…in the end it was over twenty minutes.” Olivia said, choking on the words a little. “I was so mad afterwards. We didn’t sleep together for weeks. I still don’t know why he did it.”

    “Oh, that’s easy…” The large man said, sliding his hands back down to the blonde’s creamy midriff. “…it’s fun to tickle you!”

    “NAAOO!” Suddenly feeling the sadistic teacher’s index finger delve into her belly button, the horrified blonde shrieked. “EEEHEEHEE! NO PLEAHEEHEESE!”

    “You left something out!” Mr. Lucas upped his volume to speak through the shaking woman’s wild giggling. “I told you I wanted details!”

    “I DIDN’T! EEEEIIHEE!” The squealing housewife said. “I TOLD YOUHOOHOO! EEEIII!”

    “Why’d he stop?” Removing his wiggling finger, being sure to hover the demonic digit just over the topless blonde’s navel, the burly teacher returned to his normal, eerily casual volume.

    “W-what?” Olivia stammered, her wide eyes fixated on the threatening finger poised over her painfully sensitive belly button.

    “Your husband.” The handsy giant said. “He was having fun tickling you, over twenty minutes you said. He obviously didn’t care you were in distress, maybe he even enjoyed it. But then he stops, why?”

    “I-I don’t know!” Giving her leather bonds another sharp yet pointless tug, the vulnerable blonde huffed. “He just stopped!”

    “Tut tut, Mrs. Reid.” Mr. Lucas said, his hands sliding backward off the half naked woman’s body as he stepped away. “We agreed, full details or I don’t tell you why you’re here.”

    “You get off on this!” The infuriated housewife snapped as she tried to crane her neck back and see what the evil man was doing behind her. “That’s why I’m here! That’s what this is! You get your thrills from tickling people, you freak!”

    “In a nutshell.” The big man’s voice said, followed by the distinctive click of a door handle. “But then I could tickle any number of people, so why you specifically?”

    Hearing no footsteps, the trapped blonde’s heart skipped a beat as she noticed more than one body moving in the limited view behind her. Trying her best to stifle panicked breaths, Olivia watched as two young women appeared either side of her, walking with the same nonchalant pace as the sadistic bald man who’d let them in. Stopping in front of the hanging housewife, the two girls, both no more than twenty, looked the bare breasted woman up and down.

    To Mrs. Reid’s right stood the shortest of the two, a blue eyed and kindly looking girl with long platinum blonde hair and a short, voluptuous frame. To the left was the taller one, slender with dark hair, olive skin and piercing green eyes. Strangely, the pair of softly smiling new arrivals wore the exact same outfit –stark white one-piece catsuits with thin zippers lining the front. Each suit was so tight fitting it left very little to the imagination, curving into each crease and curve. On their feet the girls wore equally pale slippers, the inner linings a fluffy off-white.

    “Oh! Oh please, you have to help me!” Olivia stressed, darting her desperate stare between the young ladies’ worryingly unconcerned expressions. “He won’t stop tickling me!”

    “Is that anyway to greet my friends?” Mr. Lucas said, as he strolled around and stood behind the two girls, dwarfing even the taller one with his massive frame. “I’m sorry girls, Mrs. Reid is having a hard time remembering her manners today.”

    “No! No please! I don’t want to be here!” The fact she was now half nude in front of three people pushed to the back of her mind, the bound woman hoped to find some sense of empathy within the two girls, but even pity would do. “He tricked me here and he’s just been tickling me! Please help me!”

    “Olivia, this is Ana.” Ignoring the older woman’s pleas, the muscular man motioned to the taller girl on his right, then the curvier short girl on his left. “And Romey. They’re very happy to meet you.”

    “Please- girls, please- I don’t know what he told you-“ Mrs. Reid said, her voice trembling as she shot her attention back and forth between the oddly unmoved young women. “I’m serious! I want out! He won’t let me go! Y-you have to let me out of here!”

    “Now Ana here…” The giant man said, placing a large hand gently on the brunette’s shoulder. “…she has a particular fondness for feet.”

    “W…what?” Her voice high and shaky, the firmly bound housewife began whipping her head from side to side as Romey and Ana walked behind her.

    “And Romey just likes to tickle anyone she can get her hands on.” Mr. Lucas grinned.

    “N-no! Wait!” Peering down behind her, straining her neck to see, the confused blonde curled her nylon covered toes inside her heels as she watched the two girls kneel down beside her upturned feet. “Oh NO! NONO PLEASE NO!”

    “You should have told me the rest of that story, Mrs. Reid.” The brawny teacher said, turning toward the strap-laden table several feet away and opening it’s single drawer.

    “I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you anything!” Olivia bellowed, her voice gasping as she sucked in deep horror-induced breaths. “Please! I’m sorry! I’m sorry okay! D-don’t let them touch my feet!”

    “Ohh, too late for all that now…” The cruel man said as he rummaged through the small drawer at the narrow end of the table. “…besides, the girls are all excited now.”

    “Nonono! No girls! A-Ana! Romey! PLEASE!” Wiggling her dangling feet, the stretched woman shook hard against her bonds as the two girls plucked her yellow heels off. “OHNO! NO! I-I’m telling it! I’m telling the story! M-my husband he- he was tickling me and-“

    “Story time is over for now.” Mr. Lucas said, the panicked blonde turning toward him just in time to notice the large black ball-gag he was maneuvering toward her face.

    “HMMNN! HMMNN!” Pursing her lips as hard as she could, eyes stricken with terror, the screaming housewife’s struggling turned to violent, jerking tugs against the straps and chains that held her.

    Though Olivia turned her head left and right, flicked her neck back and even tucked her chin into her chest, the big rubbery ball pressed hard into her full lips within seconds. Through strained muffled protest, the fiercely fighting blonde grit her teeth as Mr. Lucas forced the gag further into her mouth, pushing it unceremoniously with one hand while pinching her chin with the other. Suddenly, and much to Mrs. Reid’s utter dismay, she felt her jaw drop just enough for the black sphere to squeeze between her front teeth, prying her mouth open. Moving swiftly, the strapping educator tightly wound the gag’s leather straps behind the muted woman’s head, securing it in place.

    “Go ahead ladies.” Stepping back, the ripped teacher gave his unwilling captive a victorious smirk. “We’ll see if Mrs. Reid’s not feeling a little more talkative in a little while.”

    “MMMNNN! NNNNNMM! MM! MM!” Olivia screeched, her loud pleas turned to senseless noise beneath the confines of her gag as she looked back wide eyed.

    With their backs to her, Romey on the right and Ana on the left, the two mysterious young women kneeled either side of the small platform on which Mrs. Reid was forced to stay. Out the corner of her eye, the spasming blonde watched in abject horror and cringing anxiety as both girls raised one hand each and began slowly wiggling their five respective fingers. Stretching her feet and curling her toes immediately after, the helpless woman was more aware than ever how completely unprotected and vulnerable she was. Save for the odd accidental swipe, another person had not touched the blonde’s feet in decades, but she knew instinctively that her nylon clad soles were excruciatingly ticklish.

    “NN! NN! NNNN!” Rapid panicked breaths flaring her nostrils, the gagged woman braced for a nightmare she never would have imagined possible, as the ten wiggling fingers descended onto her upturned soles. “YYYYIIIEEEE! HNNNGGHH! EEEEHEEE!”

    Clanging the chain above her loudly, Mrs. Reid rocked her entire body to the full extent of her stretched limits. Big naked breasts bouncing as she thrashed, the berserk woman’s lips twisted into a miserable grin around the outside of her gag, her eyes clenching shut. Long blonde hair whipped in every direction as the howling housewife threw her head back and forth, her own hands clawing frantically at the leather straps around her wrists.

    Behind the frenzied blonde, her feet flailed below the straps around her ankles as Ana and Romey’s fingers scribbled over her soles. Spread almost a foot apart, the screeching woman’s feet wiggled every which way they could, never finding a split seconds relief from the ten playful nails. Webbing the thin nylon between her toes as they spread, Olivia could feel every smooth scratch as they slid over the stockings’ surface. Curling her toes and wrinkling her arches did the hysteric woman no more good than having her soles taut, as the girls’ long talons danced up and down her slender arches.

    As Mrs. Reid’s face turned a bright shade of red, Mr. Lucas set about a bit of quietly unnoticed business. Taking the top of the crazed woman’s dress that hung bunched around her bucking hips, the ferociously strong man easily tore the flowery material down its entire length. The barely worn garment now only an expensive rag, the hunky math teacher bundled it up into a colourful ball and tossed it into a far corner of the room. Now reduced to only her stockings and lacy yellow g-string panties, the large man looked down and raised a single eyebrow to the sight of a large and very obvious damp patch across the front of Olivia’s camel toe.

    “Good work girls!” Mr. Lucas said with extra volume to counter the muffled, wailing laughter coming from his bound guest. “It looks like Mrs. Reid’s been enjoying herself a bit more than she let on!”

    “Oh my! You saucy little minx, Mrs. Reid!” Ana teased, cruelly raking her five long claws from the marshmallowy soft balls of the blonde’s right foot, down her instep and around the tender heel.

    “Mmm, I knew it!” Romey said with a confident smile while spidering her fingertips across the nearly nude woman’s left sole. “As soon as we saw her big nips from the other room, I knew she was getting hot under the collar!”

    While Mr. Lucas made himself comfortable, leaning against the table on the other side of the room, the two girls going to town on their bewildered victim’s severely ticklish feet giggled at one another. As her capture’s amused themselves around her, Olivia had no awareness of anything besides the explosively sensitive sensations going off like maddening fireworks across the bottoms of her feet. Even the other extreme way her body was reacting to the constant, and overwhelming touch went entirely unnoticed. The blonde’s pink nipples stiff as erasers, steamy lust soaked the darkened front of her bright coloured panties, though she had no idea.

    Internally, Mrs. Reid’s mind was a chaotic mess of riotous panic and hysteria. Barely formed thoughts rushed to the front of her consciousness, only to shatter against the remnants of a few dozen other broken ideas. Unable to speak properly, though it was doubtful the screaming woman would have made much sense even without a rubber ball lodged between her teeth, every ‘no’, ‘stop’, ‘please’ and other desperate cry bounced around her brain instead.

    Outwardly, Olivia’s once carefully crafted appearance was deteriorating almost as fast as her sanity. Her forehead, cheeks and nose bright red, the manic woman’s face contorted as her eyebrows raised and furrowed at random over a constantly demented grin. The blonde’s eyes, normally bright with a flirtatious spark or the warm glow of wine, burst open so wide the entirety of her blue iris’ could be seen, surrounded by white before shutting tight again. Tears rolling down her stretched cheeks, Olivia’s hair had more than a few strands out of place, but in that moment she found her grooming to be the least of her worries.

    “Lower her down.” The large man said, moving away from the table after a torturously long time.

    With the burly teacher’s words, unheard by the heavily gasping blonde, the two girls finally stopped their merciless assault. Standing up behind their panting tickle toy, Ana took a couple of hurried strides over to the winch, which she immediately began turning down. Her thought process still frayed and sparking, Olivia whined through her tears as her hands were lowered, dropping limply along with the chain. Trembling as the cuffs reached the same level as her mouth, the frazzled housewife reached toward the gag, only for Mr. Lucas to immediately snag the leather binding her wrists instead.

    “Mmnnhnn!” Mrs. Reid whined, huffing tears as she pulled back weakly, the big man forcing her hands lower still.

    Unhooking the chain from his captive’s cuffs the muscular math teacher continued to draw his captive’s arms down. While Ava wound the newly loose chain back up toward the ceiling, the near naked blonde was pulled down until her hands touched the cool white floor. With well practiced speed, Mr. Lucas easily clipped the small hook at the base of the platform’s front to the buxom woman’s leather wrist binds. Forced to lean forward, Olivia sat with her arms down straight in front, her cleavage ballooning as the undersides of her hefty bosom rested atop her thighs. With her barely covered butt cheeks resting atop her heels, the teary eyed blonde could lean forward or shift side to side a little, but ultimately she was no better off than before.

    “Alright Mrs. Reid-“ Mr. Lucas said, leaning down to unclip the gag-buckle behind the contorted woman’s head. “-you were about to tell us why Marco stopped tickling you…”

    “I made him cum!” Crying her words the moment the rubbery ball left her lips, Olivia’s desire to maintain any respectability went away with the horrific foot tickling. “He-he pulled my hand back and made me grab him! He said if he cums he’ll stop, so I jerked him off while he tickled me!”

    “Ahh, I see.” The huge tormentor said as he crouched down before the desperate woman, stroking a strand of long hair back behind her ear. “Maybe if you make me cum, I’ll stop too?”

    “…y-yes.” Olivia stammered after a short pause, nodding softly as her mascara began to run. “A-anything! I’ll do anything you want!”

    “Alright then.” Shifting onto his knees, the tall teacher’s waistline met with the weeping blonde’s eyes as he began to unbuckle his belt.

    The sad irony was, Mrs. Reid thought as she watched the handsome Adonis of a man unbutton his jeans, she would have gladly pleasured him in any number of ways prior to her bondage. Sliding his jeans down, the bald man grinned as he looked down at the blue eyed blonde, his predatory stare causing a very noticeable tingle in her loins. For the first time, Olivia noticed how wildly aroused she had become, and was even more confused than she was turned on. The wetness under her panties, the hard tension in her nipples, the horny housewife couldn’t believe her body’s perverse reaction to such barbaric treatment.

    “And…and you’ll stop…” Watching the large man slip his jeans down, the bound woman’s voice came out a concerned squeak as she saw the enormous bulge beneath his dark coloured boxers. “…after this, you’ll stop?”

    “We’ll see.” The evil educator’s voice deep, he tugged his silk shorts down to reveal a massive, rock hard erection.

    Had she not been consumed by fear, dread and the bizarre sensation of being soaked with arousal, Mrs. Reid would have bit her bottom lip and sighed at the thought of having the teacher’s pulsating cock deep inside her. Curving upward, the brawny beast’s bulbous purple cockhead glistened with a lustful sheen, his veiny shaft thick and intimidating in it’s girth. Reaching his right hand behind the blonde’s head, Mr. Lucas grabbed a fistful of hair, just hard enough to guide her toward his swollen member. Her full red lips pressing gently against the giant’s slick tip, Olivia slowly let her jaw drop as she gingerly wrapped her mouth around him.

    Keeping her lips around the rim where his head met the herculean man’s throbbing shaft, the skillful blonde sucked as she let the tip of her long wet tongue flicker against the underside. Feeling Mr. Lucas’ grip tighten around the back of her head, the trapped woman closed her eyes as she tried to focus on giving the best damn blowjob of his life. Ever since her years as a promiscuous teen, Olivia had always taken great pride in her ability to give fantastic head, a fact her husband and the pool boy were often grateful for. But when easing Mr. Reid’s tension before a big meeting or refining her skills in the garden shed, there was never anything much on the line, now the hungrily licking woman was pulling out all the stops for a very, very important reason.

    “Eemph!” Olivia gave a muffled squeak, interrupting her careful maneuvering when she felt five sharp fingernails flitter across the underside of her left butt cheek.

    “Something wrong?” The big man said, his huge cock still firmly in the squirming blonde’s mouth.

    “Eeff! Eeehee!” Pushing her head back against the cruel man’s hand, the giggling woman managed to free up her lips as she could feel more fingers feathering across her bare cheeks. “They’re tickling me! Eeeheehee! I cahahn’t!”

    “We’re not doing anything…” Romey said coyly, as she knelt by her darker haired friend, both girls using one hand each to lightly scratch the bound housewife’s butt.

    “They say they’re not doing anything.” Pushing the blonde’s head back toward him, the sadistic man spoke plainly.

    “Mmn! Mmhee!” Engulfing the strapping devil’s cockhead in her lips once again, the fitful woman squeaked as she realized forward movement meant more meat in her mouth, while pulling back meant moving deeper into the girls’ wiggling fingers. “Eeehmmphh! Eeeheemmhhhff!”

    Her speed increasing as she tried to avoid both the big man’s steely erection before her, and the dancing digits behind, Mrs. Reid struggled to stifle her growing giggles. As the blonde’s bare boobs squished between her chest and knees, the two younger women seemed to have no intention of relenting, their fingers growing faster by the second. Eyes wide, Olivia squealed louder as she hoped to feel the burly man’s hot cum burst inside her mouth, but as the cruel girl’s nails flicked nearer toward her inner thighs she knew the game was rigged. Bouncing her curvaceous ass furiously, the muffled blonde could feel Ava and Romey scribbling near the bottom of her crack. Squealing as a single nail stroked along the crease between her butt cheek and barely protected taint, Mrs. Reid could take it no more.

    “AIEEE! Aheeeheehee! Nohostop! Stooahahaa!” The helpless blonde threw her head back and tried to launch her body forward, only for the large hand still clutching her hair to stop her escape. “Ohplease! Aheeeheee!”

    “Mr. Reid must be a better tickler than I am.” Mr. Lucas said, looking down at the spasming blonde. “I guess you don’t want me to stop!”

    “No! No! Eeehahaa! Please!” Her voice strained, the struggling woman laughed as the girls behind her continued to dance their fingers over her sensitive cheeks. “It’s too much! Eeeehee! I can do itahahaha!”

    “You had your chance.” Standing up, the giant man pulled his boxers and jeans back up. “Take her panties off.”

    “NO! No don’t!” Olivia shrieked, launching herself forward awkwardly, the top of her forehead pressing against the floor and causing her shapely butt to wiggle in the air. “Please! Ahhh! I’ll suck your cock! Please!”

    “Nuh uh uh!” Ava teased, hooking her index fingers over the back of the begging woman’s revealing panties and peeling them over her curved cheeks.

    Sliding the sordid g-string down the writing blonde’s thighs, the green eyed girl left the lacy underwear stretched between her victim’s knees. From their position behind Mrs. Reid, her leaned-forward state gave both younger women an excellent view, raising their eyebrows and smiling at one another upon seeing her juicy wet, and very bald pussy. In only her sheer stockings, the liquid lust warm against her quaking thighs, the practically nude older woman couldn’t begin to fathom what mad indignity the sadistic trio had in mind for her next.

    “Horny little girl!” Romey cooed and immediately used her thumbs and index fingers to repeatedly pinch just under the housewife’s cheeks.

    “Nahahahaha! Aaahahaha!” Rolling her head against the floor from side to side, the voluptuous woman’s large boobs jiggled under her. “No more! Ahaha! I cahahaha!”

    “You can’t fool us Mrs. Reid!” The taller girl said as she crossed her wrists over and began wiggling her long nails on the tensing insides of the pleading woman’s thick thighs. “You’re too horny for your own good!”

    “Neeeeiiieheehee!” Olivia shook as both girls toyed with her ass and thighs, so much tender touching dangerously close to her already steaming hot slit.

    Whether it was from the constant struggling, the exhaustive laughter, or her out of control sex drive, the nude housewife’s creamy skin began to glow with a light sheen of sweat. Whatever it was turned Olivia on so much, getting stripped down to only her nylon leggings certainly didn’t help, being so exposed and vulnerable sent pang after lustful pang rushing through her loins. Sadly the amount of heat at which the blonde’s libido burned only seemed to make her even more ticklish, her nerves on ever-higher alert. Unable to tell whose devilish talons belonged to who, Mrs. Reid screamed in a girlish fit of high pitched giggles as twenty fingers rushed all over her butt and thighs.

    “Coochy coo, tickle butt!” The shapely blonde girl teased, spidering five fingers around the cackling woman’s tailbone.

    “I love how she wiggles around!” Ava laughed, quickly opening and closing her long talons across the teary eyed housewife’s sensitive cheeks.

    “Steeeeheeehee! Stopstop! Ahaha!” Mrs. Reid squealed as the two playful girls never kept their techniques the same for long, constantly switching from pinching to stroking, raking to squeezing, a maddening variety of ticklish torment.

    “Try these.” Mr. Lucas said, suddenly looming over the desperate woman with six long white feathers in hand.

    “Ohh!” The darker haired girl grinned, reaching up to grab a couple of the stiff feathers.

    “Thanks!” Romey said, quickly taking a couple of her own avian tickle-tools.

    “No-ahh-no please!” Her head on one side, the lustful blonde could only just make out the two feathers twirling between the bald man’s fingers, and though she had no idea what the fluffy fronds would do, she knew it wouldn’t be good. “Pl-please! Let me…let me suck your cock! I’ll do it so good this time! I promise!”

    “What do you think girls?” The giant man said, tucking the hard ends of his two feathers under his belt as he squatted down. “Should we let Mrs. Reid here have another chance?”

    “I dunnoooo…” The shorter girl said, turning to her friend. “What do you think Ava?”

    “I think we should tickle her butt!” Ava replied and quickly flickered the tip of one feather directly around Mrs. Reid’s exposed asshole.

    “YEEEIIGHEE!” Launching herself clean off the ground, the nude woman’s back arched and her arms straightened as she screeched. “NOHO! NOHO! AAIIIEEE!”

    Her shrill wailing putting the large wall-mirror’s integrity to the test, Olivia immediately wanted to throw herself back on the floor. Hurling her ass away from the feather, the poor woman was stopped midair by Mr. Lucas’ large hands cupping both of her shoulders. Preventing the squealing blonde from moving, the much stronger man was able to force her into a hunched over kneeling position, her curvaceous butt pressing against her upturned heels. Whirling her head wildly, the trapped housewife could do nothing to escape the feathery touch flittering around one of her most intimate spots.

    “Better you than me, Mrs. Reid!” Romey said, half serious as she introduced her two virgin feathers to the screaming woman’s backside.

    “NOOOHH! AAAAHAHAHA!” Tears streaming down her face, Olivia howled with laughter as the taller girl began stroking her other feather back and forth across the older woman’s unprotected taint.

    Forward, back, side-to-side, Mrs. Reid would have gladly taken a few inches in any direction to escape the four feathers exploring her every crevice. As beads of hot sweat began to form across her forehead, the crazed blonde would occasionally catch a glimpse of the muscular man’s expression through her tear-blurred vision. Mr. Lucas, squatting with his hands held over the tops of his captive’s shoulders, looked directly at her from an arm’s length away, a smug smile unmoving under dark and devilish eyes.

    Almost as maddening as the feathers themselves, just below the depths of her ticklish agony, Olivia could feel the heat in her loins burn stronger and stronger. By comparison, every other time the forty four year old had ever been tickled now seemed completely mundane. Her feet, her stomach, underarms now and then, not once in all her years had the fiercely horny housewife ever imagined someone might stroke feathers around her asshole. Even if the shrieking blonde had somehow conjured such a thing in her mind, the idea of being turned on while forcibly bound and mercilessly tickled would never have occurred.

    “This is a very important time, Mrs. Reid.” Mr. Lucas, keeping his teary eyed toy propped up with a firm grip on her shoulders as the two girls finally stopped. “In a few short months your daughter will be going off to college…”

    “Huh! Hhh!” Grinding her hips lewdly, the almost entirely nude woman could barely focus on little else beyond her pulsating libido.

    “In times like this-“ The stoic hunk interrupted himself as the trapped trophy wife bit her bottom lip. “-Are you listening, or do the girls have to put those feathers to work on your feet?”

    “N-no please!” Olivia gasped, dreading the thought of any tickling of any kind. “I’m listening!”

    “Cindy needs your help.” The big man said, looking the sweat soaked blonde directly in her weary eyes. “She needs the support of her mother, and I know she’s not getting it.”

    “I-“ The buxom woman began before stopping herself mid-thought.

    “Your husband works a lot and her friends are useless.” Mr. Lucas continued, giving the red faced woman’s shoulders a slightly stronger squeeze. “And you’re too busy doing who-knows-what all day. You need to pay attention to her, and encourage her success. Cindy can do great things, if you let her.”

    “I…I know that, I-“ More than a little confused, the topic of her daughter seemingly coming out of nowhere, the bare breasted blonde stammered.

    “I want you to promise you’re going to do everything in your power to give Cindy the best chance in life she can get.” The brawny man leaned forward a little as his tone intensified. “And in return I will promise you, if you break your promise to me, if I find out you haven’t been giving Cindy the support she needs for whatever she wants to do with her life, I will bring you back here, I will tie you down without a shred of clothing to your name, I will blindfold you and gag you and tickle you without stopping until you pass out. And then, when you wake up, I will do it all over again. And again, and again, I will tickle you so much and for so long you will forget what planet you’re on…are we clear?”

    “…y-yes.” Olivia said, her voice a mousy squeak as she believed every single terrifying word of the handsome man’s threat.

    “I want to hear you say it.” Gripping her shoulders even tighter, the large man tightened his jaw.

    “I-I promise! I promise!” Furrowing her brow, Mrs. Reid sobbed her words a little. “I swear, I’ll do everything you want! I’ll help Cindy, I’ll do nothing else!”

    “I’m happy to hear it.” Mr. Lucas said, keeping one hand on the blonde’s right shoulder while his left reached up over her head and took hold of the dangling chain above.

    “Y-you’ll let me go now…right?” Looking up with a worrisome tremble in her big blue eyes, the poor housewife watched her cruel tormentor pull the thin chain all the way down, passed her face and to the leather cuffs below. “I’ll do everything you said!”

    “Oh don’t worry, I believe you.” The nimble fingered man said as he quickly clipped the chain to the loop between Olivia’s wrists and undid the catch holding her to the floor. “But I’m not sure the girls do.”

    “No! No please!” Mrs. Reid shook as she heard the winch behind her begin to crank, her hands rising from the floor no matter how hard she pulled back down. “Please girls! No more no more! I can’t take it!”

    “Don’t liiieee…” Romey teased, pinching the top of the struggling woman’s right stocking while Ana wound the winch behind them. “I see how wet your naughty pussy is!”

    “Oh no! It’s not like that!” As her wrists rose to the same level as her face, the fitful blonde raised her hands and yanked them back down hard in a hopeless effort to stop their painfully gradual ascension. “Please don’t tickle me again! I promised! I mean it, I’ll help Cindy!”

    “Aw, Mr. Lucas was just kidding, we believe you.” Ana said, cranking the winch while Mrs. Reid watched helplessly as her hands lifted over her own head in their leathery binds. “We just like watching you go crazy!”

    “Nnnnnn! Hnnngggh! Pleeeeeaaase!” Her biceps tensing, Olivia strained in her much weakened state as she was forced into an upright kneeling position once again.

    Standing back, Mr. Lucas watched the pleading woman before him with the expression of a man waiting for toast to pop. Mrs. Reid fought hard, pulling endlessly at her arms as they lifted ever higher, only serving to further drain her already low energy. Behind the stretching housewife, Romey went about carefully slipping the nylon stockings down the blonde’s long legs, over her knees and bunching the thin leggings around the straps that held her ankles in place. Further back by the wall, Ana didn’t appear to have any trouble at all turning the crank, forcing their captive’s voluptuous naked frame to stretch taut.

    “Do you recall…” The tall man said, stepping forward and taking hold of the hanging older woman’s chin between his thumb and index finger. “…when I mentioned that Ana has a particular fondness for feet?”

    “Na-HEE!” Mrs. Reid squealed as the young blonde woman behind her pinched the tip of the housewife’s left nylon.

    “Well, ‘fondness’ might be a bit of an understatement.” Mr. Lucas smirked as Romey tore open their nude prisoner’s stocking, while Ana crouched down beside her friend.

    “Nah! Nono! Not my feet! Not again!” Gasping and attempting to stifle erratic giggles as the two girls ripped open her thin leggings, the busty mother of one could feel warm air caress her achingly sensitive soles.

    Tearing the pleading woman’s stockings to tatters, Romey and Ana let the shreds hang loose from her ankles. Stark naked without even the illusion of protection, every last one of the restrained blonde’s most ticklish spots was fully exposed. Squirming her upturned bare feet, Olivia whimpered as the muscular man holding her chin wouldn’t allow her to turn back and see what was going on. Breathing heavily, uncertainty and dreaded anticipation put a lump in the nervous woman’s throat. Strange as it seemed, the stripped down older woman could already feel her delicate toes begin to tingle.

    “What would you call it Romey?” The large man finally let go of Mrs. Reid’s chin as the shapely young blonde appeared beside him. “Ana’s love for feet?”

    “Ohh…Obsession!” The plucky girl smiled as Olivia looked over her shoulder to see the brunette kneeling directly between the trapped housewife’s dangling soles. “It’s the whole reason her nails are so sharp! Ana’s crazy about tickling feet, it’s her favorite thing!”

    “Nono! A-Ana pleaheese!” Mrs. Reid strained, gritting her teeth as she watched the slender young woman behind her raise ten wiggling talons just a few short inches above the buttery soft soles before her. “Don’t do this to me!”

    “Seriously, she’s so good at it –but she’s evil!” Romey continued with her unhelpful commentary as the bound older woman looked behind herself, the olive skinned girl’s claws slowly descending toward her completely vulnerable soles. “One time I was sleeping in, and Ana snuck into my room with some other girls and they pulled my covers down so tight I couldn’t move! I was barely even awake and she just rolled up the cover and started tickling my feet –I went insane! I screamed so much I lost my voice, but she didn’t stop!”

    “Oh god! Ohno please! Please don’t do that to me!” The naked trophy wife stretched her feet down as far as she could over the edge of the tiny block, Ana’s demonically long fingernails coming ever closer.

    “All the girls are so scared of her!” The curvy blonde said, nodding slightly as Mr. Lucas stood beside her, one corner of his mouth rising with a smirk. “Ana’s had a lot of practice, she’s basically an expert!”

    “Nnnnnnnggghh!” Olivia winced, closing her eyes tight, her bare soles taut as she drew her feet down as far as she could.

    “Coochy coo.” Ana said casually before letting her sharp nails flicker quickly across the bound blonde’s creamy soft arches.

    “NOHOOAA! EEEEIIIHEEHEE!” Her eyes springing open, Mrs. Reid threw her head back as the darker haired girl’s talons raced around with a feathery touch.

    Somehow, despite the violently shaking woman’s helpless feet wiggling in every direction they could, the force of Ana’s rapid stroking didn’t falter. The brunette’s touch was as light and fast as it was relentless. Scribbling up and down her arches, dancing over the marshmallowy balls and flickering across Olivia’s dainty toes, the berserk housewife had never felt anything quite like it. Before the younger woman’s nails had touched down, Mrs. Reid had anticipated a ticklish touch of nightmarish scale, but the reality was infinitely worse.

    Unrestrained squealing laughter filled the small room, draining out the forceful clanging of the chain holding the nude woman’s hands above her. Thrashing wildly, a new bout of thick tears streamed freely down Mrs. Reid’s beet-red cheeks. Drenched in sweat within minutes, the frenzied blonde’s bulbous breasts jiggled in the open air, her stomach muscles aching from unstoppable laughter. Internally Olivia was a much a mess as she was on the outside, her mind exploding with hyperticklish panic.

    Perversely, as Ana’s merciless assault continued for an obscenely long time, the excruciating foot tickling only added fuel to the fire already raging between the older woman’s thighs. Her bare pussy glistening in the bright light, Olivia’s large pink nipples bounced swollen with arousal, every tortuous stroke unknowingly pushing her dangerously close to the edge. No longer able to form coherent thoughts, let alone full words, the only sounds forcing themselves from Mrs. Reid’s full red lips were loud screams and hysterical laughter.

    “I bet you’d suck a hundred cocks to make it stop.” Mr. Lucas said when Ana’s nails eventually stopped. “Wouldn’t you?”

    Unable to respond, her thoughts too shattered to even comprehend her surroundings, the disheveled blonde could only pant loudly for much needed air. Her large, slippery boobs raising and falling as she breathed deep desperate gasps, Olivia hung otherwise limp, the soles of her feet bright pink from the ticklish onslaught. Eyes blurred and mind broken, the ravaged housewife took no notice as Ana stood up behind her, and walked around to join Mr. Lucas and Romey. Nor did she notice when the three evil tormentor’s took hold of their long stiff feathers once again.

    “Mrs. Reid?” The burly teacher said, holding two feathers in his left hand while using the thumb of his right to wipe tears from the exhausted woman’s cheeks. “I really need you to pay attention here…”

    Gathering some small measure of composure, Olivia raised her chin and blinked. Before her the handsome giant stood, the young blonde girl joyfully smiling to his left and the brunette with a wicked grin on his right. In unison the trio of tickler’s bought their hands upward, each wielding a single white feather. Suddenly, as Mrs. Reid whimpered softly, she felt a pang in her lower tummy, an unmistakable throb that told her with no hint of uncertainty even the slightest touch of any kind would open the flood gates of involuntary passion.

    “N…no…” Olivia huffed, her voice a defeated whine, knowing even as she spoke that her fate was sealed. “Not…not like this…pleaaase…”

    “Would you prefer I let Ana go another few rounds with your feet?” The strapping man said, swiping one feather along the bottom of the hanging woman’s ribs.

    “Eeiiee!” Mrs. Reid yelped, jerking away from the fluffy fronds, only to swing right into Romey’s two dancing feather tips. “Yeeheehee! Noho pleeehee!”

    Before Ana’s feathers had joined the fray the frazzled blonde had passed the point of no return. A half second later and all six stiff tickle tools were fluttering around the giggling woman’s torso, her inner thigh muscles tensing as she squealed loudly. As feathers flittered in the taut hollows of her arms, over her rigid pink nipples, under her bouncing boobs and all over her midriff, Olivia could feel the unmistakable tingling heat begin. From the high alert nerves across the bottoms of her upturned bare feet, the rush of overwhelming pleasure sped up her calves, behind the riotous blonde’s knees and up her thick flexing thighs.

    Arching her back as the wave of lust hit Mrs. Reid’s loins, the crazed woman felt lightening up her spine before every muscle in her helplessly naked body swelled white-hot. Leaning forward what little her tight bonds would allow, the hopelessly ticklish housewife put her chin to her chest as her blue eyes sprung open wide. Looking down at the six feathers whisking over her vulnerable flesh, Olivia grit her teeth and groaned. Her slick pussy throbbing, an explosion of warmth spread from her delicate clit outward across every nerve ending, a heavy gush of liquid lust squirting between her quaking thighs.

    “AWWWHAAWW!” Tossing her head back, the screaming trophy wife’s long hair whipped behind her as she spasmed through a loud and messy orgasm.

    Mercifully, as Olivia closed her eyes tight and opened her full red lips wide, the feathers ceased. Unbridled, shameless moaning filled the room as the buxom blonde’s nude body rocked, her toes spreading wide and fingers clawing at the chain between her wrists. Every nerve ending tingling to an overbearing degree, the trapped housewife shuddered and continue to thrust her hips, her shapely butt flexing as she bit her bottom lip.

    “Ohh…” Ana cooed after several minutes of watching Mrs. Reid convulse, before finally hanging her head and panting heavily. “…that was a good one!”

    “Can you even remember the last time you came that hard?” Mr. Lucas said, his question seeming to fall on deaf ears. “Perhaps Mr. Reid should invest in some feathers and a pair of handcuffs.”

    “Mmm, she really likes the feathers!” Romey said, and quickly drew the tip of one feather across the trembling blonde’s hip.

    “Eee!” Jerking away, the chain above her snagging hard, Olivia squealed from the gentle touch.

    “…How many more times do you think she’ll cum if we do it again?” The brunette girl said, her ever-present smirk growing wickeder as she spoke.

    “No…nono not that!” Looking up, her eyes wide, the glistening nude woman’s hearing had apparently returned with great precision. “I’m too sensitive!”

    “Ohh yeah, post-orgasm tickling!” The young blonde girl said, waving both of her feathers in the open air. “That’s the worst!”

    “I’ll tell you what Mrs. Reid…” The tall teacher said as he too bought his feathers higher into the air, circling them both slowly toward the sweating woman’s puffy nipples. “…if you can go five minutes without cumming, we’ll put the feathers away.”

    “Nnnooho! PLEASE!” Olivia begged, her voice strained as she watched Ana begin swinging her own feathers in the air as well.

    As the six lethal quills came within mere inches of her quivering bare flesh, poor Mrs. Reid knew with complete certainty she would never last a full five minutes. In fact, much to the distraught woman’s dismay, she could already feel herself becoming uncontrollably turned on from little more than the nightmarish thought of being tickled again. It was such a bizarre sensation for the older woman, two massively present yet wildly conflicting forces, outright dread and untamable lust, her perverse response to such sadism made no sense. In a less dire circumstance Olivia might have been willing to give her surprising response more thought, but as the mortifyingly soft tips of the feathers began caressing her silky smooth skin, everything in her exposed naked world crumbled to pieces.

    “Yeeeheeehee!” An outburst of rapid giggling caused the blonde’s large bosom to jiggle as Mr. Lucas’ two feathers swirled around her swollen areoles. “NO MORE FEATHERS! Heeheehee! Nahahaha!”

    “Tickee tickee tickee!” Romey teased, spiraling her own feathers around the pleading woman’s severely ticklish belly button.

    “NOHO! PLEASE!” Olivia shrieked as she could feel Ana’s feathers flicker between her thighs, the cruel brunette dancing her two fronds carelessly around the desperate woman’s sopping wet pussy. “NOT THERE NOOOAAAHAHAHA!”

    As Mrs. Reid’s pleas for mercy turned from high pitched giggling to screaming laughter, she could feel another earth shattering orgasm begin to surge within. Her eyes almost permanently bugging out, the entirety of her bright blue iris’ visible, the disheveled blonde howled with wordless hysterics. The handsome math teacher relentlessly feathered Olivia’s excessively sensitive nipples while the younger blonde traced her two white plumes all over the nude woman’s heaving midriff. Most cruel of all however was Ana, who not only danced one feather back and forth across the bound blonde’s pussy and taint, but continuously flicked the tip of her other fluffy tickle tool over the bewildered woman’s helpless clit.

    Raving mad, crying profusely and straining her vocal chords from breathless laughter, Olivia bellowed a banshee’s wail as a second turbulent orgasm erupted. Drenching her inner thighs and the panties stretched between her knees, the crazed blonde’s toes curled, wrinkling her creamy white soles. Shockingly, unlike the first torturous time her evil capturers had tickled her to the ultimate humiliation, the second time the cruel trio did not stop. Continuing to let their feathers fly, the two young women and Mr. Lucas whirled their stiff plumage mercilessly. With particular focus on Mrs. Reid’s dripping wet pussy and painfully hard nipples, the delirious woman couldn’t tell where her third orgasm ended and the fourth began.

    How many times the bleached blonde tickle toy came no one quite knew, but at some point long after her mind had cracked, Olivia fell into a wheezing, silent laughter. Other the occasional squeak, as the six feathers endlessly stroked her sweat slicked flesh, the poor older woman could only hang her head as she continued to laugh. Mrs. Reid’s buxom naked body twitched and the chain clanged now and again, her shapely ass making deep dimples as she would randomly tense, but it was clear to her tormentor’s the trapped woman was beyond exhausted. Nonetheless, Mr. Lucas and his two plucky cohorts continued to stroke their feather tips around the housewife’s trembling curves for at least another twenty minutes.

    “Unhook her.” The brawny older man said as he began pulling his tight white t-shirt up over a rippling six pack.

    Unaware of anything around her, Olivia did not notice as the chain keeping her suspended from the ceiling was carefully removed. As Romey and Ana stood either side of the broken blonde, the two girls took an arm each and lowered her slowly down toward the floor. All of this far outside the wrecked woman’s comprehension, she had no idea the leather cuffs around her wrists were once again being shackled to the hook just in front of the small block she was kneeling on. Forced to lean over, her bulbous boobs squishing against her knees and curvaceous butt protruding in the air, Mrs. Reid only breathed deep slow breaths as her forehead pressed against the floor.

    “Good.” Mr. Lucas said, having stripped himself completely while the younger women were busying themselves repositioning the tickle tortured blonde. “Now let’s see if she’s got anything left…”

    Walking behind the bound trophy wife, the big man’s huge erect cock pulsed as his steely muscles flexed. Swinging one leg over Mrs. Reid’s calves, the strapping teacher straddled her lower legs. His glistening purple head hovering just above the buxom woman’s exposed butt, Mr. Lucas lowered himself down, resting his shaft between her curvesome cheeks. A small twitch tensed Olivia’s ass, her cheeks squeezing the giant sadist’s cock, to which he immediately gripped both hands around the soaked blonde’s hips.

    Pressing himself into her, his hard shaft sliding between the helpless woman’s ass cheeks, the bald man grit his teeth. Making eye contact with Ana and Romey, the burly Adonis gave a small nod to both girls, who quickly set about walking behind both him and Mrs. Reid. While the younger women kneeled down, Mr. Lucas slowly slipped his slick cockhead down the twitching blonde’s crack, making her jerk suddenly as it stroked across her taint and pressed tenderly between her steamy hot labia.

    “Unnhh…” The mindless housewife murmured as the hulking man’s cock grazed back and forth across her clit.

    Rolling from her forehead onto her left cheek, pressing flat against the floor, Olivia’s movements were slow and unfocused. Tickled and pushed through numerous mind bending orgasms, the woman who resided within the spent blonde’s mind was no longer there, her physical form reacting purely on instinct. With no sign of any conscious thought, Mrs. Reid had no idea both Romey and Ana were kneeling directly behind her upturned bare feet. So beyond reality had the older blonde’s mind slipped, her contorted naked body responded with weak moaning to the large cockhead caressing her clit, and nothing else. Even when the two younger women began bending the unhinged blonde’s toes back, a move that would normally elicit a complete freak-out, all Olivia could do was continue cooing softly.

    Grinding herself wantonly against Mr. Lucas’ throbbing cock, the bosomy trophy wife’s eyes began to roll back as he slowly entered her. Opening her plump lips into a wide O shape, the overly sensitive mother of one let out a hoarse squeak as the full length of the burly teacher’s powerful erection pulsed deep within her drenched pussy. Sliding back with meticulous control, the beastly man guided Mrs. Reid’s hips between his large hands, pushing her back down onto him. The sloth like pace of the cruel teacher’s thrusting rhythm was a torture in itself, even without her full senses every fiber of Olivia’s devastated being wanted nothing more than to be pounded hard and fast. Unfortunately, what the horny housewife wanted and what followed couldn’t have been further apart, as Ana and Romey began nibbling gently at her marshmallowy soft heels.

    “Yahee! Yahee!” An open mouth grin of lunacy ruined the expression of passion across her beet red face as Olivia screeched with ticklish surprise. “Yahaha! YAHEEHEE!”

    Where the renewed explosion of hysteric energy came from was anybody’s guess as Mrs. Reid suddenly bucked with wild abandon. Craning her neck backward, the fiercely thrashing blonde rested her chin on the floor. Worse still, despite the crazed woman’s furious struggling Mr. Lucas was able to forcefully hold her hips relatively still, thrusting his rock hard cock at a leisurely pace. Strangely, Olivia’s reeling laughter had a far more manic pitch than it had done previously, a deranged and desperate cackle of pure ticklish insanity.

    While the cruel teacher rode his raving captive deliberately slow, Ana and Romey stretched Mrs. Reid’s soles taut. Holding the distraught blonde’s toes between their fingers, the two girls kept her feet immobile as they lightly raked their teeth and lips up and down her silky arches. Tender pecks and quick licks strained Olivia’s vocal chords, the girls’ long tongues flickering up and down her arches, around her heels and over the balls of her feet.

    “EEIIIGGGHHAHAHA!” Springing up from the floor, inadvertently pushing herself hard onto Mr. Lucas’ thick cock, the helpless housewife yanked furiously against her cuffs when Ana’s tongue slipped between her toes.

    Capitalizing quickly on the berserk older woman’s launch upward, the herculean hunk leaned forward, wrapping his muscular right arm around her. Reaching under Mrs. Reid’s right underarm, the big man’s forearm squished her sweat slicked boobs as his hand reached up over her left shoulder. Holding the quaking woman from dropping back downward, Mr. Lucas held her in place, thrusting hard into her fiery hot pussy. Fucked rigorously, the demented look of madness across Olivia’s disheveled face twisted between excruciating laughter and shocking fervor for the big man to drive harder still.

    As the masterful math teacher’s massive cock worked his out of control victim’s G-spot overtime, a light sheen of sweat had begun to glisten across his rippling frame. Clearly defined muscles flexing up and down his broad back, Mr. Lucas thrust back and forth, his large arms holding the bleached blonde woman tight as she screamed with primal laughter. Feeling Olivia’s pussy tighten around his steely shaft, the burly man pushed even harder, forcibly pulling the bosomy crazy lady back into him each time. So hard were the powerful man’s deep thrusts, Ana and Romey both exchange a brief look of surprise as they continued to feast on Mrs. Reid’s vulnerable bare soles.

    Helpless to stop any of it, a sudden intense heat swelled in the shrieking housewife’s stiffened nipples. Convulsing underneath the cruel man, Olivia continued to howl with frenzied laughter as her thighs quaked. With almost no warning and no resistance, the older woman’s pussy gushed, squeezing tight around Mr. Lucas’ huge cock. Clawing at the floor, the veins in Mrs. Reid’s forehead strained, her toes slipping from Ana and Romey’s hands as orgasmic strength finally allowed her to curl her feet into little wrinkly fists. Seconds into the violently cumming blonde’s animalistic eruption, her brawny capture followed suit, his hard cock pulsating rapidly inside her.

    Rising up and arching his back, Mr. Lucas let the bound blonde drop her head to the floor once again as he clutched large hands into the hot flesh of her sides. As Olivia writhed beneath him, the big man opened his mouth wide, his chiseled abs tightening repeatedly. Groaning loudly like a barbarian of old, the brutish teacher came with sinful might, shaking the blonde’s nude body back and forth. Breathing heavily, the devilish man’s movements began to slow, even as Mrs. Reid’s moaning remained at an all time high.

    Several minutes passed by where the monstrous man would remain still, forcing the contorted woman under him to interrupt her gasping breaths with sudden cries of passion as he’d give a single sharp thrust. Tears and sweat soaking the floor under her aching cheeks, Olivia’s thighs dripped profusely with her own lust when the steely man finally stepped away. Wiping a forearm across his brow, Mr. Lucas looked over the slumped and sordid body of the once well composed trophy wife, before landing his predator gaze on the two young women kneeling on the floor behind her.

    “Why have you stopped?” The merciless man asked, his large cock still quite erect.

    “She slipped away from us.” Ana said, staring up at the older man alongside Romey.

    “Well unless you two want to be strung up there with her, get back to it.” The bald Adonis said, before turning toward the leather clad bench on the other side of the room.

    Cupping the top of Mrs. Reid’s rosey-pink feet in their hands, the two girl’s didn’t hesitate to once again start ravenously licking her hopelessly sensitive soles. A long deep breath rushed into the older woman’s lungs as her whole body turned to stone, before arching her back hard and wailing with a shrill, heart skipping scream. Barely able to even wiggle her toes as the girls’ squished her feet from the sides, Olivia roared with mindless laughter. Softly biting down the blonde’s insteps, flickering their tongues with snake-like motion over her wrinkled arches and sucking her toes, Ana and Romey gave not even a split second’s respite as Mrs. Reid cackled herself further into the depths of ticklish mania.

    Much later, the time or even day uncertain, Olivia did return to the world with some small measure of her sanity. As if waking from a deep sleep, the confused woman blinked her big blue eyes and at first saw only white. Attempting to move, her thought process still shaky at best, it took several minutes for the tortured woman to realize she was still very much nude. Able to turn her head, Mrs. Reid better took in her surroundings as she lay flat on her back, and much to her deep sinking dread came to recognize she had not left the hellish bondage room. Perhaps she had eventually passed out, but at some stage someone had moved the fearful mother of one from her bent over prison to the big table with all its terrifying leather straps.

    Glancing to the large wall mirror on her left, the sight of her own nude body stretched and bound firmly to the bench almost made Mrs. Reid gasp, save for the muffling red ball gag lodged between her lips. Arms high above her head and legs spread, the shapely woman’s naked body had been pulled taut, able to do nothing beside turn her head and wiggle her hands and feet. Letting out a faint whimper, Olivia craned her neck in an attempt to peer over her large bosom and examine the rest of the room. The chain where she previously hung, and the cuffs that had strapped around her ankles were now empty, and other than her own reflection there didn’t appear to be another soul in sight.

    Without a clock, a window or any idea how long exactly her mind had been unable to form an intelligible thought, Olivia lay for a time. Unable to reach the leather cuffs firmly holding her wrists, the totally trapped woman wasn’t even allowed the illusion that she may have been able to somehow free herself. As she lay restrained, waiting for what she did not know, the all too recent memory of her torment at Mr. Lucas’ hands unfolded. He had planned the entire thing, that much was clear, the gagged blonde recalled their drive through the country and how impressed she had been by the giant mansion. The would-be affair with her daughter’s teacher had gone downhill from there, lead into a dark room and tricked into helpless bondage, stripped and humiliated, tortured and forced to degrade herself. Eventually the memory descended into nothing more than a nightmare of hands and feathers running wild over her delicate flesh, and the enormously frustrating reminder of how intensely turned on she had become.

    Lost in thought, Mrs. Reid jerked against her unbreakable bonds when the door opened, suddenly realizing she had been absently mindedly grinding her bare butt against the table. Looking toward the door, the shamefully aroused woman became quickly aware how stiff her big pink nipples had become. Walking toward her, Ana tilted her head to one side and smirked a little, Olivia completely sure the young brunette could almost read her mind.

    “How’s my favorite naughty girl?” Ana said, approaching the right hand side of the table as Romey followed behind.

    “She’s looking a little pent up.” The chipper blonde girl said as she closed the door.

    “Well…” The darker haired young woman said as both girls began circling the table like lionesses stalking their prey. “…I’m sure we can help with that.”

    “Hmph?” Olivia squeaked as she watched Romey and Ana slowly pace around the table, her eyes widening as they stopped either side of her and raised their twenty collective fingers wiggling into the air. “Mmm! MMMN! MMMNNGGHH!”


    From the second story of her family’s large suburban home, eighteen year old Cindy Reid jogged down the stairs toward the foyer. Turning at the end of the banister, the studious teen snatched her handbag from the floor and spun into the kitchen. Dressed in a sensible button up shirt and form fitting blue jeans with her hair up in a high ponytail, the young blonde girl laid eyes on her mother who seemed to be out of bed at a most uncharacteristic time of day. Olivia, clad in only a lacy pink nightgown, leaned against the countertop as she stood staring idly out the window that sat over the sink.

    “Mom?” Cindy said, glancing into the sink to see three empty wine bottles. “Aw Jesus mom, a little early even for you.”

    “Hm?” The older woman said, blinking as she turned slowly before looking at the bottles as well. “Oh…oh no, I poured them out.”

    “Uh huh.” Brushing by her mother, the hurried teen made a straight line for the back door.

    “Cindy!” Mrs. Reid called after her speedy teen, the younger girl turning to see her mom holding a brown paper bag. “Don’t forget your lunch.”

    “My…lunch?” Raising one eyebrow and more than a little taken aback, Cindy hesitantly took the bag and was surprised to see a respectable pair of sandwiches, bottle of water and Tupperware full of carrot pieces within.

    “Healthy food for a healthy brain!” The older woman said, seeming to force a smile before placing an almost trembling hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “I um… I didn’t understand all of it, but I took a look at your applications…the ones for colleges?”

    “That’s…okay.” Giving a quick side-eyed glance at her mother’s hand, Cindy pursed her lips.

    “Listen…if you need anything.” Olivia continued, squeezing her daughter’s shoulder softly. “Rides to interviews or…anything, any time…you just let me know, okay?”

    “…Sure mom.” Frowning a little, the teen smiled and put her own hand atop her mother’s. “Thanks.”

    The End.

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    This was great.
    Just curious if you have anything else in the works?
    Love your stuff.

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    Lively!! Marvelous! Genius! More please!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckycub View Post
    This was great.
    Just curious if you have anything else in the works?
    Love your stuff.
    Thanks luckycub! I've always got something cooking!

    Quote Originally Posted by DonTurtelli01 View Post
    Lively!! Marvelous! Genius! More please!!!!
    Thank you Don! I'm glad you enjoyed poor Mrs. Reid's terrible tickle torture!

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    Any new stuff coming up in the near future? Iam hungry for more of your art!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonTurtelli01 View Post
    Any new stuff coming up in the near future? Iam hungry for more of your art!
    Just between you and me, I'm hoping to get a new story up before the end of June. It's a doozy though, so we'll see -I'm putting in a lot of work!

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