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    Jul 2015

    We finally say ‘hello’!

    Hello all you all,

    we’ve become members of the TMF to give something back to a great community. You encouraged us to explore our sexuality through your stories, your discussions and your ideas. You showed us that there are people out there living out their fantasies in real live.

    Without you he might not have told her that he is into tickling and she would not have opened up about her love for spanking, anal sex and other things. We had loads of fun and we want to share our story, our pictures and some clips to encourage people to talk about this stuff in their partnerships.

    When she first told him about her wish to get spanked he found this to be a peculiar fantasy to have for a feminist. But when he saw her reactions to being spanked, he understood. When she told him that she wanted to have anal sex, he was not a fan. But we tried it eventually and now we both are loving and enjoying it.

    She found his wish to tickle her curious, to say the least. But when she was tied down for the first time, she realized how much it meant to him to realize that dream he harbored for so long and she saw in his eyes the gratitude that made him love her even more.

    So, to all of you out there who find this tickling thing all bizarre and hilarious, we suggest to let your partner tell you about his or her fantasies. Then watch their face enjoying it and you will understand.

    Our thinking is, that if we are to be judged, be it by strangers or people that know us, then let’s be judged for who we really are: Two lovers who listen to each other try new things to spice up our sex live - and who are realizing that there are still taboos in our societies that prevent people from having fun, which is part of the reason we are posting here: To encourage people.

    So this has become a speech, sorry for rumbling on and on about things you probably know already, but we felt the need to write that down.

    We’re both thrilled and a little anxious to share our experiences, pics and clips with you!
    Head here http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...dity-explicit) for the M/F part
    and here http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...dity-explicit) for the F/M part!

    So thank you all again and have fun!

    P.S.: We are beginning to look for play partners. We are both in our late twenties and live in south-west Germany.
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    Jan 2002
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    Welcome to the TMF, both of you, and congratulations on making your first posts. This is a wonderful place. Have fun here.
    Thanks for the link! I greatly enjoyed your true story.
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    Welcome! I look forward to hearing about the discoveries you two made with one another.
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    Welcome welcome!

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    Aug 2007
    Wilkommen! Aus welcher Ecke?

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