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    Jenni The Clown: His Turn M/F

    It was already late, but the night had only just begun. Jenni had grabbed her things and was now being driven home by Andrew. She had promised him that she would lee for him (a very rare promise indeed since she usually only let women touch her). It wasn't that she had a thing against men. She just preferred to be in control with them. But she had put Andrew through the ringer. Much more so than her average victim. She had subjected him to tickle torture by not One or Two but nearly Eight women. That deserved something of a reward in her mind. Didn't hurt that he wasn't bad looking, she thought to herself.

    He drove with a lead foot. He was clearly anxious to start the session and Jenni thought it was cute. She trusted him enough to let him in her home. This was, after all, a man who worked at a strip club and still behaved as a gentleman. That's a very rare thing.

    Jenni pondered what kind of a ler he would be. She knew he had a tickling fetish but had no way of knowing how often he had been the one in control. She eyed his hands on the wheel as he drove and couldn't hope to stop the wave of ideas that flooded her mind.

    “Mind if I smoke?” She asked casually. He nodded no and she cracked open the passenger window. She took out a clove cigarette and lit it.

    “You don't do that a lot, do you?” Andrew asked.

    “Oh no. Lily just had my favorite kind so I scored a couple off of her.” Jenni explained. “I drink, I fuck, and I tickle. Those are my vices.” She took a hit of the cigarette and Andrew could hear the cloves crackling and popping. She exhaled slowly.

    “You see tickling as a vice?” Andrew tried to keep his eyes on the road but couldn't deny how attractive his passenger was.

    “I see tickling as a lot of things.” She answered.

    “Do tell.”

    “Well, when you're a kid, it's all in good fun. I can't tell you how many of my friends growing up fell under my fingers at some point. But I especially liked to tickle bullies. Pull my hair and pray I don't end up on top of you with your arms under my knees.”

    Andrew swallowed. He already knew what a devilish ticklers Jenni was. To hear her speak about it was almost as big of a turn on. He felt himself stiffening as she continued.

    “It didn't take long for me to understand what a fatal weakness being ticklish could be, or to understand that there was nobody who didn't have at least one spot that could break them down. I babysat during my teen years and would play innocent tickling games with some of the kids. Obviously not naughty tickles or anything. That's just sick...” She blew the smoke. It smelled wonderful. “No, It wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered the sexual aspect of tickling. Dad at a birthday party I did didn't think that clowns were funny. I don't like people who can't lighten up. So... I paid him a visit that night... and let's just say that I got more than enough laughs out of him in his bedroom. But he got so aroused when I tickled him.”

    Andrew was aroused as well as he listened to her story.

    “I soon learned that most men were ticklish in those areas. Some women are as well, but with guys it's almost a certainty.”

    “Are you ticklish there?” Andrew couldn't help but ask out loud. Jenni gave him a look and smiled.

    “That's for me to know and you to find out.” She teased.

    “Oh, don't worry. I will.” Andrew promised her.

    “Promises, promises.” She put her elbow up on the window and inhaled more smoke. “Ya know what's funny, though? It was never sexual for me until that point. I wasn't a virgin or anything. But I had never thought to incorporate tickling into my playtime. Now... almost Five years later... it's hard for me to get off without tickling somebody or being tickled myself.”

    “How many guys have tickled you before?”

    “Not many. Maybe Two. But I've only been tickled naked by women. Lily and I like to play a lot.” Jenni peered over and saw Andrews erection in his pants. She smirked. “You like hearing me talk about tickling, don't you?”

    “Why do you think that?” Andrew began to blush.

    “Cause you have liftoff below the equator.” Jenni pointed out, making him blush more. “Is it when I talk about being the ler, the lee... or just in general?”

    “J-just in general.” Andrew responded sheepishly.

    “I see...” Jenni leaned over so she was only a couple of inches from his right ear. “Tickle...” she whispered, remembering how sensitive his ears were. “Tickle tickle... tickling... ticklish...”She drew out the words, enjoying his squirming. She was driving him crazy and she knew it. “You are so ticklish... I remember the adorable look on your face... when I tickled your ribs... your balls... so ticklish... so ticklish...” She sat back in her seat and Andrew wiped a bead of sweat from his brow.

    “That wasn't fair.” He stated.

    “Too bad.” She stuck her tongue out at him.

    “Are we there yet?”

    Jenni laughed at his eagerness.

    “Right here just before the last house on the block.” She informed him.

    Once they were inside the house, it didn't take too long at all for Jenni to bring him down into the basement and into her playroom. Andrew's heart was beating hard in his chest as he looked around. The feathers and tickle charts on the wall let him know even more than ever that Jenni was no stranger to the art of the tickle. She had dedicated a good deal of time to it. He gasped and jumped as she goosed his sides suddenly.

    “Jumper cables!” She chirped.

    “Hehehey!” He turned around.

    “Can't take you eyes off of me for even a second, Andrew. So... you want me in the chair?” Jenni suggested. Andrew looked at the tickle chair in the center of the room. He was nearly drooling.

    “Please. But, you have to strip first.” He told her.

    “After you.” She smiled.

    “Why do I have to be naked?” He asked.

    “My house. My rules.” She answered matter of factly. “I want you to be a ler in your purest form. Stiff as a board and naked as the day you were born.”

    Andrew pulled off his shirt. Jenni did the same. She unclasped her bra, letting her colossal breasts feel the cool air of the basement. Andrew couldn't help but stare hypnotically at them as he pulled down and removed his pants. She did the same. Next came the underwear. His boxers were yanked down, freeing his fleshy manhood bobbing in the air. Her panties slid off, revealing her recently shaved pussy. Andrew felt his chest flush as he viewed her perfect body. She gave a little shimmy and watched his already hard cock twitch. She let out a giggle.

    “You like me. You really like me.” She joked.

    “Get in the chair.” He ordered. She tilted her head and then moved over to the chair. She sat very slowly, as if she was playfully testing his patience. Her chest remained surprisingly firm even once she had leaned back.

    “Cuffs, ropes, and scarves are in the drawer near the sink.” She whispered. Andrew walked over to the drawer and grabbed a pair of handcuffs and a red velvet scarf. He moved over to the chair. He was trembling as he cuffed her wrists above her head. He then walked down to the other end and bound her ankles together with the scarf, securing them to the bottom end of the chair. He stood, staring at the bound beauty, drinking in the vision, knowing that he was one of the precious few males who would have this opportunity.

    “Don't you wanna touch me, Cowboy?” She asked bewitchingly. “I'm all yours. Every inch.”

    Andrew decided he had waited long enough. He moved to her feet. They had both removed their shoes and socks upon entering the house. She knew what he was thinking and wiggled her toes.

    “I should have known that is where you would want to start.” She smiled. “Be careful now. I'm ticklish, ya know.” She winked. Andrew was struggling to breathe normally. He grabbed each foot and scratched the centers of the soles with his thumbnails.

    “Hehehhehehe oh Jehehehehehsus.” Jenni was surprised that he had already found the most ticklish spot on her feet. Most people were ticklish on their feet, but the jackpot was normally near the toes or along the insteps. Not with Jenni. Jenni's weak spot was dead center. He continued to scratch with moderate pressure. “Hehehehehhehehehhehehehhehehehe”

    Andrew was intoxicated. Jenni's giggle was soft and melodic. The large smile glued to her face showed off her true beauty. Every so often, he hit a point that made her gasp or let out an “ooo” sound. He enjoyed finding these points and manipulating them. Her feet jerked but he held them firmly in place.

    He soon tired of that position and climbed up on top of her. He sat on her ankles and blocked her view.

    “Wait! What are you doohhoohhoohhohohoh hahahahahhahahahhahhahahah!” She fell back into laughter as he now used three fingers to wiggle into the centers of her soles.

    “You really are ticklish. Coochie coo.” He grinned as he attacked her tender soles. His arousal was already enough to have him trembling slightly, but tickling this woman's feet was Heaven to him. Her toes wiggled and her feet jerked. Her reactions were flawless. He soon realized he needed to stop or he might climax well before he wanted to. He stopped and climbed off of her. She panted.

    “Damn, powerman. You know what you're doing.” Jenni complimented. Andrew walked over to her upper body. He placed his thumbs in her underarms and began to massage. Jenni immediately bit her lip through a smile. Her eyes were large, like a deer's, as she locked gazes with him. He now rubbed circles with the pads of his thumbs. This made her rock from side to side.

    “Hehehehhehehehehehhehehehehhehe.” Jenni laughed, never looking away from him. His penis throbbed and a small amount of pre-cum could be seen on the tip. This was incredible, he thought. Her breasts jiggled as she laughed. Her knees rubbed together. Her whole body responded to his touch. He now used his nails to wiggle in the hollows. They were smooth and hairless.

    “HahaHHAHahhAHHAHHahHAhHahHAHHAhHAAhAA!!” Jenni's laughter grew in intensity.

    “Tickle tickle...” He whispered. She shook when he said the word. He continued to wiggle his fingers for a bit and then stopped so she could breathe.

    “That can't be all you've got” Jenni taunted him.

    “Don't worry. I'm only getting started.” He promised. “I am just wondering where you are the most ticklish.”

    “There is only one way to find out.”

    “You'll never find it.” Jenni instigated.

    Andrew looked over the girl's curvacious figure. He already knew about her feet and underarms. But those were pretty normal spots and far from her worst. No. There had to be a place so ticklish that she would beg for him to stop. That she couldn't stand for even a second. He started to think about what Jenni had said earlier. Specifically, what she had said about men being ticklish on their groins.

    “Lemme ask you something...”

    “I'm all ears.” She smiled pleasantly.

    “Why do you think that men are usually ticklish, ya know, downstairs?” Andrew knew one thing about Jenni: She loved to talk.

    “I have so many theories.” She couldn't help but peek at his cock when he brought up the subject.

    “Tell me.” He requested.

    “Oh man...” Jenni snickered. “You really can't get enough of me talking about tickling, can you? Well, Physically, I think it's just the intense number of nerves in those areas. My nails on your testicles earlier had you screaming if I remember correctly.

    Andrew's cock twitched again as she brought up the memory. She continued.

    “But I also think it's kinda psychological. I think it is all in the mind in certain ways. I also think size is definitely a factor.”

    “Size? Why would that matter?”

    “Well, it really doesn't during sex, Hon. But for tickle torture, I have always found the bigger, the better. There's just more ground to cover. Also I think that people tend to be ticklish on places that they are either very proud of. What man isn't proud of having a massive cock?”

    That told Andrew all he needed to know.

    “Places that people are proud of, eh?” Andrew climbed onto the chair, sitting on her stomach but careful not to put to much weight on her. His penis fit firmly between her breasts. He felt the soft pillows around his manhood and couldn't stifle a quick breath that escaped him.

    “Comfy?” She teased.

    “You do seem awfully proud of these tits, ya know.” Andrew pointed out. The smile left Jenni's face as a look of nervousness took over.

    “What's wrong?” Andrew asked rhetorically.

    “Nothing's wrong, silly.” She didn't sound very convincing. “I was just thinking about all the fun we could have if you untied me and we took this into the bedroom.” She batted her eyes sweetly at him.

    “Nice try.” Andrew refused. “I think there's treasure in these hills.”

    “There really isn't.” She insisted. “My feet are the worst, honestly.”

    Andrew wasn't buying it for a second. He brought his strong hands to Jenni's chest, placing his fingers on the sides near her ribs, and began to worm his fingertips about, pressing into the flesh. Jenni instantly looked uncomfortable. She tried to wriggle free but it was no use with him and the ties holding her down.

    “Where are you going?” He asked simply. He moved his fingers to the bottoms of her mammaries, gently vibrating his fingers against the undersides.

    “C'mon lehehet me uhuuhup.” She pleaded. He just shook his head no. He added a little bit of nail so he could softly scratch the area as he had done with her feet.

    “Andrew! Plehhehehease!” She was having a Hell of a time trying to keep it together. He moved his thumbs to the crease on the underside of each breast, right where they met the ribs... and pressed.


    “I knew it!” He shouted victoriously. He wiggled his thumbs into those spots faster and faster.


    Her tits shook and shimmied from her laughter, brushing all over his cock like a rapid massage. He couldn't get enough. He moved his fingers to her nipples and she screamed. He traced around each areola and flicked at the tender tips. Her nipples hardened to an extreme degree as her eyes became teary. He tickled and tickled. At one point, he bent down, took the left nipple into his mouth, and blew a raspberry. She cackled loudly and he repeated the blast on her right nipple before going back to tickling with his hands. Placing his palms directly over the engorged nipples, barely touching them, he waved his hands around as if he was washing a window. Silent laughter overtook the busty girl, and Andrew thought he was about to cum between the jiggling tits. He didn't want to yet, however, so he ceased his devious touches.

    “Oh... my God... Thahahat was intense.” Jenni still had a smile on her face. Andrew wasn't sure if it was just a lingering bi-product of the tickle torture or if she was just genuinely having fun. Probably both, knowing her. He caught her scent and realized that the breast play had turned her on. She could easily be as aroused as I am, he thought to himself. He climbed up off of her and walked over to the counter. He opened a couple of drawers and looked around at the assortment of tickling implements. She turned to look at him.

    “Whatcha doin?” She asked.

    “Looking through your toys.” He grabbed something, but wouldn't let her see it. He held it behind his back in his left hand as he walked back over to her. He abruptly cupped his hand over her bald pussy and she shuddered. He massaged and she threw her head back, grinning and moaning. One she wasn't looking, he spread her lips and ever so softly stroked her clitoris.

    “EEP! Hehehe.”

    “Did that tickle?” He asked as he stroked again, bringing another brief giggle from her. “Well, then, let's give this a try.” Her ankles being bound meant that her legs were pressed together. He put the tool between her legs... set the top of it directly over her clit... and turned on the electric toothbrush.

    “EEEEK! Hehehehehhehehehehheheheheheheh oooo my hehehehheheehehe!” She giggled and squirmed about as the bristles lightly shivered and rippled against the sensitive bump. She was loving it a little too much, Andrew thought. So he brought his thumbs to the creases where her legs met her torso, and starting kneading.

    “AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA AHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHE AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!!!” Jenni was bouncing up and down on her ass struggling to wiggle the brush loose, but it was a pointless fight. It wouldn't budge. It would only tickle.

    “Tickle tickle...” Andrew teased as he kneaded her hips like dough. He reached under her and tickled just under her ass, squeezing and goosing the buns and thighs. He switched it up every few seconds so that she wouldn't be able to adjust to the sensations. He moved rapidly back and forth from her hips, ass, and thighs. He rubbed, stroked, caressed, poked, and tickled all over.

    “HEHEHHEHEHEHHEEHHE AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHH FUUUUUCK!!!” Jenni was suddenly overwhelmed by a massive orgasm. Her body shook violently as the pleasure completely engulfed her. Andrew had an accomplished look on his face. He stopped tickling and took the brush away.

    It took nearly Two and a half minutes for Jenni to recover. During that time, Andrew looked her over and took pride in his work. Her skin glistened with sweat. Her chest heaved, her hips grinded. Moans interspersed with quiet giggles. Finally, she turned her gaze to him.

    “You're still hard.” She pointed out. “Do you need a hand, Sweetie?”

    While the offer sounded deamlike to Andrew, he had another idea.
    “Got any lubricant?” He asked.

    “Third drawer. Baby oil.” She answered with a soothing tone.

    He went to the drawer and quickly found the bottle before walking back up to the end of the table where her ankles were still bound. He untied her ankles and tossed the scarf onto the counter. He then dabbed some oil onto his hands and rubbed it all over her feet and toes. She quickly caught on to what he had in mind. He put his cock between her soles and started to thrust, trembling and moan with ecstasy. Interestingly, his slick cock glided right over that one ticklish spot on her soles.

    “Hehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehhe!” She giggled as his penis slid to and fro across her ticklish feet. Andrew looked at her face and saw her smile as she gave into her ticklishness.

    “Thahahahahhahahahat's tihihiihihihckling me...” She knew it would excite him for her to be tickled by a footjob. “Your cohhohohohohhock is tiiihihihiihihihckling...”

    Her toes wiggled as she squealed merrily and it didn't take long at all for him to cum, spraying hot semen onto her ankles and calves while she continued to giggle for him. He cried out from the power of his orgasm, and let her go, stumbling back until he could lean against the wall. Jenni laughed.

    “What's so funny?”

    “Just a few hours ago... when Lily drove me to the club... before I had even met you... I told her that once I got my tootsies around your cock, it would all be over. Hahahaha.”

    Andrew laughed with her.

    “That is pretty funny.”

    “I have to be funny, Andrew.” She reminded him with a sly grin. “I'm a clown.”
    Please enjoy all of my stories in my archive.


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    Yep, I'm digging the M/f stuff for sure. There's a lot of stories here for me to get through.

    Nice work!

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