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    Renismelthin FF/M

    The smell. Magda had developed a tolerance for the dampness and loneliness of the cave. But the smell still remained intolerable. Spells to mask it were only temporary and exhausted her powers over time. After so many decades in hiding, she still wasn't sure what caused it. She could only assume it was just time itself. The mist rose off of the water as she walked a plank from one precipice to another so that she could consult her spellbook. The tome itself had the ability to instantly update itself depending on the request of the witch who possessed it. As she waited to hear back from her spy in the castle, she decided to try to find some kind of new charm to fix that damn odor.

    Clara meant everything to Phillip. Even though she couldn't touch him, lest she be arrested, there was little more in the world that he wanted. The third sun had risen and, on Phillip's request, his three loyal bodyguards led him to the courtyard. Even though he hated it, he allowed them first to attach the vest that covered his chest and the magical satin garment that he wore over his groin. He didn't quite understand why he could not leave his room without them. His parents had once told him something about needing protection from dark magic but his 18th birthday was soon to fall upon him. There were only 2 days till then and when that day came, he would have the power to combat dark magic so he didn't understand the need for the coverings. However, he swallowed his pride and let the bodyguards make sure he was under the necessary protection before he finished clothing himself.

    It was a beautiful day. A Turquoise dragon circled the meadow. Though it had no name, Phillip was told that the creature served as yet another protection for him. It was known to him that his magic would come to him on his 18th birthday, but it was also known that one would need his most masculine essence to steal it or use it against him in any way. How he would need a dragon for that was beyond him. The garments he was made to wear made more sense to him.

    He wandered down to a nearby meadow as the bodyguards kept watch. There she was crouched down near a grouping of flowers. Clara was a vision in her Sky Blue dress. She wore her dark hair down, letting it fall to her posterior. Her bodice supported her impressive bosom and her lips were the color of wine. She looked up at him with her Brown eyes and Phillip felt his heart leap within his chest.

    “Phillip!” She stood and raced over to him. They hugged. This made the bodyguards a little nervous but they eased up.
    “Clara. I was hoping you would be around this afternoon.” He took her hand and led her to the shade of a nearby tree.

    “Well, I had to because somebody promised me flowers and was late.” She teased him.

    “In two days time, I will have the ability to give you an entire garden on a whim.” He pointed out, looking into her eyes.

    “You would do that for me?”

    “I would do anything for you.” He responded. “I just hope that you love me for who I am and not just for the magic I will possess.”

    “You're not the only magical being in this world, Phillip. Just the one that I want.” She told him with a smile. “Now, my mother on the other hand...”

    “Why doesn't she like me?” Phillip rolled his eyes. “I will never understand. She has spent her life working for my family yet has never been treated as inferior in any way. I don't understand.”

    “She doesn't understand herself, I fear.” Clara leaned against the tree. “It's not you so much, I don't believe, as it is that she does not want out bloodline mixed with royalty.”

    “That's absurd!” Phillip pointed out. “Bloodlines should have nothing to do with love.”

    “I agree.” Clara looked sad. Phillip hated when she looked that way.

    “Come with me.” He took her hand and led her down to a river nearby. The bodyguards followed but kept a decent distance, remaining on a hill above. Phillip brought Clara to the water and knelt down with her. “Watch.” He waved his hand over the water and Clara saw as the small fish began to swim along a wave that he beckoned them to. He mystified her with this for a few moments. “It's already starting. I feel it. More so when I am with you. The magic gives me momentary control over the beasts of the land. Only a few seconds at a time though and I begin to feel weak.” He sat back on the ground as if he had become lightheaded.

    “It's amazing, Phillip.” Her eyes the water sparkling reflected in her eyes. Phillip lost his breath for a moment at her beauty. “I only wish that we could see each other tomorrow's eve.” Phillip's parents had forbidden him to leave his room the night before his birthday. They felt that he would be in danger if he was anywhere else. That anybody who wanted his magic would try to get it at Midnight, before he would have a chance to learn to control his gift.

    “I will spend the whole evening crafting a poem for you.” He offered. “You will be the only thing on my mind all through that night.” She smiled and hugged him again, clearly pleased with the idea. It hurt both of them deeply that they couldn't even kiss. Intimacy was forbidden to Phillip as well since his seed carried his power. But once he was 18, he could take a wife. And Clara knew that he wanted her. They would only have to deal with her mother, Corrine. And that would be easy. They would marry no matter what she wished. They were in love and that is all that mattered.

    Corrine wasn't unattractive. Though she was in her 40's she carried it very well. She had worked for Phillip's family since before he was born as a housekeeper and eventually a nanny. She had her daughter's raven hair and curvacious figure, but the two had little else in common. Corrine secretly despised Phillip and was jealous of his magic. For years she had secretly conspired with Magda. Now she was in the witch's cave... standing tall before the wicked crone.

    “The boy will be in his room, with his three protector's at the door and that fire-breathing beast circling the tower.” Corrine informed Magda. The witch sat upon an old wicker throne and listened to the treacherous woman's testimony.

    “Don't toy with me, woman.” Magda threatened. “That wretched family has not had a male in it's bloodline for nearly a century. If I fail with young Phillip, I may not get another chance in this lifetime.” She directed a crooked finger at Corrine. “And you shall suffer a fate worse than death if I fail.” Magda settled back into her chair. “How to obtain his seed is another matter... I have no guarantee that he suffers the same vulnerabilities as his ancestors.”

    “Oh... He does.” Corrine smirked. “Many times when he was little, would I punish him with tickling. He may not remember now, but I have no doubts on the matter.”

    “Wonderful...” Magda hissed. “Is there any more news that you have to bring me?”

    “No. That is all.”

    “I see. Then go. Keep yourself and your daughter away from him until after that night. I have work to do.”

    Corrine bowed and took her leave. Magda arose from her throne and once again crossed over the precipice to where her spellbook sat. Unfortunately there were spells in place over the castle as well as Phillip's protective garments. Magda's dark magic would not work there. She would need help. She flipped through the pages with bony hands, trying to find a summoning spell. There was no shortage of demons and magical spirits but this called for something special. Something mischievous but not deadly. Something persuasive but without bloodlust. Finally she found what she was looking for: Renismelthin... a demon of sensation. A shapeshifter known for being able to cause extreme duress to it's victims through the slightest touches.

    Magda looked over the spell. She made a pentagram on the ground with feathers of different colors and placed a small kitten in the center. After a few nearly indecipherable magic words, The kitten vanished in a cloud of purple smoke. In it's place stood a tall hooded figure. The black robe and hood hid the being's true appearance. All that could be seen were it's hands. They were feminine in semblance but the skin was pink and the nails were sharp.

    “Who has awoken me?” The creature's voice was surprisingly girlish, even pleasant in a way.

    “I have.” Magda announced as she looked the demon over.

    “And what would you have me do?” The voice echoed through the cave.

    “There's a young boy...” Magda informed the demon. Renismelthin let out an impish chuckle.

    “Tell me more...”

    The night had finally come. Phillip had not been permitted to see Clara again until after this night. At midnight, he would be a man. And as soon as that came to pass, he could take Clara as his bride. He huffed and puffed with the built up frustration of a young boy growing impatient as he was led into his room. His bodyguards were very specific with him. Under no condition could he leave the room until the dawn was upon them. He understood that this could very well be the longest night of his life. He walked to a marble desk near his extravagant bed, took a seat and a parchment, and started to work on his poem for Clara.

    There was only a few minutes to go till Midnight fell. Phillip hadn't written a poem. He had written Seven poems. He was nearly asleep at the desk when he heard screams coming from outside the door: His guards! Phillip lept up from his seat as the door burst open. Three figures entered. Phillip only recognized one of them as Corrine.

    “What is the meaning of this?” Phillip demanded. He looked to see the second figure, Magda. Though he had never met the hag before in peron. She had appeared in many dreams over the years... a loathsome specter that filled him with fear in his youth. “You!”, Phillip pointed, “The Witch!”

    “A witch, to be sure.” Magda responded. “But the only one you need to be afraid of. I am here for your magic.” Phillip was about to challenge Magda when he got a good look at the third figure, a cloaked and hooded entity.

    “Wh-who are you?” Phillip shivered. He immediately sensed that the thing was not human. The hooded figure reached up with pink hands and pulled it's hood down and the whole cloak fell free, leaving the monster nude. The skin was not only pink on it's hands, rather the pleasant color covered the demon's entire body. It's buxom form was strangely alluring with it's large breasts and hourglass figure. It's face was undeniably female as well in it's structure. It's lips and eyes were a dark shade of purple. It's blue hair fell back to reveal the Two small horns on it's forehead.

    “Who am I?” The demon asked with it's girlish voice that sounded almost childlike. “Who would you like me to be?” It countered with a seductive smirk. The being was clearly evil, Phillip knew in his heart, but he couldn't help but feel somewhat attracted to it's flirtatious nature.

    “She's here to help.” Magda informed the boy. “My magic alone was not enough to reach you.”

    Phillip glanced at Corrine.

    “You? What part to you have to play in this?”

    “She sold you out.” Magda answered for Corrine.

    “Understand...” Corrine stepped forward. “It is not right or fair that I spend my life serving you in youth so that my daughter can serve you in adulthood. It's not fair. And why? Because of your magic. The power that has been waved over our heads for decades. I can't allow this to continue anymore.”

    “No more questions...” The colorful devil insisted, “Have a seat, young Phillip.” Renismelthin gestured and a set of stocks appeared in the middle of the room where Phillip's bed had earlier sat.

    “No.” Phillip refused. “You cannot harm me or obtain what you need to.” He still wore his magical garbs over his chest and genitals.

    “What? Do you think that those silly things will protect you?” Renismelthin chuckled as the garbs turned to sand and promptly fell away from the boy, leaving him as bare as the demon. Phillip jumped and the demon raised it's hand, causing Phillip to magically disappear and re-materialize locked in the stocks. His feet were locked by the ankles, his wrists were bound above his head, and straps held his legs and forehead in place. It all happened so quickly that Magda and Corrine both were stunned by the monster's power. Renismelthin clapped giddily and sauntered over to the stocks.

    “You cannot harm me.” Phillip declared.

    “Why would I want to harm you, child?” the creature asked. “I'm a demon, it's true. But I guarantee I am the friendliest demon that has ever been.” Renismelthin's grown, womanly form contrasted so with it's voice, which sounded as though it belonged to a young girl in her early teens. “I wasn't summoned to cause you bodily injury. I was summoned to play with you.”

    “What do you mean, play with me?” The prince asked.

    “I have existed for centuries.” The demon explained as it knelt by Phillip's naked feet. “Summoned by many a witch and warlock for a singular purpose. To serve as a lesson, usually for their young children when they are bad or don't do their chores. I am known by many names. Specifically, Renismelthin, but perhaps more well known as The Tickle Monster.”

    Phillip felt his eyes widen despite himself.

    “Oh...” The demon gasped. “You've heard of me. I'm flattered.”

    The clock struck Midnight. Phillip was officially an adult.

    “It's my birthday. I am not a child anymore.” Phillip pointed out rather arrogantly.

    “Foolish boy...” The demon retorted. “I can see you are grown.” It glanced at Phillip's groin with a smile “That much is clear. But to think being an adult makes you impervious to my touch... well... you will see.”

    Magda took a seat in the chair at Phillip's desk and watched the situation unfold. Corrine, on the other hand, took a few steps towards the stocks to get a better view. For Magda, this was a means to an end. For Corrine, it was personal.

    Renismelthin raised it's hands for Phillip to see. The nails were black and filed to sharp points. “These fingers have brought uncontrollable laughter to the rich and the poor... the young and the old... no one is immune... no one is safe... no one can help it... everyone breaks.” She brought the nails to the soles of Phillip's feet, prancing lightly along the insteps.

    Phillip's feet weren't terribly ticklish as one might assume. However, he felt the nails tease the nerves in his soles and was tempted to smile. He looked up at Corrine, who looked suitably amused by the situation. She had tickled him many times in his youth and a part of her enjoyed watching this weakness exploited by another. Renismelthin just smirked and stared intently at the soles as she attempted to pinpoint any location that seemed particularly sensitive.

    “You are wasting your time. Someone will come for me.” Phillip announced.

    “Doubtful, child.” Magda claimed. “The sleeping spell I cast over your dragon is intended to render an army useless. The animal will not awaken for days.”

    The demon decided that the prince's feet were not the best area of attack. She stood and walked up to the lad's upper body. She stopped at his left side. She wrapped one arm around to the right of him and placed her fingertips at his waist on each side. Phillip tried to be brave but he and Corrine both knew that his upperbody held more ticklish places than his lower body did. Corrine nodded at the demon. The bitch.

    “My guards will come for me!” Phillip was beginning to worry.

    “Which ones? The one's outside your door that we have teleported clear across the land? They are hundreds of miles from this tower.” Corrine informed the nervous prince.

    “I think I have found a map to some buried treasure, my prince.” The demon whispered in Phillip's ear. “We must commence a search immediately before anyone else finds it. First, we must pass through the meadow.” The nails began to pitter-patter up to Phillip's sides and tickle about, spidering and scuttling along the supple flesh. Phillip bit his lip.

    “My p-parents will...” He began.

    “They can't hear you from here, Dear. That's why they had you guarded by others.” Corrine reminded the boy with a strangely maternal tone.

    “Then we must traverse through the swampland...” The demon illustrated as the nails reached Phillip's ribs. “This is very dangerous, my prince, as some of the ground is soft and unstable.” The nails poked the ribs directly between the bones to make their point. Phillip began to shudder and shake as the urge to laugh became more and more unbearable.

    “S-somebody will come...”

    “Nobody will come, Sweetheart.” Corrine slowly shook her head with a pleasant smile.

    “Nobody?” The young man panicked. Corrine and Magda simply shook their heads no.

    “Here's the tricky part of the journey, my prince...” The demon made known. “Our forces must travel into the forest.” The nails crept up into the young man's underarms, the tufts of hair substituting for the forest. Phillip was a goner.

    “Hehehehehehhe Stop that!”

    Magda laughed and Corrine placed her hand over her mouth in mock surprise.

    “We have found the treasure!” Renismelthin giggled as her nails tickled at the centers of the hollows. Phillip giggled and squirmed about but could not get terribly far.

    “Hehehehe no... Hehehehehehe get awahahahahay!” He giggled as his dignity slipped away with each thrilling touch.

    “There is much treasure to be found, your highness. We must obtain it all.” The demon explained with a comforting inflection. Her nails now trailed up and down under the arms, hitting every possible trace of skin.

    “Hehehehehehehehehhehehehhehehehhehehehhehehe” Phillip bounced up and down in his seat, hysterical.

    “May I?” Corrine offered. Magda had no objection.

    “Can your nanny come play with us?” Renismelthin whispered to the tittering monarch. He wanted so badly to point out that Corrine wasn't his nanny anymore. That she hadn't been since he was still in swaddling clothes. “I'm sure she remembers where you are ticklish. She would have been your first tickler after all. Your Mother and Father couldn't be much bothered with such things. But she took care of you. She nurtured you. She knows everything there is to know about you. And she would like to tickle you again.” Phillip blushed fearfully as Corrine walked up to him, lifted her gown, and sat on his legs. The demon withdrew her fingers to let Corrine have the stage, so to speak.

    “I do remember, your highness. Do you?” Corrine asked as she drew a circle around his bellybutton with her index finger. He pursed his lips and trembled with a silly grin. “Do you remember how I used to play with this belly?” Her touch was almost as soft as the demon's as she ran her fingertips all over the jiggling tummy. “Tickle tickle, Phillip.”

    “Hehehehehehehe ahahhahahahahhahahha ahahhahahahahhahahahhahahha”

    “There's a good boy.” She coaxed. Renismelthin watched Corrine work the prince over and Magda poured herself a glass of wine from the desk. Corrine poked the boy's bellybutton and scratched the inside with a single nail. This made the prince beg.

    “Pleehhehehehehhehehehehehhse not thehehehehhehehehre.”

    “Oh yes, there.” The demon teased. “There and every other spot until we have what we need.”

    Phillip realized what she meant when he felt his cock begin to harden. Being tickled was somehow arousing him.

    “No!” He shouted. He had to fight it

    “No?” The demon countered. “But you are already feeling the pleasurable effects of the torture. Soon, your manhood will give you away.”

    Corrine giggled as she found a familiar spot at the boy's hips. The magic could not be obtained by direct contact with the genitals, so their plan wouldn't work if they directly stimulated him. The tickling was the demon's way around this.

    “I won't do it!” He insisted

    Of course the worst thing a man can do is try to fight an erection. It doesn't matter what he does. Once it begins, he can't stop it. Renismelthin knew this about human males.

    “Alright then. Corrine will continue to tickle you, and I will watch your penis. Go ahead and fight it, your highness.” The demon offered as she knelt down near the boy's waist. Corrine stepped it up a notch and began to stroke the prince's inner thighs. While she did not know if that was a ticklish spot on Phillip, she knew for a fact that men cannot ignore a gentle touch so close to their genitals and not become aroused. Turns out, though, that it did tickle the boy.

    “Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheehehe!” His giggles became a little higher in pitch and Corrine just continued to drag her fingertips about. He was still hardening, despite his best efforts to try and ignore it. Renismelthin spoke to the prince.

    “How does it feel, Phillip? How does it feel?” Her taunt combined with the tickles rendered Phillip's cock completely stiff. The demon stood up again and motioned for the busty and matronly tickler to continue her teasing touches.

    “You know, your highness... I heard a secret about you...” The demon noticed Phillip's nipples, puffy and exposed. The very body part that his chest garb was meant to protect. “That you have VERY ticklish nipples... and that for centuries, it has been a trait shared by the men in your family. And now, you are completely at my mercy.” Phillip looked up at the demon. His eyes were full of terror.


    “Don't worry, sweet boy. I'll be gentle.” The demon lifted its hands once again. It's fingers had all changed into short, rigid feathers. The evil creature cackled.

    “Hold on to your seat, your highness!” Renismelthin brought the feather fingers to the turgid nipples and fluttered them about.


    “I think we have him now.” Magda observed.

    “Oh, yes. I almost never tickled him there myself because he would scream bloody murder as a boy.” Corrine recalled as she tickled his thighs still.

    “The family weakness. It never fails.” Magda cackled. The demon wanted to keep pushing the prince to the brink of insanity.

    “Tickle tickle, young Phillip.” The demon chortled.

    There was an art to tickling certain spots. Renismelthin had practiced this art for centuries. Around the areola was tender, and great for a tease. The areolas on this young man were plentiful. She playfully traced circles around them, skittered up and down them, even poked them with the feather tips. But the centers of the nipples were the worst. The nerves clumped so tightly together. Phillip was starting to cry from extreme laughter but his cock was throbbing. The demon stopped momentarily. Her fingers turned to normal and she snapped them. A rotisserie suddenly appeared in front of the prince. But instead of a rod, there was a featherduster attached to the crank.

    “Seems your goose is cooked, young prince.” The demon joked.


    The demon giggled and began to turn the crank. The duster turned, and as it did, it dusted the nipples with the light, fluffy tendrils. The worst part was that the crank also played a tune, similar to a music box. A tickle tickle sing song played in soft notes.


    “Coochie coo!” Corrine began to pinch lightly at Phillip's tummy as his penis bobbed and his belly jiggled. The demon merrily hummed along to the music as Phillip babbled incoherently between hearty laughter and everyone knew he was done for. Corrine placed a small jar in front of the penis and poked the boy's bellybutton again. For some reason, that pushed him over the edge. He started to experience his first ever orgasm. It frightened him and thrilled him at the same time as he watched semen pump out of him into the jar.

    “You are a big boy after all!” The demon exclaimed. After about 15 seconds, the juices stopped flowing and the demon stopped turning the crank.

    Phillip had lost. These women had the secret to his magic. His essence. The witch had won. Rensimelthin embraced him.

    “There there. It's alright. But, unfortunately, we are far from finished.” Phillip looked up in confusion as Magda presented a large jar with measurements labeled along it. “You see, my prince...” The demon admitted, “We need to fill the jar.” She turned the crank again as the women laughed evilly and all Phillip could do was scream...
    Please enjoy all of my stories in my archive.


    Also, check out my ebooks featuring extended and original stories with Jenni The Clown, on sale at Lulu.com! http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?c...utorId=1464141

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    excellent story very evil. one of the best ive read

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhsballer View Post
    excellent story very evil. one of the best ive read
    Thanks, bhsballer! It's one of my favorite commissions that I have ever done.
    Please enjoy all of my stories in my archive.


    Also, check out my ebooks featuring extended and original stories with Jenni The Clown, on sale at Lulu.com! http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?c...utorId=1464141

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