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    Apr 2014

    favorite upperbody videos?

    I'm a big fan of sides/hips/ribcage tickling. Do you guys have any recommendations for good sides tickling?

    One of my favorites is tickling-posts video, TIB tickled this one girl named Allison for about 4 minutes.

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    Feb 2004
    And why should I tell you this?
    I love upper body videos...

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    Jun 2002
    TC5291 Is one of my fave or mya mason 3 or miranda from tickleslave
    i am the ticklemaster

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    Jun 2005
    Mumbai, India
    There's a series of videos TIB did with Viviana where she's kind of hogtied. Incredible sides/hips tickling.

    Most of the Tickle Central Bed Spread and Tickle Tortured vids inevitably feature great hip tickling.

    Rooks vids with LoLo feature great Rib tickling.

    Tickle Abuse - The vids with Stacie are what you'd like. I believe one of them is called 'No Mercy MF' and the other is called 'Stacie Triple Teamed'.

    Tickle Abuse - Broken Bikini Model. Short, and not as popular as 'Damsel in Distress' which is the foot-tickling vid with the same model, but this is a great UB vid too.

    Plenty of underarm tickling vids that I've left out. In general though, any Elan Kane video features great all-over upperbody stuff.

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