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    Join Date
    Jun 2002

    Always looking for ideas.. Question for F/M Fantasy

    My wife had friends over one night and I was a trooper, cooking cleaning ect. Next night family came over and there I was working like a dog. Well with my birthday right around the corner she told me she appreciated everything I was doing and wanted to make it up to me.

    Offered me a BJ then told me I could tie myself up and she would tease and tickle me then give me my bj. Now all this seems simple enough I know how to tie myself up and things like that but I always look for ways to make things more exciting and take it up a notch so I searched thru a ton of stories and I have to say its kinda hard to find stories where the guy is tickled, made to cum and teased some more.

    Too many stories about cheating guys or guys who have been jerks, we have a great marriage I just want her to have fun and of coarse want myself to have fun.

    So any ideas or links to stories that might give me some ideas. Thanks!


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    Aug 2013
    Oakland, CA
    I'm gay and married but have similar issues with my husband. He is a great lover and we have a great sex life but I can't get him to tickle me with the intensity that I crave. However I have had some success and I have a lot of tickle fetish experience. First, the fact that she wants you to tie yourself up reminds me that my husband finds the entire bondage process boring. Once I am tied up he is pretty good at showing me a good time.

    One of the best experiences I had with him, I asked to be semi-mummified in plastic wrap leaving some parts exposed for easy access. I also requested to be blindfolded and sensory deprivation and then to be tickle tortured. I came home early from a half day of work on a weekend and he had set up our massage table. He wrapped me from my ankles to my hips and then with my arms against my sides leaving my pits accessible. Then up onto the table and he tied me down with some rope. I was blindfolded and he put the stereo on with a selection of tribal music (African and Native American). It was all heavy drum beats and unfamiliar rhythms and languages. This played for about an hour. I lost complete track of time. With the loud music playing, I didn't hear him come back into the room. He started tickling my feet and worked my entire body over for about an hour, eventually stroking me off. He didn't do any post orgasmic tickling but that was okay after such a long experience.

    I got what I wanted in that scene mostly by being specific. I told him that I wanted him to include certain things (mummification, sensory deprivation) and I told him that I wanted the scene to be longer than usual. But I also asked him to get creative and surprise me. He came up with the tribal music and the massage table idea. I think you might try a similar approach to getting what you want. Tell her what the scene must include and ask her to surprise you with some ideas of her own. Since she knows you well I am sure she can come up with something. If you can find a video that you like well enough, you might show her some examples too, but sometimes that works against someone using her imagination.

    Good luck and have fun.


  3. #3
    Join Date
    Jun 2002
    I appreciate your reply and your honesty!
    I have posted in other stories that my wife does not share the tickling fetish, thats why I tie myself up so at least when she comes in I am ready to go, mix that with the hitachi wand with the hummingbird attachment and now she doesnt need to jerk or suck anything, when she is ready for me to cum she just puts that on me.

    I have also tried to explain multiple times that before I cum I can take a ton more tickling but she waits till I finish to get more intense, but hay at least she is tickling me... right!

    Anyone else want to chime it, that would be awesome

  4. #4
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    Nov 2004
    I have posted a couple experiences involving myself as a lee. Check them out maybe for some inspiration!

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