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    Search a thread from here (interview, movie, beach, ticklish feet)

    Hello everyone

    I'm searching a thread here that confirmed that some young actress (around 20 years old) is ticklish on her feet. It was an interview where she recalled getting tickled by her fellow actresses at the set. The movie was set at a beach and she recalled having to have her feet cleaned from the sand and sitting on a railing when people passed under it and tickled her feet. It was a nickelodeon movie or something.

    Does anyone remember which thread that was? I searched it yesterday but strangely couldn't find it.

    Thanks a lot!

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    The thread doesn't come up in a search but sounds like Alyson Stoner


    If it was like hanging out with your best friends, there had to be some crazy times on set. What were some of your favorite memories?

    “Well, they discovered that I’m ticklish. For two days I was tickle-attacked by cast and crew. We were on the beach — and my feet are particularly ticklish — and I was sitting on a platform, so people would sneak up from underneath and tickle me. And then I was afraid for my life. We did that for two days. Then we had to do some driving scenes. The car they put us in was probably not safe to drive. Megan and I are on Pacific Coast Highway and there are cars going around us. The steering wheel was not turning. We were essentially off-roading and the camera is filling it. We have some footage of us not knowing if we were going to survive (laughs). We did so many fun things. Every night was a party. We had cast game nights. Rarely do you continue a friendship with people once the project is done, but these people I’m still so in touch with.”

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    Yeees that was it! Thank you very much!

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    I'm guessing this was the scene that she was talking about?

    Alyson Stoner beach scene.png
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