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    Keri's Insane Foot Tickle Training [Parts 1 - 3] (*f/f FEET, very cruel)

    PART 1

    Susan was sitting in her office in Cygnus System’s underground facility. Sipping on a cup of coffee, the 40 years old looked through the files the secretary had left on her desk this morning. They’ve brought in a new girl a few days ago, and judging from the file, she was a very promising addition.
    Keri, a 18 years old ballerina, was a natural beauty - petite, long brown hair, green eyes, slim. However, the best thing about her were her feet. Susan was a true foot lover - which certainly helped when working for the company - and she really enjoyed looking at all the photos in the file. There were a few headshots and full body pictures, but most of the photos showed close-ups of Keri’s well pedicured feet from various perspectives and in different positions. The girl had long, even toes, soft looking soles, big round meaty heels and delicate ankles, and - this was the part that put a big smile on Susan’s face - she had the highest arches she had ever seen. Susan had a special weakness for high-arched feet, and Keri’s feet had such a deep, curvy arch that she almost spilled her coffee in excitement. The ballerina definitely had some of the best feet of all of Cygnus System’s girls. Susan was sure she will become a big star.

    Keri had already undergone all the preparation and procedures - thorough pedicure, cleaning, testing and physical examination - and was now waiting in her cell for her first assignment after Susan’s assessment.

    Susan took the elevator to sub-level 4 where they put all the new girls. The clacking of her heels echoed through the hallway while she was passing cells left and right until she stopped at cell number 24. She swiped her card, the heavy door slid open, and she entered. The room was all in white and brightly lit. One of the walls was basically a giant LCD screen, showing a video of forest trees in the wind, and sounds of birds were being played back through invisible speakers - a feature that was designed to make living underground a bit more bearable. Apart from a chair, a small table and a bed right in the middle of the room, there wasn’t much else. Sitting on the edge of that bed: An obviously frightened girl - Keri.

    “Good morning, sweetheart.” Susan smiled at her. “I hope you did rest a little?”

    Keri was dressed like all new Cygnus girls - a snug white straitjacket, arms behind her back, and blue jeans, rolled up right under her knees. A chain led from a leather collar around her neck to a ring on the the bed, and a big black ballgag kept her quiet.
    She was drooling helplessly. Her legs where tied together with heavy leather straps above and below the knees and at the ankles. Her feet were bare, the nails painted in a light blue. A small leather strap tied her big toes together.

    The first encounter with the new girls was the part Susan loved the most. She sat down on the chair in front of Keri, looking her straight in the eyes while moving the small table between them.

    “I’m sure you do have a lot of questions, my darling. I am here to give you some answers. But first, let’s have a look at those pretty feet of yours, shall we?”
    She pointed at the table. “Put your feet up here and show me your soles.”

    The girl obeyed, shifted her weight and leaned back a little, and in one fluid motion, raised her legs and put her bare feet on the table. Despite the severe bondage, she managed to do it quite elegantly.

    “Good girl."

    Susan smiled wile she took a closer look at Keri’s soles - delicate, soft and smooth, with just a few wrinkles around the center of the arch. Her feet were even more beautiful in real than in the photos. The pedicure department did an excellent job as well as there was not a single hard or dry spot on her soles.

    “Very good. Now spread your toes as far as you can."

    Keri did as she was told and fanned her toes out as wide as she could. A nice, big spread. No special training needed. Susan was extremely pleased.

    “You’re a natural. Very good. You can relax your toes now, but keep your feet up."

    Susan pressed a button on her tablet, and the forest and the bird sounds vanished. Instead, the company logo appeared on the screen.

    “I am now going to tell you what you’re here for. You’ve been collected by Cygnus. We specialize in training young girls to fulfill some very special desires of some very special clients. When we think you’re ready, we will either sell you, or transfer you to another facility to perfect your training. Nod if you understand.”

    Keri nodded, but Susan doubted she understood much.

    “You are a stunning beauty, from head to toe.” Susan smiled. “But the only thing our clients are interested in, is this - ” She pointed at Keri’s feet.

    “That’s right, Keri. Your feet. It’s all about your feet. Our clients do pay us a lot of money if we provide them with young, pretty girls with beautiful feet. Flexible feet. Extremely … sensitive feet." She paused. "You will be trained to be …”

    Susan leaned over and whispered the next words in Keri’s ear.

    “… a premium foot-tickling slavegirl.”

    Keri gasped into her gag, her eyes widened in terror. Susan already knew from the file that the girl was extremely ticklish on her feet. She perfectly understood Keri’s desperation. Not that she cared much, though.

    “Yes, that’s what you’re here for. Your feet will be trained every single day. We will meticulously enhance their sensitivity with only the most advanced methods and techniques available. Your soles will be stimulated for hours and hours, and you will become more and more ticklish by the second. Every day, you will be pushed beyond your limits, until we’re satisfied with your performance.”

    Susan smiled.

    “From now on, being tickled on your bare feet will be your only purpose. Every single second, you will live, think, breath, feel, embrace foot tickling.”

    Keri’s face had turned completely pale. She was clearly in shock. A hundred thoughts raced through her mind. What this woman just explained to her in such a calm, soothing voice sounded like an absolute nighmare. She was already horribly ticklish on her feet, she even hated having her feet lightly touched - and those people wanted to even enhance her ticklishness and exploit it! She would go insane. Tears started to run silently down her cheeks.

    A computer animation appeared on the screen: A metal box sliding out of a wall, a lid opening, the camera paning to reveal all sorts of straps, tubes and hoses inside the box.

    “This is where you will spend a lot of time here at Cygnus, Keri: The isolation compartment. Have a good look at it. You will be placed inside, tightly secured and strapped down. You will then be hooked up to our complex web of tubes, life-supporting systems, nutritioning and monitoring devices. A young girl like yourself could easily be kept in there for an almost limitless amount of time. It’s tight, soundproof and complety dark in there, and you will neither see, nor hear - unless we want you to. And you will most certainly not move, not an inch of your body. This will help you to completely focus on the beautiful ticklish sensations on your bare feet which are the only body parts outside of that box. Your feet will be placed in padded openings which close around your ankles, your toes will be spread apart and tightly secured in that position so that we can easily access all your most sensitive spots, while you can’t move your feet away. You see: You won’t be able do a thing about the stimulation your sensitive soles are going to receive. You’ll be tickled as intensively as we want, for as long as we want, and you will simply have to completely submit to it."

    This was absolutely insane. Keri was getting more and more desperate and started to violently shake in her bondage. Her toes twitched.

    “Now let’s have a look at your stats.”

    A chart popped up on the screen, showing a picture of Keri’s bare feet. Various areas of her soles have been highlighted in different colors, ranging from yellow to orange to red. Most of the spots where red.

    Sensitivity Level 4 - Beginner

    Heels - 83 %
    Arches - 99 %
    Soles - 99 %
    Toes 95 %

    Total - 94 %

    Special Focus: Center of the Arch

    “I can see why you’re freaking out. Those are fantastic stats for a newcomer like you. You’re already a level 4. We have girls in here who didn’t achieve those kind of stats after months of intensive training. You really can become a top level girl if we push you hard enough. And since you don’t need a lot of foot flexibility and arch training, we can dive right into the endurance tickle training. Tomorrow, you’re going to wake up in the isolation box, and you are not going to leave it for quite some time.”

    She could see that Keri didn’t like that at all.

    “But before that, let's have some light-hearted fun right now."

    Suddenly, Susan grabbed the petite girl by the shoulders, violently rolled her around on her belly, pushed her on the bed and quickly started to strap her down with heavy leather buckles that she pulled out from under the mattress. She tied her upper body to the bed, her shoulders, back and waist, and then she used the rest of the straps to secure the thighs, knees and ankles. Keri was now pinned snuggly to the bed, face down, soles up, and Susan carefully ran her fingers over the bondage, checking for any possible slack, tightening it some more here and there until Keri really couldn’t move anymore.

    ‘’Do you feel helpless now, sweet girl?’’

    Keri whimpered into her gag.

    "Oh, of course you do."

    Susan now produced a large, stiff looking feather and showed it to Keri’s face, smiling.

    ‘’I bet you can guess what is going to happen with that, am I right?’’

    Keri whimpered again.

    “That’s right. I am going to feather your sweet soles now, darling.”

    With one hand, she grabbed Keri’s big toes and gently pulled them back so that they were trapped under her feet, stretching the soles as taut as a drum, accentuating the balls of her feet and her high arches. She kept her hand there to hold the toes back. The feather in her other hand was now carefully positioned at the center of Keri's left sole.

    "If I hold your toes back like this, it really pulls all the delicate nerve endings to the surface, rendering your soft soles much more ticklish. Isn't that nice?"

    Keri wasn't really sure if that was such a good thing.


    Keri wasn't ready at all. She tried to squirm, to no avail.

    "Good! Let's go."

    Susan started to slowly and carefully stroke the hard tip of the feather all over Keri’s completely defenseless bare sole. Up and down, up and down, again and again. Keri began to giggle uncontrollably into her gag. The light kiss of the feather on her stretched out soles tickled as hell. Keri felt so incredibly vulnerable. She squeezed her eyes shut.

    ‘’Oh… Does it tickle when I do that?”

    With the tip of the feather, she began to draw small delicate circles around the sensitive center of Keri’s high arches. The circles grew bigger and bigger until the feather finally spiraled back to where it came from. Susan repeated that cycle over and over again. Keri was hysterical.

    “Your soles are so sensitive, honey."

    She licked her upper lip with her tongue.

    “What about here? Does that tickle? Or here? Yes, that’s a good spot here!”

    Susan, the expert tickler, made sure to caress every wrinkle of Keri’s arches with the greatest of care.

    "Just look how this feather is running all over your helpless bare soles, darling. And you can't do a thing about it!"

    Susan was enjoying herself.

    The especially tender spot right at the center of Keri's sole was being tickled over and over again, slowly and meticulously, and every time the feather scratched over the sensitive skin again, Keri felt more and more ticklish. The effect on her was devastating. She struggled as much as she could, however, her bondage rendered her completely immobile. As horrible as the ticklish sensations on her bare soles were, she just had to take it.

    Now and then, the feather would continue its way down to the big round balls of her feet. Keri tried her best to scrunch her toes to lessen the effect of the tickles, but the grip of Susan holding them back was too strong and firm.

    ‘’How about this spot, is that good?” she teased as she started to draw fine lines where the toe stems met the balls of her feet.

    Keri struggled. She was laughing hard into her gag.

    “Oh yes! That’s a great spot. Let’s stay here for a few more minutes."

    Keri managed to scream a muffled "Stooooop! Pleeeeeease!!" into her gag.

    "Oh no, my darling! I'm not going to stop! I will continue to feather your exquisitely ticklish soles for as long as I want!"

    The feathering went on and on. Susan made sure to tickle every single wrinkle of Keri’s soles, again and again, slowly and carefully. Every now and then she would focus on an especially ticklish spot.

    Keri was hysterical.

    After three hours, Susan finally slowed down.

    “That was so much fun, sweetheart. A little warm up for all that’s about to follow.”

    Keri was completely exhausted. Susan released Keri's toes from her grip and slowly ran the feather halfway between the fourth and pinky toe of her right foot.
    She left it stuck in there, leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead.

    “Remember, it will get worse than that. So much worse. See you tomorrow, darling!"

    Susan didn't even care to untie her. She smiled, turned on her heels and left the desperate girl in her room.

    PART 2

    The next day, Susan entered the control center where, through a window, she could see Keri’s isolation compartment. Keri had already been put into her small box by the staff half an hour ago. The box had been slid back in the wall compartment and locked into place. Keri’s bare feet, side by side, were the only body parts protruding from the wall, at perfect eye level. Her heels were in the firm grip of heavy metal braces, her big toes were clamped tightly together. Her other toes were spread widely apart and fixed in that position with small metal clamps, leaving the gorgeous soles completely vulnerable and immobile. She couldn’t move an inch.

    The only thing Susan loved more than female feet was to see them in such severe bondage, completely helpless and ready to be tickled.

    There were a lot of screens in the control room. Some of them showed medical readings, a very large monitor showed both of Keri’s soles, and a row of twenty smaller monitors showed extreme close-ups of different parts of her feet - her heels, each toe, her arches - overlayed with graphics and sensitivity numbers. Another screen showed the live-feed of the infrared camera pointing at Keri’s face inside the box. Keri was gagged with a ballgag, there was an oxygene mask covering here face, and she wore some sort of headset which completely covered her eyes.

    Susan pushed a button on the desk which allowed her voice to be heard inside the box.

    “Good morning, sweetheart” she whispered into the microphone. “I’m sure you’re curious what we have in store for you today.”

    She could see that Keri’s heartrate increased.

    “I’m going to give you a live-feed of your beautiful soles so you can see exactly what is going on.”

    She pushed another button which turned on Keri’s headset. The heartrate increased even more - Keri could now see her own big helpless bare soles.

    “Enjoying the view? I surely do!”

    Susan laughed.

    “Today, we will start with a therapy to improve the sensitivity of the areas between your toes. Those are usually some of the favorite spots of our clients.”

    She pushed another button to zoom in on Keri’s feet to show an extreme close-up of the areas between her spread apart toes. Numbers and various graphic elements started to show up as overlays, and, In the bottom right corner, a status bar reading “Level 4 / 95%” popped up. Keri would see the exact same thing inside her headset.

    Susan sat down on the office chair and started to type on the keyboard.

    “Let’s begin.”

    Immediately after Susan had finished typing, Keri’s could see how, right above her toes, small compartments in the wall opened up, revealing tiny spray heads.
    To Keri’s shock, her feet suddenly got sprayed on with water jets. The nozzles aimed precisely at the tender spots between her toes. It tickled a lot.

    “The sensitivity serum will make your feet more receptive for what’s about to come. You might feel a little tingle soon.”

    Now, more than a dozen of small mechanical devices that looked like dentist tools, emerged from the openings. Each device was equipped with tiny rotary brushes of different sizes. The brushes were lowered between Keri’s toes. The biggest, widest brushes were placed at the exact center between each of her toes, six much smaller brushes took position at the sides of each toe stem, for a total of 68 brushes now covering every inch of the sensitive area between Keri’s toes - a lot of attention for an often neglected part of the female anatomy.

    “Welcome to your first training session. To start, I’ve set the system to medium intensity, but it will get more and more intense as we progress. Let’s see how well you can handle it. As soon as I turn it on, all those brushes start to rotate between your toes which is going to tickle quite a bit. “

    Susan chuckled.

    “You will see a countdown indicating how much time you have left to enjoy the tickling until the system stops. I am not going to tell you yet how much that is though. It’s a surprise.”

    Susan leaned closely to the microphone.

    “If you want out, now is the time to speak up.”

    Keri screamed into her gag. She began to struggle as much as she could. However, her bondage rendered her completely immobile, and the gag and oxygene ask muffled all but the slightest noise. It was useless. No sound could be heard outside.

    “You just have to say the words, honey.”

    Keri was desperate.

    “No? I guess we can start then! Your feet are now going to receive some nice, long tickling. You must be as excited as I am!”

    Keri wasn't excited. She was absolutely terrified. Susan pushed a button, and all 64 brushes came to life, buzzing and vibrating like crazy between Keri’s toes.

    The insane tickling between her helpless toes was the most horrible sensation Keri had ever felt in her entiry life - and having to watch her own torment in close up only amplified that sensation. Keri couldn’t move her toes away from the brushes, they were held firmly in place, spread apart, exposing her most ticklish spots. The tickling was absolutely crazy, overwhelming, unbearable, and she couldn't do a single thing about it. She was helplessly strapped down inside her tight prison, unable to move, while all those horrible instruments stimulated every inch of the sensitive space between her toes with mechanical precision. A counter popped up in Keri’s headset. To her horror, it showed 9999 in big red numbers, and it started to count down at snail’s pace. Keri screamed again, but this time her screams were drowning in laughter.

    “That’s right, my dear. 9999 minutes it is for you! In case you're too distracted right now to do the math - that’s almost seven full days.”

    The vital signs showed a completely hysterical Keri inside the box.

    “And that’s 24 hours of tickling a day, without any breaks, of course. Every hour, your feet will be sprayed again with the serum, and then the brushes will pick up at an even higher intensity. By the end of the treatment, your toes will hopefully have reached a sensitivity level of 96%.”

    Inside the box, poor Keri was howling with laughter. The tickling was absolutely unbearable, and the idea of being tickled for one week straight was too much for her poor brain to process. Keri desperately wanted this to end. She would do anything.

    “I’ll leave you to it now, princess. Don’t fight it. Just let it happen! You don’t have much of a choice anyway. Enjoy the tickling!”

    Susan left Keri to her excruciatingly ticklish fate and went back to her office. She still had a lot of work to do - there were 20 other girls to take care of. Once started, the process didn’t need much adjustment or monitoring anyway, and she could always watch Keri’s beautiful feet getting tickled on the big screen in her bedroom, if she wanted to. She really didn’t need to go back to the lab before the process was finished. The mere thought of Keri's helpless feet getting tickled over and over, while Susan was working on other things, made her very, very happy.

    PART 3

    “So how’s the new girl doing?” asked Karen, Susan’s supervisor. The two women were enjoying a light lunch at the cafeteria.

    “She’s fantastic. She has been in the isolation compartment for almost seven days now, and she’s doing great. Her ticklishness increases by the minute, her stats go through the roof. I decided to focus on her toes at the beginning since her sole sensitivity is already quite high. Her toes really need to catch up.”

    “You’re doing the one week toe treatment? That’s a pretty rough start.” Karen seemed only slightly concerned.

    “Oh, she can handle it. I think she can actually handle much more. She will be a big hit. Probably the best girl we’ve ever had.”

    Karen nodded. She completely trusted Susan.

    “Good. Then give her more. Much more. You’re authorized to keep her as long as you want.”

    Susan smiled. Exactly what she wanted to hear.

    Half an hour later, Susan was back in the control room. The brushes between Keri’s helplessly ticklish toes were operating at full force now. The tickling was absolutely relentless - just as it should be, thought Susan. Every time she looked at Keri’s feet she couldn’t help but think how beautiful they were. To see them completely helpless and being worked over by dozens of rotating brushes made it even better. Somehow, it relaxed Susan to see Keri's feet like that. At times, when her shift was over, she came down here for a few hours, just sitting in front of those perfect feet being tickled. Sipping on a glass of red wine, it helped her unwind.

    The counter had now gone down to 300 seconds - only five minutes left. Keri’s toes had been tickled for seven days straight. Time went by so fast for Susan since she was incredibly busy with the other girls. For Keri however, it must have been painfully slow. The poor girl must have absolutely hated it inside that box! Karen was right, being tickled for a week was a rough start for a newcomer. But Susan knew it was just the perfect treatment for Keri.

    Because the girl had such a natural wide toe spread, it was possible for the brushes to stimulate every nook and cranny between her toes. Not a single inch of her sensitive skin was left untouched. The treatment was a big success - the screens showed that the sensitivity level between Keri’s toes has reached a fantastic 97%. Susan was very pleased. Looking at the rotating brushes, Keri's utmost agony inside the box was clear.

    “How are you holding up in here, sweetie? Does it tickle?”

    Of course it did. Keri was in complete tickle hell. Being tickled on her hypersensitive feet without any break while having to witness her own torment, and at the same time watching the counter go down at snail’s pace, was absolutely maddening. After the first minutes, she thought she was going to die laughing. But of course she didn’t, and the life supporting system kept her safe and sound whenever she was anywhere close to complete exhaustion. Now, the prospect of being released from her ticklish prison in a few minutes gave her a little bit of extra strength to pull through. It was almost over.

    “I have some good news and some bad news for you.”

    Only one minute left.

    “The good news: Your first treatment is about to end in a few seconds. You so did well! We managed to raise your sensitivity by 2%. I’m very proud of you.”

    Susan smiled. She could feel Keri’s relief, even if she didn’t see her face.

    “The bad news: I just spoke to my supervisor. She’s so happy about your progress that she wants me to keep you in here a bit longer.”

    Susan could see by the vital signs how the girl started to completely freak out. She grinned.

    “That’s right, Keri darling. I’ve decided to slap a few more minutes on top since you were such a good girl.”

    She started to type on her keyboard, and shortly before the counter reached 0, it reset ...

    ... to 20,000!

    Another spray of sensitivity serum completely soaked Keri’s feet, and instead of stopping, the brushes continued their ticklish work between her poor toes. Keri was absolutely hysterical.

    “Yes, that’s two more weeks of tickling for you, double of what you had to endure so far! But let’s spice it up some more, shall we?”

    Keri was getting crazy. This woman was completely messing with her brain while the brushes continued their ticklish work on her hypersensitive feet. Susan pushed a few buttons, and another set of compartments in the wall opened up. More mechanical arms emerged, each equipped with new rotating brushes of different shapes and sizes.

    “These will keep you from getting bored.”

    The new brushes came into Keri’s view. One brush was placed right at the tip of each of her toes, rotating around it while scrubbing back and forth at the same time. Another set of two smaller brushes immediately started to scrub the stem of each toe - one brush going up, while the other was going down, crossing in the middle. The final set, twelve ultrasonic brushes, took position right at the base of her toe stems, completely covering the highly ticklish area between the balls of her feet and her toes. Those 42 new brushes now covered every inch of Keri’s helplessly ticklish toes, scrubbing with mechanical precision, for a total of 110 brushes working on her toes. It was quite a sight.

    “That’s the full toe treatment for you, sweetheart. It does looks quite intense to me. I’m sure those additional brushes will keep you very, very happy during the next two weeks!”

    Susan chuckled while watching Keri’s helpless toes being completely devoured by whirling brushes. This really must tickle like crazy.

    “Right now, it’s all about your toes. But don’t worry, we will take care of your pretty soles and your deep arches soon enough. And when this happens, you’re going to get it far, far worse than this.”

    Susan could see that it was already as bad as it could be for Keri. But the girl just had to get used to it.

    “Ok, gotta run. Have fun, princess!”

    Another spray covered Keri’s feet generously with the serum, and Susan happily left the room and locked the door. 110 brushes continued to brush, scrub, scribble all over Keri's defenseless toes. She wanted this to stop so badly, but there was nothing, absolutely nothing to be done about it. Nothing to stop this terrible torture from being inflicted on her feet. Every second, the tickling got worse. How is she going to survive another minute, let alone two weeks of this insane torment?

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    Outstanding story! Love both your Artwork and Stories. Great work!

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    Wonderful story! Diabolical.
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    I love this, seriously sadistic foot tickle torture has become sadly rare in art and tale. You're a person after my own heart! Amazing work, I hope you will continue to write!

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    Wow I have waited so many years for more Cygnus related stories, please write more!

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    I will. There are parts 4 - 12 waiting, but I'm super slow.

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    This is Epic! Read it 3 times this week!

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    OMG Amazing!!!

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    This is wonderful. Looking for the next part.. Hope you'll publish every new part single...cant wait...

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    Keri's Insane Foot Tickle Training [Parts 1 - 3] (*f/f FEET, very cruel)

    Shock you are the best
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    Will there be a part 4?

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    Great story! Looking forwards to Keri's arches getting tickled!
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    Next Story:

    Holly's tickle-slave training"


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    This is great!!!
    Of course you'll talk!

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