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    LIMBO #2 (Tarr2k & Elfor Tyn!) *Enter the Asylum! 4/20/17

    LIMBO #2
    COLORS BY Duarte
    Edited by ChicagoAnnie

    Bursting from the pages of Buxom Chronicles, Lord Feathertop and his gorgeous but sadistic minions return in this fiendish sequel!

    There's a place between the real and the unreal, between the last sliver of twilight and the birth of the night, between the consciousness of the mind and the ethereal world of dreams. It is a place without size and a time that dwarfs eternity. It's a place known only as Limbo, and within dark forces act with impunity.

    News anchor Marci Walters is a get-the-story-at-any-price journalist, who has pulled every dirty trick in the book - and added a few new ones - to get to where she is. But now she's a part of the story as she insists that people she knows and even total strangers are tickling her without reason and beyond all decorum. Is this a conspiracy, or has the muckraker finally gone insane?

    A desperate Marci tries to explain to doctors that she's not the latest victim of the hysterical epidemic that has broken out across the city. The asylum is filled to bursting with women in need of treatment, and such desperate times call for desperate - and laughter-inducing - measures. But not to worry, the dedicated staff are committed to seeing every patient - including Marci - gets as much treatment as possible. They are true humanitarians.

    Limbo02_Cover.jpg Limbo02_Preview01.jpg
    Item Features

    • 9 Full Color Pages + Cover!
    • 55+ Comic Panels!
    • Hysteria inducing Nylon and Barefoot tickling!
    • Merciless Upper-body tickling!
    • Inescapable Straitjackets!
    • M/F. and F/F tickling!
    • Written by Tarr2k!
    • Illustrated by Elfor Tyn!
    • Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

    Product and Ordering Information

    Attached Images Attached Images
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