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    Apr 2014

    Searching for older clip

    This might not go anywhere, but I'll give it a shot here anyway.

    I'm looking for an older clip; it's one I saw years and years ago, but don't remember exactly where. I'm not even sure I saw it on the TMF, but hope this is the place.

    It was a short F/F clip (at least I think the 'ler was female), but looked like part of a longer one. The 'lee was face up on a couch, wearing a bikini, with her arms tied over her head, and had kind of curly reddish hair. She seemed only a little ticklish until the 'ler got to her hip area and she broke out laughing. I remember she had a deep laugh, the kind you don't hear too often.

    This clip also had a website name scrolling across the bottom, which if I remember right was www.ticklingbabes.com. I know there's currently a site by that name, but I don't think they made this clip.

    Hopefully, someone reads this and my description rings a bell.

  2. #2
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    Aug 2011
    I'm pretty sure this is the store you're talking about.


    The women in that store with red/reddish hair are Summer, Scarlett, Lilly and Izzo. You could just search for them and see if one of them did the video you're talking about.

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    Apr 2014
    Thanks for the help, but it wasn't any of those four. And I could be wrong about the site name - it was quite a few years ago that I saw this clip. In fact, most of today's producers weren't around then.

    Was there ever another site called "ticklingbabes" or something similar?

  4. #4
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    Apr 2014
    Let's see if I can narrow this down.

    The clip in question was in either RealPlayer or QuickTime format; it definitely wasn't a .wmv file.
    I said the 'lee was in a bikini, but it could have been bra and panties (again, it's been a long time since I saw it).
    I also said her hair was kind of reddish, but I think it was more brown-red than true red.
    On second thought, the scrolling ad at the bottom could have said "ticklebabes." I'll look into that next.

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    Aug 2011
    Yeah you're right, there is a store called Tickle Babes (https://clips4sale.com/18919/tickle-...er-asc/Limit10). Surprised when I started looking through it because all of the clips on that store are ripped off from these stores.

    So try those 2 links. You might find it there.

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