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    Join Date
    Jan 2014
    in a small town in Germany

    Unhappy Did I do something wrong?

    11 members have seen my post, but none has written back as if I were unwanted here
    Maybe I did not make a good start with my post, I'm sorry.
    I have the hope to find someone here, but unfortunately I will never be lucky.
    The new ones have always been difficult.

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    Jun 2008
    Under your skin...
    Blog Entries
    Take a look at how many views most posts receive to to the number of replies a thread garners. It's much closer to 200+ on some threads that get frequent comments. So I'd say under twenty views and a single reply (myself) is definitely something.
    Don't kick yourself before you've stood up. Get active in the forum. Start posting (NOT solely in the personal section!). See what happens. Might help to let people know you're an actual person behind your username if you make some posts in any other forum, be it: general, political & religion, silly stuff, or tickling (though I think this thread offers the greatest brevity to finding out just "who" the person behind the LoonaDream is.

    And, sorry to burst your bubble but you can't delete what's already been created online. All I can say is leave this username alone.

    If you have anxiety over being misunderstood if English isn't your vernacular, there's an International section and I KNOW for a fact that there are other German-speaking people at this site. Not saying it's guaranteed they'll talk to you, but that's life, isn't it? (Just because you meet a person who can speak the same language doesn't mean there has to be any other thing in common but an understanding of the same language. Like it can be hard to meet people in person, it definitely does not get any easier if you remove all other possible forms of communication aside from text.)

    Wishing you all the best, whatever your endeavours may be.

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    Just to give ya an example . I have a story I posted last week. 450 views. 3 comments. Don't take it personal just keep posting

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    Join Date
    Dec 2007
    Might be the way you came across to women in the forum.

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