Hey guys,

I've been here before but it's been so long I thought I'd re-introduce myself.

I'm PerthBoy so that means I'm from Western Australia.

I'm lucky enough now to be in a relationship (yay!) so I get to enjoy my tickle/feet fantasies. My boyfriend is happy to indulge me which is awesome. He's the best. Though he doesn't have a foot fetish or tickling thing, he really goes full on for me which is great.

I still like to lurk around and talk about tickling and feet with like-minded peeps. I'm glad I have the opportunity to do so over the internet so why not? lol So yeah, I like to talk about it, even share some pics of my feet if/when asked lol. I would love to talk to female ticklers (though happy to chat to males as well, its just that since I'm gay, I feel like talking to male lers feel like cheating, I know, it's weird) and maybe even meet up for a chat and maybe get my feet tickled in a friendly manner lol.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi again and hopefully get to chat to some of you about feet/tickling and whatnot.